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Topic Review (Newest First)
06-27-2014 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by Locruid View Post
Hey thanks a lot Monster, maybe I'll hit ya up. It has a D15B7 with a HF transmission. I'm leaning towards doing a mini me to it and later on adding a Turbo. Worth it or should I snag my friend B20 and rebuild it?
The B20 would be the better choice to start, good luck w it.
06-27-2014 12:18 AM
Locruid Hey thanks a lot Monster, maybe I'll hit ya up. It has a D15B7 with a HF transmission.

I'm leaning towards doing a mini me to it and later on adding a Turbo.

Worth it or should I snag my friend B20 and rebuild it?
06-26-2014 10:05 PM
Monster93 Sorry to lose fellow jeeper, I know you hate Honda but I'm a Honda Master tech at large south Florida dealer so if you need advice or part prices don't hesitate to ask me, I'll help you out. Good luck with it.
06-26-2014 09:51 PM
Locruid Well this thread is Officially closed.

Ole Grey is gone.

Straight traded for a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback SI. I went last night and looked at it but the owner couldn't get back in time. So went out again today. He REALLY wanted my Jeep. Along the way 5th gear blew out in the Jeep. No warning at all just BOOM. New Owner didn't care he had planned to rebuild the entire power train anyways. He even gave me $200...$100 for the new tags due next month and $100 for my time last night.

I'm going to miss my Heep but to be honest it feels SOOOO nice to fill the tank from almost E to Full for $28. And go 134 miles before getting to 3/4 of a tank lol.

I got a couple friends who are Honda guys and they already have parts (upgrades) they gonna give me for free lol.

Thanks for sticking around and maybe someday I'll be back when I'm better paid and closer to work! take care everyone
06-25-2014 07:54 PM
Old Gunny Hey Brother...sorry to hear about the Jeep...that sucks!!...but i understand why...another one will come by if you are patient...take care...Gunny Out!!
06-25-2014 07:40 PM
2xs How much would you sell it for?
You know they wont give you squat for a trade in...
06-25-2014 12:20 PM
Locruid So with a Heavy Heart, I'm going to look at a couple cars today. I fear the only thing I have to report on this project is removing my CB Radio in preparation for a trade.

I'd like to thank everyone for following the build as far as I could go and I'm REALLY going to miss my Jeep but with fuel prices like they are (and will be), coupled with the distance I have to travel, it just isnt economical to drive it anymore as a Daily Driver. Someday I'll be back when I'm back on my feet but for now, I'd like to close the project with a Thank you and good memories. I'd rather let someone else have a great time in this great Jeep who can enjoy it instead of my adding more and more miles and getting partially neglected cause I couldn't afford to build it anymore AND Daily it.
06-21-2014 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by 2xs View Post
You can teach her to drive a stick....
3 years as a Semi-truck instructor and 7 years as a School Bus Instructor....

I've tried lol...she's one of those rare birds that just can't get the co-ordination down and gets frustrated easily.
06-21-2014 11:35 PM
2xs You can teach her to drive a stick....
06-21-2014 11:18 PM
Locruid REALLY REALLY REALLY hate to say this....

But I've been in an argument with myself all day. I just paid $4/gallon for gas. My Round trip commute is 34 miles.

The wife's Durango does about 60 miles on a road trip commute. It's costing $75/week to run the wife's and about $50ish a week to run mine. We both don't earn a LOT of money so I've unfortunately been tossing the idea around of selling the YJ and getting a Honda

Wife can't drive stick and Honda autos are crap. Not to mention her beast is in better shape and actually gets better mileage than my Heep

So this weekend I'm doing an internal battle of selling the Ole Girl and grabbing me a 92-95 Honda Civic Hatchback (about the only 4 cyl car I can tolerate). My friend has one and gets about 35-40 mixed driving so that would cut my fuel bill down from $100 every 2 weeks to about 35ish every 2 weeks. So I'll be keeping an eye on fuel prices and if they don't start going down soon I fear I'll have sell Ole Grey
06-08-2014 02:59 PM
Locruid Ok so I WAS a bit confused. It's a Bikini Top and Windjammer.

And that's my lovely wife modeling for me in the Jeep.
06-08-2014 01:08 AM
Locruid My friend snagged my tonneau cover and Bikini Top today from the PO.

They in pretty damn good shape. Was hoping the Bikini Top was mesh. It's not but whatever lol.

Will test fit them and get some pics
06-06-2014 02:45 AM
Locruid Still around. Haven't had any extra cash to spend on the Jeep but my Day Dreaming projects are getting more and more refined lol.

Getting through my Son's HS Graduation this week and hosting a BBQ on Sun AND fighting a Respiratory Infection (bleh) just haven't left a lot of OOMPH left at the end of the day.

I do go out and turn on my Offroad lights now and then
05-30-2014 02:03 AM
Locruid Started Re-Training at my new job today. Funny thing...we spent about 20 minutes in front of the Jeep instead, letting everyone Check it out lol.


Satellite Company was able to find a good location and way to hook it all up. He said we SHOULD be good for about 15 years.
05-26-2014 02:09 AM
Locruid So found some free RR Ties to redo my garden with (old ones rotting out inside). Went and picked them up in my spiffy Half-Camping trailer. Got them loaded (about 8 of them) and was out on a side road doing about 15-20. Hit a pothole and the trailer axle broke. LUCKILY nothing on the Jeep did lol. Thought the axle had totally snapped but appears I forgot to LockTight one of the Ubolts and the nuts got loosened up. Anyways managed to get it "fixed" on the road and get it back home. It totaled out my spacer though.

Gonna head to Jerry's and get some proper materials and do this right. Used what I had around the house. It has worked fine but not that Wife and I have SOME money rolling back in I can buy the more durable parts
05-22-2014 09:22 PM
Locruid Not a project thing but I need to rant....

So we moved out here about 7-8 years ago. Theres no Cable TV Companies that come out here so our only option is Satellite which wasnt a problem...until now.

Our neighbor has a shitton of trees and they've always been trimmed. But the last 5 years he's been a complete asshole to everyone. Long story short he hit someone with a Golf Cart and now theres a lawsuit going on (just an idea to give ya an impression).

Anyways, last night we started having connection issues. Dish Network showed up and after a much trial and error, there isn't anything they can do. It's just one of those things where you can't relocate it and the tree is blocking one of the Satellites.

So in essence I have ABSOLUTELY NO TV now. NONE. ZERO. DirectTV and Dish Network can't get a bead on the 3rd Satellite and theres still no Cable Companies out here. So I'm totally screwed because OF ONE GD TREE! Just One. And of course our Neighbor is laughing his ass off silly.

This is ridiculous. I understand it's your property and trees and all but why do you have to be complete dick? I have absolutely no legal recourse.

And it's not right. I'm pretty damn sure trimming ONE tree out of the 50 you have isn't going to cause any significant problems.
05-19-2014 10:20 PM
Locruid So for the 2nd time today my Ebay bought PDF 1993 FSM failed me with incorrect info.

I thought it was fishy when it came in weird pieces.

Gonna contact Ebay and let them know. I got a 1994 FSM for free and it's mostly correct about a 1993 so I'll just use that one from now on.
05-19-2014 06:51 PM
Locruid Just added LED to my Information Panel:

MUCH Happier. The shift light however went from Orange to damn near white so not sure if I'm happy with that. May switch that one back to a standard bulb. But at least I can see my Blinkers now when the suns out and the Top is off
05-18-2014 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by 2xs View Post
Looks good!
I did thsi to my '90, and have been putting it off on my '93
Too many other things to do, but it does make a BIG difference with LEDs.
Love the white too, makes it super readable...

I finally got around to ordering my other LED bulbs for the Information Center. I noticed the other day I have to hunt for the blinker lights in the sun

I'll do before and after video on the info console so people can get a better idea on the difference.
05-18-2014 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by Locruid View Post
Dash Light LED mod:

Looks good!
I did thsi to my '90, and have been putting it off on my '93
Too many other things to do, but it does make a BIG difference with LEDs.
Love the white too, makes it super readable...
05-18-2014 02:19 AM
Locruid Got the Ole Girl back together. Screwed up the first seal trying to put it in. So had to get another and now I got a spare "Bearing cap seal"

Fired er up and nothing appears to be leaking. Just in time for a Rainy Sunday
05-17-2014 12:37 AM
Locruid Got the oil pan off. Went over the bottom half of the motor with a close look. Everything looks pretty good for a motor just shy of 200k. Cam lobes look a tad worn but not bad and they all wore pretty even with each other. Gonna replace the Rear Main Seal, clean up the pan and put her back together. Had a LITTLE bit of carbon build up but nothing SeaFoam won't take care of.
05-11-2014 06:35 PM
Locruid Went to surprise the wife today at her job with Roses. On the way I noticed my Oil pressure was fluctuating between 36-40 at a steady speed. Didn't have me worried TOO much as I was right at specs but did have me curious. Upon inspection after getting home looks like my Rear Main Seal is leaking pretty good. I know the leak wont cause oil pressure issues but it allowed 2 quarts to leak out in about 1000 miles lol

So I was going to prepare myself for a Repair weekend but after reviewing the procedures for the Jeeps looks pretty damn easy! I was expecting to pull the transmission but hell all I gotta do is drop the Oil Pan and unbolt a bracket and there it is! Phew!

So next weekend looks like I'm replacing a Rear Main Seal
05-11-2014 12:19 AM
Locruid Dash Light LED mod:

05-04-2014 08:04 PM
Old Gunny
Originally Posted by Locruid View Post

Wife called the Jeep Stupid today.

Consulted with my Military Advisers and determined WAR at this time isn't advisable, so she's lucky....
Wow!!...those are fighting words!...i guess you could get even by pointing to the kitchen and tell her to go cook something...let me know how that goes!!...Gunny Out!!
05-03-2014 04:07 PM
Locruid Thanks!

Wife called the Jeep Stupid today.

Consulted with my Military Advisers and determined WAR at this time isn't advisable, so she's lucky....
04-29-2014 05:53 PM
Tim Stines That's a top of the line alarm system thought about upgrading to one lol, Jeep is looking good though
04-29-2014 04:17 PM
Locruid Small Updates:
Since I changed my Trans oil with 10-30 I've had a slight grind with 3rd. Replaced it yesterday with Valvoline Synchromesh 75-90 and now no more grinding. At least it'll hold until July when I plan on rebuilding the transmission.

Took the Doors and Top off:

And installed an Alarm System:

04-18-2014 10:41 AM
Binary Amazing Transformation! Thanks for posting the pictures and letting us all learn.
04-17-2014 11:42 PM
Locruid Ok so I've been enjoying my Jeep. Bouncing everywhere...but it's a YJ so it's gonna be rough. But as the days go on, I'm not sure how much more I can take. I jump up and down on ANY little bump and the RR tracks near my house I have to slow down. I was getting afraid I might have to update to a TJ.

So today I'm trying to ID my flowmaster when I notice one of my Exhaust Hangers had deteriorated enough that the rubber broke. Not a big deal, I can jury-rig it. As I'm doing my modification, I realize that my shock is moving a little bit everytime I hit it. So I grab it and wobble the hell lout of it. Upon further Inspection, the nut fell off the upper mount and the bushings fell out....fantastic. The wife and I both have been unemployed and living off our savings but money getting VERY scarce and she starts a new job tomorrow and I start one of Monday, so I really need my rig up and working.

I figured I'd find a nut just to keep the silly thing mounted at least. My 92 F250 with factory 2" lift has been sitting since Oct cause frankly, a 460 is just not practical LOL. So I let he tags expire until I can get on my feet. As I'm rummaging for a proper nut, I realize that the shock looks VERY similar to the ones on my Wrangler. I measure the upper part of it and it's the SAME EXACT SIZE woot! Found a bushing. I get the shock off and something else occurs to me. This thing looks a LOT like the shock on my Wrangler. I take some measurements and damned if it aint! It will extend another 6" and at the height it "sits" at I have about 4" before it bottoms out. Sweet! So I take off the Driver's side shock off the wrangler and lo and behold it will not move AT ALL. It won't extend or collapse. Will not budge. I'm about 240lbs and my FULL weight wont move it. So I end up replacing the shocks completely with the Ford's shocks until the wife and I get a bit more savings back in the bank. I fire it up for a test drive and....

WOAH!!!!!!!!! What a difference. Turns out the shock musta been stuck when I bought it. Cause this thing rights oooo so smooth compared how it was. I seriously felt like a low rider in the silly thing but now it rides ALMOST as good as my Wife's Durango with 1500 lb helper springs!

So happy!
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