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Originally Posted by bangingears

Finding a dead guy is cool, talking to one is even better

Now that's funny...,,,,,,,,.....;;'"!

jeep jeep jeep.....
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I'm not afraid of ghosts, I'll punch the SHEET out of them ! Lol
Yep, I just said that. Hahahaha
Get it?, SHEET ? Lol

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My fiancé reminded me of a story at our last apartment complex. When we moved in every night around 2200 (10 pm), our washer/dryer combo would turn on. After about 3 or so months of this happening, we went to the leasing office to have maintenance come check it out. They found nothing wrong with it since it was only a year old. We decided to ask whoever was present to please stop turning the washer/dryer on. It immediately stopped. But then we always got a weird feeling that someone was watching us. Our futon faced the hallway where the washer/dryer is. One night I was laying on the futon watching TV when I felt like someone was watching me. I got up and went our bedroom and asked my fiancé if he was watching me. He said no, but felt like someone sat on the edge of the bed and then got up again. Not sure if we were hallucinating because we fought earlier that evening, hence the reason for me in the living room. We decided to keep a recorder going throughout the next night and when we listened to it, we heard several knockings and a little girl's voice calling for her mommy.

For those that read my previous reply about the 9 year old following me at the TB hospital, we had a strong suspicion it was the same little girl who followed me home. Granted we did not move into the apartment until after I started and never felt anything at the apartment until the little girl incident.
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My mother lives in an assisted living center. At the age of 87 she has mild dementia and resporatory problems. The rooms are hospital like, double occupancy. You walk through the door where the first bed is and behind a draw curtain is the second bed by a windowed wall. The room is usually dark with the curtain drawn separating my mothers side and the roommates windowed side. When my mother arrived the roommate was this elderly German lady very witchlike looking with a heavy German accent. Her name was Eva and she felt that any roommate was intruding on her space. Eva wanted a single room but none were available. So Eva treated all her previous roommates very mean hoping that they would request a different room so she could have the room to herself. The other roommates eventually did leave, except they were in body bags. Seems they died of natural causes, old age, infections ect. nothing homicidal. We learned of this after a few months my mother was in there and really did not think much of it. That's what elderly people eventually do, pass on to the next world. So Eva tried things to get my mother out of there like complaining to the staff her tv was too loud or my mother was up when she was trying to sleep. Petty stuff. Eva would steal my mothers glasses so she could not see the tv thinking she would turn it off or she would unplug the tv. The staff new this was going on and they would find my mothers glasses and plug her tv back in. They told my mother not to let Eva bother her and watch tv when ever she wanted. Eva was not a well liked resident there. Her constant complaining and belittling of the staff did not curry her any favors. When ever I was there visiting my mother Eva would shuffle by and look at me and say stay away from her stuff. Then say some other off the wall comment then shuffle away. After learning of the fate of Eva's former roommates we requested that my mother be moved to another room. However the place was full and we would have to wait for an opening. One day Eva fell down and she seemed to go down hill after that. She stayed mostly in bed and rarely got up. One day I was visiting and Eva got up and came shuffling by,stopped and looked at me. She said "all those young men went away and never came back." I asked "what men?" She said "the men who were defending Germany from the world!" I said " I think you got that wrong. Germany was attacking the world." She stared at me really evil like then shuffled away. Eva became sicker and was bedridden. I came to visit and bring my mother some snacks. When I arrived I found my mother in the lunchroom partying with her peeps. So I left to go put her snacks in her room. When I walked through the door of my mothers from the dim hallway I was blinded by an intense light in the room. The curtains that separated the room were pulled back and the sun was brilliant shining through the windows. I could make out Eva's outline laying in her bed. She did not move and I assumed she was sleeping. So I quietly went to my mothers night stand to put the snacks away. My eyes finally adjusted to the light when I heard a gurgling noise. I looked at Eva and with the bright light behind her I could see the outline of something coming out of her mouth. Kind of like somebody blowing a giant bubble. She slowly turned her head and looked at me. Her body was like glowing with the bright light behind her and this stuff or thing coming out of her mouth. She was looking at me with these black evil eyes. Lifeless black doll type eyes that seemed to burn a hole in me. I slowly backed out of there and went and told a nurse to go check on her. I then went back to see my mother for a while in the lunchroom then left. The next day was Fathers day when I got a call that my mothers neck and face were swollen. So I took her to the emergency room where we spent the day running tests. Ends up she had a blood infection. She was teated and released that night and sent back to her room. Eva had died while we were at the hospital. Did Eva impart some kind of evil spirit on me and my mother for my comment? Or is it just in my head? Weird.
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Banging ears can you tell a story about what I messaged you about? The wait is unbearable lol
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Keep the stories coming.
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I started reading last night until I fell asleep. I started again this morning and made it page 11 and got distracted. I'll have to catch up tonight.

Baningears: Wow! My mom would have loved your stories!

My contributions are light in comparison and only a couple involve the trails.

When my Grandfather passed away in 1999 or 2000, I remember the phone ringing in the middle of the night (around 2 am.) I knew it meant Grandpa passed away. Dad came downstairs to break the news but we already knew. We left for California the next day for the funeral.

We arrived at Grandma's house and the entire family was there, including my half brother and my niece who as an infant at the time. The first day there we were sitting around the living room/ dining room. Grandpa's seat sat empty and somebody had left my niece's pacifier on the table at Grandpa's spot. My niece was playing nearby on the floor.

Everybody sat quiet, sadly reflecting the good times we had with Grandpa, it was obvious our minds were all on him. I was gazing at Grandpa's spot at the table, the place where I saw him most often, it didn't dawn on me that everybody else was doing the same when all of a sudden my niece's pacifier flew off of the table as if somebody flicked it with their finger. The pacifier landed next to my niece and after a brief shocked silence there was a collective gasp.

Mom use to tell us some fantastic stories and I had became very good at weeding out which ones where bunk and which ones were true. One story that still to this day rings as true is he story about seeing bigfoot. My family use to own a cabin in the Sierra Nevadas. There were several other cabins in the area but none to close by and this was several miles up a forest service road out of town.

She swore, and I believed her, that one night her and Grandpa saw a Bigfoot at the cabin and Grandpa, being in fear for their lives, shot it. When he shot it the animal let out a man sounding scream. As they fled she saw the Bigfoot in the headlights of their car, the creature's head was as high as the lowest branch on a large Pine tree. Several days later she returned to measure the branch which was over seven feet from the ground. I had only been to the cabin a couple times and it was in ruins by the time I got there. Vandals destroyed the cabin and the cabins surrounding it. It's a real shame too I would have loved to have stayed the night.

As a teenager I was camping with friends somewhere near the Idaho Montana line in the middle of nowhere near a lake. There were five or six of us and we were all sober, we still had not discovered the wonders of alcohol. We were camped out for a few days near the bottom of a large rock slide which had rocks ranging from the size of baseballs to the size of tabletops. We were the only ones on the mountain and had free range of the lake and surrounding areas.

On our second or third night things got weird. We found a couple girls camped out nearby and they joined our festivities which until that point consisted mostly of talking about girls.
As we sat around the campfire we were fully aware that something was in the woods around us. The only light was the campfire and a spot light my buddy brought. We could hear something cracking in the brush around the camp, it seemed to circle around us. We thought little of it as wildlife was there before we were. The noises continued and grew louder through the night. We would shine the spot light into the woods but saw nothing. At one point I was sure I heard pieces of wood being knocked against each other. One of the guys swore he saw eyes glowing in the shadows, when we spot lighted it there was nothing there.

We turned in for the night and the noises slowed to a stop. This is where things get weird. I was about to doze off when I heard a solid thud in the middle of our camp. This shook my wide awake then the noise repeated it's self, this time on the opposite side of out camp "Thud." We heard several thuds through out the night. I looked out of the tent's flap and saw nothing. These thuds continued at an average of once every five or ten minutes for what I imagined was an hour.

The next morning we woke up and when we got out of our tent we found several large rocks scattered around our campsite. The campsite was clear of rocks the night prior and the rocks, which averaged the size of a football, were all over the campsite. We looked around the campsite for anything else out of place but found no tire tracks or footprints that didn't belong. It was obvious the rocks came from the hill above us which was probably 20 or 25 yards away and quite steep. We got the hell out of dodge and returned with guns and a dog. There were no further incidents though.

My mother passed severals years ago and I have dreamed of her a couple times since. I consider these dreams as visits because she always brings a message. Most of my dreams are surreal and vague, I can usually tell I'm dreaming but when mom visits the dreams are vivid and real, every sense is present as opposed to my other dreams they do not reoccur and I have only had two or three of them. My sister tells mom has visited her too and sent pretty heavy messages.

My father remarried a widow. The live off grid in the middle of the Cabinet Mountains surrounded by rarely used Forest Service land. After he moved there he told me the family has a spirit or creature which they have all seen. He didn't go into great detail but told me the family rarely spoke of it but had all seen it at different points. My dad is a very smart man who is very level headed, he never expressed believe in the paranormal or tales of Bigfoot. I dismissed the story until he had been living there for a couple years.

I was helping dad with chores one evening around dusk. I was in the garage and opened the overhead garage door to bring something outside. As I opened the door I caught a motion to my right near the tree line around 30 yards away. The figure moved away from me laterally. It happened so quick all I could see was it was a light grey figure, at first I thought it was my step brother who is well over six feet tall, then I noticed this was much taller than him and the figure seemed to move smoothly as if it were gliding not bouncing like when one walks. As my eyes focused on the figure it disappeared behind an outbuilding.

I went back inside and told my dad about it. We went to where I saw the figure and there were no footprints or broken blades of grass or brush. I returned to the garage and led my dad to where I saw the thing, he stood in the same area I saw it and appeared to be a little over half the size of what I saw. (Note, my father and I are NOT tall, Dad is probably 5'6".)

Dad asked me to describe what I saw and the best I could describe was "It was a white thing." He laughed and told me that is what they call it. The White Thing. I spoke with several family members who all told me they saw the same thing but in different places around the property, they were initially hesitant to tell other family members what they saw but all described the figure as "The White Thing."

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Good stuff Jeepindad. Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by Bone-Saw View Post
Banging ears can you tell a story about what I messaged you about? The wait is unbearable lol
I will! sorry!!
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Originally Posted by bangingears View Post

I will! sorry!!
Haha no worries!
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This is definitely the most entertaining thread on here, keep the stories coming!

I've not witnessed any strange occurrences, but my girlfriend certainly has. She lives in a fairly old house, early 1900s I believe. There's a new incident pretty much every week, sometimes days. Usually, its random sounds such as hearing doors opening and closing, footsteps, running, lights cutting on and off, nothing eye-catching as of yet. However, there are two rooms upstairs: one is a new addition over the garage, nothing happens in that space, while the other room is fairly active. Her toddler nephew is housed in this room whenever he visits. He is often caught staring at the wall with a blank face, in rare instances talking, but always acting as if some one else is there with him.

Now, when my girlfriend was a toddler she lived in an old house where a woman passed away, and her bedroom was the woman's old sewing room. According to her mother, she acted the exact same way as her nephew does today. Her mother also came up with the idea that a ghost follows her.
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Some friends and I were out night wheeling and ran across a satanic worship in the middle of the woods and talked to a rather weird fellow with a very large knife who referred to himself as "blade". This was years back before the movie. We got out thinking that it was a group of people with a bonfire having some beers but not the case. We promptly left and never went back. The area is now a subdivision so I'm sure they've had to relocate.
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Yeah, the new homeowners association may frown upon devil worship
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Originally Posted by Hawaii 5-0 View Post
Yeah, the new homeowners association may frown upon devil worship
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An interlude, while we wait, from the Grateful Dead.

Let my inspiration flow
in token rhyme, suggesting rhythm,
That will not forsake you,
till my tale is told and done.

While the firelights aglow,
Strange shadows from the flames will grow,
Till things weve never seen
will seem familiar.

Shadows of a sailor, forming winds both foul and fair all swarm.
Down in carlisle, he loved a lady many years ago.

Here beside him stands a man,
a soldier from the looks of him,
Who came through many fights,
but lost at love.

While the story teller speaks,
a door within the fire creaks;
Suddenly flies open, and a girl is standing there.

Eyes alight, with glowing hair,
all that fancy paints as fair,
She takes her fan and throws it, in the lions den.

Which of you to gain me, tell,
Will risk uncertain pains of hell?
I will not forgive you
if you will not take the chance.

The sailor gave at least a try,
the soldier being much too wise,
Strategy was his strength,
and not disaster.

The sailor, coming out again,
the lady fairly leapt at him.
That's how it stands today. you decide if he was wise.
The story teller makes no choice.
soon you will not hear his voice.
His job is to she'd light, and not to master.

Since the end is never told,
we pay the teller off in gold,
In hopes he will return,
but he cannot be bought or sold.

Inspiration, move me brightly. l
ight the song with sense and color;
Hold away despair,
more than this I will not ask.
Faced with mysteries dark and vast,
statements just seem vain at last.

Some rise, some fall, some climb, to get to terrapin.

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Originally Posted by Con Artist View Post

My ex used to live in a haunted house. TVs and stereos would just turn off and on. We'd sit down to watch TV and right after we'd turn it on, it would shut off. The moment one of us would get up, it would turn back on. Then, as soon as we'd sit down, it would turn off again. :
a ghost with humor...
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I am by no means a believer in paranormal. I have lived in houses that are one hundred years old and I have even lived in a house that was built in 1785 and was a hide out in the under ground railroad. In living in all of these houses I have never once felt unease or heard weird noises. I have even gone to grave yards and supposed haunted buildings and felt nothing, even in Gettysburg PA.

However, back when I was drafting for a company they wanted to move into an old building and retrofit it with a new office in Westminster MD. I had the task of going in and measuring the building and designing the new floor plan since I was the only one in the survey firm that had architectural experience. The building was late 1700's or early 1800's but had been redone probably in the 70's. While measuring the down stairs I was fine, I went upstairs to measure the room layout and that's when things got weird. I didn't hear anything but it felt like someone was there in the building with me even though I was the only one there. I got cold chills and all of the sudden the room felt very stuffy. needless to say I finished in a hurry and got out of there. I never had the same feeling any other time going back and once we moved in I never had it again but others in the office had similar complaints every now and then.
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Back when I was in the military, I took some leave time with my family and we went back to my home town in Arkansas for a visit. My oldest son was around 2 or 3 years old. While we were there, I decided to go visit my grandfathers grave site...he and I were very close. He had pretty much raised me and taught me most of what I know about mechanics.

Anyway, we went to the graveyard but I could not remember exactly where he was buried. I started my search for his site and my son decided to take off running around randomly through the graveyard. Suddenly he just stops, sits down and starts laughing. As my wife & I walk up to him we could hear him saying "yes", "no" and just babbling away.

I looked down at the marker when we finally got to where he was...it was my grandpa's.

You ever have that moment in your life when you feel like someone/something is near you (but there is nothing visible there), all the hairs on your neck and arms stand straight up and your screaming in your head "I'm outta here". That was me and my wife...I said something to my grandpa (or rather the grave), don't remember exactly what, grabbed my wife's hand along with my son's and got the heck out of Dodge.

Remembering back now, I'd like to think my grandpa was messing with me (he had the greatest sense of humor) and having a conversation or playing with his great grandson. But back then, we were extremely "creeped" out.
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I had a short trail at the entrance to my neighborhood I would ride down from time to time . I had a ford ranger at the time and one day I get down to the end where you had to turn around There was a small truck with a guy standing in the drivers side door with his pants around his ankles. When I pulled up he looked back his eyes about the size of golf balls and about that time the passenger side door opens and a woman jumps out cloths torn like they had been ripped off tits hanging out pulling her shorts up running to my truck asking me to help her. I told her to get in the back and I hauled ass out of there drove her to a gas station about a mile up the road and gave her a handful of quarters to use the pay phone. That was kinda freaky I guess she was getting raped or she changed her mind half way through and saw a way out
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What Bone-Saw asked me was 2 questions

1st have I ever encounter Angels/biblical persons, 2) why do I think (as a religious person) spirits are still here (shouldn’t they be in heaven or hell?).

Lets start with why I think spirits are here, this has been a huge source of struggle for me, what many see as a “gift” can indeed be a curse, in a story I will share later I found the perspective of speaking with spirits flipped around on me. I remember I had been very upset with God, I was tired of feeling like a schizophrenic, hearing, seeing, interacting with things I knew where not there! When you find yourself staring at those around you to gauge if a person is really infront of you and that they can see them, you find yourself frustrated with your predicament. My experience changed this for me, as frustrating as it is to have to guard yourself and who you share this information with imagine how it feels to know that 99.9% of the world cannot see you, and that the ones that CAN, are few and far between.

It made me realize which side of the curse I was really standing on.

Going off of as much research as I have done on the topic, I believe the answer is quite simple if you will spend the due diligence studying the New Testament. Nowhere in the New testament does it say that as soon as you die you are judged (sent to heaven or hell). Instead throughout Revelation it is prophesized that the JUDGEMENT day has not come, and will ONLY COME when the entire world is judged. Jesus as in prophecy will return at a trumpets blast and he will bring the spirits of the dead with him. In this moment he will RAISE ALL OF THE DEAD, and when all have been raised, then the judgment day shall happen.

This is the biblical background for the catholic belief in purgatory (among being invented simply to become a cash cow for the church by selling ADMISSION into heaven).

I believe some spirits stay here because they cannot buy into the fact their time is done, some have unfinished business and others live a afterlife of denial. I believe there is always a reason for a spirit to be present; something has projected enough power within that spirit’s realm to keep them here. I believe in the case of my grandfather, levi and barth they all had a reason to stay, for my grandfather it was meeting a grandson he never got the chance to see/watch his own children grow up, for levi it was telling my grandmother he understood. For barth…. I don’t think I was his end game, and for that I worry about a dead person all the time (ironic huh?).

The problem is at least for me the experiences are complex it is not a one dimensional feeling, it is like experiencing a person in front of you but on an intimate level, you do not realize it at the time, but when all is said and done you were more connected with that spirit then you are with most people. For that reasoning, barth weighs on my mind at times, I have always wanted to go back to the farm house, just to see if I can still feel him, and talk with him.

I spoke about this when we first started this thread, but the more I embrace this side of life, the more events happen to me, I feel that individuals who have this gift are like cell towers for the dead, but the more you “ping” off a cell tower, the more others realize the energy is there. In all honesty its why I went dark for a couple months, school was busy, work was busy, but you feel different energy’s when you open up to this life again. Ive noticed it leaving my gym at night, I go around midnight to beat the busy crowds, but when I walk out side there is a different chill in the air, my hair stands up and I feel presences. I have started to feel the same things when simply being up late at night, or when I meditate. I have found out more about myself in the last few months then I really understood.

The reason I believe I opened up so much as a child to this realm centers on the innocence I held and the openness I had for this side of life. As a child you do not understand evil/good or really what you have opened yourself up to. It’s the very reason I fought it/embraced it in highschool. But ever sense this thread, and writing things down, I have come to find out there are many people who still want to talk.

I believe it takes a well trained spirit to communicate with you, just my personal opinion is that a spirit is a ball of energy at first, it is scared, it is lonely, it is confused. So spirits reach out in this traumatic emotional state and most of the time scare the crap out of you. Not to be malicious but the powers they hold they at first do not understand.

They have a way of controlling emotion, and since it has been proven that magnetic fields tend to go n the fritz around hauntings, I believe this is what trigger’s the human fear index. The spirits haven’t mastered their magnetic field and so in their fear and confusion they lash out in the desperate need to communicate, and for us it transfers into fear/flight.

2) Have I ever experienced an Angel. In my personal opinion I have experienced one. They are not white clothed long haired Fabio’s. I believe that many people probably encounter angels, we just don’t take the time to notice the difference anymore. Miracles aren’t that great when you have access to Youtube.

My experience with an angel was on a trip I was making to Parker, I had left out of blythe and was taking this two lane high way to parker, I forget the number of the road, but what it is is basically 2 lanes for what feels like forever, you don’t see many people, and I remember running kind of late, it was about 2 pm, I had left work way later then I should have, I picked up the boat late (stored in blythe), it was just a nightmare, but as I was cruising down this road I was just in awe of the friggin heat, it was like 110 and just friggin HOT. As I continued down the road I saw in the distance a small white Toyota tercel. It was on the side of the road and I watched as I passed a heavyset blonde woman and 2 kids in the backseat.

It was obvious she was trying to get the spare tire on, the whole back of her car was ripped apart looking for the jack and tool set. I felt completely guilty as I drove by in my a/c’d truck. I made it about a mile till my conscience called me a jack ass and I turned the truck around.

I remembered the look of thankfulness on her face as I pulled up behind her. She looked like the weight of the world had just come off her shoulders. I got out of my truck and eyed the situation, her jack set didn’t have the socket for the wheels (aftermarket), luckily I never went to the river without my tool set. I could see she was beat from the heat, her a/c wasn’t working, her kids were basically half naked, she was an absolute mess and they didn’t have any WATER! I cracked open an ice chest, fired up the truck and told them to sit in the a/c while I took care of it. I made quick work of the car and had it back up on its good spare, and everything tucked back away in the back.

After shutting the hatch and picking my tools up off the ground, I turned around to see the bubbling face that was red from the heat crack a smile and give me a thumbs up. I walked to the back of my truck and put the tools away. I then made my way up the passenger side and opened the door. Inside the only thing to greet me was the cold air from the A/C. Looking back to where the car was a couple of seconds ago, was now nothing. I stared back into the cab of my truck completely perplexed when a car pulled in front of me. A guy jumped out and asked if I was okay. I told him I was fine, “just checking to make sure everything is towing fine” and off he went, along with me pulling my boat to parker, shaking my head the entire way.

The reason I believe she was an angel stems from the ways in which she looked at me, and the way she communicated, she caught me off guard at first with the line “stones in your crown”, it is a Christian saying for those who do good deeds for the Lords, along with her assurances that “God will bless you for this”.
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^^All I can say is "WoW" & for sharing.
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I really appreciate you answering my questions. Great story. I also believe that we encounter Angels every day and we just don't realize it. And I liked your explanation on why spirits are still here, makes a lot of sense. Having read the New Testament several times I can agree that that's a pretty likely possibility. I'm glad you use this ability of yours for good and you aren't some weird gypsy dude lol. I look forward to more stories
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I can't wait for more stories as well!!!
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Subscribed....keep em coming
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Very fascinating and riveting descriptions of your encounters, Bangingears - please keep them coming.

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I've had a couple of ghostly encounters, none of which have anything to do with my jeep, but I'll recount one if them here.

My older sister had rented an old summer cottage on Long Island about 25 years ago. At the end of her block were cliffs that bordered the LI sound. A few weeks after moving in she told my Mom that she thought the small house was haunted, At first my mother brushed it off as the overactive imagination of someone who just moved into a new place and whose husband worked the night shift. But soon some very strange occurrences started to convince us that maybe my sister wasn't just imagining things.

One day, her brother-in-laws came over to see the place. The back door had a deadbolt lock that required a key to be locked from the outside. After she showed them around the property, she found herself locked out, her two small children still in the house napping. She had to kick in a screened window to get back in the house.

A few days later she saw the "ghost". My brother had come out to see her and the kids, and had taken the kids down to the beach. My sister watched them coming back. As they passed the basement windows, where she was ironing. She saw my niece run by, followed by her little brother, then my brother. Trailing my brother was what she described as a "3-dimensional shadow", all black. She got the distinct impression of a little boy with a bowl-shaped haircut common in the early 1900s.

Odd things continued to happen around the house. One night, she realized that she had neglected to plug a night-light in the hallway for the toddlers in case they woke up during the night. My brother-in-law got out of bed to go plug the night-light in the hallway. As soon as he did, the hallway lit up, showing the front door wide open. It then slammed shut in front of him and locked. On another night, my younger sister and her friend went out to babysit the kids. Being young teens, they had no difficulty spooking themselves and giggling about it. Eventually, they fell asleep in their sleeping bags right next to each other on the floor of one of the rooms. When they awoke the next morning, they were still in their respective sleeping bags, but now in separate rooms.

My older sister and brother-in-law continued to hear odd noises upstairs, where the kids bedrooms were located. They could swear that they could hear my niece's bed move across the floor at times. One day, he marked the bed wheels with chalk. The next morning the bed had moved over 2 feet. My niece at the time was about 3 years old. It was a full sized bed. She refused to sleep in the bed after this.

Soon after we began to hear about these occurrences, one of my other brothers and I took a road trip out to my sister's house, convinced that this was all the over-active imagination of some very excitable people. I did not last the night in the house.

We got there at sundown. My sister was there with my other brother, who had driven there earlier, and two of her husband's brothers, who were just getting ready to leave. As they did, I was asked to lock the back door behind them. As I reached for the knob, it turned on its own, locking the door.

Minutes later, as I sat in her kitchen trying to reconcile what I had just seen, I heard footsteps running on the floor above us. the two toddlers were asleep. The footsteps continued for over an hour.

As I was getting pretty worked up, my sister decided to show us the outside of the house, trying to keep me calm. As we walked down the driveway I felt a punch in my lower back. Shocked, I turned and saw no one there.

Back in the house, my sister started telling us of some of the other things she had recently experienced. She had the kids in the living room one day and left to answer the phone. when she came back in a few minutes later she found her 18-month-old son sitting atop the fireplace mantle. Her daughter once asked her who was standing in the corner of the kitchen during lunch. My sister glanced over and said "There's nobody there, honey". Afterward, my niece referred to the ghost as "Mr Nobody".

By this time, I - who had expected to arrive at my sister's house and dispell all these ghost stories - was a basket case. The back-and-forth footpadding above my head, along with all the other stories and noises, had me frozen with fear. I had had enough and was looking to get out of there as soon as possible. My older brother drove me home.

My other brother decided to stay the night at my sister's place. He slept upstairs in one of the kids rooms. 1 hour after going to bed, he heard giggling in the dark, followed by a whistling noise. The final straw for him was when he felt someone breathing heavily in his ear. He spent the rest of the night sitting at the foot of my sister's bed.

My sister moved out of the house less than a month later. They did not experience any further activity in their new home, which they kept for over 20 years. My brothers and I never went back to the house near the cliffs.
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Originally Posted by Quintanaroo View Post
was it the dog who licked my hand before I fell back asleep?

My god I got chills hearing that...

My only truly frightening experience so far was one night camping with my buddy. It was last summer, so we were both 16 at the time. We set up our camper we towed behind his jeep about 6 miles out on this trail. During the day, people often ride dirt bikes out to the small lake where we stayed. We got there in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day at camp until it was about time to go to sleep, so we knew no one was in the area. There is only one trail to the lake.

We put out the fire, I walked to my jeep and turned off my lights, and walked back to our camper where my friend was just putting his guitar away. The moment I opened the door to go inside, we heard the most chilling scream I have ever heard in my life. It honestly sounded like a woman was being brutally killed. Just a stressed shriek for 3-4 seconds, then silence. We dove into the camper and shut the door.

There was no one around, we had no food, and had been playing music sitting by the campfire for at least an hour, so I couldn't justify it being an animal. After a few minutes of sitting in silence, we began joking around saying it must have been a bigfoot or something, trying to calm our nerves (all the bigfoot stories I have heard say bigfoots don't like people). Neither of us slept that night.

It still brings me chills to tell that story. We were darn scared. No cell service, no weapons other than a couple pocket knives, and his jeep was hitched to the camper, so a fast getaway would have meant running 15 yards in pitch dark to my jeep.
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The forum that came from has tons of stories like this. I remember reading this one on there

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