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04-12-2014 10:56 PM
Huskie One of the houses in the neighborhood I grew up in is haunted. An unassuming suburban mid-century split level, not a creepy old farmhouse.
The original owners of the haunted house had three daughters who were all older than me. I was in high school when the middle daughter, ‘Mary’, died. I remember the neighborhood parents whispering that they suspected an overdose. I didn’t remember much about Mary, because she was a few years older.
The father died a few years later, and the widow sold the house to a couple with a son and a daughter.
At the neighborhood block party last year, the second owners asked me if I remember anything about daughter that had died. ‘Kathy’ was convinced that Mary may still be in the house. Lights and appliances would turn on and off. Kathy would catch a glimpse of a moving shadow. Evidence of drug use was uncovered in the house, so the overdose theory was quite plausible.
Genealogy is one of my hobbies, and I was able to determine that Mary had died in a neighboring county. I am still waiting on her death certificate. Turns out Mary was six years older than me. I had always thought that ghosts remain where they die.
The strangest story that Kathy offered during the block party was when she had returned home from shopping one afternoon. She heard what sounded like wild sex upstairs. Her son was in high school at that time, and Kathy assumed her son was in bed with a girl. Their daughter was not living in the house at that time. Instead of making a scene, Kathy remained at the bottom of the stairs. The sex went on for quite a while. Her son came through the front door with his guitar. The sex stopped.
A friend of mine has been doing some work at the house, but he has not heard or seen any evidence of Mary. The few times I have recently been in the house, I have not seen anything. I doubt that Mary remembers me, but it would be interesting to see her.
04-09-2014 02:07 PM
RodtheRebel Great thread!!! I have a few similar stories that are all kinda the same. When I lived in Virginia, I was a Civil War re-enactor (5th VA Co E). We re-enacted battles all over Virginia, most of them on the actual battlefield. One time in Fredricksberg, a friend was portraying a Yankee soldier, since it's hard to find real yankees in Virginia, and he became violently ill on the battlefield. Once he left the battlefield, he felt perfectly fine. He decided to join the battle again, and as soon as he walked onto the battlefield, he said he felt a sharp pain in his kidney. Again, as soon as he left the field, he felt fine. weird.

Another time, our company was the Honor Guard at Stonewall Jacksons grave site for Lee/Jackson day in Lexington, VA. I remember standing there in formation and having a feeling of peace come over me. It's hard to explain, but I swear 'ol Stonewall Jackson was right there with us.

This next story was started out weird and we made it weirder. We were camped out in the front of an old house that was used as a Confederate hospital over in Highland county, VA. It was cold out that time of year so one of the guys decides he's going to sleep in the house (now converted to a museum). He made sure all the doors were closed and locked before he went to sleep. When he woke up the next morning, all the doors were open and his stuff was rearranged. The next night, the same guy decided to sleep in the museum again and this time, set up a video camera to record as long as the battery held out. After a few beers, a few of us snuck into the museum and started banging on walls and yelling at him to get out of there. He got out of there all right. He played back the video and you could clearly hear us pretending to be ghosts, but you could also hear laughter that clearly didn't come from any of us. No one remembers hearing laughter while in the museum, but it's on tape. Maybe there was a real ghost or maybe we had more beers than we thought. Who knows.

Some of the guys take photos during the battles, and a lot of those photos have orbs in them. I like to think some of the ghosts are still out there telling us where the yankees are going to come from.
04-09-2014 10:50 AM
Crthomas98 Bump
03-31-2014 07:19 PM
Harleyrider1108 I almost bumped this thread yesterday too.
03-31-2014 06:58 PM
CTX-Ross Crazy stuff BigEZ.. That dude in the middle of BFE is the kinda stuff that you always think back to and wonder what was going on, like what/why was he out there, what happened to him you know!!
03-31-2014 02:10 AM
BigEZ and while I didn't see this; it's still creepy as f^(%

when I was in kindergarten, my sister was 3. My dad worked 3rds, while I was at school. My mom worked part time and was home some days. One day while I was at school, my sister was playing in the spare basement bedroom. The bedroom had a dresser with a large vanity mirror.

My parents were upstairs when they heard a large crash with the sound of glass breaking. They ran downstairs and found my sister sitting in front of the guest room dresser, with shards of broken mirror glass in a perfect circle all the way around her. There wasn't a scratch on her.

They asked her what happened to the mirror. She said "the little boy broke it." They asked what little boy. She said "the little boy who came out of the mirror and went out the window."

Keep in mind I was at school. According to my parents, the circle was so close to her that there was no way the glass could have fallen any other way other than from straight above, which was not possible as the mirror was in front of her.
03-31-2014 01:56 AM
BigEZ I recently posted this on a similar thread on my bowhunting forum:

My wife and I were driving cross country (not in my jeep) and on a leg of the journey from Moab, UT to the Grand Canyon. It was really late at night (I'd guess near midnight) and we gassed up in Moab. So we start heading south and my wife falls back to sleep almost instantly. Maybe 20 minutes later we go through this little one-light town called Monticello (still in UT.) This is really in the middle of BFE - no cell coverage at all, and the stars are so bright you can see shadows in the desert, even w/o headlights. You really didn't even need lights. Maybe 10 miles south of there, I catch movement up ahead on the right shoulder. I start slowing down and almost come to a stop - there's a freakishly tall, skinny, mangy, bearded, wild-haired, butt-naked man; doing what can only be best described as jumping-jacks, waving his arms like he's trying to flag me down, and screeching at the top of his lungs (could hear him inside the closed car- he wasn't actually speaking words.) The temps were in the low 30s. I had passed no disabled cars on the road.

I had my pistol with me, but also had my wife to think of - and god knows what this dude's problem was. For all I knew he was a decoy for the Sawyer Family (that's a Texas Chainsaw Massacre reference.) I yelped "Holy %*!!!", my wife wakes up crying out thinking we're about to crash; I floor the accelerator and he tries to jump in front of my car; screeching the whole time. The whole thing took less than 5 seconds. I kept driving, trying to get cell phone service. (I never did pass any disabled cars or any homes/businesses close to the road.) Maybe 5 miles or more later, I finally get cell coverage enough to call 911. I get 911 in Arizona, some 60 miles away. Guess that was the nearest tower. AZ 911 don't even want to take my call as it's in another state; much less believe what I'm telling them. Finally I leave the operator with "look, believe me or not but it's freezing out here and the dude was buck naked. Please get a Utah trooper or sheriff's deputy to at least drive through."
03-31-2014 01:30 AM
Hawaii 5-0 I'm disappointed that there are no new stories posted here for 2 months.
01-31-2014 07:07 AM
NFGZ Thats pretty interesting, thanks for sharing!
01-31-2014 06:55 AM
redvettx2 So last summer we are spending a week and Glacier National Park in MT. We are out in a 10 ft dingy with a 4 horse motor just screwing around. I am sitting next to my 5 year old nephew teaching him to run the boat. My brother-in-law, grew up in MT, Biker out doors men into hunting and always packing is on the bow just looking into the clear water. We are on Lake McDonald which is rumored to have a large loch-ness type creature. Sorry we are no believers. So this lake is very deep and the water crystal clear. You can see down 120 feet to the bottom and more sometimes. He is face down
lying over the bow catching some rays and just looking into the water. All of a sudden he bolts up right with this totally freak out look on his face. He then moves to the center of the boat and pretty much demands we head for sure. I keep asking him what up but he doesn't want to talk about it. Well at least not in front of his son. We beach the boat and his wife takes the boy and Jason is still rattled. I have never seen him like this. I have seen him in some tough situations and this is a guy I would want watching my back. So he tells me this story. As he was looking into the water he saw a dark shadow appear from down deep. He said he could tell it was coming up to the surface fast. As it got too about 100 feet he could now see definition of what it was but his brain was not registering it. It was definitely coming straight towards our running boat. 10 ft white hard bottom dingy with 4 HP running motor. He was just looking trying to verify what he was seeing was real. Jason does not drink and we had no booze on the boat. He said at about 40 feet it level out and turned towards the front of the boat and rolled on its side a bit to get a better look at its potential meal. Jason said it was at least twice the size of our boat. 20 feet long or more! What was it I kept asking. He say's it was giant fish! Ok so what could be that big in the lake. My first thought was Sturgeon. We have both caught them before. No platting or armored look like a sturgeon. It was not the right color according to Jason. Too light of a color and the wrong shape. We discussed a huge fresh water seal or mammal of some type.
No definitely not it. He said it looked like a mutated cross between a huge salmon and a steel head. He said it had the extended jaw of a giant King Salmon during the spawn!
He put the boat away and never went back on the lake the rest of the trip. He was shaken and he has only discussed it with adults in the family. He said after it turned on its side a bit an looked directly at him it rolled back to level and with 2 swishes of its huge tail it rocketed off in front of the boat moving at a 90 degree angle and going back down deep. He said it was a show of total power and presence. That was when he actually jumped back from the front of the boat as it accelerated. I was all pumped up trying to rationalize the situation. The water distorted the the actual size of the fish. He said "ok lets say it was only half as big as I thought it was. Thats a 12 foot Fing trout! When the last time you seen a 12 Fing foot trout with body twice as thick as mine!" Jason is 5-11 200 lbs. I wanted to get some gear and go after. He said there is nothing big enough in town and you are going to need a serious sport fisher and not a dingy. I talked about my Heavy Duty Pen Ocean reel that you can strap into link Capt Quint on Jaws. He just shook his head and said feel free he isn't going and is not going out on that lake again, period end of conversation. I did E-Mail the story to the River Monster team but I never heard back from them. Was it real? Was it something else that took the shape of a giant fish? Indian Spirit? We will never know but I know it sure scared the shit out of my brother-In-Law. This is the same guy who 2 day earlier
approached a wolverine den with the intent to see if any one was home. They were home. I can still hear him laughing yelling "WOLVERINE-Everyone run for your lives". He was about 10 feet away and we were about 30. He tossed a rock near the entrance of a den he has know to exist for over 20 years. He had never seen a live one around before. Well that day there were home and he woke them up. It is a sound I have never heard on any nature show about Wolverines nor do I ever want to hear it again.
We all flew back onto the boat is nano seconds. Jason giggling like a school girl the whole time with no sign of fear. "Well that was a first and I wasn't really expecting that'. Not a guy who scares easily. Love the thread.
01-14-2014 06:46 PM
BamaMud This isn't really creepy as comforting, and its also my grandma's story. So a few years ago my grandpa passed. So about around half a year ago me and my grandma were talking about random things and the topic of my grandpa came up. So she was saying that about a month or so after his death she started having dreams about my grandpa.

One dream was with her and my grandpa and our two lake neighbors who they always talked with. So what happened in the dream is they were on the cliff side of a light house picking flowers. I don't really know what that meant but she had another really big dream that almost brought a tear to my eye.

So apparently my grandma was in one of those rooms were you can talk to prisoners through the phones but it wasn't a prison. She was with all of us and my grandpa was on the other side of the glass. My grandma started talking to to him and he said for her not to worry about him and that everything was gonna be alright and he was alright. He then put his hand against the glass and so did she.

I just thought this was really cool to know my grandma got the closure she needed. Another kinda weird thing is the day my Grandpa died, that morning my grandma said to him, "Whatever you do, don't leave me. Don't ever leave me" Just thought that was really cool/ comforting.
01-11-2014 08:31 PM
LV Naturist
Originally Posted by bluevr6 View Post
While trail riding in the north west corner of NC, I came across a bunch of hippies in an LSD enhanced orgie. I could only stay for three or so days.....

Now I am hungry...
Munchies? Bwahahaha
01-11-2014 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by Zdrisko View Post
On an old gravel road a few miles from Brazil, Indiana there's a wooded area that has literally hundreds of surveillance camera mounted to the trees facing the road. The only driveway on the road has a huge horse gate blocking it with ten or so flood lights mounted to it and an old 80's crown vic sitting right behind it. :wondering who's hiding what: (buffalo bill)
google maps.
01-11-2014 09:36 AM
bluevr6 While trail riding in the north west corner of NC, I came across a bunch of hippies in an LSD enhanced orgie. I could only stay for three or so days.....

Now I am hungry...
01-11-2014 09:23 AM
brandon-99tj I was on my way home last night on a gravel road less than a mile away from my small town. I could see the streetlights in the distance and the lights from some of the houses outside of town. I came over the last hill, and a super bright blue light swept across the road in front of me. Then it happened again, and I saw pitch black all around me. The lights in town were out, even the lights in the house I was about to drive by were out. Then I see what looks like anticollision lights on some sort of aircraft. I look around again and all the lights are back on. When I got home, all of my clocks were flashing so I know the power actually went out. It was super weird.
01-11-2014 07:52 AM
IrishRed Not on the trail but the thread has strayed some so...I have never believed any of this stuff, but when I first met my wife about 10 years ago we met through a mutual friend who we lived with for a few months. We were young and spent a lot of time partying at the house. My wife would always swear that doors would open and close but I never saw any of it. One night my cousin hooked up with a girl( the mutual friend/ homeowners cousin who eventually became his wife) and they did their thing on a couch in an extra room. The next morning we all woke up to him questioning us wanting to know who was watching them the night before. Everone was denying it and by this time the whole house was awake and shaking off our hangovers. He said one of you f* was standing there watching us with a white v-neck shirt and had your hands in your pockets jingling change. Everyone was grabbing at their shirts and showing him they had no undershirts on and had not stood in the doorway watching. We all turned and looked at the girl who owned the house and she was pale white. She said she had bought the house from her parents and her grandpa had died in the house. She said he ALWAYS wore white v-necks and jingled change in his pockets.
01-10-2014 05:37 AM
FZY1 A month and no one has seen anything?

Just yesterday I was on my way to work. I came upon a crosswalk. In the crosswalk was a deer! She was followed by 6 more. After they had crossed in front of me, I started to go when another deer ran in front of me.

Dang jaywalkers!
12-02-2013 10:51 AM
jeff_in_rc X a million! You have been missed my friend.
12-01-2013 11:59 PM
YJmaddness Incredible! Welcome back. You have been missed here!
12-01-2013 11:51 PM
12-01-2013 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by jeepwayoflife View Post
i'm glad you're back! I love hearing about your experiences. Truly amazing.
12-01-2013 11:39 PM
jeepwayoflife I'm glad you're back! I love hearing about your experiences. Truly amazing.
12-01-2013 11:13 PM
bangingears I was thinking of Harmony today, I was thinking of the many conversations we had and the experiences I had after I met her.

After our first meeting in which she mediumed for me, we talked over the phone every once and a while and I remember texting her about frequencies of events picking up speed, she had a saying “like the lash of a tongue, words, like spirits cannot be undone”. It always intrigued me what that meant, but I guess what she was trying to say is the farther down the rabit hole you go the more you can never go back. This was when Harmony truly saved my life.

I worked at JCpennys at the time and was often put on the late night closer’s, I hated it but it paid the bills and in my life I have always been happy just to have a job. I remember the coldness that would hit me when I left the building at night, the doors would open and it would feel artic, my hair would stand up, and the chill would cut through me. Several times co-workers would comment on it not being that cold, and generally even the chicks would give me a razz over my “pussification of the cold”.

Its like when things are second nature you brush them aside, I had, had these feelings before, the rush of energy the change in temperatures, these have always been tells for me. But I just thought warm building, cool air, and it was fall/winter at that time. But what I noticed was my peripheral always caught things, it wasn’t objects or necessarily even people, but the shadows would move, the way an object was lit would change when I walked by, at first you think its just being tired, other times you think its your neurotic mind… But I remember the night it changed, it was actually the night before Thanksgiving, this day I hit the doors and the feeling was cold but changed, it was like oppression, it was as if not only the wind cut through me but like I was growing really tired. I got in my truck and fired it up, turned the heat on and just took a breather, it was like I was shutting down, my hands froze, my eyes were heavy. For some reason I felt like this was spiritual, my thoughts raced to my worthlessness, all that I hadn’t done, how I was a loser, how life wasn’t worth living, how disappointing I was to my parents and I heard as my voice said these were lies but a voice that was also mine said it was not. I remember calling Harmony, my calls were rare with her, we talked sporadically, but not weekly or even monthly I would say. I remember the phone didn’t even finish the first ring when she picked up. Before I could get out anything she asked where I was, and I said I had just gotten out of work, she quickly told me to get to a lighted area and hold tight she was going to come to me. I assured her I could drive but she rejected the idea. I told her I was on the 4th floor of the parking structure and she immediately shrieked, she told me to park my car under a light and OUT of the structure.

While on the phone my head started to feel like it was going to split, she continued to talk but told me to get to a lighted spot, I drove my truck to a parking spot directly under a parking light but I kept saying my head was getting worse. I remember she asking if I had a bible, at that moment everything went south, sight was gone and the highest pitch ring let out in my ears, a persistent pitch of high ringing. All I could do was hold each side of my head, the pitch constant, high, and unbelievably painful. What felt like an hour was stopped suddenly with 3 quick raps on my window. Harmony had driven to me. I unlocked the door and felt incapacitated. She grabbed my head and just looked into my eyes. I remember the tears welling in my eyes and running down my cheeks, the pain was incredible, and then I felt wet on my forehead, salt on my tongue and the ringing continued, but muffled words were coming in as the pitch continued, but the words were not something I could understand.

My vision started to come back, at first it was black, it was pain, it was uncontrollable, then came shapes, and I could see the curls and grey in her hair, it looked like a mop was infront of me, but her words continued, but beyond the grey hair was only what appeared to be a whirlwind, as if I was stuck in a washer machine the outside spun, the ringing head changed to screeching.

Ill never forget her words, “Honey, your gonna have to help me from here”, the whirlwind stopped and behind her stood 4 shadows, Harmony’s face came into picture but behind her stood these entities. “Can you see sugar?”, I said I could see her but 4 figures stood behind her. She asked what they looked like and I said black, I couldn’t make out hoods, or clothing, faces, all of them lacked detail. I started to feel some power come back, her hands still grasping my head. I closed my eyes and with everything I had, “In the name of Jesus Christ and with the conviction of the Holy Trinity, I COMMAND you to declare yourself”. At that moment I felt like the last of my energy was gone, like the sick feeling when you simply cannot go any farther. The 4 entities fell into each other and one remained.

A hiss let out and the voice that spoke sounded as if it was a labored through that of rasp. I heard the voice say to me, “we are hear for the light”. I felt Harmony shake me and ask, what did they say, to which I reiterated to her. But as I got to the end of telling her, my voice caught, as if someone had cut off all access to vocal cords. I weezed, but I felt oppression, my body started to feel very cold again and the cold hit my chest and started working its way out. I remember the lights starting to dim and all I could do was mime to Harmony that I needed help, whatever it was it was stronger then I and I was feeling the will to give up. “I am worthless, I am a disappointment” I remember hearing in my head, by my voice, and this time I was agreeing with it. But the silence of my mind was broke by a new voice, by Harmony’s voice, it was not from my ears but from within. YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS, GOD DAMNIT. You know its bad when something is trying to oppress you but an old lady talking in your mind makes you nearly piss your pants. The hiss let out again and now the voice I heard was also inside, and what was very much a battle for my life happened as I sat back 3rd person. I heard latin as it was spit from the voice and refuted by Harmony. I would come to and go away in this battle, I felt just like I had when I was little and my appendix burst, like the drugs they give you, the cloud fell in around me.

“YOU CANNOT HAVE HIM”, I heard Harmony scream, the voice hissed and shrieked. My sight came gradually and I was no longer in my truck, in fact I wasn’t even in the parking lot. The walls began to form and the ceiling was covered in popcorn, the surroundings started to seem familiar it was at that moment I realized I had my sense of smell and it smelled of sage, I was back at Harmony’s. my back flat on the ground I noticed what surrounded me, salt, in a hastily made circle I was surrounded by salt, standing over me was Harmony, in what seemed like a bellow she screamed, “Daemonis ad infernum cum his iam sibi animus”. (back TO HELL with you Demons this soul has been claimed).

But their response was as cruel as it was cunning, “Utrum anima pretium filia? suavis est caro, sed deliciis erit” They asked whether I was worth that of her daughter, they bragged about the sweetness of her flesh, but commented that I would be a delicacy. Through this whole experience Harmony never waivered, she had never showed a sign of weakness, she only showed that of protection, care and concern. But even I knew they had found their hold, her voice shook for a moment, the determined voice that had bellowed in a battle inside my mind no longer felt the backing.

My face turned to look at Harmony and our eyes locked, she batted her eyes where the tears had begun, and then she broke contact with mine. My face turned to the entity that sat outside of this circle. It looked like black haze, like a single stream of colored fog, twisting and turning but staying the same in overall shape, like bottling a tornado just to watch it move.

There was a slight cough, a catch in her voice and then the sternness was back, “id quod factum est, quod anima non potest repeti, quod est anima, et virtute patris, filii et spiritus sancti, quae ego loquor ad te, et sanguis Christi ex hac puella. Non excepit illum in cogitationibus illius magna.” In short, that soul can never be reclaimed, but this was has already been claimed, in the name of the father, son and holy spirit I banish you back to hell, you are not welcome with him, the plans for this child are great.

It was like someone socked me in the stomach as I doubled over in a long-winded gasp, like a newborn taking its first breath. The air felt fresh and Harmony grabbed me, As I sat there I had so many questions, the Entity screeched and imploded like a dying star. I remember looking into the eyes of Harmony as they caught mine, a small smile crept across a face that showed nothing but fatigue. Her hand gently patted my head. And what may seem creepy to some was completely soothing to me, we sat and rocked, embraced, like a protective mother over me, I had no idea what was happening, or had happened, this was a completely new ball game. My eyes caught the window ceil and I could see the sun was well on its way to breaking the horizon.

I got off work at 11pm, I called her at 11:09 on my truck clock.

I remember asking how long and she smirked, “TOO LONG”. I felt as strength slowly entered me, we worked from the ground to her kitchen table, she cooked breakfast and poured me a glass of OJ, I caught the numbers on the clock, 7:17 am.

“Your Daughter?” I asked

the coffee pot chimed and I remember The face that met mine, one that had relived a nightmare, one that was filled with joy and sadness all at the same time.

“Soon, Honey, But not today, today is a day to be thankful”

ill try to finish the second half tomorrow
11-23-2013 10:21 PM
SirRyan That's exactly what it is.
11-23-2013 08:41 PM
chucky cheese
Originally Posted by SirRyan View Post
Saw this yesterday trail riding in the hills and hollers here in Tennessee. Caught me off guard to say the least.

Attachment 535698
What is that? looks like a giant skull.
11-23-2013 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by sirryan View Post
saw this yesterday trail riding in the hills and hollers here in tennessee. Caught me off guard to say the least.
11-23-2013 08:14 AM
SirRyan Saw this yesterday trail riding in the hills and hollers here in Tennessee. Caught me off guard to say the least.

Attachment 535698
11-15-2013 05:57 PM
Rrampley Awesome read. I had read thru this a few months back and it has more than doubled in size. Finished reading all the stories and events! Haven't put my phone down all day. Love this thread! Makes me realize those strange things happen to others too. Not too strange with me. But my house and my old dog give me the creeps sometimes.
11-04-2013 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by bangingears View Post
both, people are very judgmental. I cant tell most friends and family about this, thats why iam sorta exploding on here, I have alot to say but rarely have a the outlet to present things. Most people who arent religious say I am liar, those who are have a tendency to suggest i need to be "fixed".

I have been in a long term relationship and only about a year ago disclosed to her about what i can experience, I had something that I was able to validate to her that I was trying to keep away for the sake of our relationship. this is a problem i have always struggled with until I met her.

I have very vivid dreams and dream every night. The problem is I cant always tell if the dream is "real life" or not. By that I mean I have deja vu on a regular basis. I dont know at the time of the dream, I am seeing something that may happen in the future, but I can scare the bajeezus out of the girlfriend by finishing her thought, or the conversation of another table from people i have never met in a specific setting or event.

I havent had any bad experiences or ones that have affected me in a negative way, so I see the ability as kinda of a gift, I experience things others most of the time do not experience in real life.

But again the Con is not being able to share these experiences with loved ones or being able to bounce off of others as a sound wall. Ill post up another long story tonight. between school and work I dont have the time right now!

thanks to all of you that have been receptive, you dont always know how this kinda things gonna go over.

I know exactly what you are talking about with the seeing something in a dream and it happening later! It happens to me also, and I had just tried explaining it to my family (who was awake) when we we were driving. About being able to know what comes next... but when it does happen I get all choked up like literally, not sure if just because I'm so surprised that I knew what was coming or what but, there reactions were basically that is interesting and you'll have to let me know when it happens, but I could tell they really need an example to believe me, I'm still waiting for that chance. I just let them know the other day and its been happening for, as I remember, about 2-3 years.

Cool to see someone else that this happens to!
10-29-2013 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by Geno View Post
So my buddy worked at a yuppie ski/summer lodge in the Sierra Nevadas years ago here in California.We were both in our 20s and single. I worked in Los Angeles and would go and stay with him every chance I could. Fun weekend at a high end lodge for free and winter wheeling( I love 4wheeling in the snow ). One of his duties during the winter was to run the snow cat and groom the cross country ski trails in the middle of the night. Well I would tag along in the snow cat and drink beer while he had the piloting job. One night we were out, a few miles from the lodge, grooming away in this narrow valley. It was about 1/4 mile across from peak to peak left to right with the trail right down the middle. The peaks of each side of the valley couldn't of been tall, maybe 100' or so. Snow covered pine trees flanking us. As all know, up in the mountains at night, it gets real dark. Only the lights of the snow cat showing the way. So up to my right clearing the peak is a real bright green light. It slowly travels across the valley scanning around. Its moving slow, like a helicopter would, yet no noise or rotor wind. My buddy stops the snow cat and we both stare at the light. It just keeps moving slowly from right to left scanning with its light. It finds us and focus's it's light on us! I start to hit my buddy in the side saying " What the F--k is that?!". He says nothing. The light keeps moving across the skyline focused on us until it reaches the peak on the left. When it gets to the left peak, the light goes out and disappears. I am really freaked out and keep asking, what was that?! My buddy wont answer. He just starts to drive forward and we go on.
Nothing the rest of the night.
But my buddy would not talk about it. He just kept saying " SHUT UP! I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!"
To this day, I don't know what we saw. I just know it was not a helicopter or a plane.
Still a little freaked out.
It sounds like a close encounter of the third kind. Much better than a close encounter of the fourth kind. I mean, at least you didn't loose hours and discover bruises on your body. By the way, what time did your trip start?
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