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Minn_wild1 07-06-2011 05:51 PM

RC 2.5" lift W/O Shocks... What size shocks
I purchased a RC 2.5" lift with a 1.25" BL. Should be here in a few days. I ordered it without the RC2.2 shocks. After reading a few reviews, i decided to get something else. My question is, does anyone know what the proper shock length (compressed and fully extended) is for this lift?

I have RE 2" BB shocks now and the website lists their measurements as: front - 24.5" and 14.5" rear - 22.5" and 13.5". Will these work for this lift? I am assuming I will have to figure out the proper bumpstops for this.

I would like to get the right size shocks for this lift at some point (need to save up). Thinking OME.

Thanks for any help.

UnlimitedLJ04 07-06-2011 06:32 PM

For reference:
In front 13.5" compressed length shocks fit with no bumpstop extension
In Rear 12.5" compressed length shocks fit with no bumpstop extension

Regardless of lift height - Subtract the compressed length of the new shocks you're trying to fit and you've got a good starting point for the required bumpstop extension.

Example: 15.5" compressed length shock like the OME N66L = 15.5-13.5 = 2" front bumpstop requirement.

For 2.5" of lift with a 1" BL, if you're running 31" or 32" tires, 13.5" compressed length front shocks will work nicely. 13.5" compressed length rear shocks will as well, and require 1.25" of rear bumpstop extension. If you're running 33" tires, you can get 14.5" compressed length front shocks, but you'll need 1" front bumpstop extension...which you need anyway for the 33" tires, so it works out. The rear shocks will be the same as above - 13.5" compressed length, with 1.25-1.5" rear bumpstop extension.

Minn_wild1 07-06-2011 06:41 PM

Thank you. I will be buying 33's ASAP. Looks like I'll be using the RE shocks and adding some bumpstops.

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