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Old 04-15-2011, 11:22 AM
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I don't understand....

I apologize if this is a sensitive topic, but I will try to keep it short and meaningful.

Honestly, I don’t understand all the dissention between Jeep owners. Round, square, JK, CJ, off road, on road; what does any of this really signify?

Nothing to me, I can tell you. Some may be nicer looking than others, some may be more prestigious than others, some may be more popular than others, yet a Jeep is always a Jeep. The most soccer mom-ish of soccer moms, driving the most stock of square head-lighted Jeep still gets my respect and friendship, for we share a common bond that transcends any mere detail of construction and usage. It is a bond shared by each and every person on this forum. We have all clearly seen this one single transcending truth; that in terms of style, heritage, and capability, no other motor vehicle can compare to our beloved Jeep.

I don’t look down on someone because they use their jeep differently from the way I use it. I applaud them, in fact, for finding a way to own and use one of these wonderful vehicles that suits their lifestyle. I love the fact that some Jeeps have square headlights. I love the fact that some Jeeps have four doors. Each variation proudly illuminates another chapter in the storied tradition of the mighty Jeep. I am grateful to these owners for keeping a part of the tradition alive and on the road. I also look forward to seeing what the future shall add to the Jeep tradition.

As Jeep owners, we stand on the very pinnacle of what a personal motor vehicle can mean. Let us stand back to back on that pinnacle, reserving our scorn and pity only for those that just do not understand the plain truth that we all so easily comprehend. Let it be Jeeps against the world, as it should be.

Ok, not so short. What about meaningful?

Regards, Canis
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For the most part I think it's all done in fun, you know some good old ribbing. It just doesn't always come across like that when typing.

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I understand where that is coming from and agree. Most owners say "their jeep is best" (or in other words) not because they think it can beat a fully built cj/yj/tj/jk that can take the largest obstacles with ease, but because it is their jeep. Now some owners see that and take offense as if it is an attack against their's. They just need to understand that if I say "I love my jeep its the bestest ever" (lol) I don't mean I think my YJ is better than theirs but I like it better cuz its mine! Now some stuff may be "razzing" each other and there is always that 1% of owners that are just a$$holes, but that is to be found in every area of life. I personally wave to and treat all jeepers with respect. Oh and my jeep is my jeep and being so it makes it my favorite and in my eyes the best one I can have!
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Some people are just opinionated as well, regardless of what they own or know better. As for a lot of them, they want Jeep to be only off-road oriented, while that is nice, there's no money in it, so a lot of Jeep vehicles aren't even truly meant for off-road. Because of that, others will always diss those vehicles or vehicles bought for pavement only.
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x2.....I am heading up in a couple of hours for a weekend trip in the snow. I will be the only Jeep, unless you consider a Jeepster body on a Blazer frame a Jeep. There will be plenty of jokes being tossed around about peoples rigs, whether it's the brand, the "modifications",driving skill or lack there of, etc. I will try to help anyone out on the trail, but I may also poke a little fun at them at the same time, or "educate" them if they have done something stupid. To me, it is all part of wheeling, and you never know when you might need another Jeepers help. Or God for bid, a Toyota's help.
P.S. I have out wheeled all types of rigs, and vice-versa. It's wise to be humble sometimes.
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Sometimes its good fun, sometimes its jealousy, sometimes its insecurity, sometimes its flat out ignorance.

Its always part of every car/4x4 community I've ever been a part of.

VW guys break down along the air-cooled/water-cooled lines. They then would divide up within those groups, too. The GTI guys think the Jetta guys are d-bags. MKIV ("YJ") owners don't like MKVs ("TJ"). MK1/MK2 ("CJ") owners considered themselves the last remaining "purists" and they owned the "real" VWs. Sound familiar?
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I had no idea there was dissension until I started poking around the forums on the web. I saw a reference to mall crawlers and soccer moms and I was like WTF?

I used to dream about owning a Wrangler, and I bought a 1985 Suzuki Samurai and had the very best of times off roading for 12 years in that little baby. I am sure Wrangler owners would laugh at me but I could not care less. It was my baby and I could go some places and climb some hills that most of them couldn't.

Now I am all growed up with 3 kids and could not be happier that Jeep came out with the 4 door. Again I could not care less what people think I do with it or what my Hubby does with it. It is our new Baby and I should not feel less than because I spend more money at the car wash in a month than some Jeep owners do in a year. (I can't have my kids getting their soccer shorts and socks all muddy when they climb in can I?)

LOL and PS: my kids don't play soccer.

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Everyone's gonna love the team they play for and look upon others as rivals/opponents, even within a community/brand. Almost always it's just good-natured ribbing though and if you can't take a few jokes and learn to laugh at yourself you're taking yourself way too seriously.
Originally Posted by wmpiehl
Haha, just don't let Mitch teach you how to wheel, he is really scary
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It's really not that big of a deal. Take us military guys for example. All four branches make fun of or rag on each other. I'm in the Air Force and we get ragged on by the Army and Jar Hea...I mean Marines. We fire right back at them. However, don't you ever, ever think we'll stand by while a non-military person says anything about our brothers in the other branches. It's our bond and our right that we've earned through our overarching common purpose. The same thing can be said, in a way, about Jeep owners. We all think this model is better then that one, or this engine is better than that. It's something we all do and can do because of our common bond that comes from being a Jeep owner. I rag on the JK all the time, hoping someone at Chrysler will say that JK stands for Just Kidding and bring the 4.0 back. Again, I will defend any one of them, CJ, YJ, TJ, LJ, and even JK if a non-Jeeper says anything negative about Jeeps. Of course, they can say what ever they want about the Liberty, Compass, Patriot, and current Grand all they want.
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I am glad they make Jeeps with square headlights..It keeps me from wondering whether my Jeep is cooler than that Jeep...I just see square headlights and I am like BOOM..My Jeep>Their Jeep. For real though, i'm just kidding. Everything is just personal preference. I know plenty of people who love the square headlights but I have owned a a CJ and two TJs and I just think the round headlights are..sexy..compared to the square headlights. Same thing with four doors...If I had a family or always wanted a bunch of people with me, I would love to have a four-door but two-doors suits me just fine...If I had a friend with a four-door Jeep I would rib them about it being an H3.

It reminds me of a football team..the defensive backs rag on the lineman for being big and slow, the linebackers rag on the defensive backs for being small and lightweight, the lineman rag on everybody else for not being as big and strong as them...they all think they're the best and like to rag on each other but it's all in good fun..
I love my country, I love my guns, I love my family, I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it has to come through me, that should be all of our attitudes, cause this is America
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I think it is mostly all in good fun... My best friend's wife drives a Grand, she brags about that thing all the time and how she and her family just absolutely love Jeeps and she would drive nothing else. I always tease her and ask when she is going to go off-road with me. She always shruggs it off. I know the Grand is capable, I wheel with some in my club, but the most she ever uses the 4wd is in the snow. She knows I'm only teasing her, but she loves her Grand just the way it is. She also loves seeing the Wrangler all covered in mud after a fun weekend. As for other 4wd vehicles, I cool with wheeling with all of them. My club is not a Jeep club, but an Off-Road Club, thereby opening the door to all makes and models that are willing to get off the pavement and get a little muddy.

As for Wrangler (and Pre-Wrangler CJ's - I love you guys) - For many years I drove a YJ and got razzed by all the CJ's and TJ's for being "Square". I defended my position that my stock YJ was waaaaayyyy better (even though it wasn't - but like BillytheYJ said - It was mine). My dad had a CJ-5. I had been wanting a CJ-8 ever since I was a kid - I loved the look of a Truck-Jeep. Never got that Jeep, settled for a 1981 J-10 Truck. Then got the YJ and now I have a TJ Unlimited (modern CJ-8). I couldn't be happier. Now I think my LJ is the best, and my dad thinks my YJ is the best (because it has a "mini-record player" in his words - and now it's his). My wife thinks the JKU is the best because she wants to eventually have kids and we have already struggled with my niece and nephew getting in and out of my Jeep and nevermind putting the car seats in. I'm sure once I ride in a JKU I will think the same thing.

Now as for the Patriot, Commander, Grands, Libby's, God forbid we forget the Compass - I'm glad they chose the same brand I did. They obviously have a different lifestyle than myself, but they chose to support a brand that if left only supported by wrangler owners, they surely would go out of business. By their support, I get to drive mine today, and I'll get to buy another one in a couple years.

2005 LJ - Black - Hardtop; 2" BB; 32" Cooper STT on 15x8 Black D-window Rims
1994 YJ - Green - Dual Top (Retired) Living life of luxury in TN
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