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ipleadda2nd 07-09-2011 11:41 AM

Replaced Rear Wheel Stud
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I had a rear wheel stud snap when backing out a lug nut. This gave me the opportunity to learn how to replace one. I never had before, though I imagined what it could take. Would I have to remove the axle? How about the diff cover to remove a clip or something? How about the rear brakes?

I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) with optional Dana 44 (3.73s).

After doing some research I came up with a few things. Some say the axle needs to go. :( I heard with a Dana 44 no clip to remove. :) Some say rear brakes need to go. :(

Turns out I didn't need to remove the axle, clips or brakes. :) This is going to be easy.

I am not an expert. This thread is just documentation of what I did.

Chalked the front wheels. Jacked up rear and put on jack stands. I then removed the wheel and drum.

Sprayed some penetrate on the stud shielding the surrounding areas from over spray.

Hammered it out with a 2 pound hammer. A dead blow hammer may have worked well, but I didn't have one. I placed a piece of 2x4 against the end of the axle to guide the hammer to the stud (not pictured, I only have 2 hands!).

Attachment 57199

Here's a picture of the old and new stud.

Attachment 57200

Turned the axle until the hole was lined up with an area where the breaks had enough room to slide the stud in from the back.

Attachment 57201

Put on several washers and an open end lug nut. I used the flat side against the washers. Tightened to specified torque. As it tightened it drew the stud into the axle flange.

I then removed the nut and washers. Measured the length of the stud against the others. It was the same length.

Attachment 57202

Put drum and wheel back on. Took vehicle off jack stands. Unchalked front wheels. I used anti-seize on the lug nuts and tightened 20% less than specified torque.


s3nt3nc3d 07-09-2011 02:02 PM

We had to cut a lug off mine recently due to using an impact to torque the lugs down a while back...same fun experience. Dana 44 is as mentioned above, you just remove the wheel, brake drum, and can access the studs from there. No need to remove the axle shaft. Dana 35 may be different...not sure on that.

Anywho...when we put my stud on, the hole had expanded just enough that the stud wanted to spin when we started to torque it down...which if it spun once we put a lug nut on it, we'd again have to cut the lug out. What we ended up doing was putting red loc-tite on it and then using pliers or a pry bar or something to hold it while we pulled the stud into the wheel. Then I left it alone for a while and just ran with 4 lugnuts. The loc-tite held and it's now solid again...and running all 5 lugs.

doclouie 09-27-2011 10:04 PM

Any idea how to do this with the new shafts I just received today? Should I just wait until I put the shafts in the axle?

ipleadda2nd 09-28-2011 01:11 PM

I suppose you could do it either way. If you put the studs in first they could give you something to hold on to when inserting the shafts.

NavyDog22 10-16-2013 08:29 PM

WOW thanks ipleadda2nd... I think you just saved my life. I just noticed a wheel lug broken on my rear wheel. I called the dealer and they quoted me $309.75 to replace all five lugs. The price of lugs through them was $17.95. I have not done any work on my Jeep yet but I a retired Navy Grease Monkey. So I guess its time to dig in and have fun! Thanks for the pics and the steps to get this done!

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