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heathsbluejeep 07-27-2011 09:18 PM

clutch or tranny any idea??
ok i have a 94 2.5 4banger, well i was goin down the road and i start hearing this clicking noise around the clutch/ tranny area, its clicking in every gear. and kinda hard to get into gear. well i stop at a stop sign, try to get it in 1st and it pops loud, now the clutch is making a noise but goes away when i push the pedal to the floor, "throw out bearing maybe" ok but once i put it in gear it will roll about 6 inches and thats it, it feels like its in a bind. then put it in reverse and does the same, any ideas on what this is ???? or whats causing this??? im about to drop the tranny to see but was curious if anyone has had this happen before, i hope its just a bad clutch problem and not the tranny. any comments are greatful!! thanks you jeepers!

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