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WatchThis! 07-30-2011 05:05 PM

I was watching YouTube and wow.
Was bored this more so I spent a little time on YouTube looking up jeep videos. It was strange I noticed that the folks driving older jeeps were taking there time picking lines and not having to back up much. Then when I started to watch Vids sith Jk's in them I saw that most of them were of folks driving through a watter puddel that was a foot deep or so at 50 mph, or trying to make it in a mud hole in way to high of a gear, or floring it up a hill and fliping over backwards. This got me to thinking, is this a case of people who are i there first 4x4 and dont realy have a clue what there doing. Or maby its just that it is mostly younger people who are heavy on the skinny peddel. I like to think its citty folk who made it out in woods who dont have a clue what they are doing. I say this becouse the people I grew up whelling with all lived and worked in the country. We got taught early on to split ruts in the trail not drive throught the middle of them and waller them out, becouse you or someone else is going to have to go throught them again and again. Dont do dounghts in the grass becouse if you do your going to get your ass kicked becouse not only is it down right rude but your messen up someones field that they most likely have stock grazing on. And I learned early on not to listen to the guy holding the camra becouse hes more woried about geting a good shot, and you getting stuck or fliping will make his day. Now as far as people doing stupid stuff in ORVP's thats a diffrent storie but the folks messen around in wildlife parks or sneaking around on someone elses land makes it easy to see why so many people have a sour taste in there mouths for 4x4's. Yeah I know I just typed a lot of stuff that might have been a wast of time for some folks to read but hey you read it, and I feel better for doing it. ;-)

Walker77 07-30-2011 07:16 PM

New to the forum and might upset a few ppl but oh well, from some of the crazy stuff ive read on here the last few days im surprised some of these people can even figure out where to put gas in at...
Funny and scary at the same time

AmericaOverland 07-30-2011 07:37 PM

What does splitting the ruts in the trail mean? I've never heard it, but have grown up and driven in the country. Meanwhile, I'm going to check out these videos. Any dumb examples to see?

mrobison1 07-30-2011 10:23 PM

Splitting a rut- Don't drop your tires in a rut. If you drive into a rut you might bottom out and when you do you will spin your tires making the rut even deeper. Even if you don't bottom out some ppl like to get in a rut and just spin tires and again make it even deeper. It becomes a real pain in the a$$ especially after a lot of rain when you can't see how deep it is and you're driving on a nice sunday trail ride and BOOM you all of a sudd have fallen into a 20ft freakin hole. Ok 20ft is a little over exaderated but you get the point.

Lance03 07-30-2011 11:02 PM


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