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Old 07-28-2008, 04:47 PM
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delicate %$^&*@ flower

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who knows their history?

You know where in the world your family hails from and how many generations have lived here in the States?

On my mother's side we're from Killarney, Ireland. My grandmother passed away before I was able to find out how many generations had been here, but on my father's side we're from the Ukraine and it was my great grandmother who made the journey across the Atlantic when she was 14. Never spoke a lick of english.

Ever explore your history?
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Dads side is german and arived here in the 1850s

Moms side is Sweedish and have been here since before the revolutionary war

Move along ...nothing ta see here

Rest in Peace Gary
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100% German
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In a trailer in the woods

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My Mothers parents came from Scotland and on my Fathers side he told me as near as he could find out his ancesters came over on the Mayflower.
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Classic American mutt. part of my blood has been here for thousands of years, the rest came from the UK and Scandinavia over the last couple hundred.
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Jack Lives Here!!!

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I'm the same as skeeter. Pretty much half my blood has been here for thousands of years. The other half came from Europe (can't remember exactly where) and dates to around Mayflower times.
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mom's side is austrian, they came here during the holocaust, my dads dad's is scottish from the Stewart clan, they came here in the mid 1800's, and my dads mom's side is from england they came over to plymouth plantation, not on the mayflower but the second boat here, the fortune
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German/Irish... my great (greatx3?) grandma on my mom's side (full Irish) was grandma Hotchkiss and they had something to do with co-inventing a certain rifle with winchestor or something. basically they were all drunks, thats about all I know.

On my Dads side they were all full German. I don't know any history there other than they liked to drink alot too. lol. I think a few of them were quakers though but I'm not sure.

Frank Bullitt (BULLZ)
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Third generation Scot. Family is from a small suburb of Edinburgh called Cousland (my last name). In fact, our family castle is in Cousland. Google it. Pretty cool stuff. Still have a large amount of family still living there. From the McPherson clan. Every male in the family is Masonic as well. (Kind of goes with the blood).
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Don't know my moms, but my fathers side is from England. We have a big family genealogy book, and my dad did a bunch of research when I was in middle school. My last name means "Butler of the very high class or something." I suppose that means my family were b*$%^es to kings, queens, and the high court etc. Anyway, my family migrated to America in the late 1800s, when the queen of england (Victoria, I believe they called her Elisabeth II, but I could be wrong) gave my family 300 self sufficient acres in, what is now, West Virginia. Just from driving around that area, I think we got lucky. The best plot of land that I have seen to live on in that area . Anyway, the land was named "Big Moses," after the first person known the live on the property. Lots of my family was born, married, died, and grew up on the plot of land, including my grand mother. My Grandmother ended up moving about and hour and a half north into West Virgina, and bought a house, where she raised my father, uncles, aunt etc. My father was part of the first group of kids to not be raised solely on the farm, although they did still live off the land then. He spent the summers there, but lived with my grandmother, while a group of my current relatives grew up there. My father and uncles were drafted to Vietnam. After Vietnam, one uncle moved back home to WV, and my father stayed in Maryland since he was stationed in Fort Meade, along with my other uncle. Both my father and my uncle stayed in Maryland after their service was up. Dad met mom, and here I am Short version, but you get the idea.
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I hail from Guatamala, I have Oregon drivers license with Pennsylvania plate on my 1994 purple Dodge Caravan.

Moms side is from southern Italy (I believe), Dads side is from Scotland. My father was born in Canada, I was born in NY. Im a mut.
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yes, I want some cheezy poofs
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Well... My Great-Grandmother (moms side) was a child when they lost their wagon in the quicksand crossing the mighty Red River. That side of the family hails from the red dirt of Oklahoma.

I don't know a lot of the history of my biological dads geneology, other than my great granny on that side is 100 years old. His last name is Beck, so I'm wondering Beer? German?
The stepdad I called my dad... His family name is Bridewell, which I've found referring to a prison or prisons in England. His moms side of the family all comes from Italy. My grandmother was born here, but her mom was in Italy, and used to come over for holidays. I grew up primarily in an Italian family, and for years I thought Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner consisted of cigar smoke, bad ass Italian food and wine.

Me and my sister however, by the Grace of God, were born south of the Red and North of the Rio Grand in Fort Worth, a large cattle producing area in the United States of Texas.
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Extremely Humble

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I was born is Houston. Is that all you wanted to know?


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My grandparents came from Poland, Russia and......... Germany.

I´ve some relatives in the US. My Dads cousin lives in Atlanta, GA. His other cousin lives in New York, NY. I visit both of them every few years.
There are some other relatives in Pensacola Beach, FL and San Antonio, TX, but I never met them.

There are some other relatives that moved to South Africa, Spain, Italy, and some other European Countrys.
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Londonderry is the county in Ireland where my Gran and Grandfather came from. They entered the US in 1947 along with my father who was a toddler at the time. Once they got here and in good Catholic fashion, my Grandfather set to work providing the church with 4 more little Catholics. 5 in all.
When I came along, I was raised by a very over protective Gran and a very strong handed Grandfather and was sure I was going to hell for the first 13 years of my life. Because I spent so much time with them, and wasn't allowed out of the house (thanks Gran) the accent stuck. So, I guess that makes me a first generation American. I love this country and despite it's faults would still defend it to the death.

Oh and by the way, I have traced my genealogy back to the 1500's in Ireland.

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Dad's side is pure Swede. Erickson and Gustafson. Doesn't get more Swedish than that!
Mom's side is pure German. Von Lanken.

Not sure on when they arrived. I have that info at home, but I haven't looked at it in a while. Both families settled in eastern IL, near Danville, and I THINK it was 1870's or so.

-97 TJ with a few mods. PM with questions.
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On my father's side - my great grandparents came through Ellis Island in 1841 from County Waterford - Ireland.

On my mother's side - my great grandfather was from Wales and married a Lenape Indian.

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On my father's side: There is a great uncle who swears the origins were trainers of horses for the polish circus. Came across on the Mayflower and dropped the "ski" suffix. Dad and I believe they were just horse thieves.

On my mom's side: Scot & Irish hailing from Aberdeen. Came to America in the teen's
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Fourth generation Texan, both sides of the family... Paternal Grandmother was a Jones (as in John Paul Jones), Granpa's folks were from Warwickshire, Maternal grandfather was a Scott (family name changed in Ellis Island, I guess because they couldn't pronounce..)Grandmother was a Stone. I guess we were all from the UK.
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