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12-11-2007 08:52 PM
White93ARB So after I pull the t-case and check the slack in the chain, what else should I do if the chain seems OK? Maybe pull the tranny and look at everything: clutch, replace the slave cylinder, look for any other obvious damage. But other than that, what should I do? I'm really stuck here, guys, not having a clue what is wrong. Could I take the tranny and transfer case to a transmission shop and have them check it out and tell me if they are messed up, or would that just cost me too much? Thanks
12-10-2007 11:10 AM
White93ARB Anyone think this could be a throwout bearing? I need to pull the t-case and check the chain for slack, but the tranny feels good and goes into all gears, so I don't really think that is the problem. I'm still without a car and haven't got this figured out yet. Any input is appreciated. Thanks guys
12-05-2007 09:49 PM
White93ARB So I need to get this taken care of....I plan on pulling the tranny this weekend. As for a new one, I need to make sure that this is the problem, first. So there isn't much I can do myself to know if the transmission is messed up once its out, so would I take it and the transfer case to a tranny shop and have it looked at so I don't go buy a tranny to find out its a bearing in the transfer case. Any input? Thanks guys
12-04-2007 09:57 PM
White93ARB Yeah I'll ask that. And I was told that the problem with my tranny could be a worn mainshaft bearing, and that there will be up/down play in the main shaft. So that would be one way to tell if something is wrong without the tranny being installed. Maybe shift it into each gear, and turn the input shaft and look at the output shaft? Theres gotta be something other than just if its in pieces its broken.
12-04-2007 09:40 PM
Felsengleiskette ask em how they got it? i mean, was it in a front end collision? that would be bad on the gears....your ideal response from them would be a roll over accident , fire, or something that wouldnt jarr the gears or something to that effect. a tree squashed it like a bug...
12-04-2007 09:36 PM
Felsengleiskette other than it being in take the 750.00 deal it sounds at the right price for a reliable tranny salvage.
12-04-2007 08:13 PM
White93ARB So I'm not going to buy one on eBay, that is just stupid. I found a Jeep wrecker place in the phone book, and they told me $750 for a good used transmission. I replied asking if they could do that price shipped, because it's in a town I've never heard of, with a 916 area code which is Sacramento area I think, and I don't want to have to go pick it up.

Are there any ways of telling if a transmission is bad when it is not installed, so if I find one on craigslist or something I will know if I should buy it or not?

Thanks guys
12-03-2007 11:45 PM
White93ARB So I found a few trannys online...
With buying one on ebay it would be a complete gamble, wouldn't it? Would I be better off buying one that I could check out before I buy. Is there any way I could check and make sure that it is ok without putting it on?
12-03-2007 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by Felsengleiskette View Post
i would say about $1,000.00-$1,400.00 to buy a rebuilt tranny and plug it into yours. and about $600.00 to salvage one and hope for the best. but i'd also guess about $2,500.00 to have yours taken off and rebuilt. and $2,000.00 to have it rebuilt if you bring it to them out of your jeep.
Originally Posted by whitebuffalo View Post
if ur in a hurry and broke, id just get a salvage and slap it in there yourself.
Damn I didn't know a rebuild costs that much. I will definately try out a salvage tranny, at least for now. I want to do an automatic eventually, so a salvage 5 speed will hopefully work for a while.
12-03-2007 10:35 PM
whitebuffalo if ur in a hurry and broke, id just get a salvage and slap it in there yourself.
12-03-2007 10:24 PM
Felsengleiskette i would say about $1,000.00-$1,400.00 to buy a rebuilt tranny and plug it into yours. and about $600.00 to salvage one and hope for the best. but i'd also guess about $2,500.00 to have yours taken off and rebuilt. and $2,000.00 to have it rebuilt if you bring it to them out of your jeep.
12-03-2007 10:19 PM
Felsengleiskette hell i just found out the extent in which i gotta rebuild to get a 350 rollin in my axles/new driveshafts/ new tranny/ new bellhousing/ disc brakes in the rear/ just to name the big! did i mention i just had a daughter she turns 9 months on the im bummin to, but you know what? I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!!!
12-03-2007 10:18 PM
White93ARB Anyone know about the average cost of a tranny rebuild vs the average cost of a used tranny?
12-03-2007 10:14 PM
Felsengleiskette im currently checking into the manual to auto swap myself. i cant imagine it being much in the way of re-mapping. a tranny mounts to a bellhousing and at the other end hooks up with the transfer case. so at risk of sounding like an idiot...just removing a pedal???lol when i find out i'll let you know...
12-03-2007 10:07 PM
White93ARB I was seriously considering doing an automatic swap but that is just more down time and I don't have the chitty little commuter type car that I need. It would probably be cheaper to buy a used tranny locally than it would be to get mine rebuilt, right? What all is involved with the auto swap? Thanks a lot for your help.
12-03-2007 10:02 PM
Felsengleiskette yep, its definatly not your diffs...any binding or gear clash in your diffs lock your wheels up fast, maybe for only a nano second until its past the bad tooth, but you'd know it if its your diffs. its not. another reason im pretty sure its your ax15 is because thier is a design flaw in the gearing for the ax5 and ax15 which commonly take out your fifth gear...the flaw is thin gears. they ware out to fast. specally w/ manuals, modded and doing stuff vehicles normally dont do. off roading is 10 times harder on a vehicle than plowing on a tranny. wheeling shows you weak spots by breakage. if you gotta get a new one (or just new to you) id get an automatic. low levels of fluid in these trannys is begging for a grenade. they cook fast. if your resourcefull you'll find one cheap... look into wrecking companys, and craigs list, or whatever. some places that leave it up to you to take it out of the scrap vehicle are even cheaper. just go in there and hack out what you need and go. and one impartant rule with modded jeeps....... buy a chit car for when your broke down! mines a daily driver also but you can bet i got a crappy chevy 2500 to pick up the slack when i need it.
12-03-2007 09:58 PM
White93ARB Well I do need to do a slave cylinder for my clutch, and its internal, so I need to pull the tranny sometime. I am tired of having my clutch act like a Super Soaker, having to pump it up every 20 shifts or something like that. Any more votes for the tranny?

Thats not too expensive for a tranny, but it could end up being worse off than mine if that is whats wrong. Would it be more than that to have mine rebuilt at a local transmission shop?
12-03-2007 09:47 PM
whitebuffalo it would make me lean towards the tranny, but id be sure b4 i pulled it.

heres a ax-15
12-03-2007 09:23 PM
White93ARB But if it stops when I put the clutch in, isn't that ruling out both the front and the rear differentials?
12-03-2007 09:21 PM
White93ARB OK I'll do the refill and see whats up. So I should change the fluid in the front, take off the cover and check around as good as I can? I am getting close to just bringing this damn thing to a shop and having them deal with it all. I am getting reallly mad that I don't know what the problem is. Its one thing having something wrong, but its a completely different thing when something is wrong but I have no idea what it is. This is a horrible feeling. I would just take it to a shop tomorrow but I'm sure it will be over $1000 and thats money I don't really have to spend.
12-03-2007 09:14 PM
whitebuffalo hair shavings is ok on the drain plug. refill it and see if maybe it was just low.

while ur front R&P arent turning when in 2wd, your spider gears are. if you cant rule out the sound coming form up there, change the fluid and look for damage there.
12-03-2007 08:36 PM
White93ARB So I drained the tranny fluid and took a look at it, the fluid itself was pretty nasty brown color, and the plug had quite a bit of ultra-fine metal shavings on it. Before I drained it I moved the Jeep backwards into the street and forwards to show a buddy the sound, but I coulnd't get it to make the major grinding sound because I didn't have enough space to get on the gas, let alone let off it to show him. He said it sounded like the tranny to him. It can't be the front diff, right? Since this is in 2wd the front driveline and ring and pinion aren't spinning so thats not the problem. Is there anything saying it could possibly be the transfer case? It stops when I put the clutch in, so that rules out the rear diff, too, right? So that only leaves the tranny or transfer case, unless I am wrong. Am I on the right track, guys? Should my next step be pulling the tranny or is there other stuff it could be?
12-03-2007 07:05 PM
White93ARB OK I'll give this a shot. Thanks Scotty
12-03-2007 06:58 PM
Scotty355 take out the fill plugs and stick your finger in to the 1st knuckle and try to point the tip of your finger down, it should touch fluid, if not you are low. if you do touch fluid check it out for metal shavings and even smell it. Gear oil smells terrible but if it smells burnt it may be a bearing.
12-03-2007 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by Scotty355 View Post
Check all of your fluid levels first

both diffs

make sure they are full and pay attention to the plug and color of the fluids, sometimes you will see metal shavings and that may help you narrow down the problem.
Theres really no way to check them without draining it, right? Other than on the tranny I can pull the shifter off, right? Thanks
12-03-2007 06:43 PM
Scotty355 Check all of your fluid levels first

both diffs

make sure they are full and pay attention to the plug and color of the fluids, sometimes you will see metal shavings and that may help you narrow down the problem.
12-03-2007 06:43 PM
White93ARB But since neither the front driveline nor the front ring and pinion are spinning when I am driving in 2wd, and when I put the clutch in the noise stops that pretty much rules out the front differential as causing the noise, doesn't it?
12-03-2007 06:33 PM
whitebuffalo i would invest the 25 bucks for tranny fluid before i went to the trouble of pulling it, or at least the 25 bucks to open up the front diff and see what that fluid looked like.
12-03-2007 05:43 PM
White93ARB I called a few places: A Jeep specialist around 15 miles away from me, who said it could be the front ring and pinion, or bearings in the front diff. But I think it was their secretary I was talking to. I called another place, a Transmission shop in my town, and the guy told me it is the transmission. He made that decision after I told him that the sound stops when I put the clutch in, which makes sense. I don't even wanna spend money on tranny fluid for this tranny just to find out this one is crap and I need a new one. Anyone have any more ideas? Should I just start pulling the tranny and looking for a new one?
12-03-2007 05:16 PM
White93ARB Just thought about it, is the front ring and pinion even turning when I drive in 2wd, or can I eliminate that from the list?
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