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JCS05Rubi 08-15-2007 07:00 PM

New friend followed me home
Found a Cobra in a lease turn back today. Been meaning to get one for awhile, but couldn't really afford it, so this turned out GREAT. This is going to be used, more for a "toy" than anythign else. Mostly for when I am stuck, maybe some offroad parks, helping people when they get stuck etc. Even though I won't be using it a whole lot, I wanted to make sure the sound quality and reach was as good as I could afford, just incase I really needed it one day, so I spent about 50 bucks (minus the speaker and mount). Specs of what followed me home:

Cobra 25 LTD ST

Wilson Silver Load 4ft 1000 watt 5/8 wave antenna

"Diesel" (Company name) Heavy duty antenna spring

"Diesel" 18' Mini 8 cable

ordering a bumper mount tonight, and I have to pick up an external speaker tomorrow. Forgot that part :p

As long as I wire it up good, get a good solid ground, and keep the cables away from each other and interferance, I should be good right?

bluvikng 08-15-2007 07:04 PM

Ditch the spring........bad idea. If you need flex, for your antenna, get a short steelie......:D

JCS05Rubi 08-15-2007 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by bluvikng (Post 121095)
Ditch the spring........bad idea. If you need flex, for your antenna, get a short steelie......:D

Rodger, I just read some of scoobys stuff. I got a little ansy buying stuff for it :p I am gonna go with a tail light mount, and the folding do-hicky instead of the spring. Now I just don't know if I want the 4', or take it back and get the 3'.... Not sure what to do about that. I am not wheeling much anymore, but where I do its mostly forest exploration on ATV trials. Hmm.. I guess a tail light mount and 4' with a folding thing will work. I can fold it to get in the garage and for trail riding, and just put it back up if I need to call someone on the trail :)

Tj Bunch 08-16-2007 12:17 AM

4' Wrks well for me i need the fold down though I have a QD but don't like it. Put everything together and get the SWRS checked and you should be good, Heck even if the radio has bad finals I think there like $40.00 to get replaced.

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