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millerman 01-31-2006 09:51 AM

98 wrangler tranny and spedo problem!!!
98 wrangler AT 4 cyl, spedo jumps and pegs out even when stopped (putting miles on the jeep) and transmission upshifts and downshifts almost as if it is following the spedometer readings, this is my first jeep and ive tried replacing the speed sensor, this fixed the shifting problem for about 30 miles and now we are back to square one. im really not sure what to check next so any help would greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

JeepCrawler98 01-31-2006 03:14 PM

Get a test LED hooked up to the wiring and see what it does. If there's a crackle in one of the connectors or wiring; it could be fooling the computer into thinking it's seeing hundreds (or thousands) for a certain duration. I had a similar problem with my ignition coil - it would stumble driving around, and I noticed my tach jumping to high rpms randomly. I figured I'd test the wiring - did the trick!

millerman 01-31-2006 06:00 PM

In A Bind, Please Hurry
feeling a little dumb! i went to check some things and found a ground strap disconnected. dont have any idea where it goes.
there are two of them connected to the same place on the firewall, on is bolted to the head and the other is just dangling, its long enough to reach the transmission but the tranny bolt is too big to go through the hole. does anyone know where this goes??
or have a wiring schematic they would be willing to show me?
please help the jeep newbie!!!

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