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jeeptales 01-30-2006 12:10 PM

South Texas Show & Shine
Okay, we are at the end of January, 2006 what that means to us is we are now literally weeks away from the start of the 2006 area Off-Roding Season…

Members of my local Jeep Club S.A.J.E. and other members of neighboring clubs are packing their bags and getting ready to make the trip to Las Cruses N.M. for the Chili Challenge. Plenty of Texas Hill Country Jeepers are sacrificing their weekend’s to clear brush, bust rocks and cut trails at the Inks Ranch in Llano, TX getting ready for 1st 2006 Jeep Jamboree of the season March 24-26. At the same time another group of selfless individuals are hard at work clearing trails at the YO Ranch in Mountain Home, TX getting things prepared for the YO Ranch Spring Wheeling event April 21-23.

Everyday I’m getting more and more email from eager Jeepers that are champing at the bit to get out and start playing with their Jeeps. Many of you have spent a lot of your hard earned money and busted a few knuckles getting your Jeeps ready for the next season. Well before we start breaking, bending and scratching our rigs on the trails we need to show theme off to each other and the public…

Last week I had a meeting with my boss here at Ancira Jeep I-10 and we started kicking around the idea of giving you good folks the opportunity to show off your rigs. I know there are also a lot of people out there that are planning modifications for their own newer Jeeps but might want to see a modified few up-close and personal. There might even be a few folks out there that are dreaming of someday owning a built up Jeeps and they might want to visit with folks that have been down that road a few times.

Mark your calendars:
• Where? Ancira Jeep I-10 (10807 I-H San Antonio, TX)
• When? March 4th 2006
• Time? 8:30am – 2:00pm
• Who can come? Anyone that owns a modified Jeep (Not Club Exclusive)
• Will you feed me? Yes, Participants get Tacos, Coffee, OJ & Krispy Kreams we will drag out the grill later in the day offering other food and refreshments.
• WIIFM?: Prizes and Giveaways from: Warn, ARB, JJUSA, YO Ranch & the New Ancira Jeep E Store.
• What else will you have there? We plan to also have representatives from the YO Ranch other local area wheeling venues to answer your South Texas Wheeling questions.

It’s going to be a blast, and we would love have see you there, please pass this email on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Ancira Jeep Show & Shine
Participants Please,

amerijeep 01-30-2006 08:22 PM

Why is all the cool stuff so far away?

Texapple 01-30-2006 08:52 PM

I love to wheel but I also like the "bring & brag/show & tell" events. A dealership in our area has invited our club for a showing during their re-opening at a new location this spring and again when the new wrangler comes out later this year. It's a great opportunity to speak: Jeep. We were there last year and had a blast:

jeeptales 01-30-2006 10:52 PM

No doubt...
My day gig is Selling Jeeps at Ancira over the Internet...

We just expanded our facility and this is a way to draw a bit more attention to the building.

But I like the idea of getting all my Jeeping buddies together for a sort of kick off to start off the season. Moreover, I like to see all the Jeeps while they are still intact.

In a few weeks we are all going to kick off one of the most active Off-roading season in a long time.

All I can say is :D “Let the Good Times Roll!”:D

We will be adding the Photos to JeepTales Website form the Show & Shine as soon as it is over so if it is too far to drive you can attend vicariously through JeepTales. After all that is why I built the site…;)

jeeptales 03-01-2006 12:01 PM

Show and Shine info!
I’m putting up this post for those folks that sent me an RSVP for the 2006 Ancira Jeep I-10 Show and Shine in San Antonio, TX.

I will be at the store by 8:00am on Saturday, it would be great if you and your Jeep could be here between 8:30 and 9:00 am. When you arrive I will have Coffee, Krispy Kreams and Tacos for all of our Show & Shine Participants. (Planning on 35 - 40 of you) I have 32 Jeeps registered so far. If we run over that I'll get more food.

Our plan is to cook Hotdogs and Burgers for you starting at about 11:30. The Show and Shine can break up about 2:00.

We will be arranging our display at the New “Used Car Building” at the furthest south end of our campus:
  • The Dealership address is 10807 I-H 10 West.
  • We are located across the Highway from the USAA Facility
  • From 410; Exit Heubner stay on the access road we are on the right
  • From 1604; pass the Heubner Exit the Frontage Road and take the turn around we are at the bottom of the hill on the right.

If you are hauling your rig in there will be parking on the Back of the Service lot for your towing rig and trailer next to make-ready.

We will be arranging the just to the right as you face the used car building.

If you know of someone else that might be attending who might not have sent an RSVP in yet; please do me the favor of telling them about this post. If your plans have changed and you can’t make it that is okay too just let me know so I make sure to have enough food for everyone.

If we were to have 50 Jeeps I would look like a Hero to my bosses so be sure to tell any Jeepers you know that might be on the fence about making it out.

Even if you are not showing feel free to drop by if you are in the area so so we can say "HI".

Here is the Link if you still need to RSVP.

See you Saturday!

whiteyj 03-01-2006 06:26 PM

Sounds like a kick. Just this little matter of 1687 miles and 26 hours of driving time....... If I left.... well right now, I just might make it!

jeeptales 03-01-2006 06:28 PM


Originally Posted by whiteyj
Sounds like a kick. Just this little matter of 1687 miles and 26 hours of driving time....... If I left.... well right now, I just might make it!

What kind of Tacos do you want?


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