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rubijeep2007 07-21-2011 01:56 PM

hello all my fellow jeep friends,
I need some advice,...first of I know very little about car engines so keep that in mind as I ask for help.
I just purchased a 2007 Jeep Rubicon from a dealer here in Salt Lake City. In the 3 1/2 weeks I've had it, it has been in the shop 4 times, and I will have to take it again tomorrow. The problem is intermittent starting. On the day I got it, it wouldn't start on the first try...all the electrical things (radio lights ect) came on but it wouldn't turn, but on the 2nd try it did.So I promptly took it to the service department. They said it was loose battery terminals...nope. SO I took it back about 3 days later, this time the engine fan was out and had to be replaced, but it still wouldn't start up on the first OR 2nd try. They said that the engine was to hot and it was a safety thing, and since the engine fan was fixed it should work....nope, that wasn't it. SO I took it back and they did some thing else to it that I didn't understand and nope it still didn't once again I took it back last week and they replaced the starter... I went to start it this afternoon...and alas it took 3 times to start. I notice it happens more frequently when it's hot outside. I'm at a loss. It's still covered under dealer warrenty since I've only had it 3 weeks. ANY suggestions would be helpful.
PS. there is an after market winch hooked up to the main car battery, do you think this might be part of the problem?

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