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07-18-2014 03:54 PM
Henny Well, you can add me to another one to the list.

As with everyone else, my 2012 JKUR, had the tail gate open and I heard a "pop"! The tailgate actually over sprung the hinges and hit my tail light.

I took it to the dealer and they subsequently took pictures and allegedly e mailed them to Jeep last week. The body shop manager gave me a call today and related that "Chrysler doesn't think it's a warranty issue." I asked if I could have a copy of the e mail forwarded to me with Chrysler's replay and it was related it was not possible, and it was not possible to have the determination in writing.

I called Chrysler and they will look into and have the photographs analyzed and said their decision will be final.

Here I thought it would be a quick fix.
06-20-2014 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by JimMariner View Post
I'd give them about a week see if they actually do turn it into Chrysler. And if this dealer doesn't follow through, go to another. It is a Known Issue.

Good Luck !!
Post back with your results.
Thanks! The place was kind of a cluster, I wanted an oil change too, but they didn't do it. I was so frustrated with them over the tailgate thing I didn't even think about it until I was down the road.

Also, needed 4 shoulder screws for my soft top, they kept trying to give me the wrong screw, I had to keep telling them that wasn't it. I had to look up the part number on my phone and tell them what part it was that I needed because they didn't know.
06-20-2014 09:02 AM
Originally Posted by ivegottaherdon View Post
I'm not sure I have faith in the service manager to actually follow up...
I'd give them about a week see if they actually do turn it into Chrysler. And if this dealer doesn't follow through, go to another. It is a Known Issue.

Good Luck !!
Post back with your results.
06-20-2014 08:49 AM
ivegottaherdon I had this problem, took it to my local dealership yesterday. The service manager initially told me it was going to be $600 to repair. I told him, it should be covered under warranty. He said it wasn't because I used excessive force to open the door. I told him I didn't, I was on flat ground, opened it up, and it just popped out, and that had I opened it with excessive force it would've at least cracked the tail light right behind the door, but there wasn't a scratch on the light.

They brought in a 2014 JKU and were showing me how the bar stopped the door, I told them the hinges actually stopped the door from opening too far, and the bar just acted as something to hold the tailgate open so it didn't shut on you. We argued about it for 15 minutes or show, I pointed out the differences in the hinges on the 2014 JKU he brought into the service area and my 2012 JKU.

I finally convinced him to take photographs and send to Chrysler to let them make a determination. He said he'd do that, he had photos, but it'd take several days.

Should I take photos and contact Chrysler myself? I'm not sure I have faith in the service manager to actually follow up...
06-19-2014 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by fbijeep View Post
The parts in & painted to repair my tailgate they will be installed on Wednesday of next week!
Post up when the repair/replacement of the hinges are completed.

Keep showing other forum members who may find this thread that it is possible to get Jeep/Chrysler to replace them.
06-19-2014 08:45 AM
Photos of Old and New Hinges

These two photos show the differences between the old and new hinge designs (the old hinge is the one that is coated with rust-proofing material.)

The old-style hinge is from my early 2013 Wrangler. On this design there was a very small overlap of metal that was intended to stop the door. If you look carefully, you can see that this metal stop failed. The paint is missing where the stop failed.

The new-style (late 2013 - ) hinge has a very substantial stop. A large tab and flange overlap to form the stop. The stop has a large contact area an should not fail like the early design.

Chrysler replaced my hinges under warranty after the dealer sent photos to Chrysler. All painted parts replacements require authorization from Chrysler. This means that the dealer cannot authorized this repair without prior approval from Chrysler. But, if the dealer submits the photos, Chrysler should authorize the repair.
06-19-2014 08:05 AM
Important details on the tailgate defect:

Important details on the tailgate defect:
1) The hinges stop the door (not the strap, and not the plastic bar)
2) Hinges were redesigned mid 2013 to correct a design defect
3) Chrysler knows about this issue
4) This cannot be repaired without replacing the hinges
5) Dealer must photograph the hinges and request a determination from Chrysler
6) Chrysler will approve the repair if photos of the old hinges are emailed to Chrysler (if a stock tire is mounted on the carrier)
7) Chrysler may refuse the repair if the spare is oversized
8) Examine the hinges on a new 2014 or late 2013 and you will see that Chrysler has changed the design - show this to the mechanic
9) This is a known issue and Chrysler should make it right - they did for me
My repair was made at Roger Burdick Jeep in Syracuse NY
06-19-2014 06:50 AM
fbijeep The parts in & painted to repair my tailgate they will be installed on Wednesday of next week!
06-18-2014 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by Wmpj08 View Post
The service manager also continued to tell me that there is no way that it is a factory defect and continued to blame me stating multiple ways i could have broken it.
He is correct in a way. It is not factory defect. It is a design defect.

I have read thru this thread. It appears that the design is not sufficient to handle the normal force required to stop a moving tailgate with the weight of even the factory tire&wheel attached.

You are not being abusive or negligent simply because you aren't being "dainty" with the tailgate when opening it.

Your service manager reminds me of my grandmother. She required that we handle everything with the most delicate and careful touch. Remind your service manager that this is a steel tailgate, not a crystal vase.
06-18-2014 07:15 AM
JimMariner I would definitely go to another dealer. It's a fact that these hinges are built like c*?p. Let go of the tailgate one time in the wrong situation and it's gone, and maybe your tail light too.

On mine the hinges were replaced as were the plastic covers on the hinges. but it took 3 visits to get them to acknowledge the problem.

It might pay to by pass the entry guy and go straight to the body shop people if you can. They were the ones who took the pictures and sent them to Chrysler on mine.

Also, if your STOCK tire is on the tire carrier, just as you bought it, well, they really can't say you are at fault by having it there.

Good Luck.
06-18-2014 03:42 AM
Lusus_Naturae Forget weighing the tire and all that crud. The implication is they don't want you to add more than 50lbs to the tailgate - we already know the spare (tire and wheel together) weigh in at about 80-90lbs.

I'd start a new thread or check to see if one is already around, to find a new dealer near you that is better. just because one dealer wrote it up as no warranty doesn't mean all dealers will see it the same way. The dealer will see the writeup though if they entered it in the system. I'd print this entire thread out and take it along to the dealer.

If anyone has an actual warranty form showing the work done you may be able to get that too for further proof. I don't have one since my screw is holding mine.
06-17-2014 11:43 PM
Dealer run around

I recently had my 13 JK Unlimited Rubicon tailgate totally destroy the hinges, metal stopper and the plastic covers because i pushed the tailgate open to the max.

After going to the dealer the service manager at the dealer (jeep dealer Arrigo located in Fort Pierce FL) tell me that this will not be warranted bc it is obviously the users fault. The service manager also continued to tell me that there is no way that it is a factory defect and continued to blame me stating multiple ways i could have broken it. First off how can anyone from a legal perspective tell me its my fault? And since i don't believe he can legally do that doesn't that mean he is breaking the Chrylser/Jeep warranty? On the invoice that i was given it states

"Cust states rear door check came out and broke when opening door, checked and door hinge is broken from EXCESSIVE MOVEMENT. NO WARRANTY" How is that possibly a reason to not validate a warranty!!!!

I proceeded to call Chrysler directly, they did nothing to help me and stated that the dealer was going to make the final decision and would not even look at it for me. I was also told that i could not talk to a supervisor or manager on the phone. Chrysler really let me down and did NOTHING at all in a customer service perspective.

After doing a little research i came to find out that the jeep manual states there should not be a weight of more than 50 lbs on the tailgate! I have a rubicon and i believe the stock spare is more than that. I have to weigh the tire and verify that, can anyone confirm or deny this?

I am going to try one more dealership and see if they can help. I know lots of other jeepers are having similar issues and would appreciate any help you can give me. At this point it almost seems like legal action could be taken bc they are breaking there own safety standards/minimums.

Please, all help and advice is appreciated!
06-17-2014 10:24 AM
DiscDog Makes me happy I got the teraflex hinge. The hinge is tight so even on inclines with a larger wheel/tire its not swinging anywhere fast under its own power and has a built in stop.
06-17-2014 09:45 AM
JimMariner Keep at them, Once they take pictures and submit it to Chrysler it will get fixed. They know all about these being bad, even when they tell you, Damm, it's the first one I ever saw do this. When they don't replace the hinges, just open the door again and let it go past the so called stopper. It will pop right out again, in front of them.

Took me 3 times going back till they fixed it by replacing the hinges with new parts.
06-17-2014 09:23 AM
fbijeep 3 weeks ago my tailgate stop bar broke, the dealer replaced it the next day. That arm broke within 24 hours. It now needs new bar & with a few asst. tail gate parts & some
paint. The dealer told me it's covered. This is My 16th Jeep 2013 Wrangler, My wife is driving 2014
Cherokee {#17}. If they don't repair this tail gate this week..I will start calling Jeep.
05-02-2014 05:01 PM
zaitcev I have a 2010 which does NOT have the door-holder thingie. Hinges stop the gate, as they should. If 2012 and later come with weak hinges, how about insisting that they order hinges from a 2010 instead? There should be an old part number in their system somewhere.

Jim, could you scan a repair sheet with part numbers?

This thought occured to me because Chrysler definitely was skimping on 2012 redesign. Nothing against the Pentastar, but look at the skid bar versus skid plate controversy. Mine has a good skid plate.
05-02-2014 04:11 PM
wassup8687 Well they covered mine under warranty but the 2nd time I open the tailgate it broke again.

Good thing is that my TeraFlex Hinge came in yesterday so when I got home I installed it. The hinge was easy to install and is very well built.
04-28-2014 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by jadmt View Post
put a teraflex hinge on and never worry about it again.
I took you advice and just ordered on from Thanks for the heads up. There price is the best I've seen on it.
04-28-2014 11:17 AM
Lusus_Naturae Mine is still holding. My friend in service opened the tailgate and gave it a HARd shove because he didn't know I had the screw behind it holding it to only 87 degrees. We heard a big pop as the screw cracked the plastic housing around the arm - but it held firm.

He tried insisting that I let him warranty it for me so it's fixed but I explained why I fixed it like that. My hinges are the old style ones, and won't hold the tailgate. Since I plan to get the Teraflex hinge anyhow, I told him now to bother with it right now.

It get prove that the screw will hold up.
04-28-2014 10:40 AM
wassup8687 Mine broke this weekend. Have service scheduled for Friday. It'll be interesting to see if they say they won't cover it under warranty.
03-06-2014 08:31 AM
jadmt put a teraflex hinge on and never worry about it again.
03-06-2014 02:35 AM
Lusus_Naturae Sounds like your dealer took the hit on replacing it for you then out of the goodness of their heart. There should be something on the books for it.
03-05-2014 08:20 PM
JimMariner After they replaced/repaired the stopper bar 3 times, they called out the body shop guys, they took pictures and sent them into Chrysler for approval on changing the hinges. It is a Warranty Item.

All they have to do is submit it to Chrysler. They even replaced the plastic covers on the hinges too. They had damage as well.

That little bar is not really a stopper at all, it is more a door holder. The hinges are the door stoppers.

I have no paper records. They did it without printed paper. No email either. In my profile on Jeep Owners it mentions body trim only.
03-05-2014 05:51 PM
Dusthol U can try pming a member that had theirs fixed and see if they would get u a copy of the dealer work order.
03-05-2014 05:50 PM
Dusthol U can try pming
03-05-2014 11:31 AM
Oggy If anyone is willing to give me some details of repairs done by the dealer under warranty, I'd be most grateful. The dealer here in Dubai says it's not a warranty issue but will carry out the works if I can prove others have had the repair under warranty.
I did print this thread and show them, but he said it's not evidence and doesn't prove anything!
Many thanks
01-21-2014 04:15 PM
GreenCrawler I have had this happen twice in the last 6 months, I'm just taking the stopper out all together. It's cheaply built
12-31-2013 08:26 AM
JimMariner It will happen again !! If they didn't replace the hinges. Next time you take it in for the *repair* and they give it back to you, open the back door, and just push it lightly and that stopper rod, which really is only a door holder, will pop right out and the door will swing right into the taillight if you don't stop it.

After me pointing out for the 3rd time it WAS the hinges, The body shop guys came out, they took pictures, sent them to Chrysler and then got approved to replace the hinges, the rod, and the plastic covers on the hinges themselves as they had been damaged too. All under the factory warranty.

If it happens again on mine and I am out of Warranty, I will use the cable method you see earlier in the post. But for now, I have a warranty and I will use it to the max. :-)
12-31-2013 07:33 AM
05tjorange Mine broke last week, and they replaced it under warranty. Then they said it most likely happened because of the oversized tire. I told them they needed to change the hinges, but they refused. They said it happened because of the oversized spare. I reminded them that I bought it from them with those tires and wheels already on it! I told them I felt it was the hinges and I felt like it would happen again.
12-18-2013 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by JimMariner View Post
Any of you think this is an option as a replacement?
I have this mod, and would not change it for anything! You let go the door, and it opens fully, and then brakes and stops when full travel is reached. Then, it holds open. This is really a nice addition to the jeep, while protecting the hinges.
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