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yomondo 07-21-2011 10:32 AM

MyGig Lockpick v.4 and Night-Vision Cameras Installed
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I picked up the new MyGig Lockpick v.4 (just released 3 months ago) and a couple of their waterproof infrared night-vision license plate mount video cameras.

The main features of the Lockpick is that it unlocks all the functionality of the MyGig that's normally disabled while driving. While this will definitely come in handy, for instance to have my passenger punch an address into the GPS while I'm driving, the main reason for my purchase was to install the video cameras. The Lockpick v.4 allows up to three video cameras. Control and output of the video cameras is integrated with the MyGig system. It's a pretty sweet setup.

The cameras come pre-configured to display the mirror image (for rear installation) and with distance and guide markings enabled. Using the provided jumpers, the camera can be easily configured for front installation (non-mirror image display) and/or to turn off the distance and guide markings.

Installation is simple plug-and-play plus some wire crimping, and provided instructions are easy to follow. What took most of the time was running the cables and also figuring out where/how to stash Lockpick unit and its big wiring harness along side the MyGig system after it's all hooked up. The entire installation took me maybe four hours taking my time.

The rear camera provides obvious benefits, particularly if you have a bigger tire back there and an aftermarket tire carrier that mounts it up higher. Here's the rear camera, which automatically turns on when in reverse, but can also be turned on/off manually at any time using controls on the MyGig system. Automatic on/off can also be disabled.
Attachment 58819

Here's the front camera. This can be setup to automatically turn on when going <8 mph to aid in parking. I tried this, but found it mostly unnecessary and often annoying, especially when my passenger was trying to input something on the GPS at the time, so I disabled the automatic on/off. Like the rear camera, the front can be manually turned on/off at any time. The front camera will be really helpful when offroading, to see what's right in front of the Jeep and out of view from the driver's seat. Breakovers will also be more visible.
Attachment 58820

Here's a picture of the video feed from the front camera at night. What appears to be white light reflecting off the vehicle in front of me is not visible light at all. It's invisible infrared light. The actual scene here is visibly dark. Pretty cool. This will really help out on night runs. You can see here the distance and guide markings I mentioned. The distance markings are inaccurate, but the vertical guide markings do help when parking, to align the Jeep with the parking space lines, especially when backing in.
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aharper 07-21-2011 11:19 AM

I used to have a Suburban that I installed a rear camera on. It would display on the HU, on the overhead DVD screen or on a little 3.5" TV in the console. I left that small console TV on 100% of the time to provide some additional visibility for smaller cars behind me, etc. I found that the distance indicators were more of a pain when trying to determine distance and chucked the camera in favor of a Boyo VTL420.

I'd love to find somewhere slick to mount a screen in the JK to do the same...

mhanksii 12-20-2012 04:43 AM

Any update, are you still pleased with your lock pick cameras? Has the front worked out as well as you had hoped?

tomthbomb 12-24-2012 01:53 PM

Would like to know also. Just ordered one.

yomondo 12-26-2012 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by mhanksii (Post 3124917)
Any update, are you still pleased with your lock pick cameras? Has the front worked out as well as you had hoped?

I still love the setup. The front camera has helped out on and off road.

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