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Shelby427 07-30-2011 12:24 PM

Auto Trans TCC Shudder, FIXED!!!
First off I am in no way, shape, or form associated with this company.
But their product has turned a nightmare into pure delight for us.

Wifey's 97 Sahara 4.0 auto started developing the dreaded TCC shudder.
(Torque Converter Clutch)
Think Death Wobble, without the steering wheel shaking. :eek:

Initially started out as a feeling of running over rumble strips when the TCC would engage at around 35 mph. Finally got to the point it would also do it above 50, when you would slightly accelerate.

And I mean it was BAD! Whole front of the Jeep would shudder like the front end was going to come out of it. Only way to avoid it was driving aggressively. Mash the throttle to the floor to get past 35 before the trans shifted into 3rd and the TCC engaged and do the same to accelerate when running down the highway. Didn't help the gas mileage much either.

This Jeep has been gone over top to bottom, front to back maintenance wise. Major tune up, flushed and new coolant and stat, belt, all fluids changed, trans filter and flushed with 12 qts of fluid. Not to mention mechanical fixes done, and new tires/aligned.

Dealers were no help, basically told it's the TCC and it will cost $XXXXX
Ditto the tranny shops. :nonono:

Anyhow, lots of web searching showed this is a major problem on newer Jeeps and nothing Jeep is doing is correcting the problems.
But I stumbled on multiple postings about a product called Dr Tranny Instant Shudder Fix, and how it's been helping if not correcting the problem.

Found their web site and did a lot of reading. As a retired tech/manager I've heard about every snake oil claim out there. But the more and more I read up on this product, the more I figured I'd give it a try.

Off to the local NAPA store, only to find they don't carry the Dr Tranny, but they do carry it's sister product, Lubegard. Which is, per the web site, something that should be added along with the Dr Tranny.

OK, I'll bite, bought, drained some trans fluid and topped off with the Lubegard. Hop in the jeep to drive the 15 miles to the other NAPA that stocks the Dr Tranny.

Well about half way there I started noticing something, or maybe I should say not noticing. The low speed shudder was going away, couldn't tell on the high speed as it was red light to red light driving there.

Get to the NAPA and go in, there on the shelves is every product from the company EXCEPT Dr Tranny. WTH!!! Go to the counter and ask the salesman about it. He looks out at the Jeep, looks and me, then walks to the back of the store and pulls out a tube of Dr Tranny. Like it was water from the fountain of youth. You had to be worthy of buying it.

I pay, he cuts the top off, and I feed this elixir to the Jeep. 2 oz of pure salvation I hope.

Hop in the jeep, do a U turn and head home.

WONDER OF WONDERS!!! First couple of miles were stop and go, and not a peep out of the jeep. Get out on the open road and start trying to force the TCC to act up. NOTHING!!! Whole way home I tried every way I could think of to get the TCC to act up, and it was like a whole nother Jeep.

Not only that, but the trans was actually shifting firmer!

Consider me sold on this stuff. Give it a shot if yours is acting up. Best couple of bucks I've spent on that Jeep.:thumb:

International Lubricants Inc. (ILI) - Makers of LUBEGARD

p.s. they sold me on their stuff. Tomorrow both our vehicles are getting coolant/engine oil/trans fluid/Tcase fluid/and diffs done with their additives.

TJ-JAM 03-21-2012 08:50 PM

Anyone tried this ....? Curious how it would be long term.

TJ-JAM 03-21-2012 08:52 PM

Has anyone else tried this ... How does it perform long term...?

Shelby427 10-10-2012 09:15 AM

1 plus year and still shifting like new and no TCC shudder.149,000+ on the clock, 13,000 since the change.
And it's getting an acid test every day. Wife drives 18 miles one way to work, speed limit of 40 -45 all the way, with 7 or 8 stop lights.
If there was a problem I'd hear about it. Boy would I hear about it.

jeff_in_rc 10-10-2012 09:33 AM

Will I don't have an auto tranny now but I may in the future so I am intetested. Thanks for the info!

Unlimited13 11-10-2012 10:16 PM

This just a standard addictive package. It should work for a while. If it comes back you can add more. If this doesn't work you can always flush the TC and trans.

Hewillfly 01-29-2014 11:15 PM

trans shudder....
I wish i had known about this product, at least i would have tried it before dropping $1500 on a new torque converter. ill know better next time, i thought the shuddering was from my front end or something other than the transmission. Now that i have the new torque converter now my jeep wont death wobble.

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