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ArmyCop 07-21-2011 02:08 PM

Death Wobble fixed (I hope)
Pretty sure it's finally fixed. Several months ago bought a used, very good condition 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ totally stock. Appeared to be same tires as when brand new. Still decent tread but not too many months before gonna need new ones.
Drove and handled great.
Friend got stuck & I hooked up and pulled, pulled - all 4 tires spun and spun a lot. Finally got him out.
Still felt ok driving and handling but about once a week had the dreaded "Death Wobble".
Replaced the steering stabilizer with a new one Ė seemed to be better but still every now and then had that darn Wobble.
Took it to a strongly recommended Off Road place (Even local Jeep dealership maint sends jeeps to this guy when they canít figure the problem out).
Everything seemed okay except the Tracking Bar and it wasnít really bad Ė was just a little loose and couldnít be tightened. Had it replaced with new one.
Had tires rotated, front end aligned (wasnít much off but was out of alignment just a little).
Then that Death Wobble happened a little MORE often (rear tire or tires may have been worse than what had been on front to begin with), drove rougher too.
At that time and after reading lots and lots of material about the Death Wobble, talking to other Jeep people It appeared that most likely those tires were just worn out and maybe had some internal separation or something causing all this.
This morning I had my old 30x9.50R 15 tires removed and replaced with brand new 31x10.50R 15 Firestone Destination A/Tís.
The drive to work was so much smoother, quieter, better that Iím pretty sure itís okay now. Now Iíll be more confident as each day goes by and I drive various speeds and roads and donít have a wobble.
Thereís been a few other posts that this has been the case Ė going to new tires fixin the problem. I hope thatís gonna be the same ending to my story too.

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