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skrappi 08-15-2007 11:01 AM

74 CJ5 charging problem
Hi all,

IHA 74 CJ5 w/ AMC 232 in line 6. Installed a new Painless Wiring harness last year and was running great. However, in the last 4 months the battery (new) is going dead. It started when the contacts on the back of the Alternator (also new) fell off. It drained the battery. After correcting the issue and verifying there was a good charge going to the battery form the alternator (13.95 v being pushed from the alt and 12.13 showing at the batt) it was charging and running fine. However after sitting for five days it is dead again. The battery is less than a year old. The cells have fluid. The voltage regulator and alt are new. Where is the problem? Also, when I pulled the original alt last year, there was a capacitor attached on the back I was told that needs to be there. I don't remember where it connected on the back of the alt and is it necessary? This is a Motorola alt. so I do not know what each blade connector represents only that they go to the voltage regulator.


debruins 08-15-2007 11:22 AM

the only thingn i can think of is a running ground somewhere, tka ea voltmeter, and switch it to ohm and tak ethe leads off the battery and see if there is a ton of resistance or if it is at like 3 ohms or something, it will tell you if you have a running ground somewhere

and if not then idk, and if no one knows her e u can ask over at

skrappi 08-15-2007 02:06 PM

What readings should I see on my volt meter wiht everythign switched off? I am takign my reading off the +/- posts on teh battery with the leads removed, correct? Someone told me on anothe rsite to switch off everythign and see what my Amperage readings are from the battery. Any idea what that would be?

debruins 08-15-2007 02:11 PM

ok there arwe tow things u can do with an amp meter, one is see how much is int eh battery, the voltage, the other is ohms, ohms is how much resistance there is. If you have a voltmeter it should swithc to a upside donw u, it shows resistance, if you k=hook it up tothe wires, not the termanil, form ground to hot with everyhting turned off, the resistance should be infinity, but if there is a running ground the resistance will be lower


skrappi 08-15-2007 02:27 PM

Yes. That makes sense. Thank you. I’ll give it a stab tonight. Additionally, I need to take the battery out and have it tested just to be sure it's not the issue. It was after all drained completely. Would that make a difference in the aforementioned test?

debruins 08-15-2007 02:33 PM

nope b/c you dont have the battery in, the ohm meter is meant to test like if you have too much resistance in a wire or cicuit, but in this case you testing to see if you have less than infinity resistance

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