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cah7307 08-03-2011 11:39 PM

Remote start possible cause of major issues
Ive been having electrical problems with my 07 Sahara - In the beginning the engine would turn over and run for about 3 secs before shutting off, Ive read this is likely due to a clash between my remote start and anti-theft system. Then I thought the starter was going bad bc it would really struggle to turn over. At this point about 5 tries and Id get it running. About 6 weeks ago it wouldnt even try to turn over, but I could hear the relay engaging. It eventually ended up completely dying, so I jump started it and drove about 50 ft before I lost all electrical systems and got towed to the dealer. So up until this point the dealer found no issues, and says it starts up fine for them every time with no error codes or anything. This trip they determined the only issue was a bad battery, no apparent parasitic draw, alternator was fine...I still think its the remote start causing a draw but theyre pretty sure its not. New battery was great until the past few days - gone back to the relay clicking but doesnt start with the remote start or key. Took about 12 tries for me to get it to turn over tonight. I checked battery connections they seem fine...I dont offroad or anything since it's my daily driver right now and besides the remote start (which was on it when I got it) I havent done any mods. Has anyone else had issues like this or would have suggestions for me to pass on to the mechanics?? Also has anyone ever removed a remote start? I know it's complicated because it is integrated with the computer system but I really dont need it and if there's even a chance it's the cause of all this I just want the damn thing off. Thanks!! =)

KSCRUDE 08-04-2011 06:36 AM

I think you may be barking up the wrong tree, as if the new battery acts low now but it did start after a lot or 12 tries. If a battery is low it will not come back from the dead so to speak. So after many tries a ground or short probably changed enough to allow contact. You may have a short or loose wire, hot or ground, incontenious type conduction that comes and goes. It could even be a ECM type problem, and there is a slight chance it could be remote start related problem but I wouldn't go there just yet. Unless it is a aftermarket system, then I would come off in a new York second, as a lot of these or junk, or more likely installe improperly. I would look at starter now, and maybe replace it as you may have a bad silinoide and it contacts may be bad, or a dead spot in the armature which can cause these systems. Next time this happens, smack the starter and silinoide with a hammer, and she may fire right up. If not get a bigger hammer! If this works just put on a new starter.

jannikt 08-04-2011 07:14 AM

Your symptoms are consistent with a dead / dying battery, except for the fact that it did start after 12 attempts. But dying batteries sometimes behave strangely, so I would not discard the most likely cause. If your new battery is dying quickly, you may have a small current drain or your alternator is not charging it fully. Have it checked by another shop (not the dealer). It is not normal for a battery to die after only two years, and then again after short time.

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