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Taegee2 08-02-2011 09:41 AM

How Wide Tires Can You Go on Stock Rims?
New, 1st time Wrangler owner here (got rid of the PITA to work on "03 VW fact gave it away to a guy in need who's mother got cancer...only had 29k on it). In fact, 2 other friends and I bought new Wranglers in the last week (more friends might follow). Now I have 2 toys to play with (this for the mud and snow and a Corvette Z06 for speed). I'll be giving this to my daughter when she drives in 4 years.

In anycase, I have a friend who has the 2011 Sahara with stock tires of 255/70R18. He bought 2" spacers and wants wider tires on the stock rims. Does anyone know how wide he can go without issues? I believe the rims are 18x8.


kjeeper10 08-02-2011 09:47 AM

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Don't quote me on this but it think up to an 12.5" wide tire can be used on the factory wheels but wheel spacer will be needed or a change in rim with more backspacing.

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