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My lift....
Lift: 3.75 Combo kit from rough country
Shocks: High Performance 2.2 series shocks from rough country
SYE/CVD: Stock
Tires/Wheels: 33/12.5x15 cooper discoverer stt
Likes: The main reason I like this lift is because it was real cheep and you can still get a lot of flex out of you suspension. You can also fit up to 33s. The whole kit comes with a 2 1/2in. suspension lift, a 1 1/4in. body lift, transfer case lowering kit, and 4 shocks. The whole kit is only $389.95 plus shipping, whatever. Another reason I like this kit is that you don't have to put the transfer case lowering kit on if you don't want to, that’s what I did. That way I could get some more ground clearance. I know it puts some stress on my cv joints but I haven't broken anything yet so I am not worried about it. I have had my jeep off roading a couple of times and it did real good going in the snow and driving over down trees and other stuff. I haven't got to go mudding with it yet, but I am sure it will do fine. I also haven't had any problems with my steering.
Dislikes: The shocks you get are reversed so the part that has the hydraulic fluid in it is on top not the bottom. I don't know if it makes a difference or not. I think it might put a little more stress on my frame, I'm not sure.
Would you recommend: Yep sure would, if you don' t have a lot of money and you still want to go off roading or just want your jeep to look bigger I would recommend this lift.

Pics: sorry can't get any of mine to work
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My Lift...

LIFT: Zone Offroad 3" TJ Suspension System
3" TJ Suspension System
SHOCKS: Nitro Gas Shocks
SYE/CVD: 1 inch transfer case drop
TIRES/WHEELS: BFG All-Terrain 33x12.5x16" on Rubicon 16" Moab Wheels

Likes: For the price, I thought it was thought out well. Maybe not for the super serious off roader but for what I do it works just fine. Seems to handle better than stock but that may be due to the gas shocks I upgraded to. I measured 16 3/4 inch to the bottom of my front and rear bumpers before I started. I now measure 22 inches. Some of this is due to tire and wheel height changes from stock 15 inch.

Dis-Likes: Instructions left something to be desired but are workable. The kit was rated 2 of 5 for mechanical ability. It probably should be a 4 maybe a high 3. Estimated installation time was 6 hours. I'm no slouch and it took me 14-16. Some little things I ran into took a good hour to figure out like drilling. I had to drill the front track bar bracket and the rear track bar bracket. The rear got a new one bolted to the old one with no room for a drill. I finally was able to find my old right angle air drill and get it done. This part probably took me almost two hours in total. Instructions say mark and drill. Sure how do you get a drill motor in a 3-4 inch space.
Would You Recommend: YES! For the price and performance, and completeness of the kit, I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for a very nice weekend-warrior setup that gives you a nice ride, plenty of lift and everything I needed was included.


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4" skyjacker value flex kit 33" trxus mts hydro shocks
Likes: the thing that I like most of this lift would be how easy the lift went on. No welding what so ever there is alittle drilling but nothing big. Lots of flex ive had the thing on rti ramps and have been amazed at how well it flexed. Price is about $1000
Cons: none yet
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-33x12.50 Trxus MTs on 15" American Outlaws
-4" Skyjacker lift kit
-Rampage bowless soft top, 1.25" JKS BL
-Smittybilt xrc8 winch, xrc stinger, and step rail
-Detriot lockers front and rear
-ARB safari snorkel & more
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Rough Country 4" lift for 98 TJ

Hey guys/gals great forum here! Bought a 98 TJ about two months ago and decided immediately I needed a lift! Rough Country had a sale going on for $499. Heres my observation....

Kit is neatly packed and all items were present.

You will definitely need a spring compressor to get new springs in place. Rent one from the auto parts store.
A 19mm and 20mm socket is a must for the big suspension parts.
An impact wrench made life easier.
Check your bumpstops. I had to wait a week for new ones to come in mail. I didnt think to check them prior to starting. My stock stops were brittle and crumbled to pieces.
You will want a front end alignment after finishing.

There are three parts to the install. 1) front axle 2) rear axle 3) transfer case lowering.
1) Front Axle: follow kit instructions, they are ok. One instruction calls for you to drill a new hole in the axle mounting bracket to relocate the track bar. I followed the instructions perfectly and the new track bar was off by at least 2". I used a strap to pull frame over and bolted the bar in. Problem now was the right side wheel stuck out 2" from the fender fender well and the left front wheel was was 2" deep in the well. I read a good post somewhere in the forum that after replacing the shocks and springs a vehicle will find its natural center. That is 100% correct. I bounced the jeep up and down a few times and side to side. Low and behold the axle was perfectly aligned. At this point I realized an adjustable track bar was needed so I ordered a new one. Installed it without trouble and looks great. Another week.....
2) Rear Axle: while waiting for front track bar to come in, I started on the rear. Instructions ok including the mount of a track bar bracket. Installed the bracket and low and behold, the bar hole was off from the bracket hole by an inch and half. Learning lesson from from #1, I ordered and adjustable track bar for rear. Another week.....
3)Transfer case lowering: Before you start unbolting and lowering anything, go under the jeep and unbolt the 4wd linkage! The rods pull out of the bushings. Unbolt the bracket on the tranny tunnel. Follow instructions to lower case and insert spacers. An impact wrench or breaker bar here is a must to get the 7 bolts out.
This was the most frustrating step of the whole install. I installed the linkage lowering bracket and replaced all the shafts. I tried to adjust the shaft length as required but it was still not enough to allow the shifter to work correctly. To make a long story short, I improvised with a set of heim joints. It was easier to adjust and the linkage is very tight and makes solid shifts.

I had a front end alignment. The mechanic told me the the only adjustment he made was to the toe in. No death wobble, no wierd vibrations and the jeep rides very nice. The ride is a little more stiff compared to stock but hey, ITS A JEEP!

If had this to do all over, I would get a kit with adjustable trackbars and new bumpstops. I havent done a cost comparison, but Im sure its cheaper and you will not have to wait weeks to finish. The kit calls for a 6 hour install time. No way!
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OME 2.5 heavy suspension kit

1999 Sahara .Well after a few broken bolts,I finally got my lift installed. I also upgraded the wheels(wont effect ride quality) to a nice set of alloy pro-comps. Looks great. as for the ride,Im still up in the air,it is definatly stiffer than I expected. This is my first jeep and mabey its due the the short wheelbase? Not quite sure? Quality of the kit was great,the directions were OK.I decided on the "heavy"version over the "light" because I planned on using my jeep to put my boat in and pull it out each year. The heavy kit is designed to act normal on a jeep with a few accessories(to compensate for the increase in weight),like a winch,bumpers ,etc.. I just installed my trailer hitch(40lbs)and will be installing a Garvin Industries Wilderness Expedition rack soon.I also still need to drill out 2 more broken bolts so I can put my rear seat back in. Whether these will change the ride characteristics or not is yet to be seen. Also need an alignment. Ride now is vibration free but definately on the stiff side.4WD shift linkage is off and Ill tackle that after I address the check engine light that just came on!
Not sure if I require an adjustable rear track bar,but it was a pita getting the oem one to line up with the new relocation bracket?

Install time was close to double the quoted 4 hrs, due to rusted/broken bolts. Youll need a good set of drill bits(titanium coated) for the installation of the rear track bar relocation bracket.
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2.5" RC Suspension Lift Kit

Well after much thought and a lot of reading (especially this forum...) I managed to saved the funds and pulled the trigger on installing this lift kit.

Lift: 2.5" RC Progressive Coil Suspension Kit
Shocks: RCX 2.2 Series shocks
Tires: 31x10.5x12
Installed on: 1998 Jeep Wrangler, 6 cyl, 5 speed w/ 133,000 miles

Likes: I was able to con a buddy to come over (for food and drink), who owns a CJ, and we got lucky as all the bolts broke loose and the instructions were complete and we had no problems. Did the front first removing the wheels and tires, springs and disconnecting the sway bar links. New springs were next then the shocks and reconnected the sway bar. Back was almost identical except we really had to fight the last spring. Lastly we installed the transfer casing spacers and we were done. Took us about 3.5 hours and then took it out for a test ride on some nearby trails and it is amazing what a difference it makes - 80% better at the least. After test drive had a minor adjustment to the 4WL linkage and then broke out the adult beverages. Debated about the adjustable front track bar and the rear track bar locator but decided to wait and see if I needed them, does not seem as though I do and was glad I did not purchase them. Get to spend that $$ on something else. Had it aligned this morning without any problems. This is my DD and I ride the trails whenever possible, but the difference on the Highway is noticeable too.

Dislikes: Stupid coil springs and even rented a spring compressor (POS) which did not work....but I had read somewhere about using a ratchet strap to compress the springs and it helped hold the springs in place.

I would highly recommend this lift kit to the price conscience jeepster. I do not claim to be a mechanic but I can turn a wrench and the installation was pretty straightforward so we got lucky.

One question: Why is there a spring retainer only on the front driver's side spring? Instructions only mentioned this one but there was a place for one on the passenger side, but no retainer.

This Forum is a GREAT source of information and I want to thank you all, if I have just about any kind of question or concern I can find my answers here or just get a good laugh.

Now on to the next Jeep project as the list continues to grow, one thing leads to another.
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s om my 99 Sahara with the OME 2.5" Kit

pics,those are 32" tires,the kit makes them look small,more than expected! Ride is slowely improving.
I would recommend this kit because of its quality and ride.
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Happy Trails TeraFlex 4" MAX LCG Long-arm

My Lift:
TeraFlex 4" MAX LCG Long-arm suspension lift + 1" body lift (this is a triangulated suspension on front and rear)
This particular system is no longer available.
This TeraFlex long-arm lift has few, if any, equals. Right off the hoist it allowed me to take Happy Trails (my Jeeps name) up an RTI ramp the second highest ever done on that ramp. That was done with no tweaking or further modifications.
This lift allows the tires to stay firmly on the ground in some really twisted situations. This makes it easy for me to go without the lockers where many struggle all locked up. The flex is incredible.
If I have one, it would be that it is somewhat difficult to lubricate the control arm joints. You don’t want to leave it to “Grease Monkey” type places or the job will not be done well.
Would I recommend it?
The TeraFlex Pro LCG is as close as you can get to this lift presently. The major difference would be that you would retain the front trackbar and not have the front triangulated.

This is Happy Trails on Calamity Mesa.

Happy Trails on an RTI ramp. The RTI score was 782.

This is not the recommended way to show off your suspension.

Happy Trails on Hole In the Rock trail in southern Utah.
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Rough Country 4in. X for 2006 LJ

Price: $1066.56 after tax

What i got: Adjustable upper and lower control arms (front and rear). front adj. track bar and relocation bracket. rear track bar relocation bracket. quick disconnect front sway bar links (newly designed) rear sway bar links. 9000 nitro shocks (4). springs (4). braided steel kevlar coated brake lines (front and rear). drop pitman arm. rear shock brackets.

Likes: Full Kit! Everything i needed, i got. The control arms are adjustable and are very similar to the Rubicon Express kit, but half the price. They also have rebuildable bushings and are super heavy duty.

RC has incredible customer support! One of 8 control arms had some torn up threads (probably a worn out bit at machine shop) I called and they sent me a brand new CA with the bushings already built and a spare bushing kit. The arm came in 3 days FREE OF CHARGE! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I can upgrade to 6 or 8 inches of lift and keep the kit will accomodate it. Just change springs and shocks!!

I have not experienced any DW, bump steering, or squeeking.

Dislikes: Shocks ride like a 1 ton pickup (with nothing in the bed). Hardware is not labeled so you have to do a good audit of parts before you begin the install. (we had some bolts and wasshers in the wrong place a couple times)

Recomend? This is my first lift and my first Jeep, but i am very pleased with the valyue and performance, and customer service provided by RC. I have read a lot of negative feedback from people about RC, but so far have not experienced any problems. I have ridden in Jeeps and trucks with other brands and i do not notice a difference except that my bank account is not drained. I highly recomend this for weekend warriors such as myself. If you want to save alot of dough and still get a complete kit the X lift is the way to go!
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2.5" Tera Flex Budget lift

Easy lift, did not require any other mods. Nice easy install at a good Price!!!! 2002 TJ
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Lets keep this simple:

Lift: 3" BDS
Tires/Wheels: 33 X 12.5 BF All terrain
Likes: Great lift kit here, stiff but has handled everything I ran over!
Dis-Likes: Should have went bigger! (No more than 5 though)
Recommend? YES YES and YES, great system, did not instal myself but took my friend (pro) about 10 hours, love it!
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Lift: 3.25" Rough Country Suspension Kit
Shocks: RCX 2.2 Series shocks
Tires: 33x12.5x15
Installed on: 2005 Jeep Wrangler X 33K miles 6cyl Auto

Likes: Drives like a Jeep but not in a bad way. I spent a month straight day after day reading these forums not being able to figure out what to get. I wanted something good but not expensive. Usually you get what you pay for but in this case this mid priced kit is well worth it. Kit was easy to install, directions were good, drives great. I did have to buy the front stabilizer and front adj. Trac bar to get rid of the death wobble and squirrelyness. Now it rides as close to stock as expected with a good size lift.

Dislikes: Nothing major. Nothing that comes to mind. Needed more than the kit provided.
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Lift: Clayton 4" Short Arm, JKS 1.25" BL, 1"MML
Shocks: Bilstein 5100
SYE/DC: Advanced Adapters/Tom Woods
Wheels/Tires: Cragar Nomad II 15x8, 3.75" BS/33x10.5x15 BFG KM2

Likes: This set up works VERY well! I had a rough country 2.5" lift that had settled about 4" lower...yes read that again, after 18 months, I was sitting 2 inches lower than stock.

I put this in and have a 3" tummy tuck thanks to UCF, and I have not had any issues with dragging on anything. I have followed guys in 35" and 37" tires through mud and up steep rocks without any problem!

Dislikes: the Johnny Joints need to be greased often. The zerk fittings in the 2" JJ's fall out of the greasable bolts. I just got my order in of replacement fittings from Currie. Also make sure you install the passenger rear upper bolt next to the muffler in backwards with the zerk fitting inside the frame or you won't be able to grease the fitting. That's about it!

Would You Recommend the Lift: YES! Absolutely! I have not been let down once by the quality of the arms or the springs settling at all. When I installed, the new rubber bushings eliminated my death wobble. Here's a few pics.

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Re 4.5. Old man emu shocks. Mt mud terrains. Love it. No complaints at all. Rides better than stock. Flexs more than I'll ever need. Get what you pay for, worth the money if you have it.
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Name:	image-2270711614.jpg
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Name:	image-3400843299.jpg
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2001 TJ Sport

LIFT: RC 6" Long Arm
SYE/CVD: Rugged Ridge Mega-Short, Tom Woods Shaft
TIRES/WHEELS: 35x12.50x20 Nitto Mud Grappler on 20x10 XD Rockstars

Easy Install,Very soft ride,Drives much better than stock. Had to install smaller muffler and make new tailpipe to clear arms.

Highly recommend,especially for the price.

Sorry,dont know how to post pics but was able to upload a couple to my profile.
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Lift- 3.5 inch Rock Krawler X factor
Shocks- OME nitrocharger
Wheels- 33x12.50x15 duratracs on crager look alikes
Others- Tom woods rubicon cv shaft, RE rear bump stops, rancho ss
Initial impression- I went with this kit on the recommendation from 4x4 group buy. I was shopping for a kit at income tax time when RE announced their doors were closing.(glad i went this route). i had to wait a few weeks because RK had springs on back order. When the parts finally started arriving my ups man was not pleased haha. It seemed like i was getting boxes every day for over a week.
The RK kit came in 8 or 9 different boxes, every thing was bubble wrapped and taped up extremely well, even though the boxes were smashed up the parts were in great condition. The first thing i noticed were that the boxes were a lot heavier than i had thought. When i opened the i found out why, their parts are beast! Instead of tubing they use solid stock and the flex/heim joints are massive
Install- Took about 18 hours all together with 2-4 people working, had air tools. The time wasn't spent putting the kit on as much as it was getting the old parts off though. Except for minor issues (mostly shock related) things went fairly smooth. The directions aren't spectacular, but if you find that to be an issue you can just use another companies, lifts are pretty straight forward.
Ride-After i got my rear uppers dialed in and my vibes went away this thing rode great. Much smoother over cracks and holes in the road, corners tighter and i actually lost bump steer.
Offroad- I'd imagine it does about the same as any other 4"-33" combo except the fact this thing is flexy as hell, does great connected, but once I pull the pins on my discos she really shines.
I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone thats looking for a fully complete 4" lift, feel free to PM with any questions, on to the pix
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Doing it right... FINALLY!

Jeep: 98 TJ sport

Rock Krawler 3.5"XFactor Long Arm

: Procomp MX 6 Adjustable

Before going to the Long Arm, i had a terrible nightmare of a pieced together lift. I'm shocked it drove down the road straight and worked on the trail. Due to the issues from that, I finally decided to go long arm when I got my tax return. I already had the RK Cradle installed in the rear (swapped in Ford 8.8 w/ RK SA 4 link) and the Xfactor Steering, which is bomb proof. I live about 10 minutes from the RK shop and they work with my local club a lot so I dropped it off and they did the install since i have no garage and no welder (and mediocre welding skills). I had the long arm control arm brackets both bolted and welded to the frame, and it's got the 3 link up front. Now, on to the review.

Likes: On road behavior and handling immediately improved 10, maybe 100 fold. It's very stable at all speeds, no bumpsteer, and no vibes at all.
I can actually take corners and exit ramps faster in my Jeep with this kit than I can with my 2005 Ford Ranger (stock). The tires practically stick to the road and the body roll is not as bad as when I had my scrapped together short arm lift in the Jeep. This also straightened out my steering geometry so my Jeep is no longer a terror to drive, but actually drives and rides like a dream...for a Jeep. I had some Transfer case work done and the Mechanic at the shop mentioned that it was the only lifted Jeep he'd ever driven that "doesn't ride like shit" and "It even rides better than stock" (his DD is a Dodge Ram 3500 on 37's, For the Record).

On the trail is the exact same as road behavior. The flex when disconnected is unbelievable. I have Gen1 MT/R's and they hook up and grab rocks when climbing like never before thanks to the flexiness of this kit. Since getting this kit installed i haven't lifted a tire yet, even when trying odd angles. 3.5" Height keeps low center of gravity too, but still provides decent travel for break over clearance. Belly skid is FLAT. Very Stable when climbing and when in off camber situations. I am on 33's and can easily follow guys on 37's with other, less quality kits.

The parts are all powder coated black, and solid stock. the Heims and bushings are massive, and they finally took the zerk fittings out that kept getting busted off on earlier kits. Now they just have you hit them with WD40. Springs haven't shown any sign of sag in the 3 months and I have friends who are still running their springs for 3+years with no sag. They have the lifetime abuse warranty, and everything is made in the USA. Like I said, the company is friendly with my club and other local wheelers in the community, and they know us all, if not by face then by vehicle....haha. So of course customer service is top notch, and they are always willing to take a look at their work if something isn't handling properly and help correct it.

Dislikes: They are few and far between, but there are a few. It can get noisy if you don't lube the Joints/bushings on a regular basis. Jam nuts tend to come loose, I used some Red Loc-Tite and it solved that problem. Kit comes without shocks, and doesn't explain why they advise you to get the Bilsteins or ProComps, which is important (they're the only ones that fit well thanks to their inverted design). Also, doesn't come with sweet windshield banners or stickers- What the hell boys? How am I supposed to advertise your completely bad ass product without some stickers?

A bit nit picky but hey, if that's the most of your worries, we're doing good, right?

Would you Recommend? Absolutely. Hands down the best thing to ever happen to my Jeep. Don't waste your money on the cheapy garbage people try to sell and pass for "long arm kits". It's expensive, but it's worth it. Save your cash, pull the trigger once, do it right the first time. Spring for the indestructible XFactor Steering too. It's basically a push bar for your front axle. i've literally moved rocks with it before, and this is after bending a stock tie rod when i was side swiped, and bending a Rusty's tie rod BADLY at one of the private playgrounds my club used to run.

No Pics yet. My g/f is my usual photographer/co pilot/spotter/navigator and she's just getting back on the trail after being out due to sickness for the past 2 years. But i do have videos, do they count?
Vdieo 1- the step up
YouTube - ‪SICKBOY98TJ vid2.mp4‬‏
Video 2- the Gap
YouTube - ‪SICKBOY98TJ vid1.mp4‬‏

Hope this helps. Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions.
'98 TJ "Stomper"-
Seen in Jp!-SOLD.
'04 Rubi- "Stomper" II- Warn XD800i, mostly stock for now.
R.I.P. HOOLIGAN (3/3/81-11/1/13) spotting for all of us now.
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Send a message via AIM to Wench
Lift: Procomp 2 inch suspension, Daystar 1 inch body lift, Daystar 1.75 coil spacer (front only) Procomp front adjustable trac bar
Shocks: Procomp E9000s
SYE/CVD: Stock
Tires/Wheels: 33/10.5x15 BFG A/T KO stock Ravine wheels 15x8
Likes: I am EXTREMELY happy with every piece of Procomp and Daystar equipment I have on my rig. The ride improved 10-fold on and off the road. Only spent about 550 bucks on the lift and I put everything on myself. For the price/ cant beat these mods. The best part is the jeep looks as badass as it handles..

You can lock it..even put a different t/c in it..but its still not a RUBICON!
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Daystar 1.75 Inch Lift Kit with Scorpion Shocks- 97 TJ SE

My Lift...

LIFT:Daystar 1.75 Inch Lift Kit with Scorpion Shocks - KJ09158BK
TIRES/WHEELS: Dick Cepek Mud Country 31x10.5x15 on Black Steel D-Window 15x8 Wheels/ 33x10.5x15 TSL Boggers for deep mud

Likes:Pretty simple to install as long as you follow directions and watch their youtube video. Gives enough clearance on my 97 SE for 33s and no rubbing.
Dis-Likes: I had a lot of problems with the bump stops and once they were installed I had two fall out and get stuck in the coil springs; so I just removed them completely.

Would You Recommend: Yes for someone like me who has a little four cylinder that has a hard time pushing bigger tires up the mountains of PA, but still likes to put swampers on and get it muddy.

The first photo is before the lift and with my 33 TSL Boggers on and the second is after the Lift and still with the boggers on.
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LIFT:Clayton 4 inch long arm suspension lift, 1 inch Daystar body lift
SHOCKS: Bilstein
TIRES/WHEELS: BFG Mud-Terrain KM2 33x12.5x16" on Rubicon Rims

Likes:It wasn;t until I added the 33 inch BFGs that i realized how good the Clayton lift felt! MUCH better than stock ride ON road. Off road I've only done a couple of light trailsbut hope to do some heaver offroadin soon- can't wait to REALLY test it out! Sincethe clayton lit ISNT a cheap one to do, I did months of research and reviews to find out that even though they might not have as big a name as AEV or some of the other high end lift kits, it was hard to find a dissatisfied customer. The arms are guaranteed not to break or bend for life or they replace em. Not a cheap kit ,but great quality and flex.

Dis-Likes: They removed the stock rear sway bar, and told me I could reinstall it if I felt I needed it. Since it was a MAJOR modification they did, they removed the mount bracket for it, so I'm gonna have to get a custom sway bar.

Would You Recommend: ABSOLUTELY! If you're looking for a solid long arm suspension that is rugged and very reputable, I would say its the way to go! Glad I did my research on it!

Picture(s): I have a few in my profile - I'm new here so not sure how to post em other wise.
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My Lift...

LIFT: 4" Full Traction Long Arm Kit
SHOCKS: 5100 Series Bilstein
SYE/CVD: Advance Adapters Atlas 2 Transfer Case with JE Reel Drive shafts
TIRES/WHEELS: Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrains 35x12.50-15 mounted on 15x8 Eaton beadlocks

Likes: I have had this kit on my rig for 7 years of extreme rock crawling competition and I have never had to replace a thing on it. I have beat the crap out of this kit and it is still in great shape. The arms are slightly bent but I consider that self clearanced

Dis-Likes: None

Would You Recommend: Yes! If this kit can last 7 years of me beating the crap out of it on rock crawling competition courses, it should stand up to you wheeling it on the weekends or even daily driving it.

<a href= target=_blank></a>
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Lift: 3" Zone, 1 1/4 body, and 1" JKS Motor Mount
Shocks: Zone gas
SYE/CVD: Stock
Tires/Wheels: 33x12.50 Goodyear PMT Kevlar on 15" glossy black american racing wheel

Pictures to come tonight.
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LIFT:2.5" old man emu which ended up giving me more like a 3" lift, 1.25" jks body lift, 1" motor mount
SHOCKS: Old man emu nitro shocks
SYE/CVD: stock
TIRES/WHEELS: Stock rims and tiers for now
Likes:The kit was complete and made the car ride better than it did stock. I goes over pot holes, speed bumps very smooth and when I took it to the trails i was surprised how much better it was when clearing large rocks. Customer service was awsome!!!! Thank you Dirk from DPG Offroad
Dis-Likes: The price haha it was 1400 dollars after taxes and shipping but it did include alot. It didnt come with good bumpstops. I would have expected better but other than that it was great.
Would You Recommend: ABSOLUTELY!!! The customer service was very patient and help full and answered all my questions and the kit comes complete with very high quality parts which improves the cars over all quality on and off the road

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Lift: 3" Zone, 1 1/4 body, and 1" JKS Motor Mount
Shocks: Zone gas
SYE/CVD: Stock
Tires/Wheels: 33x12.50 Goodyear PMT Kevlar on 15" glossy black american racing wheel
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Lift: 3" Zone, 1 1/4 body, and 1" JKS Motor Mount
Shocks: Zone gas
SYE/CVD: Stock
Tires/Wheels: 33x12.50 Goodyear PMT Kevlar on 15" glossy black american racing wheel

Likes: Everything. The ride runs smoothly on both highway and city driving. I do not regret buying this kit or tires.

Dislikes: Nothing

Recommended: Highly. For the money you honestly can't beat it.
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Kit was: $300
Lift: Rubicon 2"
Shocks: Pro comp ES3000
Tires/Wheels: BFG Mud Terrains 31x10.5R15

Likes: Very economical, gives plenty of clearance for our roads.
Still easy for most folks to get in w/o much trouble.
Makes the Jeep look sharp yet easy to drive on the highway.
No effect on hi-way driving - it still handles the same.
Everybody likes the look of our Jeep with just enough lift
and the Dick Cepek DC-1 wheels & our tires.

Plenty of room to put on the tire chains when we climb our mtn.

Dis-Likes: Not really a fault of the lift, but the auto-trans w/3.07
and the 31 inch tires has even worse takeoff from a light.

Recommend? : Yes.
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Name:	DSCN0954.JPG
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2" BB (Spacer Lift)

My Jeep 2003 X
My Lift...

LIFT:2" Treaflex Budget Boost - Spacers/ JKS 1.25 Body Lift / JKS 1" Motor Mount Lift.
SHOCKS: Rancho RS5000
Teraflex Disco's
TIRES/WHEELS: Hancook Dynapro MT 32x11.5x15" on American Racing Rims.

Likes: Easy and economical to install. Sway bar disconnects help so much offroad. Didn't have to do a SYE or drop Transfer case skid.

Dis-Likes: Rancho's are a bit stiff but still like better than stock.

Would You Recommend: YES. Very affordable and can do in steps. Easy to install. I did trim about an inch of the front flares so that the tires clear when off road with the front sway bar disconnected. No rubbing when connected.

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LIFT: Skyjacker 6" Bent Long Arm

SHOCKS: shocks - what came with it.. probably nitros

SYE/CVD: Rubicon - just a tom woods drive shaft
TIRES/WHEELS: Toyo 12.50 x 35's on AEV's

Likes: you know skyjacker gets some bad reviews but this lift is great.. flexes great and handles on the road after a hard day wheeling.

Dis-Likes: Lift needs more parts -- the skyjacker front trackbar and bracket are just not right.. trade them out for jks back to the stock location. the rear track bar relocation bracket is not right either.. espically after doing the belly up.. you will have to cut it to fit right and then weld it on.. throw the bolts away. even though its 'bolt-on' you better plan for some welding

Would You Recommend: Yes.. yes i would.. other than the track bar boondoggle its a great lift and preforms just as well if not better than some of my fellow jeeper's so called "nicer" systems... just plan on a little welding
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Name:	IMG00261-20100822-2018.jpg
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Name:	2011-08-07 12.56.10.jpg
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ID:	64636  

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Name:	2011-08-07 12.55.31.jpg
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Name:	IMG00286-20100925-1333.jpg
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ID:	64638  

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG00287-20100925-1333.jpg
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My Lift...

LIFT: OME HD springs, JKS control arms, JKS trac bars, Front Currie Anti rock, Nth Degree Stinger, Belly up skid Tube fenders and trimmed rear wheel wells
SHOCKS: Rancho 9000
SYE/CVD: Advance Adapters HD SYE Kit & Tom Woods CV Driveshaft
TIRES/WHEELS: BFG Mud-Terrain KM2 352x11.5x15" on American Racing Ansen Sprint 15 x 8 4" BS

Likes: I like the suspension dynamics of the stinger, especially on hill climbs, it has much less front end lift when on the throttle, the JKS arms have been trouble free, and the Jeep is easily pressed into commuter driving if needed. The Low COG is great, and with 35s and the belly up skid ground clearance is great as well.

Dis-Likes: Honestly the ony problem I have is on road when I have the full doors and hardtop on the Anti rock, and OME springs are a little too soft, even with the shocks and anti rock on the stiffest setting.

Would You Recommend: YES! I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for a very nice weekend-warrior setup running 35" tires.


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