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Old 10-20-2009, 12:48 PM   #31
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hapakid88 is on a distinguished road
Skyjacker economy lift kit

Sky jacker 4" economy lift kit

Shocks:Hydro 7000

the goods: as the name states its an economy lift so it totaled with shipping around $600. so VERY cheap. it comes with new lower control arms front and back new sway bars and a rear track bar relocating bracket (front requires a new hole drilled) new front and rear coil springs and four hydro shock, also a transfer case lowering bracket. it was an intermediate install, hit a couple hitches and overall took 16 hours -_- but wasnt too bad.
on-road: a bit bumpy at higher speeds although does well on large dips and holes.
off-road: ive only taken it on a short little test so far but it handled...surprisingly well ( for being an economy kit) decent compression decent return and great clearance with 33" tires.

The bad: terrible instructions and a somewhat arduous install. bumpy on road

Recommend? YES. if you want a lift and dont want to spend a ton of money, this is surprisingly worth it. not for serious off roading ut is a nice in between.



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Old 10-25-2009, 11:26 AM   #32
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On a tight budget lift

LIFT: 3" ZJ coil springs w/ 2"BB
SHOCKS: Skyjacker hydro 7000
SYE/CVD: not yet
TIRES/WHEELS: 33x10.5 BFGoodrich Km2's / 15x8 Crager Soft 8's 4" BS

Likes: A pretty simple transition if you have the time. Very inexpensive! about $70 for the whole lift! Haven't found much difference in the ride quality which is also good cuz i really liked the ride i had with just the BB in there with the skyjackers.

Dislikes There seems to be some discrepancy with the actual lift you yield with these springs if you buy them used, so just be aware of it if you're looking for a set of used springs, be sure to find out how many miles have been run on them, mine had 96k.

Would You Recommend: If you're on a tight budget, want some suspension height, and already have the components(shocks) to accomodate the springs, then yes this is a great mod!

Note: I originally started with a 2" BB with the skyjackers , which can accomodate 1-3" of suspension lift, w/31x11.5 tires. I purchased a front bumper which eliminated my entire 2" spacer lift in the front. Purchased new tires, then decided to get a little more clearance. Left the 2" BB in the front with the zj springs to yield the correct 3" of expected lift, I took out the spacers in the rear and took the front coils out and moved them to the rear.

Click image for larger version

Name:	zj1.jpg
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ID:	12317
Click image for larger version

Name:	zj3.jpg
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ID:	12319
Click image for larger version

Name:	zj2.jpg
Views:	17
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ID:	12318

'04 tj, d44s & arb's
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Old 10-26-2009, 10:52 AM   #33
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Another similar tight budget boost

LIFT:about 3"+ ZJ V8 front coil springs and rear Crown Vic police interceptor coils
SHOCKS:Pro Comp ES1000
TIRES/WHEELS: 31x10.50 Cooper Discoverer STT / 15x8 Stock Ravines

Still in testing process so likes and dislikes may change.
Likes: Gives an overall lift of 3+ inches. Pretty easy to install. Ride is smooth as stock on and off road so far.

Dislikes: nothing yet.

Would You Recommend: still testing this lift but based on the price so far and lift achieved, Yes.

Notes: I have done some researching and found this to be a simple mod that people dont really discuss. you can google it but not find too many details. basically i got junkyard coils from a newer ZJ with a V8 and the upper rubber isolators. also i read about people using front TJ coils on the rear. some avoided that swap but i figured id try the crown vic rears. police interceptors had a progressive spring rate. The coils set me back about 40 bucks at the local pick n pull. after installing the coils i noticed the rear shocks were almost fully extended (without my 2 heavy toolbags and recovery kit). I then ordered some new pro comp es1000s for 3-4 inches of lift. Those cost me about 120 shipped. those are now on and i plan on doing some further testing.



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Old 12-24-2009, 02:35 PM   #34
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mnbickford is on a distinguished road
skyjacker 4" lift SUCKS!

Lift: 4" skyjacker sport lift
Springs: skyjacker
Shocks: skyjacker hydro (4000?)
SYE/CVD: ??? Stock
Tires/Wheels: Mickey Thompson baja mtz 33x12.50R15LT M+S, 15" craigars...

Likes: Looks GREAT!!!

Dis-Likes: well where to start..? I bought my kit from (VERY GOOD PRICE) if you do buy from them, Be sure to call and talk to a sales rep! i did and saved about $200 off list price and free shipping!

The kit showed up with absolutely no paper work whatsoever, no instructions and no part list! had no luck with customer service and skyjackers webpage was down.... i adventually got the instructions online (including the part list) I called skyjacker, explained my situation and that i wanted the decals and warning sticker, he said no prob... sent them right out. and what showed up was one decal thats about 3 foot long for the windshield...... ugh...

HANDLING: HORRIBLE! and yes it has been aligned....

INSTAL ISSUES!!!: The rear trackbar relocation bracket has two bolts that are used. one through the side and one throught the front..... also you are supposed to use a spacer/ support one the one.... the issue is that you cant install as intructed because there is not enough clearance to use the spacer... the side bolt doesnt allow it....

Quality: decals on the transfercase lowering kit are on backwards!! pretty gay!

Recommend? : ABSOLUTELY NOT!


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Old 01-17-2010, 05:54 PM   #35
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Jeep: 2001 TJ
Lift: Rubicon Express 2” Budget Boost
Tires/Wheels: BFG 31x10.5x15 KO’s on American Racer wheels

Likes: Very easy and inexpensive way to get extra ground clearance. Complete system cost $215.00 and came with spacers’, shocks and bumpstop extensions for the rear. All materials seem to be good quality.

The ride feels very much like it did before the installation.

Dis-likes: The instructions are a complete waste of paper, but I knew that already because I read how poor they were in this forum. Prior to starting I down loaded a set of instructions from the internet and used them instead. The other dislike I have is with the shocks. The bar pins are not pre-installed on the shocks. It’s some what of a pain in the A… to install them. It wasn’t that big a deal to install the bar pins but why didn’t they come pre-installed like every other shock I have ever purchased?

Installation: If you use the instructions readily available on the net you should not encounter any surprises. The biggest issue I had was removing the nut on the top of both front shocks. I had sprayed all the nuts and bolts the night before and again when I started the installation. All nuts and bolts came off with no problem except the front shocks top nut. It would un-tread to a point but would not come off. After wasting more than an hour I took out the Dermel and cut the nut off. As I mentioned above getting the bar pins in was also a pain. Bottom line it took about 5 hours to install by myself maybe it would have been quicker if I had someone helping.

When I took it out for a test drive I had vibrations in first and second gear. I also knew this could happen because of what I had read in the WF. I lowered the transfer case using three washers per bolt and the problem was solved.

Would I recommend: Yes, I’m very happy with the results and the ride.
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Name:	P1020865-w.jpg
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Name:	P1020887w.jpg
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Name:	P1020891w.jpg
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Lift: RC 2.5" suspension with .75" coil spacers
shocks: RC 2.2
Tires and Wheels: canyon wheels w/ 31 10.5 bfg AT
Likes: good complete kit for low price, beter then the way my jeep rode with 2" coil spacers. handles bumps well, rides great on the highway, corners well. Ill know in the future how it holds up

Dislikes: For the price, I cant say to much of anyhting bad. It is a tad bouncy but its not bad. During instalation, the only thing I had a hard time with was the rear shocks and the sleeves for the rear swaybar end links were too small. I drilled them out to make the bolt fit through. It flexes as far as my stock suspension with 2" spacers did.
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Old 03-03-2010, 01:12 PM   #37
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Lift: 3.5" RE coils with 2" Coil Spacers-can't remember the brand.
Shocks: BDS4.5-5.5" shocks-soon to be upgrades because they dont decompress anymore.
Tires: 33 x 12.50 BFG A/t's
I had the 3.5" Rubicon Express lift for about 2 years on my old jeep, loved it, rides really great on/off road, got a new jeep so switched everything over and added a couple inches, it was looking to small to me after awhile.
Tires: love BFG, hopefully by summer I will have KM2's!

sorry, this is the only pic I have so far of the new jeep with the lift, just put it on a week ago and got the jeep a few weeks ago.
'04 TJ X, 5.5" lift, 33's, locked front. smittybuilt 10k winch.
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Old 03-15-2010, 10:04 PM   #38
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Smile Rough Country 2.5" Lift

Lift: Rough Country 2.5"
Springs: Rough Country
Shocks: RC Perf 2.2
Tires/Wheels: 31x10.50x15 Mudders
Likes: Cheap and complete, the only thing I added was the track bar relocation bracket. Very easy installation. The directions claim 2 -3 hours, so I estimated 4 -6. It took just a little under 4 hours to complete and roll away. I feel the looks of this lift and the 31's is perfect. I really appreciate the extra clearance, last time I went out I found the skid plates same trail again not even close! It handles even better both on-road and off-road. On-road is much smoother, until you hit some pretty decent bumps, then the progressive springs make their debut. Off-road was even better than I had hoped. I stayed with a small lift for a couple of reasons. I know I don't NEED a lot, I don't get that wild, and I didn't want to start changing lots of other things.

Dis-Likes: NONE, well, okay sort of one. The directions on the track bar relocation bracket suck! But then, that wasn't part of the kit anyway!

Recommend? : Absolutely. Inexpensive, easy to install, looks great, rides great. I guess I'll have to put some (s)miles on it before I know how well it holds up.

Pictures: A 22 sec time lapse of the lift installation
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	before small.jpg
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ID:	16914   Click image for larger version

Name:	after small 01.jpg
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ID:	16915  

Click image for larger version

Name:	after small.jpg
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Size:	210.0 KB
ID:	16916  
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MR.CLIFFORD is on a distinguished road
LIFT: Nth Degree 6" Long Arm
SHOCKS: Bilstein 5100s front and rear
SYE/CVD: Advance Adapters HD SYE Kit & Custom double cardan shafts
TIRES/WHEELS: 35x12.50x15 BFG KM2s on 15x8 Ultra Nomad wheels

Likes: I've had the privilege of installing many different long arm kits. I've dealt with RE, FT, Skyjacker, and custom. This is the best TJ suspension system I've come across for ride quality. The rear shock shifters and rear spring relocation brackets make the jeep ride very well. It is very stable on road and very controllable off road. I like the high clearance, ease of setup, and the thought that went into this system. It flexes very well and is very predictable.

The flat skid is awesome. The stinger system allows plenty of room for exhaust.

Dis-Likes: The cost. 4k is a bit much. I don't like the AEV track bars. They aren't adjustable. I upgraded mine to JKS. I dislike that the front drive shaft hangs below the front control arms.

Would You Recommend:Yes. It is worth it with the few upgrades. It is a very easy kit to install that doesn't require welding.


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Old 04-08-2010, 07:18 PM   #40
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i have a rough country 2.5" lift with 33/12.50 love the ride had the lift in for 3 months and tires today rides awesome
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LIFT: Rubicon Express 5.5" Extreme Duty Long Arm w/ Tri-Link Rear & 1"MM/BL
SHOCKS: Bilstien 5100's
SYE/CVD: Atlas II w/ standard yoke outputs
TIRES/WHEELS: Goodyear MTR's 35X12.50X15

Likes: Very well thought out and well made kit. It is 90% bolt on. The only required welding was the rear shock mount relocation brackets. The belly skid is compatible with the installation of an Atlas transfer case without further modifications. The tri-link allows for great articulation of the rear axle while still maintaining center and stability. I have run a few dozen trails on this lift and more than 30,000 miles since I installed it over 2 years ago. There has been no hint of component failure in that time. Rides great on the street and allows for great offroad capability.

Dislikes: It's too friggin tall. Bigger is better right? Not! Off camber situations can get really hairy. The 1" body and motor mount lift doesn't help this, but I had to install it to run the Atlas. The tri-linked rear is terrific, but it makes running the exhaust a real pita. It cost me a fortune to pay for the exhaust to be rerouted. Don't get me wrong. This is a terrific lift, but I do have a couple of dislikes.

Would You Recommend: Absolutely! If I had to do it all over again, this lift would still be on a very short list of potential lifts. The biggest drawback that I have is the overall height of the lift.
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Name:	dsc4545jpg-.jpg
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Name:	dsc5339jpg-.jpg
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ID:	18169  

Click image for larger version

Name:	dsc5534jpg-.jpg
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Name:	dsc5420jpg-.jpg
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Size:	100.9 KB
ID:	18171  

Click image for larger version

Name:	hammer_time_two_6_20100411_1948641815.jpg
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Size:	192.8 KB
ID:	18172  
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Old Man Emu 2.5 inch lift

I started with a stock 04 LJ with stock tires and no lift I had added a winch and rear tire carrier and tools two five gallon cans and bug out bag made the jeep bottom out. I didn't want a rock crawler and I didn't want to loose the ability to drive the jeep on week end excursions. I settled on the Emu lift at 2.5 inches and I went to 32-11.5 -15 tires. Front measurement from ground to bottom of bumper before lift 18 3/8 inches and the rear was 14 inches. I installed the lift which consists of four springs, four shocks, spacer for the rear bump stops and a off set bracket for the rear bar. Kit installed very easy with spring compressors and I did the work by myself one person operation. End result with tires and wheels the front is 22 inches and the rear is 20 inches with all the load I carry. I had the front end aligned and I think it drives better now than it did stock.
Pros this kit allows you to keep a good ride and reasonable ground clearance the springs even compensate for driver weight and engine torque being longer on the drivers side.
Cons not the most economical kit out there.
I would recommend this kit the final height is also with the addition of rock sliders and a oil pan trans skid plate.
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3.25 RC Lift

LIFT: 3.25 Rough Country Lift
SYE/CVD: None TC drop kit

Likes: The price was right. Very easy install, took roughly 6 hours to install with basic tools. I would recommend 1.25 BL and 1 MML to eliminate the TC drop kit. For only 3.25 inch lift it actually has great flex and articulation.

Dislikes: The TC drop kit. Also RC quick discos are the biggest pieces of SH*T. Basically none of the holes met up i drilled all of them out. After all of that said and done the last whole was to far off to even drill. Even running 31s i have grooved my tires pretty bad at full flex.

Would You Recommend:Yes, its not a bad kit just the accessories arent the best.


2000 Wrangler Sport
2 in Procomp SL 1 in BL
33 in Procomp MTs
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LIFT: 3 Rusty's Basic
SHOCKS: Rusty's hydraulics
TIRES/WHEELS: 33x10.5R15 BFG AT, American Eagle 15x8
Add Ons: Front Adjustable Track Bar, JKS Quicker Discos

Likes: Everything needed was included. Adjustable track bar was a good addition. Price was reasonable for a complete kit. Also opted for 180lb/in front springs to account for winch.

Dislikes: None.

1500 mile update.

At about 500 miles I went through all the connections and checked torques and verified alignment. There were no issues and all seems fine.

I drive the Jeep 55 miles to/from work each way and drive around a construction site each day. The suspension is a definate improvement over the stock setup. It eats bumps and potholes well, with no bucking or jarring. Handling has improved, as the roll has decreased in turns.
Last week I did some trail runs in the Pines and I am pleased with the performance. The suspension flexes well at slow speeds, but is limitted by the stock arms. The front disconnects are easy to use, but did not make much of a difference where I was wheeling.

Install notes:
- I did not install any t-case drop spacers and there is no drive line vibration (this is an LJ, not a TJ).
- I did not install the "stow away" mounts included with the JKS kit, but use tie wraps to hold them out of the way.
- I did extend the rear axle vent line 6" to account for the lift and additional droop. 3/8" fule line, a brass coupler and some hose clamps were used.

Overall I am very happy with the suspension.
'78 Scout SSII - 345, 4 speed, SOA, locked, 33's...
'06 LJ - 3" lift, 33x10.5R15's, Discos, TrueTracs, 4.56 gears...

'80 Scout II, '89 YJ, '79 Scout II, '93 YJ, '01 TJ, '00 Cherokee - all lifted, most locked and all wheeled
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How about this.....

01 TJ

RK 4 link rear with 10" WB stretch(uses LJ arms). 3" lift coils moved back on frame(total of 6" lift). 11" travel shocks. 90*+ departure angle.
RK front 3 link with +7" stretch. 16" FOA coilovers for total of 6" lift. 90*+ approach angle. Total 111" WB.
Custom Lost Offroad Fab panhard(track bar) with custom brackets.
RK LCA brackets F/R.
RK triangulated rear upper truss.
RK center skid.

Flexy, stable, predictable weight transfer, super durable, comfortable ride, quiet.

Moab UT, Devil's Hot Tub, Hell's Revenge.

^ Click on the red X to see the vid. Don't know why it didn't load the link. But it works.
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Lift: RC 3.25" lift
Springs: 2.5", 3/4" pucks
Shocks:RC performance 2.2

Likes: easy install and well... it does what its suppose to do.
Dislikes: left front sway bar brackets that came with the kit cause the bolt to rub on frame a bit.. not enough to cause damage but still annoying. easy fix with quick disco's.

before and after pics.

By deskilljoy at 2010-06-07

By deskilljoy at 2010-07-14

By deskilljoy at 2010-06-07

By deskilljoy at 2010-07-14

Death wobble issue: had huge problems locating the source mainly because it was caused by 4 different things. front track bar was shot, steering stabilizer shot, almost 1.5" out of alignment after lift, tires horribly out of balance due to loosing wheel weights on the trail.
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Lift: Rough Country 4in "X" flex kit
Shocks: Rough Country Nitro 9000
Tires/Rims: 33x12.50 Goodyear MTR's with Kevlar on 15x8 Crager Soft 8's

Rough Country used to be the kings of "budget" lifts and in a way they still are but, RC has definatly started to turn things around and building some very beefy and complete lifts for a good price. Lets just say i love this kit!! It comes with alomost everything including: all 8 adjustable,flexable,greasable,and rebuildable controls arms they are beefy as hell, front and rear progressive coil springs,front adjustable track bar,front sway bar discos extended stainless steel brake lines(front and rear), and shocks. You get all of that for $1000. I aslo purchased the RC "big Bore" steering stabilizer. I have pounded this thing on the trails and no damage. The shocks are not as bad as people say, but they are not the best,definaly tolerable if your not a P..ussy and understand your driving a jeep not your moms cadilac.Flex is really good,although my pics dont show much flex,so dont let my pics fool you. Im using a T-case drop for now,no problums there.This a very compete and beefy kit, im glad i got it and i know it will be serving me for a long time. It really outshines my friends RE lift that he paid almost double for and is far from a good complete lift. Heres some pics from Haspin Acers Indiana:

1998 Tj Sport: Rough Country,MetalCloak,GoodYear,Alpine,Crager,AtoZ

Check out my band:AfterTatse2010.webs
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2" OME with AEV Highline fender kit and 35's

This is a 2" Old Man Emu with the AEV Highline fender kit and 35's. The wheels are 15 x 8 and the tires are 35" MTR's.

So far I think it's all good. It rides really well on the road, I will report more after I get it on the trails.

Notice the OME kit spaces the belly pan downward. I have to evaluate whether to space it back upward and address driveline and pinion angles and issues. If I do, I'll get an AEV tummy tucker, and new drivelines I think.

The front tires when steering, rub first on the stock sway bar. I have a Currie Antirock sway bar in shipment and will wait to shim the steering stops til I see how it rubs then. I expect to give up some degree of steering lock.

The front flares I think stick further forward and further outboard than the stock flares. They'll likely be the first thing to hit on tight trees, but they seem fairly flexible.

More later.
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2" OME with AEV Highline fender kit and 35's

One more try at transferring the image to here from Photobucket. Should work according to the "Preview".
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Hands Down Rock Krawlers 3.5" TRIPLE THREAT LONG ARM System is the most flexy system I have used.
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Skyjacker Suspension spacers with Skyjacker 8000 Nitro shock absorbers.
Likes: came with my jeep along with the 31s. It made the ride a hell of a lot better and it's easier to lug my 6'5 frame into my Jeep instead of havin to duck down to get in.
dislikes: Ready to get a 4.5" Fabtech lift but saving up the money to do so.
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LIFT: Rubicon Express 4.5" Super Flex
SHOCKS:Bilstein 5100s
SYE/CVD: Tom Woods CV Driveshaft for TJ Rubicons
TIRES/WHEELS: Dick Cepek Mud Country 35x12.50 15s tires, Procomp 1059 wheels"

Likes: Easy to install (if you keep the axle from shifting) and hardware is really sturdy. Many people complain about the bushings in RE's gear but that is due to them not following instructions. You have to have the whole weight of the jeep back on the axles before you tighten up the control arms and stuff. Smooth ride all the way around. The Bilstein 5100s are butter. On and off-road, i dont break teeth or get raging headaches. The Tires are EXTREMELY quiet and the wheels look sharp.

Dis-Likes: As any jeep with over 4 inches of lift..driving it is like driving a bowl of jello. You have to respect it on the road and always be in control...but thats a given...gease fittings are a little hard to tap in to. The instructions could be a little clearer on some part of installation but for the most part easy enough. Getting the Driveshaft angle is a pain but you cant help that if you want 4+ inches

Would You Recommend: YES! If you have the funds...RE makes a REALLY nice short-arm kit. DC tires REALLY are the best for on and offroad use. Tom wood as always knows his S!@#. Bilstein is amazing.



You can lock it..even put a different t/c in it..but its still not a RUBICON!
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[]D [] []V[] []D

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Lift: Skyjacker 4 in. Economy
Shocks: Hydro 7000's
Tires&Wheels: 31x10.50 Prime wells with Eagle Alloy's

Like's: I am very pleased with the lift so far, been on for about 2 weeks now. Make sure after the install to get it aligned professionally! It makes a world of difference. When I first bought the jeep it had the skyjacker 2 in. budget boost with the coil spacers and the ride on that was very rough to say the least...After installing the 4 in. lift with the new shocks springs control arms, etc. It was simply amazing in the difference and the price was great 2, at about $600.

Dislikes: Basically the instructions were pretty much crap, more of like an overview of what to do if you ask me, had to do some searching online every now and then.

Recommend: Yes I would highly recommend the lift, rides very smooth and handles very well, and skyjacker customer service along with Summit Racing were awesome, I was shorted a small part that was important to the control arms and I got the problem resolved and part sent to me in 2 days!

Here are some pics...

Front Done

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My Lift...

LIFT: 2-1/2 in. Old Man Emu Heavy Duty
SHOCKS: Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Shocks
SYE/CVD: Stock Rubicon SYE and Driveshafts
TIRES/WHEELS: 16x8 Pro-Comp Black Steel Wheels and 265/75-R16 Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's

Likes:The kit was well put together when I received it with complete instructions. It has just the right amount of ride height for my taste. I can fit 32's without a problem, the wheels helped with that since they have I believe 4.25" back spacing. The suspension is still pretty flexible even though it is the heavier springs. It rides nice going down the road and really shines on rough roads. I have a Rubicon and the kit came with a transfer case drop kit of about 1". I didn't use it and I don't notice any vibration from the drive shafts or increased u-joint wear. The shocks are excellent and are paired well with the kit.
Dis-Likes: With the heavier springs you do notice a little stiffer ride but not like other kits. It can be a little bit of a pain to try to level the Jeep once the kit is on it. They send small .25" spacers with the kit to level it out. It took a bit of time and effort but was worth it after I got it nice and level. Other than that I don't have any other dis-likes about the kit.

Would You Recommend: Yes, I would highly recommend this kit to someone looking to mildly lift their daily driver/weekend warrior Jeep to fit 32's with a nice ride and feel without increasing the center of gravity too much or breaking the bank.
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My Jeep: 2004 Rubicon

My Lift: Rubicon Express 3.5" Super Flex Short Arm. (Adjustable Control arms, rear upper and lower, front lower) Front RE adjustable Track Bar.
SHOCKS: Rancho 9000x
Disconnects: homemade Disconnects
SYE/CVD: None - Stock driveshafts
TIRES/WHEELS: Mickey Thomson MTZ Hutchinson BL
Likes: So far so good, I would recommend this lift to anyone. I have good flex and seems to be stable on the trails I run.

Dislikes: Tires rub at full stuff. Not a bad thing but some would not like that. A differnet set of bump stops would take care of that. I do get some bump steer from time to time.
President of Damage Inc. I own a Jeep or two.
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LIFT: 4 inch RC, Stage 2
SYE/CVD: None, tranfer case drop
TIRES/WHEELS: 33x12.5 Good year Duratrac/ 15x8, craigslist
Likes:Makes the jeep look perfect, IMO
Dis-Likes: RC sent the wrong transfer case drop kit, I had to fix that...

Would You Recommend: Definetly, Good height, destroys mud pits, but no serious rock crwawling or offraod trips just yet...
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	2011-01-04 15.36.37.jpg
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Size:	205.2 KB
ID:	34038   Click image for larger version

Name:	2011-01-04 15.36.53.jpg
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ID:	34039  

Click image for larger version

Name:	2011-01-04 17.03.03.jpg
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Size:	196.8 KB
ID:	34040  
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4" rough country

LIFT: 4 inch RC
SYE/CVD: transfer case drop
TIRES/WHEELS: 33x10.5x15 BFG TA KO's
Likes:solid construction, ride is vastly improved, all parts were in kit
Dis-Likes: had to polish CV joints they are VERY tight, instructions are not very clear in some areas, did some minor drilling
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	IMG_1401.jpg
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Lift: Rough Country 2.5" & 1" Spacers
Shocks: Rough Country 2.2 Performance shocks and front stabilizer
Tires/Wheels: 33x12.5x15 Falken Rocky Mountains on 15x8 Soft 8's

Likes: The price and ease of install. I was able to do it in about 4 hours in my parking lot. It has a decent amount of flex and it holds the jeep steady at highway speeds. Just the perfect amount of lift for me.

Dislikes: In my personal opinion it rides a little rougher than I expected, but I'm just picky.

I'd recommend to anyone in my situation. I don't do any serious off roading/crawling/mudding. I wanted the bigger/higher look and to run 33's. Perfect for a daily driver. Perfect for throwing the kyack on the top and getting way back in the woods to those hidden fishing holes! No problem in snow up to 18" here in New Jersey and no problems in mild mud holes.

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Send a message via AIM to CapnDean
Rough Country 4" (bought used $200)
Advance Adapters SYE ADAM'S Driveshaft ($400)
33" AT's on 15x9.5 wheels.

Install: Easy no instructions

Likes: Cheap way to get 4"

Dislikes: Rides like Haywagon

Didn't need the trackbar extension cause my Ford 8.8 kit had the tall bracket to begin with.

Stock trackbars kinda tough to get em in but we got em.

Recommend? Yeah I spose... I did not use the lower control arms if anybody needs a pair.

1999 TJ Sport 4.0L I6 5 spd Warn 8000
4" susp 1" body 35" AT's
4.88 Gears in Ford 8.8
Adv Adapter SYE
Adam's Driveshaft
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LIFT: 4'' SuperLift with upper and lower control arms
Shocks: SuperLift
Sway Bar Disco: SuperLift
Stock everything else.
Recommend? NO. This is the most stiff suspention there is on the market. You will not like the ride.

Ya I got some stuff done to it.........

/l ,[____],
l---L -OlllllllO-
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