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Topic Review (Newest First)
08-10-2007 09:34 AM
rebelBullDawg325 lol. if i see any dog in the woods he's goin down bc it'll be a coyote
08-10-2007 12:09 AM
Dare2BSquare Thanks. And thank your little dog, Toto.
08-09-2007 11:57 PM
rebelBullDawg325 follow the yellow brick raod. i'll leave it at that
08-09-2007 11:50 PM
Dare2BSquare Bad news is... we had a hard freeze very late this spring and the mast crop is almost nil.

Good news is... where you find food, you find deer.

Gonna put out a couple of food plots for fall and winter if we ever get rain again.
08-09-2007 11:23 PM
JeepWoL yeah antlers at this point r about as big as there gonna get.. but they shouldnt be as slinder in the best case... but deer in hills its hard to get that... all depends on rain and weather for the year... but those in pic will gain some weight.. before rutt..
08-09-2007 06:40 PM
Dare2BSquare A friend of mine says they will fatten up now that they have finished antler production. He says until August most of the nutrients go to producing antlers, once that is done, they will put on weight. But, I have noticed that most of the deer we have killed in the hills still have thin faces and not a great amount of body mass.
08-08-2007 10:30 PM
rebelBullDawg325 nice lookin raks on them deer. i love the way velvet looks on pictures for some reason. some of them deer still look to be young and will probably grow a few more horns. i might would only shoot one of them this yr. but its hard to tell with em all bein so skinny
08-08-2007 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by 02Prove View Post
I'm thinking in any other discussion this would be a good thing.

hehe thats EXACTLY what i though when i typed that... but woundered if anyone would catch it...

here in WV its all hilly and rocky... hard to find some place that hasnt already been cleaned out with timbering too... luckly i live on about 400 acres of land that was timbered about 12 years ago and is making a nice come back now.. considering there is no other place to get onto the logging roads besides in my back yard that isnt blocked off... i can hunt anywhere i want back in there without worry.

few weeks ago i was laying on bed watching tv as a Nice mature 8 point walked within 15 feet of my house... if i could find him in a stand would be the deer id want this year... had one of the best racks for a 8 point iv seen. Hunting never goes the way ya hope though...
08-08-2007 02:12 PM
Dare2BSquare LOL! Good point!

I need to go to our other property and see what they look like down there. It is farmland with corn and soybeans all around. I'll bet they aren't that slim! These in the pictures are in an area that is very hilly and rocky. Great for wheelin, but not very nutritious food for deer.

We get some rain, we gotta get some plots out!!!
08-08-2007 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by Dare2BSquare View Post
are really skinny this year, but they have nice racks.
I'm thinking in any other discussion this would be a good thing.

08-08-2007 01:53 PM
JeepWoL nice rack on the 3rd pic there...... gotta say thou that is some slinder deer.. deer around here for how dry it has been r at a decent size, but not nearly what they should be.
08-08-2007 01:00 PM
Dare2BSquare First harvest of pictures from the camera this year. These bucks in the mountains are really skinny this year, but they have nice racks...

There are 4 bucks in this last picture. There were a couple more in other pictures. I had 51 pics in 7 days in this spot. I'm gonna give it another week and then move the feeder and camera.
08-08-2007 12:07 PM
JeepWoL i gotta say i also am not a big fan of this fenced in hunting stuff... takes all the challenge outta it... personally i enjoy the time in the woods preparing for a hunt almost as much as the actual hunt.. guess i just like being in the woods away from the city.

the best part about these hunting shows is when theirs a buck 15 yards away from them and there talking about how nice the buck is.. i dont know about yall but i dont see how thats possible with "wild" deer.. just the wrong movie and the slightest sound will make a deer run the other way... much less a conversation with em so close...

I hope that they never take away r deer season all together.. its pretty bad right now but atleast we can still go.. i think really the reason hunters get bad names sometimes is from the people that go out shoot a deer take one specific part of meat off them and leave the rest to root... i belive that if your going to kill a animal all of it should be used.. if not dont kill it to begin with.. well thats my 2 cents.. happy hunting
08-07-2007 07:55 PM
rebelBullDawg325 oh yea. wind is the msot iomportant thing ever. a deer can smell 6ppm(particles per million) i hate people but theres nothin you can do to cover your scent. so you gotta make sure your scent never gets to them.
sorry tiny, grammar aint my strong point.
like D2BS says, its a huntin thing, you wouldnt understand. i think mossy oak said it best when they came up with the slogan "it's not a passion, its an obsession"
08-07-2007 04:22 PM
Dare2BSquare At least it wasn't all caps.

I still say, "It's a hunting thing... you wouldn't understand" to most people. They think you just go out and sit in a tree and shoot something. There are so many things that can go wrong, even if you are in the best spot and are the best prepared you can be. All it takes is one whiff of you and they are gone.
08-07-2007 04:06 PM
tiny terror Dear lord kiddo, mix in some paragraphs.
08-07-2007 03:53 PM
rebelBullDawg325 lol. tiny my bow is older than me. so you still got nothing. some1 brings up the topic of hunting and killing. i agree. i'm not a fan of fenced in plantations and stuff like that. i consider myself a hunter. i once heard some1 say and i strongly agree that the southern whitetail is one of the smartest and hardest to hunt animals on the planet. they're so cunning, sleek, and smooth. they can walk up within 5 feet of you stare at you for a few minutes and be gone before you ever knew they were there. my reasoning for thinking i'm a hunter lies in this. i go out to the woods months before season starts. and begin scouting. i look for trails they travel. look for food sources, water sources bedding areas. bottoms. thickets, fields. i break down the woods and analyze them on where i would be and where i'd go and what i'd be doing there if i was a deer. then you have to through in the cover they have. in the south we have pine plantations literally all over the place these thick planted pines provide deer ample places to hide. so i've got to hang my stand in a spot that i can get to without me making too much noise, being seen, and not mention laying down my scent. this brings my next point. wind. when i find a good spot i've got to determine which way the wind will be blowing (generally in my area it comes from the NW) but then i've gotta analyze will the tall planted pines bounce the wind a different direction. will the ridge 200yrds over make the wind go completely over and not be an issue, will the bottom funnel the wind a different direction or cause it to swirl. you've gotta hunt downwind of the deer. then theres several other things to take into accout based on what your hunting (big buck, any buck, doe) i've got several tips on other stuff if any1 wants to know. but basically what i'm sayin is most people hunt like i just described. and are considered hunters. but there are some who just pay big money and go killing. i will give the big names we see on tv credit though. they do know how to hunt, thats how they got where they are. but most have just forgotten their roots
08-07-2007 11:34 AM
tiny terror I can stand on either side of the fence honestly. When I listen to people preach one-sided-my way-you have no rights crap, I can be pro or con very easily.

I listened to a vegetarian potificating about how meat eaters were encouraging cruelty to animals and that we should all take a long look at a feedlot. So I asked her about the milk she had in her shopping cart and the eggs. She answered the animals weren't killed to get those things...... so I explained how there are fates worse than death and anyone who's seen a big chicken farm or industrial sized dairy knows what I'm talking about.

There are shades of grey in everything, bad hunters and lousy animal advocates, mostly it's those who see in black and white.

Like I said, no problem with hunters, but I don't do it because I'm not a fan of game meat and if I won't eat it, I won't kill it. That's why I stopped deep sea fishing. Can't stomach killing something for no reason.
08-07-2007 11:13 AM
Badge1236 There is also a difference in hunting and killing. Tiny you mentioned feed lots and it got me thinking about the canned hunts you see on the "hunting" shows. They are in fenced areas and the deer are just a little more wild that domesticated cows. That is not hunting to me.
08-07-2007 02:02 AM
Tj Bunch Hey i think it's cool you guys get to not only take Does but more than one Buck in the season, all we get is 1 I do belive. It has been 15-20yrs since i've been Hunting anything.
08-07-2007 12:11 AM
Originally Posted by tiny terror View Post
I won't
No doubt.
08-06-2007 11:48 PM
tiny terror I grew up in Kansas, BigBoy. My bow is probably older than you.
08-06-2007 11:45 PM
rebelBullDawg325 leave it to the yuppie from callie to take it upon herself to wreck anything having to do with hunting..... jk tiny
08-06-2007 11:19 PM
tiny terror I won't
08-06-2007 11:18 PM
4point Sorry I ruined your thread Dare. I will leave your other one alone.
08-06-2007 08:22 PM
rebelBullDawg325 back to the geese and waterfowlers. since i'm a little behind on the thread. i just wanted to say this in case any of yall want to get abumper sticker like my buddy has. its a picture of a few ducks flyin and says "waterfowlers shoot heavier loads"
08-06-2007 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by tiny terror View Post
Point's being mean to me, Forum Guards, seize him!!!!!
He called you a color!
08-06-2007 07:40 PM
4point No...No...................don't sick bruin on me! I give
08-06-2007 07:33 PM
tiny terror Point's being mean to me, Forum Guards, seize him!!!!!
08-06-2007 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by tiny terror View Post
Those aren't the feedlot cows, those cows'll climb that stand and slit your throat if you're not paying attention. They're like horror moovie cows.

I'm just getting better at hijacking, I'm baiting others into doing it for me. Minions!!!
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