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jp4ever 01-29-2006 10:29 AM

we have a 90 wrangler 4.2 5spd 190000 miles love it had 85 cj7 4.2 auto needed lots of tools but bought the wrangler anway both r kids first rides were in jeeps went to by an unlimited 1 28 06 no room to access back seats kids r 11 and 14 love jeep but want to know does anybody outthere really use the back seat or haul family daily thanks

Tone 01-29-2006 11:13 AM

Ew. I hate the unlimited. I think it's ugly, but it's just my opinion. I'm sure it can still hold it's own off-road. And I'm sure it has a lot more cargo room. I just can't stand looking at it. =) So you're saying it's hard to get your kids into it? I had a '97 Wrangler, and it's really a climb to get into the back seat. I am a young guy however, so I am not worried about getting into the back seat. Sorry I couldn't help ya. Maybe a Wrangler isn't the best idea to haul kids around in. Try a Liberty or a Grand Cherokee?

Hunter9 01-29-2006 11:30 AM

Go for the unlimited, get a 4" lift some 33's and you will be stylin'. Those that say no to a unlimited are no different than a CJ5 person not liking a CJ7. I say it is still a wrangler so go for it. Besides do you really want to be sporting a Liberty off road (nothing against those that do:rolleyes: )?

Tone 01-29-2006 11:38 AM

His quesion was about dragging kids to the mall...if I am correct, he isn't as concerned about off-road capability. For those of us who don't visit Rubicon or MOAB once a month, any 4wd would be fine for tearing up a few local trails.

jp4ever 01-29-2006 12:01 PM

thanks for the quick reponse yes back seat acess is biggest concern dont do serious off road more like pull haywagons get feeder calves plus the soccer games but mini van people we arent same goes for liberty. it todays world jeeps are the best bang for the dollar we think

Texapple 01-29-2006 12:28 PM

I have a 13 yr old dgt, that throws that passenger's seat forward and jumps/climbs in the back...and she's a light weight!

You're dealing with the same issues with any 2 door vehicle...either they can get themselves inside or your helping.
Owning a Jeep, you know the space issues, the LWB would come in handy hauling "kid stuff".

Ditto on the minivan :D

Tone 01-29-2006 12:38 PM

Ever drive a Liberty though? I loved it! It's super smooth and had lots of power. =) Still, I'd rather own a Wrangler, it's my cup of tea.

amerijeep 01-29-2006 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by Tone
Ever drive a Liberty though? I loved it! It's super smooth and had lots of power. =) Still, I'd rather own a Wrangler, it's my cup of tea.

Ever see a man drive a Liberty though? Me neither.


Originally Posted by Tone
Ew. I hate the unlimited. I think it's ugly, but it's just my opinion.

I don't care for the long look of it, myself. I wouldn't kick it out of my driveway though.

jeepmutt 01-29-2006 08:18 PM

In warm weather my son (under age 10) used the rear tire and roll bar, and climbed in and out with great pleasure. The wind buffets the back seat passengers considerably more than the front, so we were forced to ride top up a lot more often than we liked. In winter he managed to get in and out pretty well, but he's athletic and young. I finally got NHTSA okay for an airbag cutoff switch and installed that. He rides up front all the time now, unless my wife is with us.

BTW, if anyone wants info on the airbag cutoff switch install I'd be happy to share. It's pretty simple.

Hunter9 01-30-2006 06:25 PM

All things considered unless they offer a removable top version of the Liberty or GC I will stick with a Wrangler. Nothing beats the top off and the wind in her hair (the Jeep top):rolleyes:

JeepCrawler98 01-31-2006 02:19 PM

I dont like the unlimiteds much at stock height - but slap a 5.5 LA (not necessarily a RE kit) and some 37"s and they make for a badass rig.

Mitch 02-01-2006 08:50 PM

unlimited seating
I have a 15 and 5 year old, they both love the unlimited. It is hard for the average adult to get in to the back seat though.

4Jeepn 02-01-2006 09:06 PM

As stated they look so much better with a lift, extra space is nice too. Granted i wish it looked more like the Brute from AEV or AVE, but it works, Off road, only seen a handful of them so far, and they did okay.

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