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Old 02-26-2011, 09:29 PM   #1
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Your first JEEP ride

When I was just a little boy, in the late 1960's, my Dad was a captain, and the company commander of the local national guard unit. Sometimes, on weekends when they would drill, Dad would drive an M38 jeep home for lunch. Us kids would get excited about this, because Dad would always give us a ride around town in that jeep. I remember the smell of the canvas top, and the open sides, and how everything was painted olive drab. All five of us kids would pile into that jeep, and Dad would give us a ride. And those were my first jeep rides

My Dad had fought in Korea with the 45th Infantry Division, firing mortars, and he saw plenty of action there. When he came back, he worked his way up the ranks - a guy with an 8th grade education and a GED - to achieve the rank of captain. As I recall, he commanded his troops in a kind way, and they respected and liked him. I remember looking up at him in his uniform, and being so very proud of him, as I still am today. Dad passed away last Sunday, Feb. 20th. The military honors provided by the US Army folks, the color guard, the 21-gun salute, were all very touching to me. I am very thankful to the folks who came to honor my Dad in that way.

And I've gotten way off topic, but I guess lately I've come to understand where my love for Jeeps comes from. I invite you to share with us your first jeep ride.

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My Great Uncle has a farm, and when I was little, would help him with chores on the farm. Along with all the tractors and equipment he had, he also had a CJ3B and a FC150 with a plow and stake body. We used the FC for driving around the property and replacing fence post in the fields. I learned how to drive on the FC when I was 10. Love the old FCs, but fell in love with the 3B. We used the little beast to pull hay wagons back and forth to the barn and bailer in the fields, and in the fall, used it to split wood for hunting camp. It had a PTO with a Willys log splitter attachment mounted to the back. The jeep is still on the farm, rotting in a scrap pile on the edge of the property, but the log splitter was retrofitted to work on a 3 pt. hitch for an 8N and it lives on. The FC150 was scrapped when I was 14...frame broke in half...but I can remember the neatest feeling of driving a Forward Control jeep and how weird it was to be "in front" of what you were turning through, and the hum of the little 4 cyl engine between the seats under you...oh, and that first drive was in October of 1985 with a load of fence posts....

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Very touching story my sorry for your loss. I'm glad your father received the honor he deserved. I am also very proud of my Dad, he is my best friend and he did serve our country in the Navy many years ago during the Vietnam war. He is 65 now and when I was 4 years old (im 33) he put me on his knee and let me steer a 53 CJ-3B over some hills. I'll never forget that day, it's as clear as a bell in my head when I asked him "are we gonna turn over" LOL! Well we didn't and I was hooked on Jeeps ever since. In fact, funny short story, the " local hottie" in town offered to drive me home in her Corvette (I was 4 still) and I said "no thanks, I'd rather ride in the Jeep". Well my family still has Jeeps, I'm the Jeep hoarder of the bunch but I was fortunate enough to buy my Dad a TJ 4 years ago and I've really fixed it up for him. He loves it. So it goes to show, Jeeps are part of the family tree, they are kinda like pets! Stay strong and know that we will unite with our loved ones in the end.
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Back when I was 9 or 10 I got to ride in an old Army Jeep during a military appreciation day on our local Fort in Germany. The private driving the Jeep found an open parking lot and started doing donuts. He was going fast enough (right hand turns) that he had me open the door and lean out to see that the two passenger tires were up in the air.

Yeah, in retrospect my dad would'a killed him, but at the time it was the coolest thing I'd ever come across
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My brother had a CJ that was just the coolest thing I ever rode in... Then several years later a guy I dated had a Willy's that he took me out in one night, windshield down, no seat belts or doors.... It was a blast, scared the poop outta me, but it was fun... Wanted one ever since...

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Not every girl, is a Jeep girl. We're a special breed.
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Originally Posted by InfernoGirl View Post
Then several years later a guy I dated had a Willy

Mine was when I was a freshman in highschool (late, I know). I just came back from Mexico, and my dad pulled up in a Jeep to pick me up. I thought he was joking, I couldn't believe it. Bought it off him a few years later
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Originally Posted by RatherBNmexico View Post
LOL I prefer my men that way......

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Originally Posted by Kate View Post
Not every girl, is a Jeep girl. We're a special breed.
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My first topless jeep drive was in my '76 CJ-5 when i turned 16 back in '03. I grew up in jeeps, but not the topless type. My dad always had J-10 Pickup trucks while i was growing up, and my mom had a '99 cherokee since about 2000.
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Old 02-27-2011, 08:56 AM   #9
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My dad had a 81? CJ-7 Laredo. As a kid we used to use it to go wheeling and camping outside of Vegas a lot. My first real memories aren't until we moved to Western NY a few years later. I remember being strapped in my car seat, mom complaining about the piping hot seat belt buckles, and cruising down to the beach with the top off. To me that Jeep was huge and I've wanted one since.

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I guess I was lucky dad bought an 80 Cj7 golden eagel when I was born. So my firts memerys of being in a "Car" are all that jeep.
I'm here to participate. I didnt come all this way just to watch.

My jeep's thread
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We looked at Jeeps when I was young (about 6 years old) but 4 kids and 2 parents wouldn't fit back in those days.

My first Jeep ride was in the Army.
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My first jeep ride was in a pink CJ7 my Grandpa had gotten for his wife. It was the coolest thing ever. I was probably about six or seven. The first topless "adventure" I ever had was when me and a few friends would go spotlighting in his CJ7. We usually didn't really go spotlighting. We would just ride around and have fun. One time we were right outside of the city limits playing on some of the hills close to the Farm Bureau and DMV. Looking back that was a pretty bad idea, we were being safe but riding around somewhere other than on the roads over there is pretty illegal. We would go ride around almost every night during the summer. Thats pretty much what got me into jeeps.
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I bought an old beat up samari (not a jeep) but anyways thing was topless and a piece of s**t lol paid like $2000 the day after I bought this thing the engine started to knock really bad.....long story short, I got my money back. My father felt bad I guess and cosigned on a 92 yj. I drove her for a few years (built my credit up) I bought my 01 I still have now. I'm now looking at a newer jeep not sure if I want a Jk, might go with a late rubicon. I read rumors of a new engine in 2012. I love jeeps and will drive one till the day I die : )

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Old 02-27-2011, 10:46 PM   #14
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A year or so ago when I got my YJ. I did not care about mpg, ride quallity or anything, I just got it. I have always wanted one and so I did w/ no regrets... I love everything to do w/ my YJ.
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My first Jeep "ride" was in multiple friends' YJs in high school and college. When I lived in Nashville, I frequently traded my Accord with my friend's YJ so she could more easily travel to her boyfriend's house in Memphis.

My first Jeep ride was to "inherit" my TJ and take it from the west coast to the east coast.

Happy birthday to the ground.
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Mine was back when I was 5 or so in my power wheels jeep, and since then I had always wanted a jeep. It wasn't until I actually purchased mine that I rode in a REAL Jeep. I wish I could find a pic of me in my jeep as a todler, I know they are burried somewhere, it looked something like this one, but it was more Beast than this haha. He does have the right idea with the girl riding shotgun though!

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A couple friends of mine in highschool had Jeeps. One night, one of my friends showed up around 10 o'clock and said "I have two girls out in the Jeep. Let's go cruising around." Went to one of the girls houses (she was a little older) and met up with another buddy who also had a jeep. His dad also owned a party store, which we went and raided for booze. I found out that you can, in fact, fit an enormous amount of alcohol in the back seat of a Jeep, so long as the person sitting in the back is comfortable being completely buried under alcohol.

That summer kind of got it started for me.
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my first jeep ride was the day i bought my Precious.
my beloved granny passed away and left me some money, so i decided to buy a much-needed new car. i knew exactly what i was looking for, and i spent months looking for a decent wrangler in my price range. finally found one wayyyyy south, in Chehalis, so i packed up my dear old celica to check it out.

took it for a test drive around a parking lot, tho my mind was pretty much already made up at that point. i had to drive back home and convince my mom that THIS was the vehicle i wanted, so she drove me back down to Chehalis and i drove my Precious home. that was about two years ago, and it was the scariest drive i've ever taken! i had no idea a jeep was so loud!!
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My first wheeling ride was the day after I bought my Jeep. For some strange reason my roommate at the time took it upon himself to wash and detail it that morning. He figured we were going to spend the day cruising for some ladies.

I told him I had to go up to my parents house to show the jeep off to them. I get up there and my little brother was wanting to go for a ride. We took it up on the back 40 acres of the property and just took it easy not to get to dirty at the time. I stopped to open a gate and my door got scratched on the fence. Well after that I kinda lost intrest in keeping it clean, we went through some of the deepest, darkest woods up on that mountain blazing our own trail running over trees, rocks and just having a ball.
I get back to my house and the roommate was waiting for me, I pulled in and he threw his arms up and started cussing....He was bitching and piss moaning, asking why I did it after he spent all morning washing it. I looked at him straight faced and said "It's a Jeep thing, you just wouldn't understand" That was 9 years ago, and everytime I see him, he still brings that day up.. LOL

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