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aerojt 07-05-2011 01:35 PM

1987 Jeep Wrangler For Sale

1987 Jeep Wrangler For Sale

The time has finally come to move on and sell my Jeep Wrangler. I have been the sole owner for the past 11 years. This was my first car and to be honest has been an adventure from start to finish. The list of modifications done will be extensive, so I will just list them at the bottom. This Jeep was built as things broke or needed upgrading, and I built this to be comfortable on the road as well as handle off road if it had to. The only times I really have taken it off road is at a Jeep Jamboree a few years back and just around my large back yard for random things. This was driven to High School, College, Work, etc more than anything though. I honestly feel you won't find a nicer, better equipped 1987 Wrangler.

The odometer currently reads 276,288 miles. That is not a typo.. When I bought it I believe it had right around 250,000 on it, and the previous owner stated that it was rolling over 10k per every 100 miles. I really don't know if I believe that, but I would venture to say it has at least 200k on it. If you want a vin for a car fax that is fine, I will PM that to you. I ran one a few years back and this thing has an interesting history. The best feature on this car fax was that is was a Carolina Jeep until about 1999, so rust is very limited, even now. But on the car fax I found salvage titles, failed Ohio E-Checks by me, etc. This Jeep has a "Collector Plate" on it, which makes me exempt from Emissions Check. I got this plate by showing receipts showing I have put a lot into it, the other reason I got it is because with the engine setup it really won't pass. The good thing though is that in one year it is exempt, and that really only matters if you have to do that type of test. I think this Jeep will be appreciated by a Jeep Person, as in you will read my list of mods and appreciate what has been done as well as the money spent. If not, and you feel this is too pricey for you I understand. My favorite part though about driving this Jeep is that it looks better than half the TJ's out there and almost all the YJs out there. It is in really nice shape and I always did my best to take care of it. Here is what it has done, if you have specific questions, post them or even pm me if you want. Thanks!

TJ Rubicon Wheels & Goodyear MTR Tires - These were OEM Take Offs.
Xenon Extended Fender Flares
Kentrol Stainless Hinges - Hood, Hood Catches, Tailgate, Lower Door
Rebuilt, painted & sealed Full Hard Doors - Redone in 2006
Repainted Hood, Windshield Frame, Right Front Fender
Bulletproof FF1 Front Bumper - Costs over $300, was powder coated, had it Line-Xed in 2008
Tomken Gas Tank Skid Plate
Herculined Grill
Replaced all lights
Heater Air Scoop
Rear Frame Mounted Tow Hooks
TJ Rear Bumper
Wipe Boy Front Wiper System - Lowers the wipers off the windshield

California Tops Black Denim Half Top - California Tops makes tops that are unique and great quality. There customer service has been known to suffer, but I got a great top from them and love the look of it
Skid Row Top Prop
Steel Horse Targa Hard Top - This is in my garage right now, but it is the two piece carpet lined hard top. Very nice quality and once again, it has been a great top for me. We all know how Steel Horse had a bad reputation, this top is very solid, quiet, and nice.
The windshield channel also has been drilled and had rivets put in so changing tops is easy and quick. This was a kit from Quadratec, stainless bolts hold down the channel now, not sheet metal screws.

Remanufactored 4.2 Inline 6 - Has about 50,000 miles on it. The motor has a Weber Carburetor, DUI HEI Ignition System, Borla Header, Aluminum Valve Cover, and Flex-A-Lite Fan. This 258 runs very well, I think you will be surprised how much power it has and how smoothly it runs. The motor is mounted with MORE Bombproof Motor Mounts. I just put a new Comp Cams timing chain on as well, the original one was cheap and stretched out. I also have a Borla Catback Stainless Exhaust and Mean Green Starter.

NV3550 5 Speed Manual Transmission - This was from Advance Adapters, installed with it is the TJ braided hydraulic clutch setup with external Slave. I also have a Center Force Clutch/Pressure Plate setup. The NV3550 is an amazing transmission that has been problem free and is on the later TJ's before they put in the 6 speed manuals. I put on the B&M Short Throw Shifter as well, amazingly tight and short shifts. The Transfer case is the stock unit.

Rear differential was rebuilt about 30,000 miles ago, the front is stock.

Posi Loc Front Axle Engagement System - Factory Vac Setup never worked for me.

4WD Hardware (BDS) 2.5" suspension System. This came with Leafs, Shocks, Ubolts, and Transfer Case Lowering Kit. I bought braided stainless front brake extension Cables to go with this. This suspension also had front and rear MORE Boomerang Shackles installed. Front Sway Bar Disconnects. The entire front steering setup was redone about 20,000 miles ago. All new tie rods, ball joints, etc were replaced. I also have urethane bushing installed pretty much everywhere. Body, Sway Bars, Shocks, Springs, Bump Stops, Etc.

Black Vinyl Super Seats - These recline and have map pockets in the back
Black Vinyl Bestop Fold & Tumble Rear Seat
Nifty Pro Line Molded Interior Carpet
Jeep Embroidered Front Floor Mats
Tuffy Glove Box
Tuffy Center Console - Both Tuffy Boxes are Keyed Alike
Rear Insta Trunk w/carpet cover
Grant Steering Wheel with Jeep Emblem
6x9 Cerwin Vega Sound Wedges behind seats
4x6 Pioneer In Dash Speakers - Those were fun to install..
Pioneer CD Player with Aux inputs
White Face Gauges
Bestop Black Denim Roll Bar Padding
New Rearview Mirror with map lights
Roll Bar Dome Light
New Black Upper/Lower Door Panels - Vinyl
Aluminum Jeep Logo Pedals

I may have forgotten a small item or two, but overall you get the idea. Lots has been done to make this a very comfortable Jeep YJ, and lots has been done to make it run great. If you look at 4wd Hardware or Quadratec and find these different items, you will see it all adds up. I am not trying to get what I put into it by any means. I have driven this car for 11 years, and that right there is a value in itself. I am asking $8000 for this and that includes both tops. If you are not interested in the hard top, we can talk about a price. I also will take a reasonable offer for this Jeep as well. The reason I am selling it is I feel like I have moved on in life, might have a family soon, and just wanted a more comfortable vehicle. This is still a Wrangler, and we all know how that goes. If I had some land I would keep this for a property vehicle or something like that, but I'd rather have the garage space now. This has usually been garage kept for the past 11 years. I have all the photos on Picasa, so just click the link to take a look if you'd like. Please PM or post any questions. I am located by Akron, OH if you are thinking about taking a look. Thank you for your interest and have a great day.

MattD 07-05-2011 06:14 PM

Would it be possible to see engine and undercarriage pics? None found on Picasa. Thanks.

aerojt 07-05-2011 10:42 PM

Yeah I realized I didn't take any! Big mistake, I will get them to picasa tomorrow, or I can email you. Thanks for the question.

aerojt 07-06-2011 12:40 PM

I forgot to mention that I have the Blazer Heater Mod w/new heater core done along with a Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator and Summit Gauge.

I Kind of figured it was worth noting, but I also figured everyone would know since this Jeep is so old, but every normal component has pretty much been changed. Radiator, Alternator, Battery, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Belts, Hoses, All fluids have been changed regularly, etc. I have not cut any corners and have done more than routine maintenance throughout my ownership.

I added pics to picasa of the engine bay and undercarriage as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Xeno 07-15-2011 06:22 PM

I would give you 8.5 if you bring it here if i could gather the cash together of course. :drool:

aerojt 07-18-2011 02:12 PM

Well let me know when you gather it! haha Thanks!

aerojt 08-07-2011 11:19 AM

btt - looking for $7500 right now. Thanks!

aerojt 09-10-2011 08:58 AM


aerojt 11-02-2011 09:18 PM

Asking $7000 right now, had a couple close calls but not sold yet. Thought it was sold this week too...

aerojt 11-12-2011 02:01 PM

Thought it was sold this week, but two people gave me super lowball offers, somewhat insulting. Anyways it is still for sale, let me know if you are interested or need anything cleared up. Thanks so much.


Tang87 11-12-2011 07:50 PM

Looks awesome wish my 87 had half the features of yours glws wish i could buy it

aerojt 11-15-2011 06:35 PM

Thanks for your comments, hopefully somebody will come along soon. Have a nice day!

aerojt 01-05-2012 07:52 PM

Sold, Thanks for the interest.

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