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Old 03-28-2013, 10:27 PM   #1
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First time JK owners thoughts and regrets

I would like to hear from first time JK owners, thoughts and regrets. Example,glad you chose a JK? was the ride something to get used to? Fit/finish up to par? Controls, options easy to use? Option you wish you would have included on your JK? Disappointments? Wish you would have ordered/purchashed a different model?Are you already planning on buying the next Wrangler from Jeep?
Please note what year/model you have.

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Hey man! So this is my first jeep and wrangler and I've had her for about a year. It's a 4 door sahara 2012. I absolutely love it. I got flame red which I'm so happy now that it's gone. I don't wheel as much as I like and as a college student I just don't have time. I love the upgrades the sahara offers BUT if I had to do it again, I would just save a bit longer and go with a rubi. The performance options offered are just too good to pass up. We got a great deal on my sahara and I'm not complaining at ALL!! But if I could do it again, I'd get a rubicon. Hope this helps!

2012 JKU Sahara Flame Red hard top, front and rear trailor hitch, rod racks and new tires on the way
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I spent 2 months figuring out exactly what options I wanted.

Now a month after driving off the lot I wouldn't change a thing.

Glad you chose a JK? YES

Was the ride something to get used to? Not for me, but just a little for the family, but they like it.

Fit/finish up to par? YES

Controls, options easy to use? YES, but the Vent crontrol knob doesnt stop in the right places and it drives me crazy.

Option you wish you would have included on your JK? Got just what I wanted

Disappointments? None

Wish you would have ordered/purchashed a different model? NO

Are you already planning on buying the next Wrangler from Jeep? Ill probably have this one until they take my keys and lock me in a home.
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I came from a 2010 F150 XLT to a 2013 Sahara JKU. I'm extremely glad I made the switch because the Jeep is so much more fun to drive. Granted the F150 was more "versatile" I never used it for what it was... a truck. I went with the sahara because the options matched the F150 which was what I was used to for example the push to talk, bluetooth, etc. The only option I wish my sahara had was the steeper gears, but I'm pretty mechanically inclined so I think I can take care of that...
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Had 07/08 Sahara 2dr, traded it for a 10 crewmax Tundra, traded that for my 13 unlimited Rubicon. Only regret, I couldn't afford to build it more right from the dealer. It's killing me, because I know what I want to do, but can't yet afford to do it.
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I regret not making sure it had didnt. Oops.

I shoulda bought a yj. Oh well it is nice to have modern stuff though.
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My wife and I just bought two JK's within a month of each other so I think that explains how satisfied we were with the first one.
2013 Commando Green Freedom Edition JKU
2013 Billet Freedom Edition JK
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glad you chose a JK? YES

was the ride something to get used to? No, I came from a BMW 3 series, always wanted a jeep, I'm pretty in tune to driving and I dont think you could get more polar opposites. JK handles like a bayliner but I adapted almost instantly.

Fit/finish up to par? Compared to other domestics, the 2011- interiors are superb. On a scale of BMW, its not that bad at all for the price I am content.

Controls, options easy to use? Controls with AUDIO, HVAC and UConnect are easy to use. The bluetooth rivals my BMW and sounds better. I have no complaints, the heat?A/C are great, stereo sound quality is Meh though.

Option you wish you would have included on your JK? I got everything I wanted. I declined the Rubicon and will parlay that saved money into building mine my way. I am handy with tools so its easier for me.

Disappointments? None really. Back seat is a bitch to get into, but its just the wife and I. I knew what I was buying. Couldn't be happier. Only thing I will note is Chryslers dealership network is shit. From ability to repair a car, to the dealers looking run down and trashed. I have a probably jaded view though spending my career in highline dealers.

Wish you would have ordered/purchashed a different model? Nope. Got what I wanted.

Are you already planning on buying the next Wrangler from Jeep? We will see how the product come out. Judging from the new Cherokee, I'm going to stock up on JK spares.

Please note what year/model you have. 2012 2Dr sport 6M 3.73's, LSD, hardtop/power/unconnect
2012 JK, Rock Krawler 2.5, Bilstien 5100's, Teraflex lower arms/track bars, Currie anti-rock, VDP stubby caps, Black Rock 909D's 285/70/17 Duratracss, Magnaflow ypipe and competition exhaust, 10a.e. Rubicon rear bumper, SRC sliders, G2 diff armor, H4 headlights and some other stuff....
2014 VW Jetta/1989 325i sleeper project/1968 house
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I bought the MOAB 4dr with the options I wanted. I think now, if I had to do it again, I might have waited a bit and bought a 10th Anniversary Rubicon. I doubt I will ever be a real heavy duty offroader but I don't know that for sure.

What I do know is that the Rubi is more offroad-ready than the rest of the JKs. I do like the looks of my black MOAB though. I will be putting a RK lift kit on it soon and probably going to bump up to 35s. It should be able to hold its own against any Rubi then.

Would I buy a JK again? Abso-frickin-lutely! (And I came from a Ford Fusion Hybrid @40mpg)
2013 JKU MOAB Edition Black - 33" Cooper Discoverer AT3s - ProComp 7069 17x9s - Rock Krawler 2.5" Max Travel
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Never looked at anything other than a JK. So yes.

Bought a 2009 Rubicon. Think the only option it didn't have was the Nav. Looking at the radio during the day with sunglasses sucks because ya can't see it. Other than that no complaints with the stock form of the Jeep. While stock it rode very nice, almost like the F150 we traded in on it.

The only thing I don't like on this yr is where they put the sway bar disco and 4x4 switches. They are too low. IMO, they should be above the radio where they are viewable and reachable. Later model yrs are no better IMO as they are above the left knee of the driver and awkward to get to in that you have to take your eyes off the trail to select the buttons.

Aside from that, no regrets with the 2 door we bought.

Now that we have owned a Jeep, don't think we would ever be without one in the future. Its been a lot of fun and have met some really great people.
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2010 JK Sahara with 140,000 miles on the clock. Looking at the Moab today and I'm pretty sure I'll pick it up next week.

I have no regrets and I'm happy enough with it to be buying another one.

Ride? Not bad. I was surprised at how well it handled turns and curves at above normal speed. Normal speed for a Jeep that is.

Since I took it off the floor, I was stuck with the options it came with, but I hit up the aftermarket places and got what I needed.

The JK has been a great vehicle for me and I recommend it to anyone dumb enough to ask for my recommendations. (Those that know me will understand)
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I just bought a JK and this is my first Wrangler. My husband knew I always wanted this car from the time I had graduated from college. There were problems allowing me to do it then, but now I am able to get it. It rides like a dream! I didn't have any trouble transitioning from my Pathfinder to my Sahara. The Sahara sits up a little higher, but otherwise I think they handle in a similar way. There is a lot more technology in the Sahara! The uconnect, the ability to connect my iPod, the Bluetooth streaming of my IPod, the onboard Navigation system; my old car did not have all that! I got it with all the toys I wanted. It's going to tak me forever to learn it all!

It's fairly safe to say my daughter likes this car. She has decided this is her dream car and she wants it in the bright green. She'll be disappointed that the color will be discontinued. My husband is even considering eventually trading in his truck for a Wrangler. I can charge my phone, Ican talk to people hands free, I can listen to my music. Yup, I'm a happy girl with my Sahara!
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First of all I live in a coastal region with a lot of desert, some mountains.

1.) Glad to have JK? Yes, I'm very happy with the JK. I wasn't a "Jeep fan" to begin with, I have no special "brand loyalty". I only care about utility.

2.)How is the ride? The ride is fine, before I was using a beaten Hyundai Accent which was horrible on the road and worse on sand/mud.

3.) How was fit/finish? Fit/finish was OK, not perfect. One bolt on a door was stripped the first time I took the door off. I think it was damaged during assembly. No problem, just replaced it. Anyway there are too many wolf-dogs here for no doors.

4.) Were controls easy? No problems learning controls, the dealer was well trained and covered all important points briefly and clearly.

5.) Any options I wish I had? Not for extra money. I just have a Sport, it does the job. The BLD works great if standing on 2 or 3 wheels between dunes. I've never needed lockers. The gearing I have (?) is fine for where I am.

6.) Disappointments? The rear window zipper is weak, but also I could keep it cleaner to be honest. It broke after about a year, tailor fixed it.

Also, the export rear bumper is very bad, the license plate hangs down and catches things off road, ripping off the plastic part. If you are not in America, you should cut the part off and put the license plate anywhere else. The front bumper is great, I love the material and would never buy a steel or aluminum one. The heat here makes it pop itself back into shape.

7.)Would I have gotten another model? IF I had lots of excess wealth I would definitely get a 2-door Rubicon. The reason for this is ONLY the d-44 front axle, the lockers and other upgrades are just an extra as my Sport does well now. A d-44 means less damage if I hit a dune too hard (may God prevent it!) and fly.

8.) Will I buy the next Wrangler? After trying out this JK I see no reason to ever buy a different vehicle (except 3 kids). I love the Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, and the FJ is great also. The Xterra is similar to the FJ. BUT the shorter wheelbase on the JK, plus price, plus the soft top for lightness and visibility put Jeep ahead of Toyota/Nissan in my opinion.

I have a 2011 Middle East Export JK Sport, bought new. It has a soft top. I work in the desert *and* spend my time there or beaches or mountains, so there are times where I go off-road every day.
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First Jeep. 2-Door 2012 Silver JK. Love it!!

Didn't get dual top group.

Sometimes wish it was a 4-door...."sometimes"

Dealer was a dip sh*t. Told him I wanted factory radio with Sirius (less likely to be stolen in my eyes), he had cartoys install a receiver top dead center on the dash. I was pissed, so he put in an aftermarket Kenwood with sirius.
2012 Wrangler Sport S, Silver Soft Top, Goodyear Duratracs 285/75R16, Level 8 Trackers, Rough Country 2.5" lift, KC Slimlite 130w Spots and 100w Driving lights, JCR Stubby Dagger Pre-Runner Front Bumper, JCR Stubby Rear Bumper, ACE Rock Rails
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In my second week of ownership, and still totally loving my JK. Not going to lie, I'm a little concerned about Chryslers build quality, but no complaints so far.

I did a lot of research before buying, so I knew what options I wanted and was able to find them (3.73, 6 speed, soft top). I have no regrets regarding trim level. I waited for the Pentastar, then waited again when I read about the 2012 head issues. Thats a long time to spend planning a purchase.

This might sound a little silly, but I also have a Tacoma and a Titan (both have been bulletproof) and it feels really good to drive an American vehicle again. I hope this thing is good to me, because I'd love to see my wife wanting Unlimited or Grand Cherokee.
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We bought my Jku last Nov. it's a 2013. Wife and i both Love it. She now wants her own. The ride is soo much better than my 1988 Wrangler. I like all the added options. I now wish I kept the soft top. Mine came with the dual top group.
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After over a year of ownership, I have to say the ONLY thing I'd like to change is that I wish I had a manual transmission. I had planned on getting one, but I missed the order cut off on the Arctics by 1 freakin' day, and I couldn't find a stick shift Arctic with the options I wanted on a lot ANYWHERE. So, I settled for an auto. I really, really miss my manual though. And when I buy another Wrangler, I will go manual.
2012 Winter Chill Arctic Edition JK
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I've had my 2013 JKU Sahara in black for a month.

Glad you chose a JK? Exceedingly.

Was the ride something to get used to? Not really. I've had all sorts of SUVs, so I wasn't expecting it to drive like a sports car.

Fit/finish up to par? No complaints yet.

Controls, options easy to use? Very - it's a simple car.

Option you wish you would have included on your JK? I wish I'd included the connectivity package for the Vehicle Information Centre, but it was an impulse buy caused by falling in love with the car in the showroom and the spec is what it is.

Disappointments? None.

Wish you would have ordered/purchashed a different model? Nope.

Are you already planning on buying the next Wrangler from Jeep? No, I think I'll have this one for a while. Got lots and lots of mod plans for it.
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JKU Altitude Edition (3.21). Loved the altitude interior/upgrades, only things I would change are the gearing (didn't know better at the time) and wish it had unpainted fenders. Otherwise I'm very happy, but will be happier when I can get a modest lift and larger tires on it.

No plan to buy another JK anytime soon, but would do it when this one is worn out. Too much to do to this one to think about another.
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My disappointments stem from dealer installed equipment. Oversized tires and wheels, no lift kit, so the first time I took it off road, the tires rubbed on the inside off the fenders. Dealership said that shouldn't happen. Wouldn't fix it. My wallet and Teraflex fixed that with a leveling kit. Then the spare started to rattle the tailgate apart because it was on the stock carrier. Dealership said there was nothing they could do. Again, Teraflex to the rescue. Today, a service manager at a different dealership tried to tell me that the tpms with a broken valve stem was not under warranty because it was installed in aftermarket wheels. Went to the dealership that i had so many problems with to have them explain to me why this is, and was told it is covered by warranty. And it's being fixed as i rant.

If these simple problems were addressed correctly in the first place, i wouldn't have such a bad taste in my mouth.

Otherwise, I Love my Jeep.
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First time JKU driver here. Several years ago (pre-kids) I had an '88 Toyo Landcruiser. I loved that damn thing. Despite it's 145hp, 10mpg and rough/noisy ride. I loved it. I first began considering a Wrangler with a test drive of a '12 JKU in early Nov. of '11. The first time I sat in it and drove off the lot, I thought "this is what I always wished my LC had been". A bit modern, more power, some creature comforts, killer looks and a removable top. I fell in love.

I bought my '12 JKU on April 1st (3 days away from 1yr. ago). I love it still. I love the bounces, I love the looks, I love tinkering with it, I love the possibly endless mods, I love taking the top off, and I love getting it dirty. And I love that it's not a fancy sedan that my kids and dogs can help me destroy. we take it to the beach and i don't worry one bit about it getting filthy inside - i just clean it. I tell my wife, let's take the jeep - if it gets dirty, who cares??

some people scoff at the idea of a JKU as a DD and sometimes i understand that. but i'm betting if my JKU was our 3rd vehicle, i'd want to drive it more often than not. even if just to work.

i plan on keeping this thing long enough to give it to my son when he's 16. 14 years from now!
2012 Unlimited Sahara - 1st Jeep Ever
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My '13 JKUR is my favorite Jeep yet and will likely be my last if it holds up like my TJ did. I've also had a YJ and a couple Cherokees mixed in there somewhere

My '97 TJ purchased new in Nov of '96 was replaced by the JKUR after 16 years of hard use. I'd have kept the black TJ if it had air conditioning as we moved from a high altitude area to hot and humid Nebraska, but I'm gettin' old and soft I guess. Now we're moving to Nevada and I know trail runs will include a lot of dust so that recirculating AC will be nice.

I fully modified the TJ a couple times with the attitude that bigger is better and way too much is about right. After building up the TJ more than once, I decided to go a different route this time emphasizing reliability and drive-ability while enhancing its extraordinary off road capability and so far I'm pleased with my results. The new JKUR equipped off the showroom floor will go most places the modified TJ would. I've lifted it and put some 35s on for a bit better clearance than stock. Changed bumpers, added a winch and tire carrier. The TJ would was superior on extreme terrain, but my days of extreme wheeling are mostly behind me as I'd rather spend the afternoon enjoying a nap than replacing broken parts.

We also got the JKU to haul our dog and gear. The TJ was really tight when we would take our Golden Retriever. Nice to have the additional room for stuff and the mutt.

My new Jeep also has a hardtop. My previous two Wranglers (had an '87 YJ that changed into the TJ) both had soft tops. I often felt like I was riding in a bass drum when in the YJ and the top was on. The TJ was much better, but summers always found me topless in those Jeeps, I think the wind noise when used as a daily driver can effect your hearing. The hard top on the JK fits great, doesn't leak, and is very quiet for a Jeep IMO. It's nice for this old man to be able to crank up some "Free Bird" or Motley Crew and still hear it at 75. Oh my... upon reflection, perhaps cranking up the radio is what happened to my hearing!
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Bought 2013 Wrangler Unlimited with the Freedom Package. Wouldn't change a thing. Jeep is Billet cored with mineral gray accents, wheels grill etc. Anyhow Luv the jeep, plan on having it till death do us part. LOL
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So, I also traded in a BMW 3 series for a Wrangler. The Bimmer was getting on the older side, and I always wanted a Wrangler so figured now or never.

I got the 2012 JKU Altitude, which is basically a Sahara with some additional appearance items.

As was said before, these vehicles are pretty much polar opposites, from the performance to the intended use to the dealership experience. That being said:

1.) Glad to have a JK?

Absolutely! There were many reasons why I didn't get one earlier, chief among them the old engine. Then there was the poor interior and the lack of room in the 2 door. I test drove them every couple of years and no matter how much I was in love with the Wrangler concept, I just couldn't get over the down sides. With the 2012 model year, you can finally get a a package that makes it passable as a daily driver. And if I was being honest with myself, it was going to be used as such 99% of the time.

2.)How is the ride?

I like it! I wanted a Jeep and got a Jeep. I was never expecting it to be comparable to the Bimmer. The Bimmer truly is a driver's car and has superb handling. But I can honestly say I've never had more fun than in the Jeep. I think you either get it or you don't. If you're asking about the ride...

3.) How was fit/finish?

Pretty damn good. What else can you ask for in a vehicle at this price? Especially a vehicle with offroad capabilities. It's a surprisingly pleasant place to be.

4.) Were controls easy?

Ridiculously easy. Easier than my other vehicles.

5.) Any options I wish I had?

The Altitude comes with pretty much every option you can get. That being said, there are two options that mine didn't come with (I got it off the lot for a good deal rather than buying it factory with my selected options): 1. Side air bags; and 2. 3.73 gear ratio. The latter really gave me heart ache for a long time (mine came with 3.21) as I read all the forums and dreamed of 35s. I didn't want to have to spend the money on regearing, etc. I ended up with 33s and didn't need to regear or strengthen anything - couldn't be happier.

6.) Disappointments?

The black 18" Altitude rims look nice and i would loved to have kept them but I couldn't get a good set of 33s or 35s to fit on them, so it feels like money wasted. I took them off right away and replaced with AEV Savegres, in black.

When I replace the bumpers, I'll lose the colour-matched inserts.

The stock headlights are pretty poor and I will be replacing with Cibie from Daniel Stern, though the JW Speakers look badass.

The horn is pathetic. I have a man's vehicle. I want a man's horn. And unfortunately most of the aftermarket stuff is just louder but still sounds like a shrieking teenage girl.

I'm also disappointed that all the cool stuff I want to add costs so much...

7.)Would I have gotten another model?

Ah, now THAT is the million dollar question.

I agonized over the Rubicon vs. Sahara decision. And even after I bought the Sahara I agonized over not getting the Rubicon. And then two months later they released the 10th Anniversary Edition and I agonized over that.

If money were no object, I'd get the 10A and be done with it. Anvil with black leather...

As money IS an object, I had to do the Base Rubicon vs. Loaded Sahara trade-off. While I love the idea of the Rubicon (and forums like these only make you want it more ), the arguments for a Rubicon appear to fall into one of two camps: 1. You really need one because you're rock-crawling regularly; or 2. You really want one just because.

Again, being honest with myself, I wasn't going to be using it for rock-crawling (at least not deliberately ) particularly when brand new. So, I fell into the "just because I really want one" camp. No question I really REALLY wanted one. But after a ridiculous amount of research, I realized that for all the things I wanted to do, the Sahara is actually better. So, it was a better decision and got me the interior and look that I wanted.

8.) Will I buy the next Wrangler?

Only if it's a diesel...
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Loving my JKU MOAB
Purchased March8th 2013
Only thing i would have added is the dual top
First Jeep with these electronic things and leather, yes leather.
Will keep her till...Well forever my son and daughter already called dibs.
I modded her out within the first 2 weeks, she drives great despite less than 15mpg
I have a 3 year old and she loves the Jeep even tells me when one drives by and she does the Jeep wave. If my 3 y/o can do it we all can.
Happy Jeeping and let the good times roll. One thing to remember that what's good for the goose isnt always good for the gander just let them know Its a Jeep Thing.
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Just purchased a 2008 wrangler x used with 58k miles. I am impressed with the condition of it. Everything is stock on it from what i can tell. No regrets so far being its the best jeep i could find down where i'm at. I wish it came with some step bars or something. My first off roading with it, I had the transfer case shifter bushing issue. Hopped on this forum and a couple other jeep forums, found a fix with e clips etc. Holding strong for now. I love that my jeep is so simple to fix and build. I still need to aim headlights, replace fog lamp on bumper. I see newer jeeps on the road with tons of stock options, but with the low miles and the freedom to do upgrades that I want starting from scratch I feel happy with my choice. I love the grey blue color.
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Have a 2011 JK 2 door, love it, rides good, handles much better then I remember my cj5 ever did, have some wind noise in front corners of soft top, but nothing major.
Here's my only regret.... wish I had electric windows... now before ya'all get started on keeping it basic and all the other power window down talk. IT has nothing to do with any of that, but the location of the window cranks them selves. Every time I hit a good sized bump you catch the window crank in the knee cap.
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If you want a true off-road capable vehicle they are pretty much the only game in town. I had a Hummer H3 in the past and it was a superb vehicle, just not as good offroad. The fit/finish isn't very good in some areas but this vehicle has such a wide price spread (based on options) depending on which model you buy it's acceptable.

The new engine has plenty of power and the transmission seems well tuned (never hunts for gears or gets confused).

Overall I think it's a really good platform but it really depends on how you will use it. I chose this over a "mall crawler" because I wanted something that will flat tow easily and the couple of times a year I go WAY off the beaten path I wanted something capable off road (and I'm older so I still believe a solid front axle is mandatory if you are going off a dirt road).

My favorite option is remote's really nice here in Tx when it's 104 outside to let the AC run for 5 min or so
2013 JKUR|RK 2.5 Flex|LOD front bumper|
pulled by a 1984 BlueBird Wanderlodge 35 FCRB
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My 13 JKUR is my third wrangler. My biggest regret is I had to wait till now to get it. The first week it was off road. By the second week it did a day long desert run at 109 degrees and still ran flat out across a dry lake bed at 100 mph. It has leather and air. It everything my TJ Rubicon was and more. Now at 1500 miles it has 35's and is going under the knife for some serious mods. If I have one thing I don't like it is the computer system. They have designed it to be so tuner unfriendly that they are stifling the aftermarket. I am sure the Daimler guys didn't help there either. I wish they would allow the aftermarket to have access to the codes.
Otherwise it gets more thumbs up than my Vette did.
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Originally Posted by Gunner View Post
My 13 JKUR is my third wrangler. My biggest regret is I had to wait till now to get it. The first week it was off road. By the second week it did a day long desert run at 109 degrees and still ran flat out across a dry lake bed at 100 mph. It has leather and air. It everything my TJ Rubicon was and more. Now at 1500 miles it has 35's and is going under the knife for some serious mods. If I have one thing I don't like it is the computer system. They have designed it to be so tuner unfriendly that they are stifling the aftermarket. I am sure the Daimler guys didn't help there either. I wish they would allow the aftermarket to have access to the codes.
Otherwise it gets more thumbs up than my Vette did.
blame the government eco/safetyniks for that.

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