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JeepOnRock 07-23-2011 11:51 AM

LOTS of YJ and Jeepster Parts... and some big stuff, too
I have decided that I have too much stuff, not enough space and not enough time to continue with a project that has been laying around the garage for a few years. We moved and my garage shrunk. So, all of my Jeep stuff is going away. I'm listing it as I get to it.

Ford HP Dana 60 front. This is a SRW, Kingpin axle... I want to say early 1980s. I need to double check, but I recall the discs, calipers and pads being new. I don't know what the gearing is, but the assembly needs to be gone through anyway. I would do something about the bearings, seals and hubs. It has 35 spline inners and 30 spline outers. I believe I also have some high steer arms that I will toss in with these.
$1100 obo

Ford Dana 61 rear. I have pretty much everything to convert it to disc brakes... including the calipers, mounts and discs. The hubs do need to be machined a little to work the way the kit is intended for them to work. BUT, I also have 35 spline axles for it. It has a 30 spline carrier... but it is the wrong ratio and open, so it is easy to correct when you put the locker in it... Also, it CAN use a D60 carrier, but may require a .250" spacer between the ring gear and carrier.
$200 obo

So, you were thinking about a locker? I have an Eaton E-locker, D60, 35 spline, 4.56^. This thing has never been installed, but I picked it up from someone else that never installed it... the box it just about toast. These things are usually around $850 + shipping.
$750 obo

Jeep NP231 Transfer Case with a SYE Kit (Slip Yoke Eliminator). This case is from a 92 YJ with a 4.0L, so it is 23 spline input. Aside from the SYE, the case is stock (2.92:1 low range).
$300 obo

NV4500 5 speed. This is a killer hybridized unit. It is a Dodge case (allowing it to bolt up to the NP231 without an adapter), but has the GM first gear (6.34:1) which was significantly lower than the Dodge first gear... it is a stump puller... Also included is the Advance Adapters bellhousing and the external slave cylinder set-up.
$1700 obo

1992 Jeep 4.0L HO engine. If I recall, it has about 150k on it... but it ran great when I pulled it. But it has been sitting around the garage for quite a while. It includes everything except the power steering pump and the A/C Compressor. And it includes the computer and the underhood wiring harness. I also have the radiator and 20 gallon fuel tank (with the right pump for an injected engine. If you are doing an engine swap and need those, we can make a deal there, too.
$600 obo

YJ Steering box... with the power steering pump and reservoir.
$150 obo

Complete A/C system for a YJ... Everything. Compressor, evap, coil, lines, underdash unit. Everything should be there. It will need to be flushed, and might need a new dryer since it was opened.
$350 obo

5 Hummer 12 bolt, 8 lug Beadlocks. These are 8 on 6.5" bolt pattern wheels. They do NOT include the beadlock inserts. Some of the wheels have the mil-spec valve stems. I was going to weld up those holes and run flat style valve stems. They are in pretty good condition... but I would paint them. Take off $100 if you buy the wheels and tires together.
$600 obo

5 Super Swamper TSL-SX tires. 38x12.50 16.5. They have about 70% tread left... but the poor things have been lonely sitting in my garage.
$600 obo

More coming... If you don't like the price, we can talk about it, but I think these are reasonable prices. Loading up a truck will certainly affect the price... Also, I can deliver any of these things within a reasonable range for the cost of fuel. I'm located in Suwanee, GA, just north of Atlanta.

JeepOnRock 07-23-2011 12:03 PM

All of the pics (and whatever new pics I shoot) will be at the following link.

Jeep Parts pics... - Just Having Fun

JeepOnRock 07-25-2011 12:07 PM

Tires are sold. Wheels are still available. They are $600...

JeepOnRock 07-25-2011 07:21 PM

Transfer case is sold.

JeepOnRock 07-27-2011 09:09 AM

Transmission is sold.
YJ Steering Brace is sold.
A/C system is sold.
Tires are sold.

Still have the engine, hummer wheels, both Dana 60s and the elocker. I'm open to offers...

JeepOnRock 07-30-2011 09:02 AM

Axles are sold.

Still have the engine, HMMV Wheels and the eLocker.

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