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Topic Review (Newest First)
06-27-2012 01:18 AM
WranglerSport02 New Wheel and Tire Combo picture by robhart80 - Photobucket

New Wheel and Tire Combo picture by robhart80 - Photobucket
06-27-2012 12:48 AM
sahara2002 I Painted my stock canyons graphite color with duplicolor wheel paint from advanced auto. My canyons were pitted and corroded in some spots.. so i sanded them down.. primer, painted then clear coated them. they turned out nice.
06-26-2012 08:19 PM
06-26-2012 08:16 PM
WranglerSport02 I had a ton of oxidation on mine so I had to completely strip off the clear coat, polish the aluminum, then paint the inserts. I painted the the inside and the inserts black. My jeep is black so it looks pretty bad ass all together.
06-24-2012 10:18 AM
Verdl Nice write-up, Phrankoff! Followed your directions and got 5 black wheels in less than 4 hours to include the time for prep. Too easy!
07-11-2011 10:21 PM
Originally Posted by uofmtj View Post
Painted my spare today to see how long it would take. I think it turned pretty good...what do you guys think?
I've always liked the stock canyon wheels on bigger tires. Like them even better painted black. Nice job!!
07-11-2011 01:07 AM
Wallygator I used Talstrip to clean mine up then used Satin black Wheel paint on canyon rims. Popped the center out and left it shiny. with it and new chrome lug nuts I really like the look
07-11-2011 12:58 AM
Turtles TJ looks good. Ive got canyons on my jeep and the PO painted them black already. Still considering some Cragars though
07-11-2011 12:21 AM
uofmtj Painted my spare today to see how long it would take. I think it turned pretty good...what do you guys think?
05-08-2011 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by adkjoe View Post
Those look badass, for those of you that painted your flares, can I just scuff em with some steel wool clean em and spray em with fusion plastic? How do they hold up?

Haven't done my rims (those rims all look great)....but did my flares. Used steel wool, but I also used some fine grit sandpaper too. Make sure that you clean them well. I used soap and water several times. I did mine about 2 months ago. I have had 2 chips since, but I just hit it again. It really makes a difference. I have some picks of mine on my page.
05-08-2011 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by 01bud View Post
i painted mine. its easy. sand paper,primer,paint,clear coat.
I really like what you did with your wheels. I stripped and sanded mine. Trying to decide on 2 things before I prime them. Did you use flat or semigloss black before you clear coated them? Did you paint the dimples between the lug holes, or just the lug receptacles?
01-23-2011 12:08 PM
mannyssj13 I think i might give mine a try then.
01-23-2011 11:11 AM
K-Hill I've struggled with this issue myself and decided to go with Cragar Soft 8s in black for $50/ea. THEN, I'll have an extra set of rims for studded snow tires, or all-terrain vs. muds and be able to change out in about 30 min.

My 2 cents... leave any the change in the cup.
01-21-2011 08:33 PM
sirboozin preps the main thing i used a scotch bright pad soaked in warm soapy water to clean/sandmine. i didnt go threw the clear coat just enough to rough it up. and then i cleaned it all with acetone. i used krylon primer satin black paint and clear. theyv been painted for a year and a half and the only chips that are gone are from rock piles. if i were to do it again i would use herculiner
01-21-2011 04:22 PM
jrohan07 Tried to paint mine with the duplicolor shadow kit...failed.....did not sandpaper, use primer, spray can paint or clear coat according to directions. After reading this I will attempt to try again.
Priced 5 wheels at auto body shop and $45 per wheel using Dupont paint. Maybe save the pain to do it yourself and just pay the Money.
11-06-2010 09:27 AM
Phrankoff black rims is where it is. the shiny aluminum, chrome, silver blingy blingy is not for me. sometimes shiny wheels seem so out of place on a jeep to me idk. opinions opinions
11-06-2010 05:57 AM
j33p3rz cr33p3rz This is what mine looked like that I painted before the new rims.This pic is from last year.

I also like black rims
11-06-2010 01:18 AM
Originally Posted by Phrankoff

Original 6 baby
It was good to celebrate that Cup this summer

too bad Kane still plays like he thinks he's at the victory parade
Yeah I don't know when we will ever get to celebrate the Cup haha wish you hadn't won the Cup actually the leafs would still be second longest without a championship win
11-05-2010 03:32 PM
bigjay0512 Heres a few pictures step by step..
11-05-2010 03:16 PM
bigjay0512 I Did the exam same as said write up only I removed the wheel and tire. Wish I would have known that card trick thats a great idea. I just taped off the entire wheel so I still did not get paint anywhere but that took some time taping all the wheels. I used High Temp Engine paint, There is no need for the high temp i just happened to have it laying around. Mine have held up great, I bought some touch up paint for minor scratches from driving that works good too...Prep is KEY to painting...Clean the wheel GOOD!
11-05-2010 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by MBLG View Post
Nice Blackhawks sticker, I'm Leafs fan but Hawks are beauty!
Original 6 baby
It was good to celebrate that Cup this summer

too bad Kane still plays like he thinks he's at the victory parade
11-05-2010 01:35 PM
MBLG Nice Blackhawks sticker, I'm Leafs fan but Hawks are beauty!
11-05-2010 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by 01bud View Post
i painted mine. its easy. sand paper,primer,paint,clear coat.
You seem to have explained it a little quicker than me
11-05-2010 12:46 PM
01bud i painted mine. its easy. sand paper,primer,paint,clear coat.
11-05-2010 12:43 PM
firefighter777 Nice write up! This is on my soon to do list.
11-05-2010 12:23 PM
Phrankoff I painted my stock YJ wheels a while back. It is really easy to do and it looks GREAT. Its held up for weeks so far and withstood pressure washing.



^^^^ In the pics above it appears the center JEEP logo was painted over but its just cause I forgot to remove the tape I had over it. IF you look close you can see its taped.

People aren't lying about this....Prep is key.Do it once and do it right.

The paints/primers I used were:
Rustoleum Self-Etching Primer
Rustoleum Hammered Black
Rustoleum Clear Coat Enamel

You can use whatever you want. Some argue the clear coat is overkill. Do what you want. Its YOUR rig!

I would like to add I did this with the wheels and tires ON MY RIG. It is my DD and couldn't afford to do it over a few days. It came out really nice and took me roughly 5-6 hours to do by myself. Most of the time is just waiting between coats.

1. Wash the wheels. Scrub them with soapy water and clean them up as much as you can. Allow them to dry.

2. Next I scuffed them up really good. I personally used a FINE 4" wire wheel. This is major overhaul. All I did was briefly hit the wheel to get off any gloss still left on them. You can use a Scotch Brite pad to do this, it will just take longer because you're doing it by hand.

3. Next I scuffed them up just a LITTLE bit more by hitting them with 100grit sandpaper.

4. After that I used a rag to wipe the wheels with ACETONE to get the invisible crud off. You will see the rag is dirty you want to get the wheel as clean as possible. Acetone is almost like vapor, it will dry instantaneously so you must do a small area at a time. You'll see when you use it.

5. This is perhaps the best tip I ever received: Use some old playing cards or index cards and insert them in between the rim and the tire. Insert them horizontally.Make sure you overlap them so no area of the tire is exposed. The way the cards contour around the wheel make it look almost like a direct funnel around the wheel. This way no over spray gets out at all. This is a very cost effective way to do the job. Painter's tape is expensive and will just all be wasted. This does a good job of securing your tires and ensure all angles of the rim are hit with black.

This takes about 10 minutes to install the cards. You will need roughly 1.5 decks of cards. I picked up a cheap pack from a liquor store for $1.

Here is a pic I found online.

Note: I left my wheels and tires on my rig when I did this. You can do it either way.

HOWEVER: If you want to keep your lugs silver/chrome you will need to remove the tires completely. I elected to paint them and therefore left them on.

6. Make sure wheels are completely dry. At this point you will need to tape off any area you don't want painted. I covered up my cap with the JEEP logo but wheels will vary from rig to rig.

7. Now its time to prime. Using the Rustoleum Self-Etching Primer apply the first coat to the wheel. Don't be nervous about the color of the primer it is a non-issue. It will come out looking like olive drab and actually looks pretty cool!
The most important thing to remember when painting these is patience and well- timed coats.

The first coat of primer should be very light. Holding the can 9-12 inches away from wheel cover roughly 80% of the wheel. The previous color of your wheel should be visible through the primer.

Once you finish the first coat of the first wheel move onto the next wheel. By the time you are done with all four wait 5 minutes to do the second coat. The second coat should be a little heavier. If the first coat was LIGHT this one will be MEDIUM.

One of the trickiest parts to this process is getting every angle. With most spray paint cans you cannot hold the can upside down for very long before it drips and/or stops spraying paint. You will need to spray from weird angles for a few seconds then shake it and "reload" What I mean is. Spray it somewhere else in a different direction from the Jeep for 1-2 seconds until the black sprays out again. Then you can proceed to spray at odd angles again. You will need to reload every so often.

Shake the can very often while painting. Whenever it isn't being sprayed, shake it. Shake shake it. shake it like Polaroid pic--- ahh sorry.

After applying your 2nd coat repeat the process. Wait 5 minutes after the second coat and apply a third. This one wil lalso be MEDIUM coat.


9. We are now ready to apply the black paint
At this point grab the paint you want. I chose the Rustoleum Hammered Black and I LOVE IT. It does turn out almost like a dark charcoal color. If you want a deep, dark black go with a flat black.

10. After making the sure the can is ready to go start with the first coat. Again we want to apply a LIGHT coat spraying from 9-12 inches away from the wheel. You should be able to see the primer underneath the black paint. Continue with all four wheels and then wait another 5 minutes.

11. Now the 2nd coat. Like the primer, do a MEDIUM coat. It should be a little heavier than the first. By the end of the 2nd coat only a little bit of primer should be showing. Don't worry- it will get covered! Some people may get the urge to bring the can close and ensure it covered DO NOT DO THIS! It could potentially run.

12. Repeat step 11 once more. I did 4 coats on mine. You can do 3 if you wish.

13. Upon completing as many coats as you wish now the waiting starts again.

13.5 Here is where you will need to make a decision. Some people may opt to just continue as is. Another option is to let the wheels dry/cure completely overnight and then to apply more coats of black paint. This is up to you. Note that I did NOT do this and I LOVE the results.

14. Some people may opt to skip this step and that is fine. I did it for extra protection.

15. After waiting 20-30 minutes for the black paint to dry a bit we will apply the Clear Coat. In the same way we did the primer and paint. We will cover the wheel with a coat of Rustoleum Enamel. This will provide a clear coat of protection. Now before the paint gets scratched it needs to go through 3 CLEAR COATS, and several layers of black and primer.

16. After the clear coat is applied OR you decided not to clear coat it the next step is WAIT. Wait AS LONG AS YOU CAN. If you can afford to leave it overnight do it. If you can only leave it for a short time you CAN do this. But I don't suggest it. At the very least allow 2 hours for the paint to dry up before wheeling it.

17. ENJOY! They look awesome. Make sure you don't wash the wheels directly for about a week or so. They can get wait but let them air dry and try not to apply too much pressure on them for a week.

I say this because for the first few days you're going to want to clean your tires. They may look faded next to the new paint. After a week or so wash the tires and then hit them with some tire shine. The wheel/tire combo looks AWESOME.

18. Take a look at whats next to paint black!
11-05-2010 10:31 AM
smin41 Can you do a quick write up on how to paint your rims?? what kind of sandpaper, what kind of paint did you use, stuff like that.

Originally Posted by mwmoon View Post
I just painted my stock rims, headlight bezels, grill inserts and flares last weekend. It went from this:

to this:

My buddy and I did the whole job in two evenings. We just took our time. We took the tires off the Jeep (but left them on the wheels) and cleaned the wheels as thoroughly as we could. We scuffed the wheels with steel wool and hit them with some acetone.

We didn't even bother masking off the tires. The over-spray was minimal.

Oh, and we used Rustoleum semi-gloss black. We used Krylon flat black for the flares and accents up front.

I was extremely pleased with the outcome.
10-22-2010 03:37 AM
K-Hill Question... my 32s on stock rims rub the control arms at full steering lock. If you had this issue, can/did you fix it with Soft 8s? Can you order them with a certain offset? Do you use/recommend/avoid spacers (1-2in?)

I want to go with black rims also and am weighing my options.
10-22-2010 01:49 AM
jpatches11 Haha yea I would totally take you up on that offer if I wasn't pretty much all the way across the continent!
10-21-2010 08:33 PM
jebby no worries best of luck.... if u were anywhere near windsor i would sandblast them for ya
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