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the Jeep is more fitting considering your line of work! Congrats.
Originally Posted by Dan216 View Post
Realized the 1990 Honda Civic is the opposite of a chick magnet. Recently got my EMT certififcation and as a reward for passing it, I bought the 98' TJ about a month ago. (More of an excuse to buy one, but that's what I tell myself).

It needs some modifying, as the exterior is still pretty stock. I'm debating on new speakers, 33" tires, a new bumper, a winch, the list goes on and on.
"Fire it up! Let's go get this thing stuck!"
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I was never interested in street cars. I grew up riding dirt bikes so I've only owned trucks. I drove two Toyota 4X4 trucks over 17 years. My last truck gave up the ghost after 250k miles of my abuse. I was looking to try something different. It would be another 4X4, of course. I saw the Unlimited then learned about the Rubicon. An Unlimited Rubicon ended up in the driveway.

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Originally Posted by JCizzle View Post
I had a new honda with a high monthly payment (21 years old) and wanted something that could help me reduce that monthly payment and save up. (ha!)
I was into jeeps before and have plenty of friends who have one so I started shopping for one. Didn't realize how well they retain their value and was quickly discouraged. However, after a few months of searching I found a nice '05 Rubicon for a great price and pulled the trigger. Happy days. Just need ordered some new parts too
That's a really nice looking Rubicon you have there. I like the gold color. I do miss the gas mileage on the Honda though. I'm still getting used to putting in around $50 every three days or so!
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Originally Posted by TXJKJEEPGIRL View Post
the Jeep is more fitting considering your line of work! Congrats.
Hey thanks I appreciate it! Still a lot of schooling to go though until I'm where I want to be, which is a paramedic someday!
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A friend of mine bought a 2011 wrangler in 2011. Everytime I saw him I told him how much I liked the jeep. Later that year, I had to move and bought a house 15 miles from work, which made my commute much longer before the move I walked in to work in 7 minutes. Now I had to drive my F-250 crew cab to work. I decided to sell it and see what sorta jeep I could get. Found a nice 04 unlimited and bought it for less then I sold my truck. Kinda funny that I got a jeep to be my new fuel efficent DD, LOL.
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When I was looking for my first vehicle I wanted a truck or a jeep. I didn't want a car because every one around here drives trucks and I want to be tall up to. So anyways after looking all over sites like Craigslist and VCI and looking at a few Cherokees my mom called me and said a friend of a friend was trying to sell hers.
My mom drove it on the test drive with me in the passenger seat (I didn't have my license yet) and the owner in the back seat. It had broken sway bars (to be found out later) and the tires were so bad we slid on large gravel. We had the windows down and I loved it from when I first sat in it. The owner told me about the wave and all about the jeep. We passed another red wrangler on the road and me and the old owner both yelled at her for not waving.
After her test driving it, my dad drive it about a week later and we talked the owner down from $3000 to $1800 because of the condition of my new jeep. We talked a lot about what the jeep needed and everything like that. She told me his name was Peety and he had a personality of his own. She asked me not to change his name because he was her first vehicle to.
We signed the paper work on the Friday school got out for spring break. We took him home and I got my jeep friend to come over and check him out.
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(Sorry long story)
The first thing I did was take the top off and second was buy new rims and tires. We drove him around all spring break topless and put it back on only in for the rain until school was out. I passed my drivers test in him on the first try and drive him around topless all summer. I've put so much money in to him but he's the best thing I've ever decided to do. People say he describes me well and I'm proud to talk that as a compliment!
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My mom bought a 99 TJ brand new and in the last couple of years she has had quite a bit of engine trouble out of it. At 110k the oil pump went out and she replaced the engine. The new motor has a knock to it and after about a year of the mechanic trying to figure it out, she just dealt with it. Fast forward to this Past summer, I went to the beach with a few buddies in his 4 door, we took the top off and the doors off. I thought it was a lot of fun so when I got home, my wife and I borrowed my moms TJ and spent the week driving around without doors and without the top. So last month my mom says she is done dealing with the jeep and she bought a new Outback and sold it to me. Now I have to figure out what is wrong with it.
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My best friends father bought a Wrangler brand new in winter of 93 and I was hooked ever since. When I turned 16 I saved up $300 bucks and bought a 78 CJ7 which turned out to be stolen (no keys or title shoulda been a giveaway). After driving little beater cars for years the kids got older and it was time for me to get a toy for myself so I test drove a 2006 mustang gt but the dealer wouldnt work with the price. As I was standing in the ford dealer, I looked across the street and saw an orange jeep sitting there and said that baby is mine. Signed the papers for it the next morning.
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I searched for a jeep for over a year. Only one I considered buying turned out to be a scam on auto trader.

One day my buddy called me and said he bought an 08 JKU. I said did you trade your 97 TJ. His reply was no you're going to buy it. Told him we could discuss and he said no discussion, it was mine for $5k anyone else it was $8k.

Drove it with a 4 in lift and rubi wheels for 4 years and now that I'm on this forum I've got the itch to do stuff to it.
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Best friend crashed my last car. So I went on a mad dash weekend looking over used cars. Mostly sportier more gas efficient cars. A wrangler never even crossed my mind. Then I ended up looking at a local dodge dealership they had my soon to be wrangler under a tent for their 5k or less specials. After taxes and licensing I walked away with my 99se wrangler for 5500 with 87k on the dash. And I couldn't be happier. 12k miles later and she still runs like a champ. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can take the top and the half doors off.
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Always wanted a Jeep. I learned to drive on an 8N tractor then moved to a GPW. When I turned 16 we found a '47 CJ2A that I learned to keep running. Then after three years in the Army I moved to a '56 CJ5. Traded that for a new '74 CJ5 with a 304 V8. Left that Jeep in OK and moved to WY and found a MB that needed new tires. Then a '73 CJ5 232 6 Cyl. followed. Moved from the ranch to town and a refinery job. Eeyore a '64 CJ5 came to our drive. Followed by a '75 J20 that needed an engine. In '03 Tigger an '01 TJ came to our garage. I think that Eeyore and Tigger have a permanent home with us. Jeeps run deep in our family.
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Three years ago I was looking at small convertibles. MG's, Triumphs, but never found the right one. That winter I started looking for a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the girl friend so she could park the PT Cruiser. My GMC Sierra Z71 is too big. So started to look smaller. Looked at a Grand Cherokee. Not bad. Then thought..........Wrangler!!!! Found our 97 Sport and bought her. Been fun ever since. Tomorrow I pick up #2...........also a 97, but it is a SE 4 banger.....Needs some work. Oil pan leaks, trans hard to shift, runs ruff. But the price is the killer.
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Originally Posted by Herviss View Post
Kinda funny that I got a jeep to be my new fuel efficent DD, LOL.
When I first got my Jeep the mileage was a (slight) improvement over my piece of crap ford explorer. Now? Not so much after a 4" SL and 33" mud tires, but I love it!

Those little kids that you see staring at your Jeep and smiling when you have the doors off? That was me, and that's why as soon as I could afford a car payment I started searching for one. Ended up driving 3 hours for it, but I got everything I wanted: 4.0L I6, 6 speed trans, D44 rear, soft top, full doors, and orange paint.

05 TJ Sport build thread: My orange wallet lightener

Wife: "Did you pull through this parking lot just to look at another Jeep?"
Me: "Nooooooooooooo."
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I had done the race cars and fast bikes. I had a Vette and a Nitroused Suzuki that I drag raced and rode on the street. I had 2 heart attacks and got pretty sick. Due to medications I was no longer comfortable riding a 200 hp motorcycle and it was a real pain in the back getting in and out of the Vette. Since I was not going to go fast anymore I sold everything and bought a really sweet stock 2.5 YJ. I went on a run with my buddies who all have built Rubicon TJ and JK's. Seeing what they could do I bought one of the jeeps at the lunch break. A Sorta stock 2004 Rubicon. I am in the process of doing all the stuff I feel it needs to be a nice dd/trail rig. It won't ever be an IMPED quality ride but it will be mine. So now I go slow and i'm enjoying it.
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I have loved jeeps ever since Dad bought a brand new 78 cj5 when I was a kid. 1st brand new car he ever has. As a teen and even in my young adult years I drive the heck outta that! Loved it. So my brother got a hold of it messed it up a bit and then they sold it. I bought another on about 10 years ago my ex took it apart to do some work on it and never finished. Lost a bunch of stuff. Pure neglect. Sold it back to the po for $800 just to get it outta my garage. I couldn't give it all the love it needed. So March 2012 I found MINE! I went from the high desert in so cal to San Diego one weekend and to Granada hills the next. I looked at some 10-15 jeeps. Not counting all the ones I called on and looked at on every Internet sure I could find. Finally I decided on the second one I test drove. 1998 tj green and I don't like green but... I love it! And it's mine! Paid more than I wanted but again... Its mine!! Long live my dads love for his jeep! RIP Steven Rampley! You little girl loves you! I know your right there by my side!

Rhonda Misfit 4WD Secretary
Loving life one jeep trip at a time.
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I've wanted one since the late 80's and 2.5 years ago I found a deal I couldn't pass up. I should've realized the deal was to good to be good. Got my 03 TJ with 48k on it and since I've had to replace the motor and a lot of other things I'm dealing with the tranny issues right now. But all the problems aside I wouldn't get rid of it and if it every gets totalled I'll buy another one and start over.
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A buddy of mine loaned me $100 one nite at the bar. The next week his mom shows up and says Lonnie is in jail and needs his hundred bucks to help get him out. He had a 73 cj5 that his little brother had rolled the previous fall. I had tried to buy it several times with no luck. So I ask his mom about the jeep, she says she will ask him. The next day she shows up and says he needs $600 more to get out and he would take that for the jeep. That was in 87, I'm going to look at another one tomorrow. It will be my 5th one.

1998 4.0 5 speed, Superior super 35 rear, Superior super 30 front, Yukon air lockers x2. 3" Terra Flex suspension lift, 1.25" BL, 1" MML War 8K winch, Dick Cepeck Radial F-C 33/12.5/15.
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My Story: My parents bought a 04 LJ in 2005 using my college fund. They kept telling me that when I get my license that I would get the jeep. Boy was I disappointed at the time. What kind of a guy drives a jeep at my age? I liked fast loud cars. What the hell is offroading? Started driving the jeep after getting my license, and still had the same mindset. My dad mentioned about a lift kit, but I denied. I didn't want them to spend that much money on the jeep for me.

Well, after thinking about it, I asked for the lift kit, and we got it. Installed it together in our garage, and boy the satisfaction from my first mod.

And that is how I got the bug... and my first jeep! And I can tell you now, I dont think I would have as much fun in a fast car, as Ive had from the jeep.

Every day I get out of the jeep, and look back at it like I got it yesterday.

Enjoy your jeeps people! Enjoy those jeeps!

First summer stock

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I've always been intent on owning a practical, safe, modest and fuel efficient vehicle. I briefly looked into Wranglers (some older friends owned YJ's and I thought they were fun), but realized they weren't practical enough for my needs (not easy to fit all my massage equipment in the back). So, I bought a brand new 2010 Kia Soul + as my very first car (call me a late bloomer) back in, well, 2010.

Then I married this awesome guy who had always wanted a Wrangler but never had the chance to get in one. So we thought we'd get one a few years down the road, after we'd settled into our new life together. We'd start with a 97 or 98, nice and cheap, so we could pay with cash... But then we started test driving TJ's for fun. And spent our down time looking at Wranglers together online...

Then we spotted this 2006 LJ Rubi. Few hours later, we'd ditched my precious Soul and were driving our LJ home for $16k. I still miss my little Soul, but there's nothing else quite like a Wrangler. And seeing the joy on my husband's face every time he gets behind the wheel of the LJ is all the assurance I need that I made the right call.
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i was almost killed by a drunk driver when i was driving my small compact more, i went out and got a grand cherokee.
2002 Wrangler Sahara, all stock, 5-speed, Dana 44, dual tan tops, 2nd owner.

2008 Hemi Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4, Quadradrive II, original owner, 24,000 miles.
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I used to be a faithful tacoma driver, great trucks and would still like to have one but anyways, all my wheelin buddies had jeeps and my best friend had an old 60's FJ. I used to make fun of the jeeps all the time then one day me and my friend drove down to go float the river and drove with the tops off his FJ. I know ots not a jeep but with the tops and diors off on a great spring day, well i was hooked, traided in the tacoma a few months later and well now always jave a wrangler in my driveway!
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Originally Posted by Jeffreybomb View Post
I was just standing there and it rolled over top of me.

i was thinking of something clever to say about how i ended up in a jeep. you nailed it!
The butcher backed up into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.
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Growing up, one word....Daisy, need I say more? Parents bought my 1st jeep in '98, '91 yj. Beat on it and loved it for 6 yrs. traded it off and regretted it everyday. August of last yr, finally able to buy one, pulled trigger on an 87. Fast forward to last month and traded in my cummins on my 06 Lj. Loving every minute.
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I've admired them for years. . . and years. . . as far back as I can remember, I've always loved the Jeeps.
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My uncle spent a few years building/getting his Jeep built. Then he lost the ability to drive, and I made him an offer which he accepted.
LS7 427, TCI 4L60E SSF, Atlas, Currie D44's, PCS module, Squier Inc. wiring, Zeon 10S, Vanco BBK, Warn Hubs, Mastercraft Baja RS w/ heat, OME lift, 32's, JCR Bumper/Carrier, Tom Woods CV, Viair 450C
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Something I've always wanted ! In 2003 I had a decent amount of $ to put down on a Jeep or Harley. I went with the 03 Harley Road King. Great bike and my wife and i enjoyed every minute with it. But, I still wanted a Jeep for all those years. This past summer I decided to put the Harley up for sale and buy a Jeep. After a few months of searching, I purchased my Jeep, lol, waiting to sell the Harley.

Like the bike, our Jeep is a weekend toy. I call the Jeep my four wheeled Harley.......With A.C at red lights....and I don't have to put my feet down!

I do wish they got the same gas mileage !!
2014 Jeep Wrangler JKR
Copperhead Pearl
Yeah,I gotta change the Pic
Love the Rubicon, but already miss the TJ.
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Growing up, I was always around trucks and one summer this guy was driving an awesome dark blue CJ up and down the main drag. I must've been about 10 or so (1976-77). I remember seeing that CJ without the top almost year round.

Fast forward to 2005, my wife gets a TJ and I have a truck but due to the gas crunch one has to go, she wanted a car so we sold the TJ (Doh!!). A couple years later our daughter bought a really badly abused YJ, it ran, but just barely. She gets married and leaves it with us. It became our dog's joyride Jeep, sadly it needed more repairs than I could afford or wanted to try to make. My daughter sells it.

1 month ago, my wife drives my Mazda3, says it's way better than her Accord. So, we sell her Accord and my old Chevy S-10. I found "MY" TJ, next to the TJ I originally wanted on a car lot and $9800 later she came home. I am not planning on ever going without a Jeep again!!
I think I have an inferiority complex, but I doubt it's a good one...
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Have had or tried nearly every type/kind of vehicle as a "toy" from old school muscle cars, all kinds of motorcycles/ATV's, the last project being a 1992 Corvette - I wanted something different and have always wanted a Jeep... A CJ or Wrangler when I come across my 1998 Wrangler Sahara.

Pit Bull
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Abe Froman

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Well for the last 2 decades I have been a Jeep guy, but only a few years of those as a Wrangler guy. Let me explain: My wife was driving my 4 door lifted Cherokee during a snow storm. It had been snowing for about a day so the roads were slick, but not too bad as the plows are prepared for the storms. She was coming down a street that came to a tee too fast for the road conditions and blew right through a stop sign. It just so happens at the same time another car was coming into the intersection and also could not stop. The Cherokee was t-boned right in the middle, because it was lifted the other car actually slid under the Jeep and both vehicles spun together. Then comes the wooden light pole in the intersection. The Jeep, now going sideways, hits this pole and has enough force to shear the pole off at ground level. So where does the pole fall? You guessed it on top of the Jeep. It messed up the unibody frame as you can imagine and neither front doors would open properly. The Jeep did its job and nobody got hurt thankfully. And then the next month I bought my TJ.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Cherokee.jpg
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2000 Sahara, 3.5" Rubicon Express Lift, 1" spring spacer & 1" Body Lift, 33" or 35" BFG Mud tires, Front & Rear ARB, Rancho 9000 shocks, UCF Ultra High Belly Up, Savvy gas tank skid.

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