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islandjeepster 06-27-2011 02:28 AM

steering column nightmare.
so I am having a hard time with my steering column and would like to know if anyone has put a floor shifter in there jeep. I have shifting linkage problems and and the tilt steering is loose any suggestions?

Moroney167 06-27-2011 10:49 AM

O man I remember the day....

Well been a while but there was some nice writeups how to tighten that flop in steering up and down. its not your tilt its 4 bolts barried deep in there that need tightening. I did mine 3 months ago and lock tite and snuged up and there great now. As for shift linkage I am in the same boat right now. It has been done and I acutally have a B&M shifter right here I am going to be installing soon as I get my trasfercase back in. My linkage has like no bushings anywhere its so sloppy I can't get down to first or safely into park haha. As for steering slop there was a sticky in our YJ section read that and use serch bar. I replied to a few of them that were super helpfull. You will need a steering wheel puller plate or somethign like that to pull the lock ring off. Rest is just carefull moving and unbolting stuff in order until you get in deep enough to use a 1/4" socket (Its a reverse torq star head but 1/4 was super tight no stripping.

islandjeepster 07-01-2011 04:49 PM

I would like to fix the steering column but i am having shifting problems to so i would like to cut out that step of fixing the column and go to just put in a stick shift column but i have know idea there is a shifter that bolts in from a cherokee or something like that i heard a rumor that a cherokee steering column will fit just need to find the years..

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