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Topic Review (Newest First)
03-18-2007 10:01 AM
Paul I do it for the "look" and challenge. I found a special group of people and a great brotherhood of people who love the outdoors....and seeing it from a Jeep. good luck out there.
08-19-2005 08:48 AM
legacy wow, that sux. well its a jeep, no one ever said you wouldn't have to work on it. and yea, i can see that its a little hard to drive it like that.......well on the road at least
08-18-2005 07:38 PM
JeepBeepinHottie The inside is a mess from the last person that owned it, dumbfuck cut the bolts on the bottom of the seat too so i've got ti drill those out before i can get the seat even put back in and install a seat belt for my kids car seat. We've actually only used the jeep once, because i needed the other car that day. It's kind of hard to drive something with no inspection and a broken windshield.
08-18-2005 11:50 AM
legacy lol sounds like a normal jeep
08-18-2005 11:33 AM
JeepBeepinHottie yeah, when i get a chance today, i'm going to take some more. The inside is still a mess right now. I haven't really bothered with cleaning it up. And I have some stuff inside ripped appart, and my speakers on the roll bar out because my locks don't work.
08-18-2005 08:38 AM
legacy ok now i see the jeep. could use a few more shot though
08-17-2005 07:00 PM
Originally Posted by legacy
well helllloooo.............nice to meet you!

didn't see the pics of the jeep...............but whatever!

They're in the blog on the page. It's in big letters it says THE JEEP. Also there's pics of the cougar too, in case anyone was interested in seeing something with serious power.
08-17-2005 03:10 PM
legacy well helllloooo.............nice to meet you!

didn't see the pics of the jeep...............but whatever!
08-17-2005 02:47 PM
JeepBeepinHottie check me and the jeep out at I'm putting up jeep pics right now.
08-16-2005 03:51 PM
agree, need pics please!

08-16-2005 02:26 PM
We need pics!!!

Of you and your Jeep!
08-16-2005 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by jeeptales
I'm going to assume you meant your Jeep's Top... LOL

wow i'm slow, if i had my top off, i wouldn't be worried about people busting into my jeep, they would be distracted.
08-13-2005 11:48 AM
So sorry to hear that

I'm not sure why no one ever jacks with my Jeep.

You need to not leave expressive shades in it, or stuff like digital cameras, PDAs your wallet or checkbook in plane site.

I do have a Jeep backpack tucked behind the driver seat with a first aid kit, flashlight, flares, umbrella, pancho and a small fire extinguisher, a pair of mechanics gloves.

Most of the time I don't even lock my Jeep not even at Pat Green concerts. .

I wonder if folks are afraid I might kill them if they mess with it.

Would you be scared of this Jeep's Owner???

Although, when I drive it around town it is clean and shiny

This is just how it looks when I drive it around town except that it always looks like it just got detailed, Mopar Boot, Bikini Top, Windows rolled down...

08-13-2005 07:45 AM
gypsyjeep never had a problem with stuff stolen out of my jeep i also leave it kinda dirty so it looks like nuthin worth stealin is in it
08-13-2005 02:35 AM
Originally Posted by jeeptales
I had a Clevis Hook Stolen in May but other than that no one has ever missed with my Jeep and I've had it almost 3 years.
you're damn lucky. lets see....i've had to radios stolen(well, this last time, they just broke the radio thanks to tuffy console). i've had a bag of stuff jacked out the the back. i've had a window bent out all to hell. i think that's least with the jeep.
08-12-2005 12:07 PM
Top off?

Originally Posted by JeepBeepinHottie
For guys it's the power and the off road. For Girls, it's the look, and how hot you are driving something big, bad, and loud. (okay, for most girls, there's those prissy bitches with sunfires that have little pink dice on the mirror)

Now heres a question, how do I protect my shit with the top off?

I'm going to assume you meant your Jeep's Top... LOL

I have a loud Jeep Too.

4 Polk Momos, 7" JBL Sub in the console. 660W DB Amp for the Ploks, and a 250W Sony for the Sub.

Amps under the rear seat Factory Head.

I drive my Jeep with the top down all the time and no-one has ever jacked with any of my stuff.

I take that back... I had a Clevis Hook Stolen in May but other than that no one has ever missed with my Jeep and I've had it almost 3 years.
08-12-2005 07:02 AM
legacy yea, well i'm tryin to save up to get the locking center councel with stereo. i would love to have that, but i still have to find one for my jeep.

i was going to drop the tank, but decided that beer and gas didn't mix, lol. anyway, i'll prob drop it this weekend just to make sure nothing happened.

i like your idea of having the back seat turn into a box, i'll have to look into that. right now i don't even keep my back seat in because i like to have room back there.
08-12-2005 01:38 AM
1BLKJP Yeah, they make locking consoles that have a slot for a stereo. So you don't have to have your deck in the dash. Your thoughts on bolting down your box seem pretty good.

I know I learned my lesson on my TJ. Had a deck in it after the 2nd day I had it. Then within 2 mos. someone had stole it. Now I am content with just a factory deck.
08-12-2005 12:30 AM
JeepBeepinHottie Well, I just talked to Audio Force after writing that, and they said, once I bring my jeep in, and they instal the seat belts andshit for me, and have the seat bolted down, anyone who wants to take my system is going to have to take my seat with them Note to legacy. It sounds like alot of trouble, but when you drill through a jeep, drop your gas tank, i had to do it to bolt my system down in my explorer. Thanks for the advice from everyone, here's what I'm gonna do in case anyone ever gets the idea to turn their back seat into a speaker box, we're dropping the gas tank, first of all, and running two bolts up through the underbody. There will be two holes on each side of the box to lower onto the bolts and two new ones going up into the seat which will be tricky (dumbass who had it before me, cut the bolts off to get the seat out) on each side of the box will be a little locking door that will open to get the nuts onto the bolts to secure it down. Plexi glass over the speakers themselves in the back too. As for the CD player, my man suggested using something like what you see over thermostat controls in business, a little plexiglass lock box on hinges. Protect my shit from getting stolen, and from having mud all over it when i decide to drive through dried up dams, streams, ect.

Anyone have any other suggestion?
08-11-2005 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by JeepBeepinHottie
Now heres a question, how do I protect my shit with the top off?

If you want to keep it, don't put it in your Jeep.
08-11-2005 02:43 PM
legacy if its not stereo equip that your talking about, they do sell lock boxes. whether its a center councel or simply a storage box in the back, they sell some pretty good ones.
08-11-2005 01:10 PM
legacy good question and i think i may have answered that in my jeep last night. i installed my woofer and amp last night but with just a soft top, i didn't really feel secure. SO what i decided to do was make it with a quick dissconnect system. This is for the sub and amp only, the stereo i simply bolted in and take the face plate off everywhere i go. ok, what i did with the amp is mounted it to the speaker box with a few square driven bolts, use square driven because i'm sure if a robber was smart enough, he would bring a screw driver, but no one carries a square drive with them. after that was done, i mounted the box to the floor with swinging brackets and i also used the brackets that lock with a padlock. i used three of these. for the wires going to the amp, the power and ground, i know you don't need these back by the amp but it was the perfect disconnect, i used two of the quick disconnect fuses, the ones that come with an amp wireing kit, they unscrew. this way i can simply unscrew the ground and power to the amp in under 2 min. for the remote wire, i used a kit to create a harness, this was a 12 point harness which you obviously dont' need for one wire, so i took out one of the connections and cut the remote and placed one connection on each therefore allowing me to connect/disconnect the remote wire.

What all this adds up to is the fact that in under 2 min, i can have my amp/woofer box disconnected and in my hand. also i put a handle on the top of the box for easy carring. So, when i want to take out my box and amp, all i have to do now is unscrew the ground and power, unplug the remote take out the RCA wires, unlock the padlocks and i'm good to go. Now i no this may seem a bit over the edge, but when your system costs as much as mine, its worth it.

PS: be carefull when drilling for the brackets, i think i may have punctured my gas tank on accident, lol.
08-11-2005 12:03 PM
JeepBeepinHottie Finally we got my jeep running, still stalls out, need to do something with the TBI. But anways, here's a womans reasons for modding her jeep.

Height. Well, I'm pretty short myself, 5'2" So a jeep on a lift makes a girl like me feel alot bigger than she is.

Woman Driver. Women are supposed to be horrible drivers. I'm not really, (I swear), but I do have a tendancy at road rage. Having a bigger vehicle makes it less likely that the asshole beside you is going to try to cut you off.

Pretty. My jeep is about to get sanded down for a new paint job, and then diamond plate. The diamond plate is going to run across the back in a tribal design and work its way around the body, with airbrush tribal comming off the hood.

Four Wheeling. What, fourwheeling, I don't do well driving off road, but well my man does, and there are some places in the great state of PA, even not too far from johnstown that you can climb some rocks and some huge hills. And nothing looks better than a pretty Jeep covered in mud.

And the one you guys forgot. Sound system. My back seat is on its way next month to Audio Force it's being rebuilt, into a speaker box and still functional back seat, with better seat belts for when i use it as a grocery getter to take my son places and so on. I have a speaker box mounted to the roll bar, and plan once the wiring is redone, to get a nice CD player in it.

For guys it's the power and the off road. For Girls, it's the look, and how hot you are driving something big, bad, and loud. (okay, for most girls, there's those prissy bitches with sunfires that have little pink dice on the mirror)

Now heres a question, how do I protect my shit with the top off?
08-10-2005 10:34 PM
legacy wow, sounds great..... not sure if i can do that just yet though. i still need to make a few mods to the jeep, still don't even have tow hooks, lol. plus i'm in the middle of buying a hardtop so i'm not sure if i'd be able to afford the fee, but maybe next year..... i'll try. thanks for the info, and yes i have been to your site, its nice
08-10-2005 03:41 PM
From the JJUSA website.

CATSKILL MOUNTAINS | Sullivan County, NY | September 23-25 | TRAIL RATING 4-8

Nestled between the Delaware and Hudson River valleys, and home to the legendary Rip Van Winkle, the Catskill mountain range boasts magnificent colors in autumn. A lush forest just 90 miles north of New York City, the Catskills are dotted with hundreds of lakes and endless miles of streams. The power and drama of the landscape awaits you and your Jeep® 4x4 at every turn. Not surprisingly, excellent trout fishing is common here. There’s also plenty of opportunity to try your hand at thundering golf swings or tennis strokes. Tow hooks mandatory. Registration fees: Adults – $250 each, Kids 7-14 – $125 each, Kids 3-6 – $75 each. Accommodations and campground list sent upon registration. RVs welcome.

I will be at the Palo Duro Challenge that week just outside Amarillo, Texas but Adam will be at this event for

The Week before that I will be in Red River New Mexico covering that Jeep Jamboree for

Have you been to yet? The home page has photos from the Pocono’s Jeep Jamboree. The Past Events Link is loaded with the Texas Wheelin' Photos. Two of them our Jeep Jamborees also!
08-10-2005 03:31 PM
legacy yea sure send some info on that. sounds like fun. gotta know when it is though to see what is going on then.
08-10-2005 02:30 PM

I know a guy that will be attending the Jeep Jamboree in the Catskills.

You should look into that...

It's one heck of an event and a great way to meet a lot of area Jeepers.

Do you want me to send you more info?
08-10-2005 12:48 PM
legacy i'm from rochester, NY. I don't think there are that many jeepers in my area, plenty of people who own jeeps, but there really isn't any trails near me, ya gotta drive like 2-3 hrs away to find anything good.
08-10-2005 12:01 PM

Where are you from?

I might be able to point you towards a few Jeepers in your area?
08-10-2005 11:08 AM
legacy yeah, well i'm constantly checking the for sale area, and also been going to e-bay every other day and stuff like that. plus a few other forums with shops on them.
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