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schnacker01 08-09-2011 10:52 AM

Clutch Going??
I have a 1998 Wrangler with almost 200,000 miles on it that the clutch seems to be catching(vibrating) when disengaged and in gear (clutch pedal down). I really notice when I have it in 1st gear and rolling backwards. I do not notice any slipping when driving. I am the third owner and previous owner said he never changed clutch and bought at 130K so most likely 100K-200K on clutch. Time for a new clutch or something else? Shop quoted $700 for clutch and $150 for new flywheel. Seem fair. Is a new flywheel required?

Jerry Bransford 08-09-2011 11:03 AM

Unless the flywheel is damaged which is highly unlikely, you won't need a new flywheel. And DEFINITELY (per the Jeep Factory Service Manual) don't let the shop turn or resurface the flywheel which at the most should only have any glazing, if present, removed with emory cloth or a mild grade of sandpaper. Which is, again, per the FSM procedure because of a special dome shape the face of the flywheel has which would be removed if it were machined or resurfaced.

By the way, a complete Luk (highly recommended and what the factory installed) clutch kit is only $170 or so from Dial-A-Clutch - Your LuK Clutch Kit Specialist which includes the clutch disk, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, and pilot shaft.

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