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03-01-2014 07:49 AM
tealj Nothing really to take pictures of, just put on my front wheel adapters and moved the rear wheel studs from the 5x4.5 holes to the 5x5.5 holes (glad they came drilled for both). Luckily I didn't have to pull the shafts to do it, just used the air hammer to push them out and the impact to pull them back in. Then made a template so I can drill the rotors for the 5x5.5 bolt circle, and put it all back together. Just have to wait for my wheels to come in now.
02-27-2014 06:27 PM
tealj Not a whole lot done, but I did get a tube machined to sleeve the axle. Started to weld up the 3 link bracket that I got from TMR and looked at where on the frame to mount it, still deciding on whether to go as close to the skid plate possible for a long arm or a little shorter for more of a mid arm, opinions welcome. Used a thin piece of sheet metal to make sure the joint wasn't going to be too tight, then welded it in, not as nice as the TMR welds but they won't move.

Also picked up a package from PSC to replace the current box with the wobbling output shaft.

The assist will wait until the new axle is ready but figured I'd run it without until then, unless it fits where the steering damper is now

The brace wasn't tight here yet and the skid plate not on, but once everything's you can't even see it anymore.
01-05-2014 06:46 PM
tealj OK, so I started looking at redoing my front end this winter, It'll be getting a D44 with a bunch of goodies and a 3 link suspension. Have been collecting a few parts up to now, and today I got started on some cutting. I'd already stripped the axle and had it sandblasted so it was nice to work on.
Now that I have my new workbench setup and a few things cleaned up I got started on changing my full width pass drop D44 into a drivers drop TJ width D44. First I measured multiple times and then cut the long tube down as it'll now be the short tube.

Made a fairly neat cut along the hose clamp with my sawzall. Then cleaned up the end.

Then I cut off the short side C and cut the old tube out.

Then finally shortened the long side tube as it will be moved to the passenger side with a sleeve and truss.

Next I'll need to clean the tubes, make a sleeve and weld it back together.
10-07-2013 06:24 PM
tealj Well, I went through all the cables, replaced the #4 ground cable with a #2 cable and cleaned the contacts and added some star washers to all the power cables at the solenoids and motor. After some good hard pulls on the weekend everything seems to be right back where it should be, so I must have had a loose connection somewhere. On to the next projects, but have to do some cleaning and house work first.
09-30-2013 05:55 PM
htkrph So jealous.
09-30-2013 03:32 PM
tealj OK, so it's been a few weeks and got a couple things done, including some wheeling, last weekend in NY up in the Catskills with the Jeep Jamboree and this weekend in Michigan at the Rocks and Valleys Park. Didn't get the steering cooler until the day before we left for NY, so got that done between weekends. Hardest part is figuring out where to put it. Looked at the drivers wheel well, but I was short about an inch (isn't that always the case). So ended up putting it in the front grill, which is a fair bit of work to get in, including the taking out the drivers headlight, loosening off the radiator and condenser, filing a slot in the fins to fit around the support rods. Got it done, but not before having to find a new way to re-attach the condenser as those fasteners just spin in the brass, then replacing the rad when you poke a hole in while cutting said bolts. grrr. Anyway it's all repaired and working again.

Also found my front locker still leaking, so I pulled the front carrier out to see what was wrong and found locker air ring to be damaged, probably from banging around when the carrier loosened up. Ordered a new one and had to pay rush shipping to get it by the weekend, but at least it's back together and worked great this weekend. When I did get the locker back together the push to connect fitting for the air line was leaking, but it's m5 air line, which is not common, so I got some m6 fittings and lines and switched it out to make it more standard.

Only thing I still need to do is find out why the winch won't pull under moderate load. Noticed it towards the end of the previous weekend, it runs fine until it's loaded, but once there is a moderate amount of load it just stalls out. Not sure if the motors going out, possible as it's the original 8274 motor that got to be 20+ years old. I'll check all the connections to be sure that's not it. The solenoids were all replaced 2 years ago when I rebuilt the winch, but I'll check and make sure they are all working too. If anyone has any other thoughts, let me know.
09-11-2013 04:59 PM
tealj Got a bunch of parts in last night, so started by putting in the Anti-rock and the power steering pump. Anti-rock was easy, just follow the instructions.
Cleaned up the frame first.

Then hook it all up

Power steering pump was easy, the hard part was getting the reservoir to fit with everything else under the hood.

Still need to do the cooler for the power steering. I had ordered the PSC cooler and mounting bracket, but after looking at the work to get it installed and the fact that it had two relatively small opening that would restrict the A/C condenser and radiator I decided not to use it and instead ordered a heatsink style cooler, that should be plenty with the increase in fluid volume the PSC remote reservoir provides.
09-05-2013 11:02 AM
tealj Last night I didn't get a lot done, but I did manage to take a carbide bit to the inside of the front tube and cleaned up some rust and the weld seam in preparation for the antirock install next week. Also started to pull the steering wheel as mine has chunks coming out of the leather, I've had another one that's in slightly better shape for a while, but didn't get to installing it yet. Found out that my puller wasn't big enough for the bolts, so I borrowed a different one today and I'll get it done tonight.
09-04-2013 02:28 PM
Well it's been a while since any update, but I must say I like these tires offroad, not as nice on the road but livable (not why I bought them). Have a couple of trips on them now and have found they work well at about 7-8 psi, started at 6 but found it was too soft, no bead issues but they sat on the sidewall too easy. After this last trip, I found a few things I want to fix/change. First the Yukon Zip air locker was intermitently leaking, found that I had too much play in the carrier so I'll re-shim the carrier, also found that a couple of the carrier bolt locks had fallen off, Randy's was nice enough to ship me the parts free. Also bent the rear bow on the soft top after a fight with a tree, when I phoned Bestop they were able to get me the entire assembly for about $155 plus shipping. Then I noticed that the steering pump was starting to make noises and the effort was getting harder, especially at idle so I ordered up a PSC steering pump and cooler. Finally I was getting tired of the body lean during certain off camber events and after seeing others with front antirock's I ordered up one of them too. So all the parts should come in next week and then I can get it all installed and be ready before heading out to the Catskills in 2 weeks. So for now I'm just taking everything apart and cleaned up so that when things arrive I just have to install them.
08-02-2013 08:46 AM
tealj Well got all the tires mounted last night, went better than I thought it would. The Super Swampers went on the rims very easily and using my cordless impact screw gun and a 40" v-belt between the beadlock ring and the rim the torquing went very smoothly, still took many hours, but easier than doing it all by hand like last time.

New vs Old
08-01-2013 02:29 PM
tealj Just a set of 35x12.5-15 Super Swamper LTB's (Bias Ply)
08-01-2013 08:49 AM
GoldenSahara00 Looking great man, glad you got the issues w/ the 300 worked out. Looks like you had a good time. Specs on the new rubbers?
08-01-2013 07:55 AM
tealj The new shoes are here, but with soccer and scuba no time last night. I'll start mounting them tonight.
07-28-2013 08:00 AM
tealj Well an update of my last wheeling trip, everything worked well, and a little news on what's coming. Decided to drive the Jeep to work on Friday, checked the tire pressures and topped them off on Wednesday and then noticed this when I came out of work, luckily I have OBA, so pumped it up and got home and ordered me a new set of shoes, hopefully they'll arrive before next weekend and Trailfest. If anyone needs two or three Goodyear Wrangler MTR's let me know, I'm keeping one as a spare. Two are good and hold air and the third is the one with the small cut, that just leaks when it's at the bottom, so would make a good trail spare (especially with a patch).

From the Saturday, when the weather was nice.

and Sunday heading up Greens, when it was a little wetter.

06-21-2013 02:44 PM
tealj Well I discovered three things last night. First why the front output wouldn't shift on the 300, the set screw that I used to plug the hole for the 4WD switch was set a little too deep and the indent on the shift rod for the switch was hitting it when I tryed to shift . Secondly, that the stainless rod I had made doesn't have enough surface hardness and was wearing (already) where the detent balls run over it. I talked to a couple of buddies in heat treating and after I widen the machining for the 4wd switch and clean up the ball marks I'll have them surface harden the rod. So other than having to take everything apart again, the fixes should be fairly easy and I'll be ready to go wheeling again soon.
Thirdly, I learned that standing working on Jeep parts in a warm garage makes me queasy after donating blood and hour earlier, oh well good excuse to lay on the couch the rest of the evening.
05-23-2013 08:47 PM
tealj Well I got some pictures from Rausch Creek. Unfortunately I am now in the process of pulling the t-cases as I couldn't get the front output to go into gear, it would partially engage but wouldn't stay engaged as if it couldn't get past the detent ball on the rod. I ended up running the weekend in rear wheel drive, so I had to skip some of the more extreme trails, but I rode with my buddies or walked along as a spotter. Did have a chance to see how the 4:1 worked and how the rear suspension behaved. It's amazing what you can still go through with a locked rear axle.
A little poser shot to check for any issues before the start of the day, the front is fully articulated but I still have 2-3 inches of travel left in the rear, most likely due to the rear antirock and no front sway bar.

The first obstacle were I realized I wasn't getting the front to engage.

Continuing on

05-16-2013 08:09 PM
tealj So all ready to head to Rausch Creek tomorrow, finished up loading and a few small final pieces. Got the last piece of 1/4" plate for a little skid plate extension under the 300, I may still make the transition smoother, but for now it should do. Also picked up some hood bumpers as I was tired of the metal on metal rubbing of my hood on the fender.

05-12-2013 08:36 PM
tealj Got almost everything done this weekend, at least that's needed before next weekend, because a Jeep is never really done. Built and installed the sidesteps/rock guards, put the boot and knobs on the t-case shifters, put the hi lift on and spare tire, ran the wire for the CB antenna and re-installed the center console, soldered the wires for the backup lights but ran out of convolute. Tomorrow I'll get the last two pieces of steel I need so I can finish the skid extension and the rear cargo cover.

I did put labels on the shifters, but forgot to take a pic after that
05-10-2013 07:12 AM
tealj Got the right side corner all done yesterday and then took it for a bit of a drive, almost forgot to bolt the drivers seat down, but did do it. Drove nice, put the top on but left it down for a nice cruise, was good to get it out, now if I could only find my shift knob, it seems to have walked away. Was going to drive it in to work this morning but it was raining and I didn't want to get it all wet and then have to work on it this weekend, so I took the car. Found two codes, one for upstream O2 shorted to power and one for e-fan, which I don't have. Looked at the O2 and the connector was loose, the lock's broken, so I plugged it in and started the Jeep after clearing the codes and it didn't come back right away, so we'll see. I'll zip tie it together for now and see what happens, but otherwise I think I have another O2 that I can change out. Also did an oil change since it was warm, it was almost 2000 km since the last one, that was July of 2011, I've got to put more miles on this year, good thing I use a full synthetic oil.
05-09-2013 10:42 AM
tealj I picked the Jeep up yesterday from the exhaust shop, a little concerned with clearance over the axle, but it might work, otherwise they'll fix it. Has a code right now, but may be just because the rear O2 was unplugged at one point, I'll check it tonight. Got the right corner painted and holes drilled, have a little to do on the body side, hopefully tonight. Installed the main skid plate so I can measure for the cover between it and the crossmember. Also picked up the steel, 4"x2" 3/16" wall tube, for the side steps, which will be worked on this weekend. I can't wait to get it on the road for a test drive though.
05-06-2013 09:16 PM
tealj Sunday I got the wiring mostly done, just two more wires to finish off and some wires to wrap up. Also got the bedliner done on the rest of the floor and then the rear seats installed. Put the back bumper back on and put the left fender on for the last time. Today I dropped it off at the exhaust shop to get that completed. Overall a very productive weekend. Not sure how much I can get done this week with other stuff going on, but I should have all of next weekend to work on it and get it finalized. 11 days and counting until Rausch Creek.

05-06-2013 09:47 AM
GoldenSahara00 Looks good.
05-05-2013 09:14 AM
tealj So got a lot accomplished the last few day. The body work is all done, got to be the worst part. The fenders are welded up and the center skid is modified to fit the doubler.

This week I've got to get the exhaust done, finish some painting, splice the electrical in and install the lights. Also the rear bumper and rear seats can go back in once I bed line the last of the tub.
04-30-2013 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by htkrph View Post
thats awesome!
Thanks, it's coming along, 2-1/2 weeks until Rausch Creek
04-30-2013 09:13 AM
htkrph thats awesome!
04-30-2013 07:26 AM
tealj OK, so got the t-cases buttoned up, the rear suspension back together and no leaks this time. Driveshafts are in and the tranny crossmember is removed, just have to decide on what direction to go. The weekend was spent on installing the roll bar and various bars as well as putting the new Bestop NX softop on and making sure it fits.

Then I started welding up the body and fitting my corners.

It's not the prettiest but it will all get covered anyway.
04-25-2013 04:51 PM
indirocz28 Wow, that is an impressive amount of work! I wish I had that much time and money on my hands. Lol

Great build so far!
04-24-2013 11:41 AM
ebilek231 wow great work can't wait to see more
04-24-2013 08:24 AM
Ugg, last night was a two steps forward 3 steps back kind of night. Put some better tube with qucik connects on the sight tubes for the t-cases, got the shifters for the 300 hooked up, although they are really stiff, but no oil yet so that might be part of it. Then I filled the 231 up and it started to drip back out between the 300 and adapter ring and then had a Homer moment when I realized I hadn't put any silicone between the ring and 300, so I took everything apart again. Tonight I hope to get it all back together, but first I'll peak inside the 300 again to see if there's anything preventing the shifters from working smoothly, although I've been told they are a little stiff anyway, so probably OK.
04-22-2013 10:22 PM
tealj Got the 300 all done, although with a couple small issues, and installed. Put in the lower control arm crossmember and arms as well as adjusted them for length. Also put the rear driveshaft in place. So basically got the rear end buttoned up.
First the issue with the 300, the rebuild kit I got from Advanced adapters came with a new intermediate shaft, except that the shaft is a few thou larger and wouldn't fit in the case or in the intermediate gear without a lot of effort. Also as can be seen the o-ring groove is way too small to fit the supplied o-ring.

So I ended up installing the gear with the old shaft, which was still in decent shape, so not too big a deal.

Here is a pic of the single lip seal the kit comes with (right) and the double lip seal I bought (left). I ended up doubling up on the seals just to make sure I had no leaks with the single lip on the outside to act more like a wiper seal for dirt.


and two

Everything installed

Will have some interference with my old tranny crossmember and the shifters, so that's got to change, not exactly sure what I'm going to do, but I have a couple of ideas.

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