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BalooNY 08-06-2011 01:52 PM

Frame Repair Vs. Replace
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I have a 94 2.5L with rust/cracks/rot in the frame on 3 of the 4 shackles (See Pics). It looks as though someone had tried to contain the cracks in the front as much as they could, however they didn't do a spectacular job of it. I've seen the AutoRust frame repair kits ($289 for the front two frame pieces from quadratec) and the Davey Geeps (Welcome to rear frame wrap kits ($79.99 + tax + $35 shipping). I also have a lead on a 6cyl frame that appears to be in decent shape. The guy is asking $550 for it

1) is the 6cyl frame compatible with my 4cyl?
2) would it be more practical/cost effective to repair the frame with the kits or replace it, factoring in labor? (I'm not a welder)

BalooNY 08-06-2011 04:06 PM

Just went and looked at the frame the guy is offering. Its a complete rolling chassis with axles, wheels, steering gearbox, linkage, and its in pretty good shape. No rot and little surface rust.

stimpy 08-06-2011 04:29 PM

The whole thing for only $550 ?
Snatch that up !

jfbilbro 08-06-2011 04:30 PM

550 is a good price even if if won't work with your jeep....but i think it will with a few mods like moving the motor mounts...nothing, i'd buy it, if just to resell it frames go for 2400.00 or better and then there's the axles and rears.....lot of work involved in replacing the whole frame, tho....

jfbilbro 08-06-2011 04:31 PM

stimpy's 100% it

BalooNY 08-06-2011 04:55 PM

What kind of work are we talking here? Would it be possible to lift the body up off the old chassis (after everything is disconnected, of course) roll the new one underneath it, drop it down, and boom: new jeep frame?

jfbilbro 08-06-2011 05:09 PM

LOL......if only it were that pretty much gonna have to disassemble your jeep and put it back together.....but with the right tools, some new parts(all new bushings and such), some elbow grease, several GOOD friends, and lots of can be done

BalooNY 08-06-2011 05:16 PM

Damn I'm glad this forum exists. I have a shortage of knowledgeable/non-wimpy friends left in the area (just left active duty with the Marines and am now back home) that would be able to help. What kind of bill might I be looking at from a shop? For either the frame repair in 3 places or frame replacement. Assuming I would be providing the parts for either.

stimpy 08-06-2011 06:47 PM

I would help you but I live to far away. You may even want to grab yourself a welder and a grinder for a few hundred dollars and give it a shot in the meantime. Semper Fi

abadoobi 08-06-2011 07:00 PM

me and my dad did a frame swap on a jeep in my driveway. it was a pain but i was quoted at least 2000 by a shop. it took us about 30 days working 4-5 hours a day during the week and atleast 8 hours a day on the weekends. but we had a million rusty bolts. had to fab some stuff. im sure you will have to also. if your frame is that bad your body mounts on the jeep tub may be going bad also. if this is the case unless you or someone you know can weld it probably wouldnt be worth your time. even if you or somebody else can weld the mounts it may not have good enough metal around to weld to. if your body mounts are good and you have time and another vehicle to drive i would say go for it

78j10 08-06-2011 07:33 PM

Buy a 4.0 and trans and tcase. and swap your body on to it. and the harness

4.0 is better then a 4cyl and you dont have to fab

jfbilbro 08-06-2011 07:44 PM

you can buy the shackle sections of the frame and the frame rails, all new, from quadratec...the rails are like 100 bucks each, the shackle sections are about 120-160 bucks each, and then you have the welding cost.....prolly 700 and change in parts with new spring eye bushings and pins and i would GUESS 250 to 300 in welding costs unless you got a friend that welds.....say a grand total...that's not a bad investment on a jeep....if you decide to go that way, PM Joe at Quadratec and he'll prolly cut you some slack on the pricing and the shipping.....hope this helps

jfbilbro 08-06-2011 07:47 PM

and BTW, you could prolly clear that much buying the other frame and reselling it....:thumb::punk:

BalooNY 08-06-2011 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by jfbilbro
and BTW, you could prolly clear that much buying the other frame and reselling it....:thumb::punk:

Boom. True businessman.

jfbilbro 08-06-2011 07:59 PM

:)there's a forum here for just that......selling jeeps and parts....

BalooNY 12-01-2011 03:41 PM

Repair job pics at

Nubby55 12-01-2011 05:43 PM

Buy the 93 TheIII has down in El Paso Tx. and put your motor in it and Junk Out what's left.

JeepMA 08-15-2012 11:38 AM

how much would a garage charge for a frame replacment if i already have the frame i want to put on?

jokerchief462 08-15-2012 01:57 PM

Too much$$$$. I saw a picture of a guys build and he had the tub on an engine hoist. That is how he removed it and put it back on. So just remove the front clip as an assembly with a freind and get an engine hoist to lift the tub. Back on same way I though it was cool the way he did it. Beats hell out of swapping a bunch of parts but you will have your share.

ballistx 08-15-2012 07:52 PM

just did a frame up
I just did a frame up. Minnesota Jeep and the frame was rusted through at the rear shackles. Body was rusted through on front and rear of drivers side and right rear corner. But it got worse.

I found a frame with body attached at a salvage. Included axles, etc. Once I got the body off my frame I found all kinds of little things that I got off the doner that I would have had to buy otherwise. So, if you do a frame replacement, be prepared for about $1,000 of incidentals, like brake lines, gas lines, gas tank straps, shocks, springs (mine had to be torched off), body bolts twisting off, fender bolts twisting off, radiator bolts twisting off, etc.

It took my grandson (16) and I 2 weeks to go from the raw frame to him driving it.

However, if you are using your old tub then it is quite easy. There are 10 bolts to lift the body from the frame. 5 attach the each fender to the body, along with a couple of braces. It is about 2 days to remove the body and take care to prepare things. Broken, twisted bolts could extend that time.

I would HIGHLY recommend getting a 2 ton cherry picker for about $200 at Harbor Freight. You can sell it afterwards. But it will lift the roll bars, tub, engine, etc. etc. It will assist greatly in installing the axles under the frame, etc. I painted everything as I put it back together so the cherry picker came in handy to hang the items, like the axles, for painting.

Get 2 boxes of zip lock bags, small and large. USE THEM to bag and label everything you can. The only things that don't go in the zip lock bags are things that won't fit.

Get a full set of torx sockets from T40 to T55. You will need them. And get the ones that are guaranteed. I went through three (3) T40's in one day. And the shattered, not just twisted.

I recommend Kroil penetrating. You can use google shopping and search and you could get 2 cans for about $14. VERY well worth it. Worked better than PB Blaster and Liquid Wrench, and I used all 3 extensively.

You will need a bench wire brush if you can. Need to get rid of the rust from bolts, etc. I went through about 15 cans of Rustoleum paint and primer painting everything including engine, trans, TC, drive shafts, shackels, bolts, EVERYTHING. But it really paid off when it looked like a new vehicle, except for outside I still need to paint.

Really need to people doing it to hand, hold, etc. It would have taken me at least 6 weeks to get done what we did in 2.

Good Luck.

DILLIGAF 08-15-2012 08:34 PM

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Originally Posted by BalooNY (Post 1445711)
What kind of work are we talking here? Would it be possible to lift the body up off the old chassis (after everything is disconnected, of course) roll the new one underneath it, drop it down, and boom: new jeep frame?

Yes you can! I had the help of a buddy with a garage lift, we took everything loose and slid out the old and pushed in the new, it takes a bit of time and can be done with ease with the proper tools, In your case I would also suggest you find a 6 poper with the wiring harness and computer, for more power, or as you know relocate the motor mount brackets, we didnt dissamble the body, we left it intact.

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