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12-06-2010 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by rrich View Post
My complaint with Wal Mart is them fighting to NOT honor the warranty that THEY promised at the time of purchase. That's intentional FRAUD! Technical term is BAIT AND SWITCH.
Actually BAIT AND SWITCH doesn't apply in this situation as you friend actually bought the battery he wanted over two years ago and WAL-MART did not lure him into the store with the promise of a warrenty.

From Wiki:
a bait-and-switch is a form of fraud in which the party putting forth the fraud lures in customers by advertising a product or service at a low price or with many features, then reveals to potential customers that the advertised good is not available at the original price or the list of assumed features is different. The use of this term has extended to similar situations outside of the marketing sense.

I also think it is ludicrous to accuse a clerk that makes $9 of intending to defraud your friend. I'm sure Wal-Mart store managers have Raj like powers but again I suspect he was more concerned about keeping a customer happy and bending a corporate policy than any litigation Wal-Mart might have to endure over a $50 product. What do you think Wal-Mart spends a year for Lawyers? I'm not sure but the cost of a $50 small claim case could probably come out of the corporate-council's board room coffee fund.

Your friend got a new battery and the clerk and the manager have already forgotten the transaction. Sounds like everyone came away a winner.
12-06-2010 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by rrich View Post
There's a difference between scamming and lying?
Yep scamming is when you willingly give money to something that isn't real, Lying is what they do to get to scam you
12-06-2010 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by marc1kim View Post
inthe mean time we continue to buy our stuff from unstable doesnt make sense
In 'unstable' countries and China workers make between a $1 and $10 a day. Overhead across the board is low.

We could buy our stuff from 'stable' countries like Switzerland if they made any of it but then you will pay Rolex prices for a Timex and your $500 TV would probably cost $50,000.
12-06-2010 05:46 PM
sonofabeach It sucks that happened to you but any place can screw you.

Also, I gotta call BS here. A bunch of rednecks that don't shop at Walmart?
12-06-2010 03:33 PM
benaldridgejr Mot sure what the prob is with walmart and some people.. Maybe the maintenance isnt kept on on alot of the batteries and/or sat to long without a good charge or being started erry now and then. Corrosion in even the slightest bit can kill a battery. Quickly. And receipts people. Keep them.. I have a 3 yr old Battery in my old 83 C10 and i can guarantee it will start right now after a week or 2 of not starting in 15 degree weather.. Walmart battery.. Oh and Exide manufactures them.. They make about 3/4 of the worlds auto batteries.. Sooo idk. Sorry to rant but imma bout to take the battery outta my truck for my jeep.. Cuz i trust it more than the autocraft thats in it.. Happy Jeepin people! No hard feelings!!
12-06-2010 01:44 PM
rrich The reason I had so many different businesses was I was always quick to see and take advantage of an opportunity. Most of them were dying businesses due to mismanagement. I pumped them up and sold them for a tidy nice profit quickly - "flipped".

While I had them I hired the best people I could find and paid them more than they could make elsewhere. That alone did wonders for PR. When you treat your employees and customers right, they'll treat you right too. I think the longest was my last performance dyno shop - just over 2 years.

Right now there's still a nice opportunity available - concerning Wal Mart. We can't fight city hall, or the big corporations, and we certainly can't stop "progress" - whatever that is. But we can certainly take advantage of the situation.

Like it or not, they will be building a new Super Store.

Simply buy as much property close by it - preferably with highway frontage. Even behind it would be a good speculation. Yes the cheap property is gone already, but whatever it costs is still much less than what it will be soon.
I doubt you'll have to hold it even one year before you get nice offers on it. You could even use OP money without a dime of your own.

It's up to you - sit by and watch or get with it and do something with your life.

All you have to do is recognize the opportunity, then act on it.
12-06-2010 01:16 PM
Battery, battery, who makes the battery? Just trying to add a little value to the Threa
very VERY interesting!

Same with the WalMart oil, it's rebranded Penzoil.

Every time I have been dragged there I feel sick. The real tragedy here isn't wal mart the conglomerate, its how it is able to thrive on the middle class during this recession.
Mushrooms make me sick. You know what? I don't eat them. If you don't like the store, then boycott it and don't go. How is it able to thrive on the middle class? Same way beer, mcdonalds, and the salvation army thrive - as people look to save money more people turn to cheaper retail.

Burton - you missed the point entirely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And rrich you missed my point entirely! I commend the fact that you'll take your business elsewhere if you don't like Wal-Mart, but your post came off as a sniveling immature child. You're friend acted like a d-bag by proclaiming how he was going to sue the pants off a hourly clerk, as did you by leaving your cart sitting there. You didn't prove any point or make a single statement to Wal-Mart other then the fact that you or your friend can't handle a situation in an adult fashion. Which might explain why you've owned so many businesses. I'm sure one of the clerks put all the items back on the shelves and went about his day, and simply laughed at how you guys were just another example of

Now you don't see any woodshop classes in America for this reason
My high school had a metalshop, woodshop, auto repair, and agriculture.... however, because of your exact reason, all the surrounding schools dropped their tech programs. Because of this, we had to bus in and accept surrounding district students who wanted to take a class in one these fields, despite the fact that my school was the top county performer and paid a substantial amount in property tax for the liability.
12-06-2010 01:15 PM
rrich Suing over one $50.00 battery would be ridiculous. But my friend is a lawyer, and he's chomping at the bit to find where he can do a Class Action Suit. He'd make a few millions as the primary lawyer.

Wal Mart would have to honor their warranty and probably have to pay customers that bought it with the pro-rated warranty.

He'd be the one to really benefit.

That's the American way - but it keeps the corporations from screwing all of us.

Yucca Valley - there are lots of empty store fronts that used to house small independent businesses. They even ran K-Mart out of town.

The new proposed Walmart location is out of town to the east. They've already bought the property. If it opens, the traffic and business will be drawn even further away from downtown.

Home Depot moved in, another big box store. Look what they've done to Barr Lumber. Barr Lumber used to be a thriving place, now it's a ghost town. Often Barr's prices are lower than Home Depot, the "perceived" image is Home Depot would be cheaper, but not always.

The money Wal Mart makes goes to Arkansas, the money from small independent businesses stays in town, helping our local economy.

The small businesses collectively employed lots more people than the Wal Mart store does. These are my neighbors - or were - till they had to go elsewhere. That's one reason there are so many empty houses here now.

The same principle applies to our government - they prefer to spend and give money to other countries - while people are starving here.

While even just one person goes to bed hungry or cold here, not one dime should be wasted on another country!

Charity begins at home!
12-06-2010 12:49 PM
JIMBOX Interesting-I have no idea what a "minivan forum" is, but I'm sure there are nice people there

Originally Posted by TJeepman View Post
I was going to do some Christmas shopping at Walmart this morning but was afraid they might have closed their doors after all the bashing on here this past weekend.

I am on a minivan forum and they praise the Walmart Everstart batteries there for their value and performance. On here, it seems to be the opposite. Must be the Jeep thing, I don't understand.

Battery, battery, who makes the battery? Just trying to add a little value to the Thread.
For jeeps, I always reccommend the Sears Diehard Platinum P4 battery--the best !!

12-06-2010 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by jwb1637 View Post
We never go there, They tried to put a wal mart in my town and told everyone that if the people didn't want it, they will not build.
My town of 5,000 was similar except that all the commercial property was owned by one or two families who charge exorbitant rents. Judging by the buildings and the fact that they’ll let them sit empty indefinitely I suspect that they’ve probably owned them since at least the 60’s or 70’s when the property would have been cheap. Did the town monopoly want Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire or Tim Hortons? Nope, and the town barred their entry even though the people who lived here wanted them.

So what do the heavy hitters do? Open the stores just outside of town limits. How long do you think it took for the town to annex the land once the stores were built? If you said less than a year you’d be right. Now the town draws 5 times its population for retail shopping. The spin-off business on Main Street is noticeable and business is returning despite having rents 200-300% higher than surrounding towns.

This is the second town I’ve lived in where long standing families owned virtually all the commercial property. Retired property owners who don’t care if space is filled or greedy property managers who double and triple lease rates once a business gets established kills main streets and small businesses at least as dead as any big box store on the outskirts.

Were this not the case the 1970’s model of 10-6 Mon-Sat shopping still doesn’t work for most families in 2010. I can’t spend my money in a store I can’t get to during their operating hours. But if I need a Blu-Ray player at 9:50PM on a Sunday I can buy one for $88 at Wal-Mart.
12-06-2010 12:26 PM
TJeepman I was going to do some Christmas shopping at Walmart this morning but was afraid they might have closed their doors after all the bashing on here this past weekend.

I am on a minivan forum and they praise the Walmart Everstart batteries there for their value and performance. On here, it seems to be the opposite. Must be the Jeep thing, I don't understand.

Battery, battery, who makes the battery? Just trying to add a little value to the Thread.
12-06-2010 10:55 AM
mrcarcrazy back to the battery stuff. I was told the same thing at autozone...2 yr free replacement and 5 or 7 yr prorated...I don't really care as batteries last 5 yrs easy if you take care of them and I rarely keep a car 5 yrs.

The Battery in my Lotus was purchased online...pretty sure there is no warranty. But I've had it a year, so its already paid for itself.

Wife's BMW has a Walmart Battery in it. why? it was cheapest I could find locally, and shipping on that battery would have sucked...(ITS HUGE). Its started the car every I can't complain.

Hey pokey, last year I completely rebuilt a 1950's Beeman air rifle...Beeman still carries replacement parts for it! Think I'm in it for less than 15 bucks
12-06-2010 09:47 AM
Maximus1956 Let's sue Wal-Mart for a $50 battery. That's just great. You'll spend more on an attorney and my tax dollars than what the frickn battery is worth. That's my issue with our country and law suits. Everyone has to sue over sh!t like that. It goes back to the woman that sued McDonalds for spilling hot java on her vagina. Get over it.
12-06-2010 09:33 AM
moneypit-TJ In my city, Albany NY, wal mart went ahead and built their biggest super store to date. It's 2 floors. Has an escalater that carries your cart next to you. It's unreal. So big that you can't see across it. Every time I have been dragged there I feel sick. The real tragedy here isn't wal mart the conglomerate, its how it is able to thrive on the middle class during this recession.
12-05-2010 07:51 PM
Hawk102 Over the years I haven't had much luck with wal-mart batteries. I buy my batteries, alternators and starters from a local business in town. Thats all he sales, good quality and service after the sale.
12-05-2010 07:30 PM
pokey I know the o.p was originally talking about a business ethic issue, but since it has turned int a Wal-mart debate, here's my 2 cents:

It's not as simple as "wal-mart is evil" or "save America, boycott Wal-mart". The wheels were in motion for the downfall of America long before Sam Walton's empire. Blame greedy trial lawyers for one thing. I restore old woodworking machines as a hobby. At the turn of the century up until the 60's there were hundreds of machinery manufacturers in America, including Delta, one of the largest. Starting in the '60's, people started suing the manufacturers for injuries resulting from improper use of the machines. Lawyers convinced dumb juries the injuries were the machines fault, not the operators. Especially in high school woodshop classes. Now you don't see any woodshop classes in America for this reason, and it's a shame. Most (if not all) of the manufacturers either closed or sent operations and manufacturing to Taiwan, for two reasons. Harder to come after them in a lawsuit, and cheaper labor. Which has resulted in REAL crappy machines.

Don't blame Sam Walton for anything. Blame our lust for CHEAP throw-away junk. You can say, "don't buy the junk, buy quality", but the problem is, with some things there IS no quality anymore. Which is why I search out old American made machines and restore them. They'll last forever.

Last year for Christmas I bought my kid a Crosman 760 air rifle at Walmart for $26.00. Made in China. My first Crosman 760 was made in the U.S. The next cheapest price I found was $59.00 at Big 5 sporting goods. My friend is V.P. of a chain of Ace hardware stores in Socal, and he told me if he wanted to buy a few for re-selling in his stores his cost would be MORE than $26.00, Wal-marts retail price. They buy in huge quantities, which lowers the price substantially. Is this Sam Walton's fault ? Should I have bought it for $33.00 more just to make a statement about boycotting Walmart? You make the call.

The Walmart in Yucca Valley is trying to turn it into a Super Wal-mart, and the town is divided. I personally have not noticed Walmart coming into town, targeting the mom and pop shops, and then raising prices. As far as driving down the hill to do their shopping, before Wal-mart came to town, people DID drive down the hill to Wal-mart.
12-05-2010 07:20 PM
coolbreeze You know what Cosco is good for? 36 packs of my favorite beverage, MGD.
12-05-2010 06:44 PM
TJeepman Walmart bashing is delightful;
The bashers sound so spiteful;
If they have nothing better to do,
Drink a brew, drink a brew, drink a brew.

Have used Walmart batteries (2) and tires (several sets) and have no complaints except for their tire changers messing up once.
I don't buy much food there as there are grocery stores closer and with more selection.
Motor oil, filters and miscellaneous items like washer fluid, antifreeze, are mostly bought at Walmart.
Some clothes and electronics and other stuff are bought at Walmart as well.

Walmart bashing - get a life. Pick on Cosco or Best Buy.
12-05-2010 06:43 PM
rrich There's a difference between scamming and lying?
12-05-2010 05:43 PM
wolfen Gee sounds like VA beach and the light rial thats on its way here.
12-05-2010 05:39 PM
Wal Mart

We never go there, They tried to put a wal mart in my town and told everyone that if the people didn't want it, they will not build. Well the people spoke up and said we want to keep the small town/historic charm and did not want them to build. well that wasn't what they wanted to hear and sued the town for not giving them the permits to build. to make a long story short, The town won and their property is up for sale. This one of only a few towns that kept a wal mart out. They suck and I'll never shop there! As for batteries, I own a 2004 Alero with the factory battery and it's still starts fine. I would think a battery should last at least 5 years.
12-05-2010 05:29 PM
wolfen Scammed is one thing rrich, flat out lied to is another, walmart won't take a check from us because they say my dad bounced a check 5 years ago, if that happens try explaining that your father died 13 years ago.
12-05-2010 03:07 PM
rrich Burton - you missed the point entirely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My beef was the fact that they did not honor the warranty that was clearly stated on the battery's label. Do you think that's honest? Are you saying most Wally shoppers can't understand they are being scammed?

Yes it got resolved finally but only after a fight for it. How many other would even read the label?

My friend was the one they tried to screw, not me. I left the cart with a few items because I wasn't going to put myself in the position of being lied to.

I won't deal with liars! The clerks weren't smart enough to understand the company was scamming everyone. The manager did - that makes him part of the fraud!

But it seems like lying and fraud is totally acceptable - look at all the false advertising, all the scams on the internet, and even all the dishonesty and lies of our government! just read the paper to see all of the crookedness.

As far as retail goes - does being the owner of several businesses count? My first business I owned was a TV Repair shop (when I was 17 years old.) Since then I've owned several more businesses - for a total of 17 - most in the retail business. Flower shops, a print shop, 3 auto repair shops, etc. Plus I've owned 3 strip malls - all retail.

How many have you owned?

Go ahead and shop there - PT Barnum was right!
12-05-2010 12:44 PM
Ektarr No Wal-Marts in my town, but my Dad swears by them...maybe for the convenience.
12-05-2010 12:15 PM
burton160w You're all making me laugh

"Aww Wal-Mart is evil I don't buy anything from there... unless I have to!"
"If I see something there "Made In China" I put it back on the shelf"
"I never buy anything from Wal-Mart... except food!"

OMFG! They should NOT be allowed to do that. It scares the crap out of me to think how these countries are buying us.
The same way we bought out oil fields all across Africa and the Middle East? Or reserves in Eastern Europe? And Latin America? What do you think American companies don't have holdings abroad and only do business in the United States?

Wal-mart honors Citizens of Mexico who own a business, to purchase everything TAX FREE!!!
Did you know that you can go to another country and purchase many items TAX FREE and then claim it upon leaving? You can even do it when buying something in another state. Jewelry. Alcohol. Cigs. Snowboards. You can exempt it. No it's not a Mexican discount, it's that sales tax and VATs are often not applied to tourists to encourage them to come in. That's every country. Hell, I could go down to Delaware and get everything TAX FREE!!! Even better! I can drive into Canada, get a Wii and then return it in the United States to collect the difference and the tax money!

Is Wal-Mart all that bad? Depends.

This map, while showing the number of foreign made products, does actually represent that a hefty percentage of goods sold are manufactured in the United States and shipped abroad to other Wal-Mart subsidiaries.

It cracks me up just how hypocritical everyone is when discussing Wal-Mart. There isn't a single thing inside that store that you need to purchase. Not food. Not medicine. Not home goods. The problem is you decided that you didn't want to spend the extra bucks to save those mom and pop stores (which weren't providing any more benefit to your community then Wal-Mart), and it permitted low overhead stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot to prosper!

The side-effect to shopping at these big boxes is that your old Main St. of course fell. It's simply a visual blight and it leads citizens to now look back and blame Wal-Mart. You stopped shopping at those stores and they failed. It's not Sam Walton's fault or the other Waltons topping Forbes list. It's your dumbass community that failed to continue to support your downtown.

Me personally? I love the store. I like the one-stop shopping convenience. They pay more then the small businesses around here ever have. In East Stroudsburg, it did impact the Main St. But it has now turned around with new international restaurants, a more upscale nightlife, niche stores, salons, and a new theater. I buy my food at Wal-Mart. I buy my electronics at Wal-Mart. And I don't sit there and bitch that it's the worst thing that's ever happened to East Stroudsburg. If I didn't want the Wal-Mart... you know what I would do...


It amazes me that people can't seem to just grasp this little concept. Money still talks and it's the consumer that is in ultimate control. There isn't a single thing that you need to buy. Food is aplenty and not running out anytime soon. Clothing is available everywhere. Electronics can be bought at twenty other stores, and the thousands online. You like the convenience that Wal-Mart offers and unless you're talking about making a real change, hop off the soapbox.

Oh and rrich, I had to stop and just laugh at this part

I had a cart full of items - I left it sitting in the aisle - they can put it back!

It's like punching the receptionist because your doctor misdiagnosed you. Mistakes like this happen at every store, and I'm assuming you've never worked retail a day in your life. The people in the store are left to interpret what the higher-ups want, and a lot of times policies get fragmented. The manager straightened out the problem and you're friend got what he wanted, but I'm sure the lawyer tough-guy put a real big dent in the emloyee's day .
12-05-2010 12:13 PM
JD Adams Denial of warranties is nothing new. Most auto part stores have been doing the "receipt fade scam" for decades now: the register receipt paper is designed to completely fade out within 12 months of being printed. When you need a "lifetime warranty" part replaced, you discover the receipt is not readable. I photocopy onto plain paper all receipts, however most will still deny warranty coverage unless you have the ORIGINAL receipt.

Rules of engagement when it comes to aftermarket parts must include the willingness to take a complete loss if the part fails or does not perform as it should, regardless of warranty promises.

The only thing I buy from Wally World is engine oil, bleach and laundry soap. I'm not interested in all that other crap they sell.
12-05-2010 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by JackdUp
Just to add fuel to the fire....

Did you know, in Arizona, Wal-mart honors Citizens of Mexico who own a business, to purchase everything TAX FREE!!! Yup.... Own a hair or nail salon in Mexico? Come on in and we will waive the taxes on all items purchased for your hair or nail salon, and your dog food, and your kids toys, music CDs, DVDs, Big screen TVs, clothing, etc.

What a bunch of crap! I been to many corners of the world, and not one country could care less that I was an American. Who travels in to Mexico? Are you getting any special American Citizen discount?

All it is, is a money making scheme to lure in the folks from "Across the Border" and make more money. Tax is nothing to worry about if they are spending THEIR money in Wal-mart of America.

Do a Google search on the richest people in America. Besides that nerdy German who created Facebook, you will see four Waltons.
The son of the creator of Sams Club and Wally World was SF back in the Vietnam war era(was bored, figured no one knew that).
It was all American made products til.... It all became Chinese made products
12-05-2010 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by marc1kim View Post
Wal Mart did it here in my town too, and that was back then when Sam Walton was still about benefit in oil companies. The Chinese just bought out 33 % the biggest oilfield find in texas in years. The Eagle Ford Shale. Theyre gonna pump 1.8 billion dollars into our country to plunder us for our resources in the Eagle ford shale, inthe mean time we continue to buy our stuff from unstable doesnt make sense

Wal Mart is my towns second largest employer at over 300+ employees (we have a super center), The first is the local hospital at close to 400
OMFG! They should NOT be allowed to do that. It scares the crap out of me to think how these countries are buying us.
I suppose that if push came to shove though, we could just take it back by force but ...

I'm just stammering. This is terrible.
12-05-2010 11:11 AM
nick50471 If Wal Mart was not in your town most of those people would still jave jobs. They would be working at a local grocery, tire shop, clothing, toy, hobby or sporting goods stores. Wal Mart also employes people that should not have jobs working with the public. They pay them nothing and look like saints in the local economy.
12-05-2010 10:42 AM
wolfen I can tell a difference, but only at the checkout line
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