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Moroney167 07-03-2011 11:28 PM

6 Cyl Intake Mods? What do y'all have show em!
Looking to change up my intake it is all stock now but keeps falling all out of its holder and whatnot. I do mainly drive road but plenty offroad. Although a little mudding I can take it easy I dont mind... stinks cleaning all that anyway! Mainly some crawling and trail stuff.

May just rig something up with the stock elbow off the throttle body and then to a bracket holding up the other end with an element filter. Like cone style one open. I have a precharger I may throw on to just be safe but I keep u pon all my intakes from bikes truck and all so adding in Jeep doesn't matter. But would much rather see what y'all have done under the hood and suggestions on what would work and what doesn't.

tslroper 07-04-2011 02:55 AM

This is what I run, pretty close to what you mentioned. It's decent. Took a little trimming to get the elbow piece to fit over the carb, but now works great. The filter is a cheap spectre from AutoZone, but will eventually be upgraded to something thats 6 or 8 ply to keep more of the southwest dust out of the motor.

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