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hardy1531 08-03-2007 02:51 PM

Painting Fender Flares
I was tired of having faded flares so I decided to paint them. This is how I went about doing it. Hope this helps the next guy.
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
This is my Jeep. It's a 2003 TJ.
I used Kyrlon Fusion Satin, 2 cans.
I decided to take off my fender flares so I wouldn't have to worry about overspray. I used a 1/4 drive 5/16 socket to remove them. I would suggest getting a ratcheting box wrench if it's in the budget. That would make it a lot easier. There are quite a few nuts and bolts that hold them on. There are some "christmas trees" (push pins). You can try and reuse them but I went ahead about bought about 12 of them.

So I took off the front fenders.
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
Then I removed the rears. You will also have to remove the wheel well covers. These are held in by the christmas trees. I went ahead and cleaned all the dirt behind them.
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
Once I removed all the flares I washed them with some soap and water. I also washed and waxed behind the flares. waxing is up to you. I also preped the front plastic piece that covers the sway bar.
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
This is after the first coat. I put on a total of 3 light coats.
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03
This is the finished product. It took me about 3 hours with everything. But I also enjoyed a nice cold adult beverage in between coats of paint.
By jhardyjr, shot with EX-Z75 at 2007-08-03

schecterguy 08-03-2007 02:53 PM

looks great dude! i'm gonna do that tomorrow while i'm waiting for the herculiner to dry.

1BLKJP 08-03-2007 05:23 PM

Looks Sticky worthy to me. I'm going to move it to the FAQ/Sticky thread under General Discussion.

jeepfan2 04-05-2009 07:48 PM

When I was attempting to remove my front fender flares, I had some difficulty removing the screws that are closest to the doors. I think there is a piece of plastic that is like a bolt to keep the screws from falling out. Are you familiar with what I'm talking about? If so, could I use some vice grip pliers to get that off? Thanks in advance for your help!

joemd60 04-05-2009 08:06 PM

The fender flares sound like they can be a nailbiter to remove, the push pins as we all know will end up breaking. Where can they be purchased did you buy them at the jeep dealership, and did you have to sand them after washing them before applying the paint? Thanks.:)

orange05tj 04-05-2009 08:40 PM

what push pins do you speak of?

The lower bolts close to the door have inserts and usually the bolt will keep spinning. I reach in there with pliers and it held it enough to get the bolt free. I only put maybe 5 bolts back in when I put the new flares on.

joemd60 04-06-2009 07:50 PM

I was refering to hardy's first post mentioning push pins, so I was wondering where he bought them. It kind of reminds me when you remove a door panel and those pins that pop in the holes, they always seem to break when you try to remove the panel.

hardy1531 08-24-2009 03:58 PM

sorry it has takin me so long to reply. I bought the christmas trees at Auto Zone, I believe. They are in the "help" section. They are fairly cheap, about $2-3 for 6 or so. They were holding in my inner fender wells. I hope this helps and is not too late.

sonofabeach 08-25-2009 09:30 PM

I did mine a few days ago with Krylon Fusion and they look great. I just left mine on and taped them.

Does anybody know if hitting them with bedliner would work?
I'd like to do just that but am concerned with how well it works on plastic, ya know bending and all.

Schmo 08-25-2009 09:52 PM

I may be doing this too here pretty soon as the paint/coating that my Rubi came with is starting to wear thin in places. I noticed that the Krylon fusion is supposed to be for plastic and am wondering if it would be best to remove the paint/coating from the factory prior to painting them.

For those of you that have used the Krylon Fusion on your flares and had it on a while, how has it held up?

motokeen 08-25-2009 09:55 PM

Looks good!

TheGG54 10-06-2009 05:20 PM

I didn't use the Krylon on my fender flairs but I did use it on all 4 of my bumper caps. I put about 4 light coats on them and they looked way better than factory (I later compaired them when I smacked into my mom's car). Anyways, those things took a beating the paint held up really well. Hope I was helpful.

sweetjeepus 03-19-2010 06:10 PM

Just did this thing I've done to the jeep yet...turned out amazing.

Gabriel 04-15-2010 07:23 PM

Looks Great
Hey I just did this today and it looks awesome. Just masking around them with tape worked fine instead of fussing with all the plastic bits. Does this paint also work on the bumper itself? With the end caps painted the rear looks odd. The can says metal is ok but the bumper is painted steel so I can't tell.
And next time the "satin" finish would be a little more appropriate. The shine looks amazing but a little over the top for an off-roader.

Kohrs93 04-15-2010 09:12 PM

Hardy, I noticed your front bumper is kinda faded. I'd recommend getting some bedliner from advance auto parts (not the rubberized stuff) and repainting that. I just did it and it looks much better.

hardy1531 06-08-2010 09:12 PM

Funny you speak of the front bumper. The wife didn't like the look of it so she bought me a Warn front bumper and M8000 Winch. Thanks though.

Gabriel, I did use Satin. The picture looks a little shiney but its not that bad in person.

I did this almost 3 years ago and with regular use/washing, and the occasional offroad trip, they have held up. No need for touch up or anything.

Bobthegod 06-14-2010 01:39 PM

It looks great, but you went through all that work and you could have done that frint bumper too. I did mine then noticed the bumper looked like c**p so I did it too. Still you did a fine job.

philliprose25 06-16-2010 12:13 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I finally painted my fender flares and tubular running boards. I can't believe what a little scuffing and some paint does to chrome. It came out real good. I used the Rustolium Truck Bed Liner Spray. 3 - 4 coats each piece.

deathphoenix99 06-16-2010 12:58 PM

I'll be doing this soon to the TJ.

philliprose25 06-16-2010 12:59 PM

In addition to the above previous post, I wanted to inlcude a materials list for those looking to do the same project:

3 Cans - Rustoleum Truck Bed Liner Spray (allow 1-2 mins drytime between coats and at least 1 hour total dry time)
1 Roll - 2"w Blue Painters Tape
1 Roll - 2'w x ????L Masking Paper its a dense brownish colored roll in the painting department at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

I did not remove the fenders or the running boards. I first applied tape on the frame around the fender flares, then went back over with paper. Make sure you tape shut all of the seams where the paper meets so that any fine mist of paint doesnt get on your paint job. I did 4 light coats. This paint will puddle up VERY quicky so do somewhat fast but even passes.

jiminmanjr 08-17-2010 12:14 PM

Inspiration!!! I can't wait to take a day or two (spending on what I have going on) to do this. Awesome work!

kbfunTH 01-28-2011 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by hardy1531 (Post 648341)
Funny you speak of the front bumper. The wife didn't like the look of it so she bought me a Warn front bumper and M8000 Winch. Thanks though....................................

Sounds like you got yourself a keeper!

jstone326 03-29-2011 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by philliprose25 (Post 657260)
I finally painted my fender flares and tubular running boards. I can't believe what a little scuffing and some paint does to chrome. It came out real good. I used the Rustolium Truck Bed Liner Spray. 3 - 4 coats each piece.

How does the bedliner come out? Is it rough? I always thought bedliner was really rough, and I'm not sure I would want do have that on my fender flares.

TigerJeep2000 03-29-2011 06:26 PM

Nice job. I just did mine too. Amazing what that does to the look.

surf-jeep 03-30-2011 09:29 PM

weekend job for sure thanks for the idea!

twench 05-06-2011 06:28 PM

i did my fenders last year. for some reason mine are peeling already. i used the krylon plastic paint and washed the fenders real good. did anyone use a primer coat? im thinking of putting a coat on this go around.

thanks guys.. just barely found this forum. pretty cool

Lisa97 05-11-2011 03:41 AM

I did my fender flares at least 7 years ago, I didn't remove them, I worked newspaper between them and the fenders, taped it in place, sprayed even, light passes. started on one front , worked my way around, repeated thrice. They still look better than the factory paint did after 6 years! I used Krylon flat, I dunno any more than that about the paint.

deathphoenix99 05-11-2011 06:41 AM

I painted mine like 6 months ago, and it was just easier to remove the flares and paint them thoroughly.

colaim 05-11-2011 08:18 AM

Just did mine w/Rustoleum truck bed liner spray paint. Kept flares on, masked everything, and sprayed away. They looked so good I had to keep going and spray the front & rear bumpers, the trim around the gas cap, and the headlight bezels. It looks outstanding! I'll post up pix when I get a chance.

dfry 07-12-2011 03:18 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I had to remove my flares in order to install my rock sliders...and they needed painting too. Since I painted my sliders with Rustoleum BedLiner I thought my flares would look best if they matched. I had to grind nearly all the bolts off that used the rivnuts. Then grind the rivets down so that I could push them through the body panels. Wasn't a hard process once I figured it out...but the first couple was a PITA. I tried to put various wrenches on the rivnuts to hold them in place, etc. Nothing would keep them from spinning. There are 18 bolts/rivnuts in total (3 on each plastic piece), only four unscrewed properly. The screws/nylon nuts came out just fine, with the assistance of removing the rear inner fender guards. Then I drilled out the rivnuts that I hadn't had to grind off. Since my sliders would cover up lower five rivnut holes on each side, I drilled the remaining 8 holes to 3/8".

For the flares, after trimming them for the rock sliders, I washed them well with a scotch-brite pad and soap, being sure to remove any stuck on road debris. Then degreased them with Marine Clean. Once well dried, I applied three coats of Rustoleum BedLiner, waiting a couple minutes between coats. I let them dry for a day before installing. I also did the same for my license plate bracket.

Re-installing the flares was a breeze since I had already fit and trimmed them. Where the screws/nylon nuts were originally, I put them back on. For the 8 bolts/rivnuts, I used 7/16" nylon push rivets (Lowe's or hardware store). The nylon rivets hold the flares very solidly, and will make removing the flares very easy in the future.

The flares and sliders actually match color perfectly...the difference in the picture is just lighting and how it falls across the flare.

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