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Presidential Rankings

The Presidential Rankings posted in the Reagan Quotes thread got me to thinking and doing some research......

Originally Posted by hig4s View Post
If you go by public approval rating at the end of presidency he was rated second with a 64% approval rating. Clinton was first with 65%

based on surveys of academic historians and political scientists he is 17th overall. Here's the top 25

1 Abraham Lincoln
2 Franklin D. Roosevelt
3 George Washington
4 Thomas Jefferson
5 Theodore Roosevelt z
6 Woodrow Wilson
7 Harry S. Truman
8 Andrew Jackson
9 Dwight D. Eisenhower
10 James K. Polk
11 John Adams
12 John F. Kennedy
13 James Madison
14 Lyndon B. Johnson
15 James Monroe
16 Grover Cleveland
17 Ronald Reagan
18 William McKinley
19 John Quincy Adams
20 William Howard Taft
21 Bill Clinton
23 Martin Van Buren
24 Rutherford B. Hayes
25 George H. W. Bush

OH, and while it isn't over yet, these same surveys currently rate G. W. 43rd
Here is a list I found, and it is probably the same, but it is an average listing of scholarly surveys done since 1948.........

Presidents by average scholar rank

1 Abraham Lincoln.............Republican
2 Franklin D. Roosevelt.......Democrat
3 George Washington.........Unaffiliated
4 Thomas Jefferson...........Democratic-Republican
5 Theodore Roosevelt........Republican
6 Woodrow Wilson.............Democrat
7 Harry S. Truman.............Democrat
8 Andrew Jackson.............Democrat
9 Dwight D. Eisenhower......Republican
10 James K. Polk................Democrat
11 John Adams..................Federalist
12 John F. Kennedy............Democrat
13 James Madison..............Democratic-Republican
14 Lyndon B. Johnson.........Democrat
15 James Monroe...............Democratic-Republican
16 Grover Cleveland............Democrat
17 Ronald Reagan...............Republican
18 William McKinley.............Republican
19 John Quincy Adams.........Democratic-Republican
20 William Howard Taft........Republican
21 Bill Clinton.....................Democrat
23 Martin Van Buren............Democrat
24 Rutherford B. Hayes........Republican
25 George H. W. Bush..........Republican
26 Chester A. Arthur............Republican
27 Herbert Hoover...............Republican
28 (tie) Jimmy Carter............Democrat
28 (tie) Gerald Ford..............Republican
30 Benjamin Harrison............Republican
31 Calvin Coolidge...............Republican
32 Richard Nixon.................Republican
33 James A. Garfield............Republican
34 Zachary Taylor...............Whig
35 John Tyler.....................Whig/none
36 Millard Fillmore................Whig
37 Ulysses S. Grant..............Republican
38 William Henry Harrison.......Whig
39 Andrew Johnson..............National Union
40 Franklin Pierce.................Democrat
41 James Buchanan..............Democrat
42 Warren G. Harding............Republican

Some of my thoughts after viewing this list.....

While we would all most likely agree that Lincoln belongs at the top of this list, his administration was full of corruption and he was generally rated as a failure as President by the press of his time. Members of his own cabinet openly made statements about his ineptness. The North won the war more due to attrition rather than any brilliant leadership provided by Lincoln. To his credit, he realized that the military leadership of the Northern Army pretty much sucked. The North was in real trouble until Lincoln "discovered" Grant.

Harry Truman is #7. There is one I don't really understand. He finished WWII when Roosevelt died at the end of the war. He did a good job, but under Truman, we started down the long path we have taken through the United Nations. We were the only real superpower in the world when he started and ended up a slave to the UN.

Eisenhower is #9. He was a hero from WWII who was good at holding the Allied Nations together, but as a President we continued down the same path started by Truman. Appeasement doesn't work..........

John Kennedy is ranked #12 and I suspect that he is rated this high at least partly because he was assassinated and standing the Russians down during the Cuban Missile Crisis. That by itself is probably enough to get him in the top 20. The rest of his administration was not much to shout about however.

Lyndon Johnson has to be one of the worst Presidents of all time. His Great Society started this country down the road of entitlements that we are fighting today. The Viet Nam War was his war. He escalated it and could not get us out. The country was a mess. Students were burning campuses and Blacks were burning the ghettos. It was a terrible time for this country. In the end, he opted not to run a second time for health reasons and that was a good thing. I believe that Lyndon Johnson was responsible for the bad name America had during the 70s and should be rated one of if not the worst President ever.

Richard Nixon is #32 on this list and has been treated badly by modern historians for one reason, Watergate...... If Richard Nixon had just told the truth about the break in, he would have had a much higher place on this list, and history than he has today. Maybe in a hundred years, people will look on him differently.

Gerry Ford was the only President never elected by the people. I believe his rating is no higher because of his association with Richard Nixon and the fact he pardoned Nixon. I hope history is kind to Gerry Ford. He was a common American that, through combination of events became President. It was not an office he aspired to.

Jimmy Carter was an inept fool in the White House. Our country suffered greatly in world opinion because of him.

You probably know how I feel about Ronald Reagan, he is one of the greatest.

George H. W. Bush was a war hero and a member of the Greatest Generation. Without him and others like him, the world would be a terrible place today. They saved us from Nazism and Japanese Imperialism. He also put together a coalition of partners to stop Saddam Hussein. In hind sight, it would have been much better go on to Baghdad then, but..... As far as his ranking goes, I guess he was average.

And then we come to William Jefferson Clinton. He was the most polarizing president that I can remember, excepting of course the current G. W. Bush. I believe Bill Clinton was the beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time as far as the economy goes. I do believe that Bill Clinton is a very corrupt politician. I think to elect his wife would only be a continuation of this corruption. He is the second President in the history of this country to be impeached and should not be #21 on this list.

These are some of my thoughts, what are some of yours?
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"At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher."

Abraham Lincoln - The Lyceum Address 1838
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well i dont think you can really say where they should be looking back on what happened, b/c this is all about how people felt about their presidency at the time, so you cant really dispute this list its all facts
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Originally Posted by debruins View Post
well i dont think you can really say where they should be looking back on what happened, b/c this is all about how people felt about their presidency at the time, so you cant really dispute this list its all facts
No, these are opinions of scholars, not facts..........

Everyone had one you know....
4X4s on the Net

"At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher."

Abraham Lincoln - The Lyceum Address 1838
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Be easy on debruins, he's still wet behind the ears, he hasn't come to realise that everything reported, has spin. Like many, he still trusts the media, and his teachers...
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U. Grant...from what I read ( I wasn't around at the time he was President) was a drunken bastard. Rude and obnoxious to his staff. I am sure he only won due to his victory in the Civil War.

I agree with your thought on Clinton and current Bush polarizing the nation. Funny thing both of them ran as a unifier. I forgot about that, thanks for the reminder.

Daddy Bush as well as Reagan were real unifiers. Reagan from within this country and Bush from outside. Who else was able to get Arabs to fight Arabs, especially ones who really despise the U.S. i.e. Syria. When you are head of the CIA, as daddy Bush was, I guess you do learn some things about other countries and how to manipulate them.

Kennedy...bay of pigs. Intel was wrong in thinking the Cuban exiles would fight. Current was wrong in thinking the Iraqis would fight against the insurgency. I ask...who gets more bad publicity. One thing you left off about Kennedy...The Russians backed him down twice during the blockade.

Jimmy Carter, yes inept as a President, however kept to his moral beliefs and that was his downfall. But I cannot fault a man for sticking to his beliefs. If you get a chance read his book and you then will understand his Presidency...the same goes for current Bush.

The economy, in my opinion, has little to do with who is in office. Recessions come in 9 year cycles, give or take a few years. Understand that the average time a person stays in the house they buy is 7 to 9 years. How long do your appliances last...7 to 9 cars etc. During the period of growth everyone is buying what the need to fix what is broken. Once that is done a recession hits. During the first few years it happened to Reagan. Then when Daddy Bush took over his last few years was the recession. Clinton did nothing to help the economy, it was just a stroke of luck that he landed in office during a growth cycle. Now this Bush has an engima. We should have been in a recession at the start of his second term but in fact it is starting later and slower. What makes it an engima is that stocks are still up and factories are doing's the housing and banking taking the hit. I do feel that the next Presidency will be only 4 years because the economy will take a downturn in 2009. If Hillary makes it hopefully she will be blamed, but as good as the Clinton's are at playing politics I am sure she will try and blame Reaganonmics.

Just a few of my thoughts.
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