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Old 08-25-2014, 06:43 AM   #1
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2-door or 4-door?

I am new on this site.

I am getting ready to purchase my first Jeep Wrangler Sahara. I want a 2-door and my husband is insisting that I get the 4-door. Here is how I will be using this vehicle:

Drive to work on interstate - safe driver, stay at speed limit because of all of the crazies already on the road;

No off-roading - well maybe on the beach or something like that (I am sure you all just sighed);

I am keeping my original car and wanting the Jeep as a fun vehicle to drive with the top off; and

We are planning a motorcycle trip out west with a group and I will be towing a one-Harley trailer (very lightweight) as a just in case anyone has problems.

I think the 2-door is cute and sexy and that the 4-door is heavy and masculine. I am thinking my husband is insisting on the 4-door because HE really wants it - ha ha ha! His reason is that he feels the 4-door with the larger wheelbase will be safer and lower possibility of rollover. I do not like driving his truck because it is so large.

Please let me know what you honestly think - safety wise and if your wife wanted a 2-door, would you try to convince her to get the 4-door.

Thank you.
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If you don't need the space ( kids or dogs) get the 2dr.

It's cheaper, easier to park, and looks more like a traditional Jeep

Plus if you husband is smart he will get on board with what you want.

Happy wife > happy life.

Make sure you get the towing package, the gears alone are worth it.

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Mike and I both have four doors. I actually like the four door model better. So, I can't help you with the two door argument.

Is it possible that he's wanting the four door for the better tow rating? I know you mentioned your trailer is very light for this trip coming up, but is it possible he's looking longer term/larger weight? The difference between the two is about two thousand pounds.

Good luck with your decision! And to WF!
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The 2 door is cute.

Your husband is right about the 4 door wheel base being safer. That safety factor increases in slippery/icy conditions and way safer when towing.

Other aspects, is limited space. The 2 door is really limited in the cargo dept. That may not be a factor for your application but many people have found that out after they bought the 2 door.

the uses you have outlined already seem to point that a 2 door would probably be fine. As long as the future uses remain the same. Your location seems to indicate that winter driving is not much of an issue.

As for the size difference, the 4 door is still much smaller than a full size truck. I had a 4 door F150 before and I find the 4 dr Jeep way smaller.

Consider that if your mind is set on a 2 dr, No amount of reasoning will change that. Look at all us members here. My mind was set on getting a Jeep, and no amount of reasoning and reading car reviews that bashed the Jeep was going to change my mind. My face still hurts from smiling too much. Came into work today with a Naked Jeep... Priceless

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Here is the thing, if you "want" the 2 door, you never will be happy with the 4 door. After living with the 2 door for a year or two you may change your mind about the 4 doors (I know I did) but right now emotionally you have your heart set on the 2 door. You can see that in the way you asked.

IMHO -That's what you should get.
If your husband sees the need for a 4 door, he can get one to drive
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4dr fan here, towing was a big sell. As was the look w safari doors on it.
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2 door all the way!
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Did you just call my 2 door cute and sexy!?

Anyways, yea get what you want...lucky man his wife wants a jeep as a toy, either way he wins.

Good luck and welcome
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Originally Posted by KC_Hawker View Post
Here is the thing, if you "want" the 2 door, you never will be happy with the 4 door. After living with the 2 door for a year or two you may change your mind about the 4 doors (I know I did) but right now emotionally you have your heart set on the 2 door. You can see that in the way you asked.

IMHO -That's what you should get.
If your husband sees the need for a 4 door, he can get one to drive
^^ This.

I have NEVER been happy when I chose a vehicle based on logic alone. Buy the vehicle you want. Just make sure you can live with it. Sounds like you can.
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Your husband is right about the 4 door from a stability standpoint.

But being that you are keeping your other vehicle, I think a 2 door would be a better "fun" vehicle.

It sounds like you have a car, and your husband has a truck....so I think you are good to go.
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The 4 door will be more stable due to the added length, but don't get the impression that the first time you hit a turn to fast in a 2 door its just gonna start barrel rolling. All new jeeps have ani-skid, anti-stupid, anti-everything programmed into them, for normal everyday driving I would not be worried about roll overs.

I'm not one of the 4 door haters (there sweet as well) haha i got a 2 door because I'm young and don't need the space. I don't regret my choice one bit and have never felt unsafe driving it either. Infact my GF claims she feels safer in it than in her car (for whatever thats worth).

Tow rating is higher on the 4 doors but as long as you keep her within the tow ratings it should do just fine. I tow stuff like our popup, the 4 wheeler on a utility trailer, rocks on the small utility trailer all the time. One day I did have our large utility trailer loaded up with wood (if i wasnt over the limit i was dang close) and she started to get the sways anywhere over 60 with that load but i didnt have too far to go. A small trailer with a bike on it should be no problem at all you just have to know its limits.

If you want a 2 door go for it, from what you described you should have no issues with a 2 door.
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I got a 2 dr for exactly all the reasons you want one, you have another primary vehicle and the 2 dr is easier to get around in and IMO more fun to drive. If I wanted a 4 dr, I don't think it would have been a Jeep as I would not like to remove the larger top, and 4 drs due to storage space. Whatever, get what you like for your reasons unless it will be a "shared" vehicle. Since you travel on a Harley, too, you know how to pack economically space wise.
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These are all good responses. I can see a need for the 4-door periodically but not sure if enough to make me get one. Hubby and I will have to talk some more. I let him have his toy and now it's my turn. Both the Harley and the Jeep will accomplish the wind in the face criteria. Thank you all. Hopefully my next post (by this weekend) will be the results of what I buy.
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Don't forget pics... or it didn't happen ;-)
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Go to any dealership and you'll find 4X more 4-doors than 2 doors. Reason? The 4 door sells better. More utility, still has a tight turning radius and is easy to park, and the longer wheelbase makes it more comfortable to drive long distance and on bumpy freeways.

I was originally set on a 2-door jeep (I even had one on order) but at the last minute changed my mind when I thought "how am I going to take my fiance and all of our gear on a trip...if we get a dog?"
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It's funny, wanted the 4 door and my wife wanted the 2 door. So, I got the 2 door and I am very happy with it, I didn't need the extra room, so it worked for me, and someone earlier said, "happy wife, happy life", so true!!
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Pulling a fully dressed Harley and trailer will put you a lot closer to the 2,000 pound towing limit on the 2 door. I think the 4 door is 3500 pounds. Also you need the 3.73 gears. Something to consider. We bought the 2 door Sahara :/
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My Softail Deuce weighs about 700 lbs and a small trailer weighs about 700 lbs.
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Originally Posted by KC_Hawker View Post
Here is the thing, if you "want" the 2 door, you never will be happy with the 4 door. After living with the 2 door for a year or two you may change your mind about the 4 doors (I know I did) but right now emotionally you have your heart set on the 2 door. You can see that in the way you asked.

IMHO -That's what you should get.
If your husband sees the need for a 4 door, he can get one to drive
This. Everyone was telling me to go with the unlimited but in the end, I purchased a 2014 white 2-door. I love every second of having it and everything about it. I don't have a lift or aftermarket wheels on it (yet) but being a 2-door, it looks fantastic whether I have the top up or down and the doors on or off. I feel like the unlimited looks too long and low to the ground because of the longer wheelbase (unless you have it lifted with big wheels on it of course). My 2-door is my everyday driver and does a fantastic job in 4H when called for. I have plenty of storage space when I fold the back seats down as well. It all comes down to what you will actually be using it for and personal preference but if you have your heart absolutely set on a 2-door, get the 2-door.
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This is the beauty of having choices. We didn't have this choice for many years. The 2 Dr is more maneuverable so it more nimble and less stable on the highway. It's a bit more fun off road and tooling around town but not the best on long trips. The 4 Dr is more stable but not as maneuverable. It is a lot more practical particularly if you need to haul passengers and their gear but not quite the same toy as the 2 Dr. Choose what ever fits your needs best. They are both great choices.
"Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive."
B. B.
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If is is going to be your everyday driver to work on the interstate.... I would do the 4 door. 2 door maybe if it was only tooling around on the weekends and NO long trips. The ride quality of the 4 door is superb.

Also, the 4 door is actually still VERY short in length with a dimension of 173.4". The 2 door is 152.8". In comparison, my 5 series BMW and a Honda Accord has a length of 191".
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The new Wranglers are not your fathers Jeep. They ride and drive nice compared to Wranglers of the past.

I tried to get mine sideways this past winter in a parking lot covered in snow. The stability control wouldn't allow it. I couldn't do the 4 door. Felt like a regular SUV. I wanted the traditional Wrangler look and went with the 2 door. I'd buy the 2 Door again if I had to do it over.

4 doors only look good with 3"+ lift and 35"+ tires on them.
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I had a 2013 limo (4 door Wrangler) and traded it in for a 2014 JK (2 door Wrangler). I do not have any young kids to tote (my son lives 2000 miles away and has his own Jeep lol), and with the back seat removed I have more than enough cargo space. I like the shorter wheelbase better - no more 3 point turns lol or getting as easily high centered offroad.

Let us know what you decide!
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Howdy from Sweden

On the road I feel the 2 door is as big as the 4 door, they have the same width and hight and the longer tail aint a problem. I am singel and thought the 2 door was to big or wide compared to my former Suzuki Jimny. Got the 2 door and felt it was to small on the inside. I got used to the width of the 2 door and still felt that the 4 door was to big when I saw it. I tried a 4 door and it was like driving like my 2 door on the road (big). The 4 door had a firmer ride but less good turning circle. So now I dont think my 4 door is so big anymore, got used to it.

I really like that I can put a lot of stuff under the seats and hide them there in my 4 door, it could not really be done in my 2 door. You can easely sleep 2 persons in the back in a 4 door.

I do like to bring people with me and and to camp, that is why I find the 4 door better. Another thing was it was problematic to put in groceries in the 2 door with the backseat up.

After my first camping trip with 4 adults I went directly to my Jeep dealer to check out a 4 door.

There are at the same line with the front bumper, my former 2 door at the front and a 4 door at my Jeep dealer at the back, it aint so much longer.

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I bought the 4 door recently. I love the 2 door as well and would have bought that if I didn't accasionally need/want the extra storage capacity. I am happy with my decision and find it is not cumbersome to drive/park at all. It handles a lot easier than my old H3. Buy what you want, but get what you need. Again, if I only needed the 2 door, I would have bought it. Just don't plan on taking much with you.
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I went with the 4-door....

It's interesting because I've always been a fan of 2 door vehicles, and I used to think the 4 door Jeeps just didn't look enough like a "real Jeep" to consider one.

But then I started taking a closer look and doing my research, and realized a few things:

#1. The only 2 times in my life I've purchased 4 door vehicles were 4-wheel drive capable SUV's (a Patriot Sport and a Mitsubishi Montero Sport).

#2. When it comes to most of the reasons I have an interest at all in a SUV or Jeep, vs. a regular car or truck -- having more hauling capability is a big benefit. The 4 door Wrangler lets me tow more, stow more in the back with rear seats folded, or lets me take 5 people around instead of just 4. Considering ANY Jeep isn't exactly going to get good gas mileage anyway? Why not make sure you can do as much as possible with it for the miles you're driving?

#3. I do a lot of highway driving, and I consistently heard the 4 door Wrangler behaves better on the interstates.

Purely going by looks, I can understand why a woman might feel like a 2 door Wrangler feels a little less like a "man's vehicle". It's not that you can't make a 2 door Jeep VERY manly ... but it's more that it looks a little bit smaller and more like what you're used to seeing females driving around. (Heck, even Barbie dolls had a pink Jeep accessory.) That said? I see a lot of women driving full-size trucks with dualies ... even though that says "working man's truck" more than anything else I can think of. In the end, I think you can make almost any vehicle "your own" with a little customization.
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I went back and forth on the 2 door versus 4 door. It is only my husband and I now so there really was no reason to buy the 4 door as there would be very few times we would even have passengers in the jeep.

I drive 100 miles R/T 6 days a week on the highway going up and down canyon roads - interstate and I feel totally comfortable with the way my 2 door handles on the freeways at 70 mph.

I love the shorter turning radius of the 2 door - believe me it does make a difference even if you are just parking at the mall.

Off road - it is a huge advantage! The 4 doors have to back up to make the tight turns on the trails whereas I don't have to. Driving up steep inclines is easier. Crawling over rocks - I don't worry so much about damaging my 2 door because of the shorter wheel base - I won't get hung up on the rocks as much as a 4 door would.

I know you say you won't go offroad much - I said the same thing but I am going out as much as I can now. It is so nice to be able to go places that I have never been able to drive to before.

As far as cargo room - you can remove the back seat if you wish. You can fold it up or fold it down - I have no problem hauling groceries, etc. with the back seat folded.

I love the look of the 2 door and I feel like I am in a wrangler - not an SUV.

I drive the snow in the winters with no problem at all and believe me - we get tons of snow here in the mountains during the winter months. The key is to have the right tires for the snow.

You are the one driving it - so get what you want! Likewise I insisted on a manual although everyone was trying to sell me an automatic. I told them "I am the one driving the jeep - not you"

The best part is now I get to drive a company jeep all day long and then get into my personal jeep to go home! I jeep all day long!
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Had a 2door for 5 years, just ordered an unlimited.

Overall I think the decision for most without large families to tote is subjective. Do what makes you happy. In my opinion there are not drastic differences from behind the drivers seat, neither are a sports car.
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My wife thinks the same way you do but expresses it this way: The 2 doors are "girly" Jeeps and the 4 doors are "manly" Jeeps. I guess it's a state of mind because we decided last year on a 4 door so we could haul up to 5 people around and have them enter/exit through their own dedicated doors (ie, if you are like me, 47 years old and 25 pounds overweight, you go "ummppfffhhh" and "hooooohuhhhh" trying to get into the rear seat of a 2 door and scrape some skin and pull a muscle while trying to do it...) and to also take long trips and have the extra space. But my wife now wants a 2 door, for about the same reasons you want one (daily driver, putter around town, easier to drive and of course in my wife's case: image). Thus I see the 4 door as more utilatarian (not "manly") and the 2 door as more fun and better for off roading. We want to get a 2 door in Plum Crazy Purple if they offer it up this year. And I'm all for a 2 door as well. It will be more fun to drive around town than the four door. In my minds eye I see us driving around in a 2 door with the top off and half doors installed, enjoying the wind and sun and sense of freedom. So in reality we should have the best of both worlds. Jeep better offer up Plum Crazy Purple though, it's her favorite color! I'll be up the creek without a (2 door) Jeep if they don't make that Purple...
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We own both ... I drive the 2dr and my wife drives the 4dr (both are 2012)

And now that we have one of each, I'm not sure I could choose if I could only have one. They're both awesome. I know that doesn't help you decide, but look at it this way: you might enjoy the heck of it no matter which one you get!

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