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Topic Review (Newest First)
04-26-2010 11:09 PM
distortedtj No problem bud it's what we are here for.

If you wanted to change the water pump yourself, we could of walked you through that too. Not a very difficult job. Hopefully your mechanic gets you fixed up right.
Let us know if you need help with anything else. Stick around long enofe and we'll get you wrenching on your jeep yourself.
04-26-2010 08:12 PM
bpm54 The leak is at the water pump. New water pump needed.

Also had them drop the Mobile One from the tranny and I’m having them put in Pennzoil Syncromesh Oil .

I’ll open another thread about that after some test driving.

Anyway, I get my rig back tomorrow with any luck.

Thanks for all the info you provided and thank goodness for this site!
04-25-2010 03:29 PM
distortedtj Best of luck bud. Should be a simple fix.
04-25-2010 03:25 PM
bpm54 Ok, I'm taking it back tomorrow morning to pinpoint the leak and, have them dump the mobile one from the tranny and picking up some Pennziol Syncromesh.

Thanks for all your help.
04-25-2010 02:44 PM
distortedtj Could be the water pump leaking..they like to leak out of the weep hole on the back side . I'd first double check all hose clamps and hoses themself for any leaks/cracks. Before going to the water pump. Another thing you can do is go back to the shop that did the radiator flush and tell them they didn't do something correctly and there is now a leak after there service of your radiator. Was it there fault...well could and also could not be...water pumps go when they want to. The leak you have doesn't look severe but ofcourse should be fixed.

The bottom seal your looking at in your picture is the oil pan seal for the motor...that is not where the fluid is comming from. If it would be oil not green antifreeze. If it was indeed leaking from that seal the fluid would not be that clean or clear of a green fluid but would look like milky oil.

Only a few places for the coolant to leak from up there and come dripping down to the front of the oil pan...t-stat housing, hoses, water pump.

As for the jeep grinding after start up...the trans takes a little time to warm up ...the Mobil one mite not be the fluid you need "have to check the specs on the bottle or Mobil one site"...Make sure it meet the requirements for you trans...Needs to be a synchrmesh fluid.
04-25-2010 02:23 PM
bpm54 Perhaps water pump? The jeep ran cool. No over heating issues.
04-25-2010 02:20 PM
bpm54 When I start it up and it's idling. soon after its cranked up you can hear it. last for a short period of time and then kind of fades out.

I can drive it for awhile and stop and if I start it up again while the engine is relatively warm It won't happen. Seems to happen when the engine is cold, like first thing in the morning or at lunch or, after work.

I've poked around the radiator and nothing I can find leaking from hoses and such.

The only place I can pinpoint it is at the bottom seal where you see these bottom bolts in photo, right where that lip meets. Unless it’s up in the pulley system. I’ve dragged the light all over it.
04-25-2010 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by bpm54 View Post
Iím asking because of the funky gear grind i get now when I start her up. like I said, this last a short time but it wasn't happening before the change.
Just seen you stated the grind was at start up. Is it while starting the motor or is it the transmission when you try to shift after you've started the vehicle?
04-25-2010 01:55 PM
distortedtj Mobil one products are great. I don't know the solution of the mobil one lube you used off the top of my head.

The NV3550 works best with factory fluid or equivilant. Fluids that work great in your transmission is Royal Purple Synchromax or Pensoil Synchromesh. As it meet and exceeds your transmissions requirement and both have been proven to work GREAT in it. And the NV3550 DOES require the additives within Sychromesh fluids. The factory mopar fluid is a sychromesh. I would look at the build of the lube you used and compare it to the factory spec's "additives". If it does not meet...well change it. Royal Purple is "my" fluid of choice for the NV3550.

04-25-2010 01:41 PM
bpm54 You are freaking awesome!

I did have it flushed the same day as the fluid change. I'll check on that some time today, in between my other weekend chores.

Say, I had mobile one 75/90 GL-5 put into the manual transmission.
Haynes and the Jeep manual says mopar, manual transmission fluid.

In your expert opinion do you think the mobile one is too light? Since the engine is a NV3550 5-speed.

Iím asking because of the funky gear grind i get now when I start her up. like I said, this last a short time but it wasn't happening before the change.
04-25-2010 12:30 PM
distortedtj That fluid is antifreeze!!!!!!!! No dought about it. Also not comming from the oil pan either.

Pictures are the best bud thanks for them..they are great for us to help you.

For this coolant leak...pop your hood. Look at the thermostat housing and check to make sure it is secure. also ALL coolant hoses are tight at the water pump and the intake where the upper radiator hose connects to the T-stat housing. Also...look to see if you can get the start location of the will be from one of the hoses, the t-stat housing or the water pump. With the start location or a photo of the start location of the leak we can tell you what you need to do to fix it.

Didn't mention above, did you have the coolant system also flushed and refilled? The coolant leaking in your photos is clean new looking fluid.

You also have a PM (personal message) comming bud.

No worries we'll get you fixed up.
04-25-2010 12:29 PM
bpm54 If anyone knows by looking at the photos please feel free to chime in...
04-25-2010 10:37 AM
bpm54 Here are some more photos.
04-25-2010 09:41 AM
bpm54 Thanks distortedtj! you have my complete attention! You Guys Rock! I'm truly learning much here about a vheicle I'm just getting know.

Just hoping that I didn't place another stone in the pavement of hell with my good intentions to change out the fluids.

Yes, I too thought that odd about the Transmission Fluid. However in a panic I did search this site first and didn't really find any thing about dip stick missing.

I can't pinpont the exact loction of the leak myself but it appears to be coming from the front of the housing. This fluid has a green tinge to it.

I'm just worreid that somehow this leak might have funked my tranny up!

After the change of the fluid last wed, I drove about 5 miles home and parked my beast. Next morning when I started her up i heard a weird kind of grinding noise and it would last for a minute and stop.

I drove it to work, 20 miles each way, and each time I would crank her up the noise and then none after a . All this after the change of the tranny, the transfer case and the diff's last weds.

I drove it like this last to work thursday and friday. Parked at a cuz's place over night friday and noticed the leak in his driveway the following morning. Thus, the search for the dip stick began.

I had a 20 mile trip back home and it's been parked ever since.

I'm just sick that something might have been damaged. though it drove all right and I didn't smell any tran's fluid burning.

What do you think?
04-25-2010 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by bpm54 View Post
This is really getting me down…. Because the only reason I had it, the trans, and the diff, and transfer case at 65,000 mi is to start a base line for fluid replacement. Been doing this with every vehicle I’ve owned that was pre-owned with that kind of mileage on it.

The mechanics I go too are very good and I would suspect if something stood out like a this they would have said something.

Now, I'm about ready to $hiT in my pants that my trann is screwed cause I've been crusing on it for 3 days.

Attachment here as directed...
Agreed some few man-trans have a dipstick but indeed it is fact that most every manual transmission not does not. What I should of wrote was "MOST ALL" Anyway that doesn't matter to get your problem fixed AX=15 doesn't have a dipstick. And to check it you must pull the fill plug as I explained above.

As far as the "DO NOT CHANGE" the fluid..that is a load of bolonga...Even states in the manual that the fluid should be change at certian milage. I don't know what you read but I would not go off there suggestions. Stating you need special tools to change the manual fluid in the AX-15 is funny.And Completely false! Only thing you need is a allen wrench. Now an automatic transmission I can understand what you may have been reading. I have rebuilt/repared , done fluid changes on far to many transmission than I care to addmit or not know a thing or two about them.

It was A GREAT idea for you to change out all of those fluids at 65k exspecially if you are not the original owner...lets you know they are indeed good. You never know how a vehicle was treated by previous owners. You did great by getting them changed.

In terms the ax15 is an uncomplicated manual trans that does require the fluid to be changed. And can be changed by anyone that can change oil. And has an allen wrench too...

Just trying to give you correct information on the transmission.

Now on to fixing your leak issue.....the picture you posted....welll...that is the front of the "engine blocks" oil pan...not the transmission. It appers that someone has tried to clean is of with maybe brake cleaner already.
Without a better look between the fan and the motor to see where the leek is starting at I can not tell you exactly where it is comming from... my assumtion would be either the top front of the oil pan gasket or the crank cover.

P.S....the electric lime green looks good on the diff cover.
04-24-2010 10:25 PM
bpm54 distortedtj, Last vehicle I owed had a 5-speed manual flat_4 and indeed it did have a Transmission Dip Stick. What concerns me here is that after not being able to find the Trans dip stick I did a little research on the internet. It stated that Jeep/Chrysler produced the I-6 with life time transmission seal. Grease and all. Said that, one shouldn’t replace it all unless moisture gets into it. And if you do, to have Mopar do it. Since they have the proper tools to do so.

This is really getting me down…. Because the only reason I had it, the trans, and the diff, and transfer case at 65,000 mi is to start a base line for fluid replacement. Been doing this with every vehicle I’ve owned that was pre-owned with that kind of mileage on it.

The mechanics I go too are very good and I would suspect if something stood out like a this they would have said something.

Now, I'm about ready to $hiT in my pants that my trann is screwed cause I've been crusing on it for 3 days.

Attachment here as directed...
04-24-2010 02:52 PM
distortedtj Manual transmissions DO NOT have a dipstick. Only automatic transmissions have a dipstick. (not just a jeep thing...all manual trans). No worries though you can still check the fluid. All you have to do is pull the fill plug out and stick your finger in the fill hole. The fluid should be level with the bottom of the fill hole.
Here is a marked picture of the filll and drain plug for the NV3550 for your referance....

Your 2004 6cyl has the NV3550 transmission. Here are the spec's of your transmission just FYI....
NV3550 - 2000-2004
* 5 speed manual
* Used with 6 cyl models
* 10 spline input
* 23 spline output

* Ratios:
1st - 4.01
2nd - 2.33
3rd - 1.39
4th - 1.00
5th - 0.78
Rev - 3.57

Also... just to check....are you sure it isn't just spilled oil from the recent fluid change?
Is the fluid leaving a puddle on the ground?
Fluid just on the casing of the trans "around the fill/drain hole"?
Where is the fluid dripping from???

A Picture IS AWESOME for us to help you.

If the fluid is leaking from the front of the bell housing right behind the block then I would be safe to say you have a rear main seal leak bud. We need a few of the questions I asked, answered to help you farther.

If the fluid is just around the fill/drain plugs on the transmission....just take a can of brake cleaner and spray the area will get the fluid off and dry out the area. If it starts leaking from those fill/drain plugs again the Tire monkeys that replaced your fluid didn't put the plugs back in tight enofe...also if it is the plugs leaking you can use plumbers tape on the plugs.

Hope this helps bud. If you are not sure please answer some of the above questions and let us know....again pictures are awesome..

04-24-2010 01:09 PM
Transmission leak help/question.

I suspect I have a transmission fluid leak. I had the fluild replaced last wed and noticed leakage this morning when my 04 rubicon was parked on an incline.

I went to check the manual trans oil and, this will sound crazy but, I can't locate the trans oil dip stick!

According to engine layout of the 4.0 it should be located behind the oil dipstick correct?


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