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Topic Review (Newest First)
06-18-2007 03:54 PM
1BLKJP There are already those that make beefy mounts.,

There's a 4xshop here in town that also makes a product to beef up the axle mount on the uppers.
06-18-2007 03:36 PM
JCS05Rubi Someone make beefy mounts, and Ill just weld 'em on. Problem solved
06-18-2007 03:27 PM
1BLKJP I would just talk it over with your service advisor and see what they are willing to do. Just 4wheeling your jeep shouldn't be grounds for not covering breakage on your warranty. Hell you can even pull out the "Trail Rated" mularkey on them.

Now if you went to different CA's and the mounts still cracked then no, they probably won't warranty that, because they have a good case stating that the replacement performance part caused the failure. However for stock arms on a virtually stock jeep then no I think they could be willing to work with you on that.

And to answer one of your other questions yeah I think it's starting to be more and more of a common occurence for those mounts to fail when used in conjuctions with shorts arms. That's a major difference between the JK and the TJ. You should see the mounts on the JK underneath. They are way beefier than what we see on the TJ's.
06-17-2007 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by JCS05Rubi View Post
Did your jeeps UCA mount fail too? What about his? Im just curious how common this is .... I am being told by numerous people to just upgrade them to adjustables, but my jeep is still in warranty, so I cant

mounts were ok
Frank's were twisted bent
mine broke below the mount....arm isn't bent
06-17-2007 09:37 PM
JCS05Rubi Did your jeeps UCA mount fail too? What about his? Im just curious how common this is .... I am being told by numerous people to just upgrade them to adjustables, but my jeep is still in warranty, so I cant
06-17-2007 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by penguin_in_a_cj View Post
hey texapple have you had alot of issues with yours or is this the first youve had a problem
first time problem for me
Frank upgraded his a while back after making the stock arms look like a pretzel
06-17-2007 05:00 PM
penguin_in_a_cj hey texapple have you had alot of issues with yours or is this the first youve had a problem
06-17-2007 04:20 PM
JCS05Rubi Atleast yours snapped If mine snapped, I could get it fixed much easier. Ah well, well see what happeneds. Im gonna call tommorrow and make an appointment for sometime this week.
06-17-2007 12:59 PM
Texapple official thread hi-jack

snapped one of my upper arms yesterday on the trail - time for an ungrade

I feel your pain
06-17-2007 12:29 PM
bluvikng Why sell the Rubi? I would think that can all be repaired with a welder, and new brackets, and after market UCA"S and LCA's. JAT.
06-17-2007 11:39 AM
JCS05Rubi 1blkjp, upon closer inspection, I DO have that failure on BOTH of my UCAs. I also have a small dent in the corner of my gas tank skid. My father is a used car manager for a large chain out here, and they have a Jeep store. He is telling me that Jeep is not going to cover a bent suspension component since I have been wheeling. He said the scratched up wheels and skids will tell them its been wheeled, and that they will classify is as "collosion damage" from offroading . As I said on another forum, I can count the hill climbs on one hand, I have always been careful with the skinny peddle, and I dont remember ANY had hits. I can remember dropping down onto the gas tank skid, but NOTHING that would be the UCA.

Lets see what happeneds when it goes to the dealer. Ill make an appointment monday. If they wont fix it though, looks like I might have to sell the Rubi and get another Jeep :chair:
06-17-2007 11:18 AM
JCS05Rubi Thanks, thats on the side right? The side facing the pumpkin? I will look for a small crack around the mount on both UCAs today when I get dressed.

thanks 1blkjp. Should I just tell the service writer that I am having loud popping issues from the back, and that I am 99% sure its a bend UCA, or should I let them find the issue?
06-17-2007 02:58 AM
1BLKJP Couldn't find the pic I was looking for, but here's another good one of upper CA mount failure.

06-17-2007 01:49 AM
1BLKJP By over flexing the bushing in there. However with that one it usually starts to take out the bracket also. I'll see if I can find a pic of what I'm talking about. I know there was a local guy here that ran into that recently.
06-17-2007 01:28 AM
JCS05Rubi No, the mount welds are good on both passenger and driver side. I looked them over good, they all also look to be straight and not bent (both sides have a slant to them, but the angles look the same, and they slant opposite ways).

I am just wondering if its only that UCA or if I have other issues too. How the heck do you bend a control arm anyway
06-16-2007 11:55 PM
1BLKJP JC that arm looks mangled my friend. I can't tell from your pics, but is the frame mount for that pass. upper ripped any? At the very least it looks like the bushing is fried at the axle end.
06-16-2007 10:38 AM
JCS05Rubi Bent driver side rear upper control arm:

Driver side rear upper control arm (ENGINE SIDE-GOOD SIDE)

Passenger upper control arm:

Drive shaft with 0 weight on it:

Driveshaft with ~150-200 pounds on back bumper:

06-16-2007 09:31 AM
JCS05Rubi Alright man, thanks. I wish some of you guys were techs at a dealership here though. When I take it in, its like I am talking latin to them, and they can NEVER find a problem. They couldnt even repllicate a clutch squeak with the top/doors off when all ya had to do was push it in (did that to see if they even LOOKED at my Jeep...).

If I take some pics, would you be able to tell if the mount was bent, or the control arm?
06-16-2007 01:52 AM
1BLKJP Oh yeah bro. That can be all kinds of your problems. You are now effectively changing your pinion angle with every bump, gas pedal change, brake engagement. I'm sure it's what is causing pre-mature failure of your dshaft ujiont also.
06-16-2007 01:47 AM
JCS05Rubi 1blkjp, would that cause my alignment to be all kindsa hay-wire in the back, and the vibes? I think it would, but I just want to make sure that there isnt another problem I am overlooking, because a problem was found.

EDIT: Is this a common thing? Does the upper control arm usually bend, or the MOUNT bend? What is the fix? It looked to me that the mounts were ok, it was the actual upper control arm that was bent, but I may be wrong. I assume its only the arm being replaced, if it infact is bent? If its the mount, can they just bend it back, or do I have to trust someone else's welds on my rig?
06-16-2007 12:37 AM
1BLKJP Doesn't surprise me. Those stock uppper mounts are not very strong. It's another thing that you have to wonder what the boys at DC were thinking.
06-16-2007 12:14 AM
JCS05Rubi Seems we have found the problem. I took it light wheeling today, to try and isolate where my problem is. The first steep hill climb we got to, we heard some loud popping from the rear again. This time, it was bad enough that we decided NOT to isolate the sound, and just to get it back home and find the problem with our eyes.

Penguin_in_a_cj called while we were on our way back, so we decided to wait untill he arrived (about 30 mins ago). As soon as we crawled under the rear end, we both noticed the LR upper control arm did not look right at all. I went up front, and began bouncing the Jeep from the front bumper. After about 3-4 bounces, the rear started making the same click with every bounce. About 30 seconds later all I heard was "Oh @$%@."

I figured that was my cue to stop. He simply handed me the flashlight, and went up to the front. I crawled under it, took a gander while he bounced.

The bad: Ya. Well, you now how if you roughly measure the gap between your control arm, and the mounts, its a bit more than your finger? On the LR at the axle side, the UCA was about half a finger width from the mount. It appears the entire UCA bent about halfway down, and torqued out of spec both laterally and longitutionally. Everytime he bounced the front, you could see the LCA, and the UCA at the outer joint (towards the engine) try to pivot at the joints, the control arms would flex some etc. At that joint (the UCA Axle joint) there was ZERO flex. The control arm is so torqued, it appears that its binding at that joint and putting all its force into the bolt and mount. Both LCA and UCA also apear to be flexing sideways (I assume its because of the bind).

The tires are also no longer cupped. Instead, he used the term "feathered." Its like, the front of a lug is higher than the back of the same lug (make sense?). The U-Joints are also popping because it appears the angle of the D-shaft is slightly off (I assume its because of the control arm). With 2 very petite females in the backseat, the vibes are much worse, and the driveshaft is almost flat! Ill take some pics tommorrow when its gets light.

Needless to say, I think the previous owner (ya the one that destroyed a trans in 18,000 miles...) completly azz raped this Jeep. Now I gotta figure out how to get it fixed. My dealer cant even fix a gushing rear main leak, I dont know how I am going to try and explain a bent UCA........:chair: :chair:
06-14-2007 01:39 PM
JCS05Rubi Its been doing it for awhile, I just now said something It has been off road a few times, but mostly mud/trails and a couple curbs

Ill have penguin look at it fri or sat, and have the tires and alignment done next week
06-14-2007 01:22 PM
MOz Have you been off road lately? Perhaps you bent a rim?

Have the tires balanced.
06-13-2007 04:30 PM
jp'rs_peep'rs Possibly an out of round or off axis rim. A broken belt in the mt/r.

06-13-2007 03:49 PM
1BLKJP Now that you've checked everything in progression I would say that it's your tires also. I just always check the things that "Could" be wrong and rule them all of the list first. My rig gets a bit of a vibe at slow speeds and I know that it's the tires, especially since mine end up chunked pretty good after a year or so.
06-13-2007 02:07 PM
JCS05Rubi kewl, thanks man. I really think its either the tires or a u-joint though. Bring up a set (2) of 31s on a rim, or just bring grumpy. well swap em out and see what happends. Just make sure the lug pattern will got enoug trucks, bring something to swap with for 10 mins

BTW, that rock that got under my coil spring is kim's pet in our room
06-13-2007 01:17 PM
penguin_in_a_cj hey scrumpy I will give it a look over when I get up there something to consider is your suspension.. you did manage to lodge something under your coil spring. it could have something to do with that or it could be the fact that your running a tall skinny digging tire thats got high milage on it.. I'll go over the back end of this grumpy bastard this weekend
06-13-2007 07:01 AM
Odhinn It could be the rear tires but where you feel the vibration (in the seat and floor) shows a possible driveline problem also. If you haven't already done so I would check all the mounts for the trans/engine, and the bearings in the rear axle/pinion. My MT/R's have a vibe problem and they vibrate all the time not intermittently. You also said that the trans was replaced a few thousand miles ago. I wouldn't rule this out either.

Might also be a slung weight, I have seen stranger.
06-13-2007 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by 1BLKJP View Post
First thing that I would physically check instead of "Everything looks tight" would be to make sure all of the components in the front end/steering/sway bar links is tight. Including the trac bar.

Second, how do you get a vibration noise from the brakes without actually feeling a vibration. Are your rotors warped?

Third I would say that most definitely you need to either do or have an alignment done. How does your jeep track on a flat surface? When you turn a corner does it want to continue turning or does it start to track back straight? This also can have something to do with your tires cupping. Also if you rotated them 1500 miles ago it will probably take maybe even another 1000 miles before those rear tires wear flat. MT/R's are known to get upwards of 45 or 50k miles on them before wearing out. This could be a major cause of your vibrations also.

Everything seemed to be tight, I got a wrench on all suspension components. Only thing that could be considered loose was the whole assembly pivoting on the zerk fittings, but I assume thats normal.

By brake vibration, I mean the dust shield would vibrate against the rotor. It was not bent too close or anything like that, the vibrations are just that bad at real low speeds I bent the dust shield farther away from the rotor. More brake dust on my wheels, but they still do it if I put the MT/Rs that are cupped, up front.

I had the Jeep in a shop for an alignment the other week, and the tech said it was all so close it wasnt worth paying for an alignment. If you let go of the steering wheel, it tracks straight for ~30 yards than starts to pull to the right. Coming out of a turn, I let go of the wheel and it wants to straighten out.

The more I think about it, It has to be the MT/Rs. I was having vibes up front before I rotated them, and now the vibes are in the rear. It feels almost like a U-Joint, or a rear end about to blow (checked diff fluids, they are all good.. very little metal). I guess I'll just keep running it and see whats happeneds. Worse comes to Worse, I get a day off Maybe this weekend, I will have Mr. Tire balance all 4 and do the alignment, no matter how close it is. Is the 1/16 to 1/8th of an inch a standard Jeep setting, or is that the internet setting. In other words, should I tell them I want the front 1/16th to 1/18th of an inch toed in from the rear, despite what the computer says?
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