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Big Shmeg 07-20-2011 02:45 PM

Jeep Germany
I'm about to move to Germany with my '01 TJ with 5.5" Long Arm lift and 33" tires. Are there any restrictions that will prevent me from driving it on the streets over there? Any help is appreciated.

95saharaGRN 07-26-2011 08:24 PM

Well u might find some roads to small but other then that I don't think so... Also y u moving to Germany... Reason I ask is cuz that's awesome...

siffriver 08-02-2011 06:57 PM

If you're going over and will be attached to the Armed services you should have no problems getting around with a modified jeep.
Yes, roads in cities are narrow but Germans are pretty good making room for other drivers.

As a civilian with a work permit you'll have a tough time getting your Jeep registered with the German system. German's use an inspection system called TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein - Technical monitoring system ) anything besides stock will require a permit via an Engineer. Very $$$ and long process.

95saharaGRN 08-03-2011 03:59 AM

My buddy is headed to Germany and he is leaving his car here and he is getting one there...

Player 08-21-2011 10:00 PM

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Originally Posted by siffriver (Post 1432940)
If you're going over and will be attached to the Armed services you should have no problems getting around with a modified jeep.

SWEET! I got referred to this forum and found answers quick!
I'm actually headed over to Bavaria pretty soon too, I didn't know if my light bar or my bull bar would be allowed.. what do you think? Any Euro-bound mil here?

Bazzer 08-22-2011 03:21 PM

I'm Euro bound but from England which has very different rules to Germany. All I know about Germany is that all modifications to a vehicle have to be TUV approved. I shouldn't think you'll have any problems with your lights, but your front bull bar may be problematic due to the tight laws on pedestrian collision ( I don't know how a standard Jeep even passes this).

siffriver 09-11-2011 10:29 PM

Yep, extra lights are legal but I'm fairly certain the bull bar will require TUV approval.

Again, if you're part of the Armed forces then you're ALWAYS A-OK because Armed forces personnel do not require having their vehicles TUV approved. Vehicles of Armed forces personnel (Military and civilian) always fall under by the US forces agreement.

During my time in Germany I've been pulled over only once for non-stock accessories but after they realized my registration war part of the NATO accordance they let me go. Usually German police can tell right away if your local or not (based on your plates)

siffriver 09-11-2011 10:30 PM

Nice jeep BTW!

OBX 09-17-2011 10:25 PM

Hey, army here and headed to germany in november. Illesheim is my post and my wife and I are very excited. Any suggestions? I have a 2007 wrangler with windshield mounted KC lights, a cb and antenna, and stock suspension with 285/75/16 tires. I plan on bumpers and a winch before I ship it off. I am a little worried about license plate placement, so suggestions there would help also.

aelwero 09-17-2011 10:38 PM

you guys are going to look like tottering old grandmothers on the freeways... "normal" speed on an autobahn is generally around 150-160k, or right around the 100mph mark. if they still got gas coupons, always have some with you! paying for gas on the economy will kill you in a jeep :) personally, as much as I love my jeep, I wouldn't take it. it's too slow, the MPG is too low, and there really isn't much in the way of obstacles or wheelin areas. You're very likely to buy a hooptie and drive it day to day anyway, because the folks heading back to CONUS must have someone take posession of their hooptie and registered in the new owners' name to clear, so they go cheap (a neighbor of mine needed the exhaust repaired in order to pass inspection in order to transfer it and clear, and she told me if i could fix it and register it in 3 days i could have it for free... and it ran way better than the BMW I paid $400 for did too).

Player 09-18-2011 12:55 AM

what if you want to sell your jeep to the local populace? is that even allowed?

jhafner08 10-11-2011 05:45 AM

yes that is definitely allowed and you will make a lot of money on it as well since there aren't many jeeps there right now. i am air force stationed at spangdahlem and just bought an '07 wrangler x for $17,500 and that was the cheapest one around...they go for way expensive here.

Dapointa77 04-03-2012 12:40 PM

Hey guys, Just got orders to Spang for next Jan'. Cant wait to bring the jeep over there!

Sjeupie 04-09-2012 07:15 AM

Just wondering if genuine MOPAR parts are allowed? (as for bumpers and stuff)?

mhanksii 09-01-2012 08:11 PM

I'm headed to Ramstein in Nov. I was worried about my 15X8 wheels and 33/12.50 tires because they hang out from under the flares about 2". Am I reading this thread right that I will get through inspection without hassel or do I need to get new wheels/tires that don't hangout?

Verdl 09-03-2012 01:41 AM

You might want to see about getting wider flares or ship your jeep with smaller tires for the inspection. German law states your wheels can't be wider than your flares and 2" will keep you from passing. Once that's done it's up to you for how you set it up.

nateallenstark 11-24-2012 09:21 AM

Anyone know of a good scrap yard around Ansbach.... I bought a 97 ntj shortly after my wife and i got to germany, but the damn thing has not run in nine months (Advice Anyone??? - this is my thread on another site. But seeing how you guys are so close any chance you could keep an eye out for a wrecked 4.0 i might be able to grab as a parts jeep?

cdnlager24 04-20-2013 11:52 AM

I am retiring in Germany and have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler (Sahara). I might lose Logisitcal support, meaning that I have to register my vehicle on the German system. I went to TUV, and they told me that there are a few things I have to change. Headlights, Tail lights need to have yellow/orange blinker, license plate needs to fit on back bumper.
Anyone, know of where I can get Euro Spec Jeep parts? I will go to my local Jeep dealer, but trying to see if I can find cheaper parts online.

Dapointa77 04-20-2013 01:05 PM

I'd hit eBay up man.

joncimp 08-06-2013 03:32 AM

I am in your AO just past Landstuhal.

Chief_Airborne 08-15-2013 07:14 AM

I'm headed back to Germany for another tour. The main problem that American's have with their Jeeps is their tires sticking out too far. Find some stock tires for inspection and then switch them out after the inspection.

I do agree that a Jeep is not the best vehicle for traveling around on the autobahn, but it's a great vehicle to put around in and for daily driving. Especially during the winters. As long as you have a second vehicle for the autobahn, I would say definitely bring your Jeep!!

icantslowdown 11-06-2013 05:40 AM

Headed to Ramstein, taking my '12 JKU along. Does anyone know if it's legal to tool around town with the doors & top off, provided I have side mirrors? It's going to be a rough transition from the Florida Keys to K-town, and weird to have the top on at all. Anybody have issues with TUV under SOFA? I figure it's easy enough to put a rear red fog on , not so easy to change out headlights/taillights and throw on amber blinkers.

joncimp 11-06-2013 11:56 PM

I have been in Germany for just over 3 years now and as long as you have that mirror on you will be fine, as for the top as long as you don't mind the cold you can have it off all year. Al other inspection stuff is all common sense but you are given a month or so to fix anything you need. is our Jeep group and we can help you with anything you need even if your sponsor wont. Will see you soon.

Chief_Airborne 11-07-2013 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by joncimp (Post 5944889)
I have been in Germany for just over 3 years now and as long as you have that mirror on you will be fine, as for the top as long as you don't mind the cold you can have it off all year. Al other inspection stuff is all common sense but you are given a month or so to fix anything you need. is our Jeep group and we can help you with anything you need even if your sponsor wont. Will see you soon.

Are you sure about that? I've been told that you have to have some type of door...or at least a rope that goes across so one doesn't fall out. LOL Is this actually in black and white or is it just up to the local police?

nateallenstark 11-07-2013 02:55 AM

Top off does not matter but im pretty sure you have to have something for a door while driving around. The half door or tube frame should do just fine

joncimp 11-08-2013 01:27 AM

You are supposed to have some kind of door but I don't know of anyone being ticked about it and I know ppl that go with out doors all the time they just get a funny look from the police. And yes it would be in the black and white it states you have to have something. I know a guy that uses a piece of 550 cord. so it is all up to you but I am sure if you leave the our area the police wont feel the same way.

icantslowdown 11-09-2013 08:05 PM

Great info guys!

I see that I need auto-on headlamps, does this mean I also need daytime running lamps? We have a JKUS - no autolamps, I may just throw in a relay so they're on anytime the engine is running.

Any other gotchas that I need to know about? Pretty much stock with a 2" leveling lift, front bull bar with HIDs, and a winch hidden in the stock front bumper, it looks pretty much stock to passerby's, not sure about the TUV inspectors though. The wifely sort is already whining about pulling the tint off of the front windows, here in Florida we can tint it all the way around since it's always sunny and hot.

Thanks again

nateallenstark 11-11-2013 11:16 PM

You should not need auto on will just get flashed by the germans anytime they think you should have your lights on. The window tint thing sucks but it had to go on the front windows...if you have big tires they are not allowed to stick out past the fender flares. If you plan on buying anything big for your jeep do it now dont wait until you get here.

joncimp 11-13-2013 12:58 AM

you don't need auto lights and this is the first time hearing about it, as long as nothing is broken and your tires don't stick out past your fenders your good. I had to pull the tint off my JKR to pass, we picked up a steamer and used my pocket knife. I would do it b4 you leave so you can bring the steamer back after you are done. Also if you plan on getting anything over 70lbs you are better off getting it now and shipping it with house hold goods USPS wont mail anything over 70lb.

joncimp 01-13-2014 04:37 PM

There is a off road club now in the Ramstein/Kaiserslautern area who are way more active and don't just talk about wheeling on a FB page. , If you would like more info on the club you can message myself or the club page directly. It is a new club but we hope to be up and running smooth soon.

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