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ksgarner 07-01-2011 04:27 PM

Issues with getting fuel?
I have a '98 Sahara and I recently had to have the fuel pump replaced. They replaced the filter at the same time and it worked fine for several days (a.k.a. long enough to get from El Paso, TX to North Carolina. Along the way I noticed the smell of fuel and I when I got back to NC I found the culprit, a bad valve core the valve that's right at the engine on the fuel line (forgive me for not knowing the proper term). I changed this out and since then whenever the Jeep sits for 15 minutes or more and I start it up and take off it seems not to want to accelerate. It's like it's off and on not getting gas to the engine. It eventually goes away, but I'm worried there's something serious and I'm a bit afraid to drive it for fear of making it worse.

Any thoughts? Please help.

neverfastenough1 07-02-2011 03:26 PM

Thats the schrader valve used to check the fuel pressure, or a potentially messy place to release fuel pressure. You replaced just the core? As long as it is the correct one, and you screwed it in all the way, it should be fine. You've checked for pinched lines around the tank?

ksgarner 07-03-2011 07:52 AM

Yeah, we just replaced the core. Should we have replaced the entire valve instead?

Thanks for the post! I agree with the "potentially messy place to release fuel pressure", we used that valve to do just that, thinking that might be the problem.

I have not checked for a pinched line around the tank. I would hope that's not it since I just had to have the fuel pump replaced and I hope they would have found a problem at that point, but that's putting a lot of faith in the retailer I guess.

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