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sidebar78 07-04-2011 08:02 PM

Tufoil Super lubercant
I once in a while run across a product,Ithat I think deserves passing on to others. I want to be emphatic that I do not sell or in no way am I connected with this product. now while it's popular to brand every thing that looks like an oil additive as "Snake Oil" I'm guilty of that my self. I don't know how many wonderful claims I've seen on late nite tv. that would turn a Chevette into a fuel sipping power monster. and later find that said wonder addive was charged by the goverment for false claims. that said, I want to tell you about Tufoil, it is the Brain Child of Franklin G. Reick. an American genius,inventer. do look him up. this guy was some thing else. Reick was fasinated by Slick 50, ptfe was the slickest thing known to man. how ever when sent through a filter,all the ptfe was filtered out,making it usless. in a drag motorcycle where no filter was used and the oil was drained after every run.and the oil was checked for metal particals,Slick 50 was amazing. but you have to run a filter for every day driving. the problem was the ptfe in Slick 50.the particals are just too big to get through the filter. Reick solved this my breaking down ptfe to it's molicules.they passed right through the he had this really good additive,but what to do with it.he desided to market it in Canada.Canada has stiffer regulations than the U.S.. they took it right to the goverment lab.To thier surprise it passed.,it was better than any thing they'd ever seen.still skeptical they desided to test it. they took 3 snow cats to the artic circle. one with regular oil reccomended by snow cat. one with synthic oil. and the last one with a blend of of synthic oil and reccomended by Tufoil. it was the only one that started. they continued to test it. the result was the Canadian Military,Police Forces, The Mounties are now all using Tufoil in thier vehicals.bostered by this Reick sent his additive to the Guinness book of World Records. after much waiting, he got a call. Tufoil was the only additive they had ever tested that worked. it worked even better that the claims made for.he recieved the Guinness Blue Ribbon award for it.this brought it to the attention of the U.S. Army. one day out the the blue an Army procurment officer came to his office to with an order of several drums of it! it is used in gearboxes of "heavy equipment" and engines of diesel and gas powered eqipment. I my self use it in my Jeep's engine,transfer case,both differentials,and power steering my Harley twin Cam S10 pick up, 67 GTO,80 Trans Am.and Chevy Blazer. the darn Stuff works!, my wife blew the water pump in our Blazer, she was up in Indy on 465, no place to pull over scared she drove with red lights glaring all the way home 35 miles with no water. it should of locked up the engine. after cooling,the next day it started right up. no it's not on the road again, radiator plastic tank...melted. intake gasket plastic also,melted. bult the darn thing still runs! runs good, smooth.makes me sick,I know a water pump for sure,probably a radiator too, did it warp the heads maybe. but I'm a believer that Tufoil got her home. guys, just don't knock it. that a little effort and look it up. best thing it's not all that expensive. I want it in my Jeep. this Jeep right now gets 24 mpg,now this is not all due to Tufoil but I'm sure it helps.

kjeeper10 07-04-2011 11:28 PM

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:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

sidebar78 07-05-2011 01:21 AM

Come on guys give it a chance and at least Google it and read about it.I think you'll be as impressed as I was. the inventer was a big shot at General Electric,worked on cathoide ray tube development. worked on the B52's electronics. he didn't need to to get rich by scaming people he all ready was rich. some times things really are as they seem. not to often ...just some times

kjeeper10 07-05-2011 06:16 AM

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Honestly, I really doubt anyone is going to be a guinea pig and use any product in their engine. For what? Engines are well proven to go well over 200,000 miles with regular old Dino oil. Heck, synthetics are supposed to be superior over Dino right? proven right? People still believe in good ol' Dino oil and use it in their engines over synthetic, still have great results. My father and a friend at work believe in that Prolong stuff. My dads Caravan was sold at 290,000 and a friend claims good results with it. People will still use that stuff regardless. Does it work? don't know. I do use synthetic oil in my jeep and probably change sooner then I need. Oil can go 10,000-20,000 now, right? Amsoil claims this, but I still maintain more normal intervals (4000-5000) using synthetic, overkill? Probably but that's as far as I will go. It's hard to go based on peoples "claims" on the Internet and if that product does work, I'm all ears, but I'm not waiting 10 years to find out. Or 1 year and my engine blows up :)

sidebar78 07-06-2011 03:10 AM

I guess the reason I'm more open minded about it is in the latter part of my military carreer I was in an ICBM outfit.I saw more wierd high tech suff that I thought no way would it work. silver zink batteries that started out with 12 volts and had 12 volts clear up untill they died no drop off in voltage.super lubes that I still don't know what was in them. you could hit them with a torch they wouldn't burn,didn't even get the longer you work with things like that, the more you just accept when I heard about Tufoil from a hot rodder. I read every thing I could on it.I looked for some thing bad about it.all I found was good's by order only not sold in stores. it's real big in has it. so I ordered it for my Harley,they have small bottles made just for a Harley. after installing it ,I got really P.O.d about some thing,doesn't happen too often,I go years with out getting that mad. any way to keep from decking a co-worker in the parking lot, I red lined the Harley in nutral, the tach went over 8 grand,when I seen that it scared me,no way a Harley should rev 8 grand and live. but it did and no ill effects.I was a beliver in Tufoil. my Harley is an older one 1999 model and makes noises like its not too tight in the crank case,so you tell me,I know what made it survive,as for dyno oil its getting in shorter supply all the time,no new oil is being made in the ground,we had better be liking synthetic oils

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