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Old 09-08-2009, 01:31 PM   #61
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Originally Posted by Geoff@Bestop View Post
The Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Pontiac dealer here in my town had huge banners made up that said "Pontaic." They were up for months.
I can see the board meeting now.
Fred: umm, we seem to have a problem with the new banners....
gus: what? Pontaic? can we send em back?
Fred: no, apparently steven misspelled it when he sent it to the banner people.
Gus: ahh screw it. just slap em up, nobody will notice.
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Stealerships or dealerships whatever someone calls it does not have any effect on me.

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Old 03-27-2011, 08:21 PM   #63
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Originally Posted by Levinoss View Post
Buy used vehicles
Yeah, and do your own work on your jeep.

Reading this whole thread I find quite interesting. There may be a whole lot more to this. Yeah calling anyone names is maybe not a good idea. Should the "buyer beware", yeah he should. Does the person who 'wants' the most, lose....yeah. (whether its the buyer or the guy(dealership) selling) Big business bailouts (for poor working decisions and bad investments and poor planning) while the working man sits unemployed trying to comprend why all his work is now done in other countries by deals made by our own government. There is a lot to consider here then just simple name calling.
"If you have significant difficulty here, dont go any further....it only gets worse".
(Charles Wells)
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Old 03-27-2011, 10:32 PM   #64
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I just read this whole thread it found a lot of it pretty interesting.

I for one, USUALLY don't use the term "stealership". Why? Well, ALL garages are a rip off, not just dealerships. I buy all my own parts, service the fluids, and do all the repairs myself. I KNOW what the baseline cost is.

Example: axle service. 2 quarts of fluid is about $20. Drain and fill takes one hour. Yet Jeep charges $150 EACH AXLE! why? Because they love doing a bunch of sh*t that doesn't need done. Remove cover, clean it, new gasket, yadda yadda. If a drain and fill is good enough for an engine, then god damn it it's good enough for an axle.

Another example, axle u-joints. I bought these at Monroe Muffler. $20 each, I got 2. I asked how much they'd charge to do it (I hate changing u-joints) quoted at....$500?!?! WHAT? was told "well sir it's a lot of labor. Brakes and everything need to come off" ok, $500 divided by $90 an hour labor rate is 5 1/2 hours...for u-joints! I don't have a lift, nor do I have that press to get them on and take off. I pound them with a cheap hammer. STILL DOESN'T TAKE 5 HOURS! who are these jokers kidding? That's a 2 hour job, BOTH SIDES. should be $180.

Buying cars...same sh*t. I'm the guy everyone "brings along" when they buy a car. I always get my pants pulled down on the trade in. Ok...well I'm going to knick knack the piece of sh*t I'm buying them. Dealers hate it. They love talking about power this and comfort that, meanwhile I'm crawling around under a vehicle looking at rust on a frame, trans fluid seaping out the pan gasket, a wallowed out track bar bracket, worn belt....yet still being told "it's a great car!" and expected to buy above book value. That's when I say "don't bullsh*t me, I know wtf I'm looking at."

One dealer tried telling me a TJ I was looking at was "never off-road". Once I got under it, I saw mud in the frame, the gas tank was dented, and the trans plate had scratches on it. "damn that's a rough road they lived on..." I said. You know what the response was? "they lived in the country" whatever dude

EVERYONE is out to rip you off with vehicles TRUST ME. It's not just dealerships either
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Old 03-28-2011, 12:18 AM   #65
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I was quoted $1,900 dollars for changing the starter on my Mothers 2k2 Lexus gs 400 at the dealer. Why? The starter sits under the intake manifold and in between the heads. Starter cost new not re-man $129.00 + 4 hours of work and had to replace the IM gasket. I did it in 3 hours and made my own gasket that's better than the paper oem pos. Even at 100 dollars an hour labor and doubling the parts cost, that's $558 dollars, parts have a lifetime guarantee. That's almost a quarter of the dealers quote. I've never charged my parents for auto repair, but they make up for it w/ letting me borrow their Seer's card for tools Yes I believe Dealers are a rip off.
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Old 03-28-2011, 12:29 AM   #66
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2 grand for a starter?! Holy sh*t I'd pass out and die.

I believe you. My girlfriend's co-worker has a Lexus. I remember her telling me they wanted over $1,000 for a headlight I guess it's got fancy sensors and stuff in it that turn the light on in corners and turns or something retarded like that
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Stealerships, FTW!

Seriously, they are not all created equal. There are two Jeep dealers in my area - one of them is 40 miles away, and the other one is 30 miles away. One of them charges, on average, 15-25% more to do the same work compared to the other one. -ypically, the one that charges more also recommends a higher percentage of unnecessary work than the other one does. The funniest part is that when you go to the bigger ripoff stealership for help diagnosing a problem, they come back with some weird list of things they want to try (and have you pay for) to see if it fixes the problem or not, and when you go to the other one, they tend to have a very specific, lower cost solution, and when you ask them about the things the other stealership suggested, 7 times out of 10, they'll say it's not necessary.*

Based on anecdotal experience of having 3 Jeep vehicles over the past 10 years.
2006 Rubicon
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Old 03-28-2011, 02:36 AM   #68
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Originally Posted by Codeman911 View Post
I get sick of seeing people refer to their dealer as the stealership. If you don't like them, don't go there. If you're not going to stop, treat them with a little respect. I just think it's complete ignorance that people feel ripped off by the dealer because someone else paid $100 less that they did. Plus if your machine is out of warranty, why should the dealer or manufacturer pay to fix it? You were offered the extended warranty and too much of a tight a$$ to take it. So don't bitc$ when it breaks out of warranty. Even if it's just a week out. You would be mad if you sold your Jeep to someone and a week later they call you and tell you that you are responsible for the engine going out and that you are going to pay. That's my .02

Why should poor planning on your part, constitute a problem on my part?
I agree and disagree. I call dealerships "stealerships" just because it's funny. If you look at the time line of auto repair, before any auto parts store, who did someone go to for a much needed repair? The dealer.. who (then) could charge what ever the hell they wanted for a manufacturers part.If you could not afford a part, you either made or repaired it yourself using what ever you had.."macgyvering" anyone? I know people in here have used a piece of copper wire to fix a fuse to get down the road. Anyway, since the market place has been flooded with auto part stores, online sites, and magazines...the dealers had only one choice, become competitive, which is why dealerships have become more dependable and reasonable over the years...The name still stuck. It's all a matter of history in my opinion. Those who really want to learn and care for their machines do so, those who do not lower the prices for all the rest
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Check this out. Another example that JUST HAPPENED today.

I rotated my tires last week. Got a steering wheel wobble below 30mph. Went to Pep Boys today for a re-balance.

The kid calls me to the desk. Says "your Jeep rides rough. You need new shocks" I said "no I don't. Those shocks are only a year old. They aren't loose, they aren't leaking, and the bounce fine." he says "well sir it makes the handling rough" I say "it's a Jeep dude they all ride like sh*t. Besides, I came for a tire balance, not a lecture on Jeep suspension."

20 minutes later I'm called again. "ok we got it balanced but the tech noticed a wobble in steering wheel. It's death wobble and you need a new dampener" I just say "how much for the balance?"

Pep Boys, where I buy a lot of dumb car crap, just tried selling me 4 shocks at $60 each, and a steering stabilizer for $50. That's $300 in unneeded repairs.

I don't think they balanced the tires either. They made the wobble move. Instead of under 30mph it's now between 40-50mph. IDIOTS! probably did it on purpose to scare me back in there to buy their stupid shocks that aren't going to fit anyway! I'll just have to balance the damn things myself.

It's true it might really be DW starting BUT...

They didn't say ANYTHING about trackbars, balljoints, tie rods, loose control arms or even a suspension inspection! Nope. Shocks are bad. Pick the most expensive part and say I need it losers.

I'm telling ya, it's not just dealerships

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