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Topic Review (Newest First)
07-17-2007 10:01 PM
JCS05Rubi Not really sure about that Debruins. I was thinking I would just start it every 30 mins or so. Either way, I keep cables and a jump box in the Jeep, so it really wouldnt be an issue either way.

Ill test long term draw for you this weekend. Ill let a movie play on it all the way through, test the batt with the multi meter, and see if I can get it started when its done.

Edit: I did watch TV with the volume up quite loud, yesterday, for about 30 mins and no problem starting afterwards
07-17-2007 09:21 PM
debruins lookin good man!!

one ? though if your out in the woods and it too loud with the engine on, what sthe draw (can you watch a whole movie with the jeep off and still have enough juice to start?)
07-17-2007 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by JCS05Rubi View Post
The "softer" speach type movies seem to get lost in the staging of the speakers, and you have to adjust the volume a lot.
Doesnt this thing have a compressor that sets a regular level and then adjusts the sounds to automatically meet the level? I have it on mine.. it automatically lowers any peaks and stuff and boosts the volume of low sounds so they sound similar loudness. Quite nice when its like that since the level is automatically set so you dont have one song popping speakers and the other one quiet as a funeral home.

07-17-2007 07:35 AM
JCS05Rubi dunno, look it up. Jensen vm9511TS. Didnt pay for it, couldnt tell ya what it cost. Look up the features too, it does too much to list
07-16-2007 10:41 PM
4.0l sahara How much does that model coast new.
07-16-2007 10:16 PM
mrbigjeep check pm
07-15-2007 08:39 PM
JCS05Rubi Sounds a little better than stock, but I honestly didnt do it for the sound. Its a Jeep, it will NEVER have good staging. Besides, going from a 97 2 speaker setup, to this 7.1 in the Rubi, I couldnt be happier with it. It is a little clearer than stock, good bit louder, and the "subwoofer" seems to be better filtered (more cripst bass and less static). All in all I am happy with it, untill someone thinks they need it more than I do Watching a movie on it in a Jeep, is kinda like watching a DVD on a laptop though. The "softer" speach type movies seem to get lost in the staging of the speakers, and you have to adjust the volume a lot. Luckily I am used to that, because my HP laptop does the same thing, but its something you need to get used to. Wouldnt be a problem out in the woods were its quite though
07-15-2007 07:23 PM
Triple88a That looks so great man great job How does it sound
07-15-2007 06:49 PM
Levinoss WoW, thanks for the pics. I wana put one in mine now. >.<

07-15-2007 06:41 PM
Originally Posted by Triple88a View Post
Bigjeep its quite nice when you have car specific instructions on how to remove the stock stereo isnt it? Dont forget the tools to go along with it. I on my rig took out my stereo and isntalled my new one in about that time too.
Ya, like those "No cutting/drilling" required installation kits? No cutting or drilling, but make sure ya got some sandpaper and a dremel handy I bet your installer didnt have to re-wire the radio side of the harness after a fireball incident, with 0 idea where the wires went Something tells me, said installer has probably done one or two, and has Michell On Demand or AllData at there disposal It wasnt too too bad, but it wasnt the same as wiring a radio, there was a couple more wires involved, plus the "brain" that must be routed and wired elsewhere. The power wire/fuse issue was what took me the most time, followed by being anal retentive about the wiring since I am goign to have to take it out without the next year or so.

Anywho, pics! After messing with it all day, I came to find out that the radio was about 1/4 too deep, and I was tired of routing wires/re-plumbing the dash etc. so ill take care of the instalation kit face plate later.

I decided on putting the brain in the glove box because

A. It will stay the driest in a rain storm, or if my Jeep finds another creek.. and B, I have quick access to the IPOD/XM radio/Navigation plugs etc. incase I need to hook something up later.
07-15-2007 03:27 PM
Triple88a Bigjeep its quite nice when you have car specific instructions on how to remove the stock stereo isnt it? Dont forget the tools to go along with it. I on my rig took out my stereo and isntalled my new one in about that time too.
07-15-2007 02:05 PM
George T. shot down!
07-15-2007 02:01 PM
mrbigjeep i don't know about that jensen but i've been talking to a buddy of mine who used to own a custom shop doing this crap and he said it just goes in like a regular radio.

my friend just got a Dual 7" touch screen in his Z71 and the woman at best buy had the stock radio out and the touchscreen installed within 30 minutes.
07-15-2007 01:49 PM
JCS05Rubi Ok its in and all working. What a PITA . I wouldnt do that again unless I was getting paid for it . Ill take some pics later, I gotta run out, but it is pretty kewl. I dont know if I would pay 2,000 for one, and hope it didnt get stolen, but this was free and I dont live in TOO bad of an area, so I guess it was worth it for me. Now, I am going to watch Dead Silence with my buddy at work while he gets paid
07-15-2007 09:12 AM
JCS05Rubi Super glue trick worked. It turns on!! Now I have to figure out this mute problem. It has a picture of a cell phone, and a mute symbol next to it. Wont go away, and its obviously muted because of it. I tried grounding the "Cell phone" wire, that didnt help. Gotta do more research! With any luck, some time near the end of today, I should have some fully installed pics.
07-15-2007 07:27 AM
JCS05Rubi Well, I am still not comfortable doing it, but the radio was free. When my pops first gave it to me, he baggered me about putting it in the wrangler. I kept telling him it would get stolen in a week. Finally I gave in and said ok fine Ill put it in Apparently a lot of younger guys at his work were not happy that he took the radio (despite the fact that hes the manager..). Anyway, Ill stop by circuit city today if they are opened, but I dont really see a a reason. I have all the wires connected except the Pink ebrake wire, which I held against the metal braket behind the radio to ground it out, and the power antenna & cell phone wire. Everything else is hooked up, but I cant get the darn thing to turn on It probably has something to do with this power wire that got ripped out... I dont know which of the 2 holes it goes in, and I cant get it to "clip" into the harness. Even on the smaller hole, after I jam it in, it pops right back out. Sucks too, cause itll pop out, hit something metal, short itself, and blow 3 fuses
07-15-2007 05:01 AM
Originally Posted by Triple88a View Post
I'm with you though I want pics when its installed ^ I've never seen some 1 go that big as far as radio goes in a wrangler
Me personally I wouldent put anything that expensive in it. >.<

I dont even like keeping my Jeep magazines (jeep porn) in my back seat.

07-15-2007 04:09 AM
Triple88a I'm with you though I want pics when its installed ^ I've never seen some 1 go that big as far as radio goes in a wrangler
07-15-2007 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by Triple88a View Post
It seems like it does a 7" screen folds out.

I use a soldering gun i found at Radioshack .. 5 years.. no problems..

Yea, I dident see one in the pic and got confused. =/

07-15-2007 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by Levinoss View Post
Post some pics once you get done installing it, does it have like a screen that comes out?
It seems like it does a 7" screen folds out.

I use a soldering gun i found at Radioshack .. 5 years.. no problems..

07-15-2007 03:15 AM
Levinoss WoW, imo the only good thing about those butane soldering irons is they make good cig lighters. Hope your ok man?

Odhinn left his yellow one over here, had to use it to light a cig or two when I lost my lighter. -.-

Post some pics once you get done installing it, does it have like a screen that comes out?

07-14-2007 10:14 PM
hardy1531 Hooked that model up in my buddy's Titan a few weeks ago. It works good. Yea the e brake thing is kinda tricky. I usually install a switch to turn it on and off. This way if the 5-0 pull u over u can flip the switch and it won't play DVDs. Trust me here in TN they will pull u over for such. Triple is right you won't use about half of the wires. Check with Circuit City, They carry plugs for most model radios so all you have to do is plug it into a factory harness. makes it so much easier. U will probally still have to hook up some of the other wires but it shouldn't be a big deal. I think it will make your factory system sound better. Good luck let me know if you need any help installing.
07-14-2007 09:39 PM
Triple88a so the head unit is the same size as the stock right.. just the screen sticks out. Most of it should be just this plug and play. Obviously dvd players have so many inputs and outputs so it might all seem confusing from that pic.. sort it out and i'm pretty sure more than half of those wires wont even be used. If you want dvd in ur rig.. i'd say do it. I dont know if it will be much better than a stock system since 7.1 system is hard to beat. The ebrake thing.. dont even worry about it. i dont know for sure but i think it requires a ground. So connect it to a ground and see if it turns on. Basically its a "safety" so the dvd play a movie unless the vehicle is parked so the driver cant watch it while driving.

as for that plug there should be a little cut that you have to push out from the other way so it snaps into place. .. if that dont work.. super glue it.
07-14-2007 04:44 PM
JCS05Rubi Alright, I am trying to get this STOOOPID thing installed

I hate putting radios in cars lol. Well, the butane powered sodering iron litterally exploded while I was 5 wires in, and turned me into a fireball.. That was fun, especially with my GF freaking out and crying, rather than putting me out or calling 911 lol.

Now I have another problem. I cant seem to get power to the new radio. I can get power to the old, so no blown fuses etc. but the new one just wont turn on. I have all the wires connected except the Cell Phone wire and the power antenna wire. I also have the control module hooked up.

I am using the metal plate behind the headunit, to ground out the "Emergancy barking brake" wire so it will turn on. Is that good enough or do I need to actually splice into the Ebrake wires? I only want to test the radio, NOT install it right now.

Also, I am holding the power wire INTO the radio;s harness. When I caught fire, It got ripped out of the plug.... Besides the fact that I have no Idea where to hook it up, does anyone have a trick to reinstalling these clips into the harness? This is a pic of what came out, and teh black connector is where it goes. I tried pushing it back into the connector, even got a butter knife and pushed it in real good, but it just came right back out.

07-14-2007 12:28 PM
JCS05Rubi I know, right! But think about this way... it has an SD media card slot in the headunit, which is what my cell phone (palm pilot phone) and my digital camera use. My laptop also has an SD media card slot, so I could just toss my music on that and go, without having to buy anymore cds. Also, it is Ipod and xm/sirius ready, although I already have XM and Sirius recievers at my house, and refuse to buy an IPOD.

Plus, think about this too. Pick up your favorite girl (in this cause my gf/fiance'..w/e) and take her out to a good woods trail. Maybe something that crosses a creek by the moonlight or something. Have the top/doors off and park there in the woods, where nothing but a Jeep can get to, and pop in a movie. Have a little picnic in the Jeep, watch a movie, maybe pitch a tent and spend the night there, or just have some fun after the movie and go home Sounds like a good idea to me anyway

BTW, that program you sent me to didnt do too much skeeter Just told me what I already knew. 1 1/2 din stock, and what color wires are what. Since I plan on taking it out in less than a year, Id rather try to find a wiring harness than have to solder then twice in a year. Im gonna stop at best buy on the way home from the red cross. Damn people called my house twice a day for the last 3 weeks. Finally said theyd give me a 10 dollar gas card to drive out of my way to one of their places, so I figured they must be desperate and made an apointment for today (no gas card though.. id feel like crap using it). Apprently A negative is a rare blood type? I dunno.. Ill let yall know what best buy says about dvd players in a TJ
07-14-2007 10:29 AM
dj_chizzle wow, that am a MUTHA F'N lotta wires!
07-14-2007 10:11 AM

07-14-2007 10:02 AM
4.0l sahara both.
07-14-2007 09:58 AM
JCS05Rubi Of the dvd player, or it installed in the vehicle?
07-13-2007 10:28 PM
4.0l sahara should be a cool project can we get pics of it.
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