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MadDogSkiBum 07-23-2011 04:52 PM

Squeaky Creaky Dash Solved
Had a squeak in the center/passenger-side dash for a few weeks now that has been driving me nuts.

After reading some suggestions on the forum, I tightened the pillar screws and padded the plastic grill under the cowling (among other things). That didn't work.

Turned out that it was being caused by the gas tank skid plate.

When wheeling (last year), I had hit a rock and dented the gas tank skid plate. It was pushing the plastic fuel tank against the passenger floor board and causing the squeak.

When I run the fuel out of the tank, I'm going to re-drop it to make sure nothing was damage (e.g. no hole in the tank from rubbing).

But, if you're getting a squeak/creak, put checking your skid plate on the list (especially if you do off-roading).

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