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Puddle Jumper 07-10-2011 09:14 AM

Help please....temp gauge issue/ P0303 code
I have a 2000 Wranger sport with a 4.0 with auto and a/c. Recently I've been experiencing two problems and not sure what is causing them. After driving around and coming to a stop with the a/c running the temp gauge slowly creeps up from normal (which is between the 2 and the 1 on the temp gauge), to about mid way between the 0 and red zone. All of a sudden the meter pegs and triggers the check gauge light and this last time has triggered the check engine light. The first time it happened it didn't trigger the check engine light. the second time it did. I shut the engine off immediately to let it cool down fearing it may be overheating? Upon restart, it runs very rough for a short time then it settles out and runs normal. The exception this time is the check engine light is still on. I ran an obd scan this morning and it calls out one code P0303. (Cylinder three misfire.) I have replaced the thermostat and the fan clutch, thinking one of them was the reason the temp was rising when at an idle after driving around town to no avail... Can anyone offer some assistance. Have not driven jeep since the second time this happened. Thx

JeepmanTJ 07-12-2011 12:26 AM

I have the same Jeep as you do and mine is doing almost the same thing. When I come to a stop with the A/C on the temp creeps up just up to the 0 on the 210 mark and falls back to normal when I start driving. It 100 to 105 air temps here in DFW and this can happen as long as it doesn't get to hot. Now my Jeep never turns on the Check Gauges light or the CEL. So I'm wanting to know if they all do it. I have no coolant leaks on my 00 TJ at 126,230 miles on it. I bought it last summer and I'm a 1st time Jeep owner.

JeepmanTJ 07-12-2011 12:35 AM

One thing I'm going to do is put a new water pump..(WP) on soon. The impeller blades can be worn so small there not flowing coolant through the engine at the proper volume. Plus its a good maintenance. No telling how long the WP has been on there. And there not expense.

TJ-Q8 07-12-2011 01:07 AM

Wel guys i have done it all. I was over heating and i replaced everything. Its 150+f here. I would clean the radiator from inside but before you do it check ur upper hose for pressure. If its hard to squeeze then you might have a head problem. Let a mechanic check it for with the special kit they have. I dont know if they do this in the states but in kuwait its very popular how they clean the radiators. They open them up and make sure no dirt is clogging the pathways. That helps alot. Good lucl. And offcourse not to forget a new radiator cap would be a good idea.

bardb 07-12-2011 05:03 AM

Are the oil and radiator fluids still clean? Over heating and miss fire sounds like a blown head gasket. Was it blowing white smoke at any time? Sweet smelling exhaust? Meanwhile make sure there isn't any crud between the condensor and the radiator. My new to me Jeep sprung a radiator leak right after I got it and I pulled a 1/2 lb of mulch from between the two.

Puddle Jumper 07-12-2011 06:18 PM

Good news, I think.. I've been doing a lot of reading about this and happened upon an article about overheating problems with tj's in the summer time. According to this article, you get a fan off a 1993 ford explorer and its ford fan clutch and bolt it directly up to the 4.0 jeep tj.. The article is authored by chris142 his user name is 2002 tj wrangler. Article is titled "tj radiator fan upgrade......2000-2006 tj". This sounds like the fix I need. Ordered the fan this evening and will pick up the fan clutch tomorrow from oreilly"s. Fan from ford is $65. and clutch from oreillys is $60. I was planning on doing a electric fan but it would cost around $250, with all parts needed. Once you read article you can make up you're own mind about whether you think it'll solve you're problem. My P0303 code has not returned, I found number 3 injector plug had rubbed into a metal bracket just above it, so I turned the plug to about ten oclock and the code has not come back. Will let you know the results of switching fan in the next couple of days....

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